Chapter 1


Justin held his 10-inch, young hard cock in his hands. Squeezing firmly on his throbbing member he hoped to stop it from dripping its juices on the carpet below. But even gripping as tightly as he could didn’t stop his monstrous head from overflowing.

Justin, who had turned 20 a few days before moving to Hollywood, wasn’t used to the uninhibited displays of sex that he experienced there. And the sound of two men fucking vibrating through his studio apartment wall was just such an unfamiliarity. But as unfamiliar as it was, the sound aroused him.

The first time that he had heard his neighbor go at it was a few hours after he moved in. And as much as he wanted to fight it, the sound made his oversized creamy white cock go instantly hard. He was shocked at his unwitting response, and what shocked him even more was that every time he heard it, his cock got even harder.

As days past, Justin had learned to enjoy it. In the beginning he would just lie in bed and feel the pressure that his large boy cock put on his pant’s waistband. But as the sexual tension built without release, he had to do more.

Now listening to his neighbor go at it, he was sitting next to the wall naked and nubile with his hands cradling his meat to ease its uncontrollable throbbing. Sweat dripped down his smooth, gently rippling back and cum dripped down his thick vein-less, perfect cock. Both eventually met at his naturally hairless, pink hole and let what felt like butterflies loose in his chest. The sensual ecstasy almost overwhelmed him.

Justin closed his eyes when the pounding on the other side of the wall took on a new rhythm.

“Ahhh,” the older voice said in response.

The sound of skin slapping on skin got louder and harder until the older voice moaned for his partner to stop.

Justin looked up at the wall as what sounded like a tussle broke out. There were whimpers from two men that seemed to be locked in a struggle for position until silence returned. Justin stared at the wall during the silence and when the sounds returned he removed one of his hands from his still hard cock and placed it on the plaster. He leaned in and just as his smooth, lightly tanned baby face touched the wall he heard a scream.

“Agh,” a younger voice coughed.

He recognized the younger voice as his neighbor, but he had never heard that sound from him before. During all of the sex noises that he heard, it was always an older voice that eventually groaned. It was never the same older voice, and it was never one he could associate with the lean, surfer boy chiseled beach blonde that he often saw walking by his window.

“Agh,” the younger voice coughed again.

Justin listened closely wondering what could make his matinee fantasy bellow like that. And when another “Agh” resonated, he figured it out. His roguish, masculine neighbor was being forced to take an unexpectedly large piece of aged meat up his ass.

With each groan Justin imagined the size of the cock that could elicit such screams from a manly guy like his neighbor. And when he ran out of sizes, he instead imagined what it would have to feel like for the younger voice to have to scream for relief.

Justin imagined a sturdy dark cock forcing its way between his full, soft ass cheeks. He imagined what it would feel like to have the tip of that cock narrow down on his crevasse like a bull. And then he imagined the pressure and power it would take for that bull to break into his untrampled ring. 

“Agh,” Justin groaned in reaction to the tingling sensation flushing through his body.

“Agh,” the young voice echoed from the other side of the wall.

“Agh,” Justin said again feeling the imaginary bull thrusting into him.

“Agh,” the neighbor moaned in response to Justin.

Soon the skin slapping on the other side of the wall increased. The young voice could no longer keep himself in rhythm with Justin and instead moaned on his own.

“Scream!” the older voice yelled before the younger voice groaned louder. “Scream!” the older voice said again before Justin could no longer contain the synchronized imagined pounding that he was receiving.

“Agh!” Justin bellowed twisting and clutching his naked body.

“Yeah!” the older voice yelled back.

Doubling his pounding he sent the young voice into a continuous howl that only ended with another loud groan by Justin and the sound of release coming from the older man.

“Ahhhh,” the older man screamed. Then all was silent.

Justin, who now lay on the floor exhausted, trembled with excitement. A minute later he heard his neighbor’s door unlock. Knowing the drapes of his walkway facing window were open, he rushed into the shadows of his room. With his back against the far wall, and his knees pushed under his chin he watched the owner of the older voice walk by. He was a distinguished looking Puerto Rican man that looked as much devil as saint in the midday light. And the rapid way in which he crossed the window made it seem like, today, the devil was in control.

