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Professionally Trained On-Camera Host / TV & Radio Sex Expert

“You were the perfect guest! “
********Jerry Springer****


Alex Anders is an international bestselling erotica author; host of the popular podcast ‘Sounds Erotic’; and founder of the social networking website where thousands of members ask for sexual advice.

Also publishing under the pen name Cristian YoungMiller, Alex has published self-help books on penis esteem, masturbation and sexuality.

Written with both humor and sensitivity, his book ‘Everybody Masturbates’ is a go-to book for parents when dealing with the sensitive topic. His Youtube videos on sexual techniques and penis enlargement have received over 3 million views and led to his being featured as a “Sexpert” in a documentary produced in association with Wim Wenders, on man’s relationship with his penis. And a promotional appearance for his book ‘Happiness thru the Art of… Penis Enlargement’ led to Jerry Springer calling him “The Perfect Guest”.



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What I can do on your show:

What I do:
I help people to have better sex by changing the way they think about sex.

1) I Help People Get out of their Sexual Box:
Everybody grows up into a sexual box created by their parents, family and community. If you aren’t having fulfilling sex, it is often because what gives you sexual pleasure is outside of that box. I help people get out of their sexual box.

2) I Help People Discover What Gives Them Sexual Pleasure:
Once freed from their sexual box, I help people discover what gives them sexual pleasure by introducing them to different forms of sexual expression.

3) I Help People Embrace What Gives Them Sexual Pleasure:
Our most important sexual organ is the brain. Role play and reading about our fantasies can often be more sexually fulfilling than the sexual act themselves. I help people act upon their sexual pleasures in way that is conducive to their personal safety and the sanctity of their relationship.


On-Air Guest Skills:

– Professionally trained with iDalis Media in on-camera hosting.

– Well versed on the most popular sexual expressions and fetishes including: BDSM, Anal Sex, Kidnapping Fantasies, Lactation Fetishes, Threesome Sex, Cuckold Sex, Females using strap-ons with male partners, and Female interest in gay male sex.

– Well versed on the biology and psychology of sex

– One-on-one diagnosis and advisement about sexual difficulties

– On-camera personality and show hosting

– Voiceover

– Comfortable in front of a live audience


Views on Erotica:

Erotica is a positive influence on an adult’s life and can improve your sex life in 10 ways:

1) Because the sexual encounters take place in the reader’s imagination, Erotica can put you in the mood for sex in a way that few things can
2) It introduces you to new expressions of sex which leads to the discovery of new forms of sexual pleasure
3) It can give you the confidence to ask your partner for what you want during sex
4) It introduces you to new positions and techniques which can increase your sexual repertoire
5) It can encourage sexual self acceptance if you fall outside of what society deems “acceptable”
6) It can initiate conversation with your partner about topics that could lead to more pleasurable sex
7) Reading ertotica aloud to each other can create sexual intimacy with your partner
8) It causes genital arousal which releases a chemical that clears your mind and relieves pain while making arousal easier in the future
9) It inspires masturbation which prolongs your sex life by: decreasing your risk for certain cancers; and improving your immune system and mood
10) Erotica can give you a positive perception of sex and its emotions


Notes & Philosophies:

Favorite Opening Line:
What do you like most about Sex?

Favorite Guest Question:
If the world were completely safe, what would you do to bring yourself sexual pleasure?

Sexual Fulfillment:
Sexual fulfillment occurs when a person identifies what brings them sexual pleasure and then engages in that sexual activity within an intimate relationship.

Sexual Dysfunction:
Sexual dysfunction can have two origins; biology (Neurochemical, hormonal & bio-plumbing) and the psychological (sexual development & sexual encounter events). All can be overcome to reach sexual fulfillment.

Self-Acceptance is achieved when:
1) A person believes that their “secrets” won’t prevent them from being loved and accepted.
2) A person believes that their world won’t fall apart if others knew the parts of their life they keep secret.