Emma was breathless as she closed her eyes. Her flight home was comfortable but she was plagued by memories of the prince who had owned her.

She relived the moments she had spent in his embrace. In her fantasy, Nadeem was stroking her breasts with his smooth palms. He clenched and released her swollen flesh repeatedly.

She arched her back in her seat. Her pussy tightened, and she squirmed against the comfortable first-class seat. She was trying to soothe the ache in her core.

She reluctantly returned to reality as the pilot announced their descent. The truth was that Nadeem was lost to her, though she was still too aroused by her sexual fantasy to think clearly. She needed to get over her heartbreak.

“Special announcement for Ms. Emma Cooper. The airline representatives are awaiting you at the gates. Please report to them when you disembark. Thank you.” She heard the buzzing sound of the announcer.

Emma was confused but did as she was requested. At the gates, she found two suited men who took her bags and almost bowed to her.

“There has been a slight problem with your connecting flight. You will be routed through another airline,” one of the reps informed her.

“What?” Emma cried dejectedly. She just wanted to get home and wallow. “I already had a four-hour layover. When does this flight leave?” she asked.

“In thirty minutes, ma’am,” the reps announced and asked her to follow them. She was led to a terminal like a VIP lounge. It was small yet exclusive, with only a few people waiting in the leather seats.

Emma glanced out the windows at the small planes lined up outside. Obviously, they were privately owned. Some had insignias and coat of arms printed on their tails.

Her breath caught. What if…? She refused to hope but couldn’t stop herself from praying fervently.

Could Nadeem have changed his mind after letting her go? Did he want to bring her back to his palace?

Her heart was beating erratically as she boarded a plane. It was furnished with creamy leather seats and a small, comfortable bed in one corner. She could hardly breathe from anticipation. This jet could only belong to one man she knew, a prince.

No one was on the plane but two stewardesses with chiffon headscarves covering their well-coiffed hair. They bowed to her respectfully, a sight that transported Emma back to the palace of her lover.

Hours later, Emma lazily sipped from a crystal wineglass. She was anxious to land, to see her prince. However, the city spread out beneath her sky was definitely not Dubai. The usual skyscrapers and the landmarks were nowhere to be found. This city was more desert-like, with large mosques and tall buildings.

“Am I…” Emma began in a panicky tone as the stewardess came to check on her. “Am I being taken to the Sheikh?” she asked.

“Yes madam,” the stewardess replied respectfully, and Emma relaxed. Maybe Nadeem had just traveled to another city to await her arrival.

Emma disembarked the plane and was whisked through a private gate straight to the parking area. The street signs confirmed that she was in Abu Dhabi, and the scattering of women around her were all gorgeous Arabs. They wore black or white headscarves that didn’t show a glimpse of hair.

A limousine was waiting for her. The chauffeur didn’t raise his eyes as she slipped inside. Abu Dhabi is definitely not Dubai, she thought. This place seemed more rigid, more conservative. She turned to the smooth beige box sitting on the seat beside her. Her name was written on top with a black pen.

The excitement of seeing her prince again made her heart melt. She shakily opened the box and inside was a white piece of cloth, similar to what she’d seen the Arab women wearing over their hair.

Am I expected to cover my hair? she thought and dropped the fabric back in the box. It was fine chiffon, and it slipped through her fingers like butter. She was definitely not going to wear it.

An hour later, the limousine stopped, and the chauffeur opened the door. His head remained bowed, and his gaze was directed to the floor. Emma stepped out and her breath caught.

Before her was the most colossal palace she had ever seen. It was what fairytales were made of, with round towers extending almost sixty feet above the ground, though the stone panels covering all sides made it foreboding. She was shaken.

Nadeem’s palace in Dubai seemed insignificant in comparison. The limousine was parked in a space as big as a football field, surrounded on all sides by the palace.

She had seen the opulence of an Arab palace once before, but she was still flabbergasted when she was led to a bedroom the size of a Manhattan apartment. The sight of the gold covers on the bed transported her to another world. She instantly imagined herself naked on top of it with Nadeem looming over her, ready to claim her.

She swiftly slid out of her jeans and pulled on a blue maxi dress that bared her arms and gave a glimpse of her cleavage. She wore no panties or bra. She didn’t want to deal with that nuisance when Nadeem undressed her. She wanted to look beautiful for her Sheikh.

Her pussy was tingling with pins and needles as it contracted in anticipation. She slid her hand down her body and stroked her pussy from over her dress. Her juices seeped through the fabric, soaking her fingertip and making her breathless.

The lips of her sex were engorged. She was so aroused. The anticipation, the surprise, and the shock had all combined to make her incredibly horny. Her pussy tightened, and she braced for an orgasm. She pushed her fingertips onto her clit through the fabric.

A soft sound from the bedroom door twenty feet away made her glance up guiltily. Her heart slammed against her ribs.

A tall, wide shouldered man clad in a silk, patterned, floor-length Arab gown was watching her. A smile spread across his handsome face. Although the resemblance was striking, this man was not Nadeem.

She sat up from her casual lounging position. “Who are you?” she blurted out, her eyes wide in fright.