Once past, Justin crawled back to his neighbor’s wall. He pressed his ear against the cold plaster wondering if during all of the moaning his neighbor had been fucked to death. But small indistinguishable sounds told him that his neighbor was alright.

When Justin heard the door open again, he threw himself back into the shadows. The person who next passed his second floor motel apartment window was the neighbor with the young voice.

His blonde hair, that looked like it had once been gelled to perfection, now looked gripped and tussled. The reddened spots on his smooth tanned chest indicated recent sexual battering. And the tired look on his face and slow way he walked told Justin that he had been on the other side of a rough ride. With a cigarette hanging loosely on his lips he carried an ice bucket toward the ice machine at the end of the walkway.

Not wanting the erotic feelings to end Justin scrabbled for his clothes and gathered four quarters for the adjacent soda machine. Rushing out Justin caught up with his neighbor who turned his tired eyes toward him.

The barefoot surfer recognized Justin as the young boy that had recently moved in next to him. The surfer loved looking at Justin. Justin’s toned body, refined features and dark blue eyes mixed with his youthful, but developing masculine jaw line to create a young Adonis. So with the face and body of a god, the next place that he always turned to was Justin’s cock.

Looking down today the surfer found more than just the usual generous hump. Today he found a huge bulge that could only indicate a hard monster in his pants. He looked up at Justin’s face surprised that he was bold enough to freeball with a giant erection.

“Nice cock,” the surfer said testing how bold Justin was willing to be.

Justin turned to look at his neighbor’s young but weathered face. Without thinking, his next move was to look down at his neighbor’s crotch hoping to see the nice cock that he was referring to. Justin lingered on the lines in the surfer’s lean lower stomach. They made a sexy V-shape that pointed to his dick, the first part of his body covered by cloth.

Justin found his neighbor’s body uncontrollably hot. And without realizing it, his still hard cock flinched pushing wildly on his pants. Pleased but unable to find the “nice cock” he decided to check himself. Just below his tight fitting shirt was his own huge bulge that wrapped around his left thigh like a snake. He looked up at his neighbor embarrassed.

Without a word he maneuvered to the soda machine, dropped the coins in and pushed the first button he recognized. Quickly retrieving the Coke he rushed back past his neighbor and almost jogged to his room.

Justin slammed his door with embarrassment. But the embarrassment quickly turned to excitement as he realized that his wildly dangerous neighbor had seen the full expression of his young inexperienced sexuality. Justin moved his small hands to his clothed man-boy cock. Grabbing the big boy he threw himself onto the bed.

When the surfer passed Justin’s window again he looked in. In the fleeting moment as he passed he saw Justin smiling, eyes closed on his bed. The innocent pleasure that Justin exuded made the surfer think only one thing, ‘Baby boy.’ That’s what I’ll call him, he decided. The neighbor then continued to his door and retreated inside.




Chapter 2


Justin remained locked in his room as the sun went down. He had moved from his small Nebraska farm town with his clothes and the money his dad gave him for his summer spent on the farm. The money wasn’t much but it did allow him the cost of a bus ticket, two months’ rent and three meals a day.

Fantasizing about his adventure lying in his Nebraska bedroom the summer’s wages allowed him an extravagant life. But now in the lonely, TV-less room he was scared to spend any of it. He had never worked outside of their farm, so faced with the prospect of having to find work in this overwhelming city intimidated him to the point of paralyzing fear.

He was thinking about his need for money when at nine o’clock he heard an unexpected knock on his door. Staring without moving he considered who it could be. Having not left his room except to buy food, he couldn’t figure it out.  

Hesitantly he made his way to the door and peered though the peephole. It was his neighbor looking back.

“Who is it?” Justin asked nervously not knowing what he should do.

“It’s your neighbor. We met today,” he replied in a raspy young voice, rougher than his 24 years would indicate.

Justin rested his hand on the knob debating what to do when he found his door open and the beautiful man staring in.

“Hey. I’m Rex, your neighbor. I just thought that I would stop by and say hi”.

