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Snow Tip Falls

Serious Trouble

‘I could feel the heat of him on me. I could barely breathe. Parting my lips as my heart thumped, I needed to be closer.’
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Asking for Trouble

‘Kissing his body, I took his flesh between my teeth. Applying pressure, he groaned.’
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Best Friend Trouble

‘He slipped his hand between my legs. I froze. I was pulsing. What would happen if he touched it?’
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Grumpy Boss Trouble

As I pull into Snow Tip Falls, there is nothing about it that makes me want to stay. It’s a beautiful small town, but if you stop running, your problems have a way of catching up with you.
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Second Chance Trouble

Claude Harper thought his future in football—and with his best friend, Merri—had been sacked, until his past rushed back with an offer he never saw coming.
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Snow Tip Falls 6

Mafia Marriage Trouble

Remy Lyon, a billionaire heir to a mafia empire, has always craved his little brother’s best friend, Dillon. He saw the beauty in Dillon that Dillon couldn’t see in himself, but because of Remy’s princeling status, he didn’t dare act on it.
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