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While My Husband Sleeps

Jennifer married the rich, attentive man that showered her with affection, and she devoted herself completely to him. But years later, now feeling like a princess locked in a tower with a neglectful jailer, she yearns to feel beautiful and desired again. So when she captures the attention of the sexy and mysterious rogue next door, she invites him over so he can take her to sexual heights her husband never could. And with her husband asleep in the bedroom with them, Jennifer awakens a part of her sexuality she never knew existed.

Devil’s Cuckold

In the hot, steamy town of Guadalajara, Mexico, a honeymooning couple seeks refuge from the unbearable heat in a local bar. Unwittingly, they capture the attention of Belu, a supernatural creature that sits without form in the shadows. Belu, sensing this lustful couple has what he needs for his hellish plot, slips into their minds and transforms himself into the object of their desires. The husband, seduced by Belu’s allure, invites Belu back to their room to fuck his wife. And engaged in a cuckold of biblical proportions, Belu finds something within the couple that’s more valuable to him then their soul.