“Oh. Hi,” Justin said leaning on the edge of the open door.

A silence developed before Rex spoke again.

“Can I come in?”

“Oh, um, sure,” Justin replied in his soft yet masculine Nebraska accent.

Justin let Rex in and then apologized for the lack of places to sit.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ve been there,” he said before copping a squat on the ground. “Listen, I hope I’m not too loud,” Rex said with a smile. “It can get kinda wild over there.”

“Really? I don’t hear anything,” Justin lied.

“No huh?” he said with a knowing smile. “That’s cool. I’m glad. So what’s your name?”

“Justin,” he said before sitting where the shadows appeared on his floor.

“Oh okay. Do you know what I call you?”

“What do you mean?” Justin asked confused.

“I’ve seen you around a couple of times. I call you Baby Boy,” he said with a blush.

Justin didn’t know what it was about that name but he liked it. It made him feel safe with Rex and feeling safe wasn’t a luxury he could often afford living in Hollywood.

“So what do you do during the day?” Rex asked trying to get Justin out of his shell.

“Nothing really. Looking for a job, I guess?”

“Do you go out much?”

“I can’t afford it.”

“Seriously? Ah no, man. You don’t need money to go out. You just let people buy you drinks.”

“You mean like at a bar?”

“Yeah,” Rex said enthusiastically.

“I’m not 21. I used to go to this bar back home but they didn’t care.”

“Where you from?

“Nebraska. Where you from?”

“Northern California. Aw man we should totally go out. I can’t believe you haven’t gone out yet.”

“How am I gonna get in anywhere?” Justin asked embarrassed.

“Man, I know people. Don’t even worry about it. You could totally get in. You definitely look 21.”

That made Justin feel good. Everyone had always told him that he looked 16. So to hear this cool, hot guy tell him that he looked even older than he was, made him happy.

“Yeah, you could totally pass. Throw on some clothes and let’s go.”

Justin looked down at what he was wearing. He only had tee shirts and two pairs of jeans in his wardrobe and he was already wearing his nice jeans.

“Is this okay?” Justin asked meekly.

Rex looked at the baby boy standing in front of him. He looked tantalizingly innocent and fresh off the farm. Even his wardrobe, or lack thereof, played into the part. “You know what, you look perfect,” Rex offered with a smile. “Let’s go.”

Justin with barely enough money to ride the bus was impressed that Rex had a car. And what was even more impressive was that it was nice. It had very shiny chrome rims and inside was a stereo system with multicolored lights flashing. Justin had never seen a car stereo like that before. He thought it made the inside of the car look like a spaceship. Justin decided that everything about Rex made him smile.

After a short drive down Hollywood Boulevard then Sunset, Rex and Justin parked and walked up to ‘The Top Hat.’ And like Rex had promised, all it took was a nod to the bouncer to get them both in without an ID.

The outside was like any of the other doors that opened onto Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Inside, the place was unlike anything Justin had ever seen. It was elegantly decorated with chandeliers and felt-covered blue/gray walls. Unlike the bar back home, the people at The Top Hat were wearing expensive clothes. He had not considered how fancy the place could be. And walking past the tables of wealthy looking older men in his tee shirt and tennis, he felt incredibly out of place.

“I think everyone’s staring at me,” Justin whispered to Rex. “I think I’m not dressed up enough.”

“That’s not why they’re staring at you, Baby Boy.”

There it was again, the name that put Justin at ease. “Wait, there’re only men in here,” Justin said with a sudden realization.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Rex asked with a smile. “Do you want to go somewhere else?”

Justin answered quickly. “No! I just have never been in one of these before.”

“One of what?” Rex asked teasingly.

“A gay bar,” Justin said sheepishly.

“Wait, you think this is a gay bar?”

Justin’s face went blank as he stared at Rex.

“I’m just kidding. Yeah this is a gay bar. You have to relax. You’re in L.A. now.” Rex reached down and squeezed Justin’s ass.

“What are you doing?” He replied surprised at the public display.

“Getting us free drinks. You’ve gotta advertise,” Rex said with a smile.

Rex led Justin to the bar and as soon as they sat down the bartender came over with a drink.

“Who from?” Rex asked the good looking man wearing black and white behind the bar.

The bartender pointed and Rex turned and raised his glass in acknowledgement.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asked Justin.

Justin looked at Rex and Rex nodded him on.

“A beer,” Justin said.

“No you won’t have a beer,” Rex said taking over ordering duty. “Give him a Sloe Comfortable Screw.”

The bartender walked away and the two were left to scan the room. 

“Nice, right?”

“You sure I don’t have to pay for that, because I don’t have any money,” Justin confirmed.

“Listen, when you’re with me, you never have to worry about money,” Rex said looking away.

Justin heard that and couldn’t help but smile. He considered how lucky he was to have run into Rex and how lucky he was to be here with him.

“I’ll be right back. I’m gonna pay for our drinks.”

Justin wasn’t sure what he meant, but understood when he sat at the table of the single man the bartender had pointed out. Justin turned when the drink came and hesitantly took a sip. The drink was addictively good. He started with a suck on the straw and before he realized it, the glass was empty. When he sucked and nothing came out he was embarrassed.

“So listen,” Rex said returning to the bar. “My friend wants to have a little party. You down for making some money?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said you’re broke, right? If you’re okay with all of us playing together he said he’ll help you out. I told him you needed some cash. He was really nice.”

“You mean like sex?”

“Yeah, but not a big deal. Just sort of a casual thing.”

Justin could feel his large cock start to fill up the refined space in his lap. It made it hard for him to sit upright.

“No, man,” Justin said with a nervous chuckle and a blush.

“Come on. It’ll be fun. I heard you through the wall today. This time you could join in.”

“No, I can’t do that,” Justin said looking away to hide his blushing face.

Rex leaned back and stared at Justin. He was so pure and so innocent that he didn’t want to pressure him into doing anything that he didn’t want to do. “That’s cool. Listen, I’ll be back.” Rex looked down at Justin’s glass. “Max, can you get him another one?” Rex turned to his mate. “Good, right?”

“Yeah,” he replied still blushing.

Rex walked away again only to return moments later to a second empty glass in front of Baby Boy. “Listen, I spoke to him and he said that he would give you a hundred dollars if you wanna watch.”

“Watch what?”

“Him and me.”

With the quick impact of the drink his oversized cock was now pulling on his pants. Twisted the wrong way, he massaged it around to free it from its cage.

“Don’t you want to see what you were listening to today?”

“Yeah,” Justin said completely red.

“You want to do it then?”

“What? Would I have to do anything?” Justin asked trying to contain his excitement.

“Just watch.”

Justin looked around at the bartender. “Can I have another one?”

“If you wanna watch, yeah.”

“For a hundred dollars? Okay,” he said unable to control his excitement.

Rex signaled to the bartender for another and returned to the man. Moments later when he returned Justin’s drink was still full and it was Rex that told him to knock it back so they could go.

When the two arrived back at their complex the alcohol had started to kick in. Justin was always a quiet boy. And if it weren’t for the ease of entry into his home bar, he would never have even tasted beer. Growing up his friends had explained the benefits of drunkenness as “being able to lose your inhibitions.” Considering what his inhibitions were and where he was, he always kept tight control on how much he drank.

But now he was clearly feeling it. His inhibitions were down, he was side by side with who he considered the sexiest man in the world and he was about to get paid to watch him have sex. For Justin, it beat waking up at five in the morning to work on a farm. That was for sure.

When Justin entered Rex’s apartment he was bewildered. Rex had everything a guy could ask for. Against the wall was a 60 inch flat screen TV which was much larger than anything he had even seen in the stores back home. He had three gaming systems and two very cool guitars sitting in the corner.

“Do you play?” Rex asked seeing Justin admire his instruments.

“No, but I always wanted to learn.”

“I’ll teach you. Let me see your hands?”

Justin held out his hand and walked toward Rex. When Rex touched it a quiver sparked through Justin’s body and ended at his cock.

“You have lots of calluses. That’s important for playing. The strings could tear your fingers up. See?”

Justin looked at Rex’s outstretched hand.

“Feel it,” Rex encouraged.

Justin slowly reached out and laid his hand on Rex’s. Justin was surprised to learn how soft his hands were outside of the calluses. They were like a girl’s hands.  Justin wanted desperately to feel those hands on his cheek but not even the alcohol, now coming on strong, was enough to allow it.

Rex watched as Justin became lost in the texture of his hands. He also saw as the huge outline in his pants grew. “So you ready for this,” Rex said withdrawing his hand.

“Yeah,” he replied drunk on everything about the night.

“He’s gonna be here any time now and he wanted us to be waiting for him naked,” Rex said before removing his shirt.

“Naked?” Justin asked confused. “You said I wouldn’t have to do anything.”

“You’re not gonna do anything.  He just wants everyone to be naked. No big deal.”


If he were sober he would have put up more of a resistance. But now he couldn’t. He slowly removed his shirt and then only watched as Rex removed his pants. Rex wasn’t wearing underwear so when his was undone, his lean veiny cock plopped out.

Justin felt himself get even harder. He had never had permission to look directly at a cock before. He loved it. And the cock he was looking at was magnificent. It wasn’t as large as his, but it fit Rex perfectly.

Justin imagined that Rex’s cock had to be at least eight inches. And unlike his dark blonde curlies, Rex’s was shaven smooth. Not only had he never seen a cock in person, but he had never heard of anyone that shaved bald before.

There was a knock on the door that prompted Rex to signal Justin to take his pants off. Justin complied stopping Rex in his tracks. He had seen the bulge but he never imagined that Baby Boy would have such a big boy piece of meat.

“Nice cock!” Rex uttered again before a second knock drove him to the door.

The man who entered was a successful looking man in his early forties who because of his dashing good looks would seem to have no problem getting whatever he wanted from either sex. Justin was too drunk to be relieved. Instead he continued to stand quietly with his big boy at attention.

“Come in,” Rex beckoned. 

The man walked in and immediately turned toward Justin.

“And who is this?” The man asked taken back by want he saw.

“That’s Baby Boy. He’s just gonna be watching.”

The man smiled as he slowly approached Justin and scanned his body.

“It’s good to meet you.”

The man stuck out his hand and when Baby Boy gripped it he felt one of the man’s fingers rubbing against the inside of his palm. Justin wasn’t sure how the man did it, but the message was clear, he wanted something sexual from him. He looked up into the man’s smiling face.

From behind the visitor, Rex reached around and grabbed the developing bulge in the man’s pants. That prompted the visitor to let go and turn his attention to the host. The man grabbed Rex’s throat and dragged his face to his own. The grip was tight and when he squeezed harder it prompted Rex to kiss him and remove his clothes.

The visitor let go of Rex long enough to get off his shirt and pants. When the fully naked tanned body stood in front of Rex, the visitor pushed his chest up to Rex’s bumping him onto the bed. The man then climbed on top of him and focused on the lean, big headed cock that lay underneath him.

The man stared at it examining it from all sides. And then like an attacking fish he struck at it taking it in his mouth, pulling his head away very slowly.

Justin had never seen anything like this before. He moved around the room to get a better look. This was something that he wanted to do to Rex, he decided, so he watched the visitor to figure out how.

Like a disciple Justin watched as the man rocked his way back and forth on Rex’s big cock. And when at the tip, the man would stop and rub his tongue around the rim of the cock’s giant head. Rex writhed with pleasure.

Seeing his reaction the man took a grip on Rex’s vanilla pop and licked the rim harder. Rex’s arms flung back. Rex seemed to be in pain and as he grabbed onto the sheets on his bed he stretched and scratched at it until he could take no more.

Suddenly Rex lashed back. With an uncontrollable force Rex grabbed the man by the face and pulled the man to his knees. Both kneeling, Rex shifted position with the visitor, pushed him back onto the bed and got on top.

Rex dove into the man’s mouth. Leading with his tongue he dug deeper and deeper as if he wanted to climb in. When the visitor finally struggled for breath Rex released him long enough to grab hold of the man’s thin legs and push them onto his chest.

Watching closely, Justin’s cock throbbed with excitement. He had never seen two men so openly express their sexual feelings for one another. The pain that came with his incredibly hard erection was almost unbearable for him. Grabbing onto his massive meat was the only thing he could do to stop himself from ripping apart. Entangled within the ecstasy of the moment, he almost came to tears.

Justin then lowered himself to the floor next to the bed for what he knew would happen next. And when he saw Rex line his arrow up with the man’s darker hole, Justin nearly shot his load. With the force of a jack hammer, Rex pushed his tanned bullet into the man’s target forcing a scream.

“Ahhhh,” the man screamed for relief.

Rex was merciless though and Justin loved it. When the man crawled to the back of the bed Rex followed not giving an inch. Finally with the man trapped at the head of the bed, Rex really went to town.

With a darkening look in his eyes, Rex held the man’s legs at the knees, pushed them to the wall, and then got on top of him, gripping onto the window sill to keep him in place. In position he fucked the man mercilessly. And not until the man not only screamed but whimpered, did Rex flip him ass up.

Climbing on top of him like a cowboy, Rex pulled on the man’s short hair like reigns. After the visitor’s head hit the wall a few times with Rex riding him, Rex pushed it against the plaster and held it there.

Justin, watching Rex closely, noticed something change in Rex’s eyes. Rex was somewhere else now. Justin had never seen it before, but even he recognized this as some sort of revenge sex. Because not only did Rex slam his cock so hard into the man that his neck contorted, he would pull his massive cock out, get a running start and jam it in again. Rex wanted to inflict as much pain on him as possible and from the look on the man’s face, Rex was inflicting a lot.

Justin watched as the visitor’s faced reddened and his eyes began to fill with tears. Justin, expecting the man to ‘tap out,’ saw the visitor do something unexpected; he reached under himself for his dick. Rex noticing the move, grabbed the man by the waist and lifted him onto his hands and knees. With his surprisingly hard cock now free, it only took a few pumps of his darkly tanned, six inch instrument for it to blow. But even after cum sprayed onto the sheets below, Rex continued.

Ramming and pounding until all that was left of the man’s groans were resigned sighs, Rex caught himself. Rex stopped fucking and let the man fall from the wall onto his side. Too tired to move the man did nothing when Rex moved his greasy cock above his face and yanked himself off. Rex’s watery juices showered the man and Rex was sure to get it in his hair. Rex dominated him like a dog would its property. He wanted the man to know that his ass now belong to him.

Seeing all of this, Justin was stunned. Justin had never imagined such force was in Rex’s lean body. His idol’s narrow hips and toned buttocks didn’t give any indication of the power he could have over a man that was older and larger. Justin wanted Rex to lead him. He wanted to be submissive to Rex. And even as he thought it, he could feel his will giving way to Rex’s future wishes.

When the man finally caught his breath he looked over at Justin for his reaction. Justin’s look was one of stunned surprise. But what captured the man even more was that Justin’s cock was still dripping hard.

“He didn’t shoot,” the man said to Rex who then gotten off of him to retrieve a wet towel.

From the bathroom Rex looked back at Justin’s hard cock. It was still awesome to look at. When Rex handed the man a towel, the visitor wiped his face and sat on the edge of the bed. Too close for comfort Justin took his young meat away.

“Come here,” the man beckoned.

Justin looked up to Rex for protection but none came so he relented. Justin moved just outside of the man’s reach.

“Come closer. I’m not gonna bite you.”

Justin again looked up to Rex for help. None came.

“Why?” Justin asked.

“If I’m gonna pay you to let me get fucked like that, you’re gonna cum.”

Justin did not move.

“Let him jack you off,” Rex said in an angry tone.

Startled, Justin slid in front of the visitor. When the man reached up and touched the ten inch cock, Justin jumped.

“Baby Boy is a little nervous,” the man chuckled back to Rex. Rex replied in kind and Justin felt embarrassed by his reaction.

The man then took Justin’s cock with both hands and began to stroke. The visitor, not aroused, still enjoyed the feeling of such a big instrument in his hands. It felt to him like power.

Justin on the other hand didn’t know what to do. The sensation of having someone else take hold of him for the first time was too much. Torn with feelings of ecstasy and violation, titillation and regret, Justin let out a cum shot that hit the visitor right between the eyes.

It didn’t stop with one shot though. Justin shot again and again. There seemed to be no end to what he had. And even when the pool was empty, he still flinched uncontrollably in the man’s hands.

“Nice,” the man said before letting go and again reaching for the towel.

Rex watched Justin walk to the other side of the room as his 10 inches deflated. And when Rex saw the dangling white meat hanging far past his balls, he had to admit that even soft, Justin was sexy. But business was at hand so he tore himself away.

Rex made note as the man took a pile of hundreds out of his wallet and dropped it on the nightstand. Still naked he then escorted the fully dressed man to the door. Without another word or further eye contact, the man left allowing Rex to lock the door behind him.

Rex was slow to put back on his clothes because he knew that as soon as he did, Justin would do the same. Looking over at his young friend, he noticed that he was a little mopeier than he was before.

“Had fun?” Rex asked.

Justin groaned something undecipherable in reply.

“Wasn’t that easy? Easiest money you ever made, right?”

“I guess.”

Rex was now unhappy about Justin’s lack of gratitude. Rex knew that he needed money and he was about to give him $100 out of his $500, just for letting him watch. Wait, he thought.

“You ever had someone jack you off before?” Rex asked.

Justin wasn’t sure how to answer. The truth was no. But he wanted desperately to seem cool in front of Rex, so he said nothing.

“You never had someone jack you off before?” Rex asked in a loud tone.

Justin felt humiliated and hung his head.

“You’ve never had someone jack you off before!” Rex repeated in loud disbelief.

The embarrassment was too much for Justin. And although he didn’t want it; although he did everything he could to stop it; although he would have done anything to prevent it; he cried.

Rex, seeing the tears roll down Justin’s face, couldn’t get dressed fast enough. And when Justin didn’t move from the spot where he stood silently sobbing and naked, Rex spoke up. “Put your clothes on.”

This only embarrassed Justin more, so he rushed into his clothes and then looked at Rex.

Rex looked back at Baby Boy not knowing what to do. And even when he retrieved one of the hundreds from his pocket and handed it to Justin, he was still at a loss. Free of tears, Justin continued to stand in front of Rex like a lost puppy. Rex searched for something to say.

“You wanna play one of my games? I have a lot,” Rex added.

“Yeah,” Justin replied wiping his face to make sure no evidence of his misdeed remained.

Rex turned on the TV and set up the Xbox. He pointed Justin to the selection of games and watched as he engaged himself in a game of Madden football.

“Listen, I have to go out for a little while,” Rex announced. “But you could keep playing.”

Justin paused the game to watch Rex go. “Okay,” he replied eliciting a look back from Rex as he opened the door. But without another word Rex was gone and Justin returned to shuffling his offensive line.

Around 1 AM when Justin became too tired to continue playing, he climbed into Rex’s bed and rested his eyes. When he woke up at 3 AM and Rex still wasn’t home, he returned to his own apartment. He wasn’t sure if Rex would ever talk to him again, so he was very surprised the next morning by what happened next.




Chapter 3


Justin lay in his bed the next morning in his boxer shorts thinking about all of the things that he had experienced the day before. Though awake he felt like all of it was just a dream. He would have to admit though, a few weeks ago sitting inside the corn-farm-combine sweltering in the long sleeve that he hoped would get rid of his stigmatizing farmer’s tan, he never imagined people like Rex and places like The Top Hat existed.

He also never imagined himself receiving money for allowing a stranger touch his cock. It wasn’t completely bad. In fact, he liked the idea of being wanted so much that someone was willing to pay to touch him. In Nebraska, bad things happened to people like him. So if nothing else, what he got in the grips of the older man was acceptance.

Justin was brought out of his thoughts by a knock on the door. Surprised, he sprung out of bed knowing it could be only one person.

“Hey,” Justin said anticipating his visitor.

“Hey,” Rex said wearing pitch black cat-eye shades. “You wanna make some money?” He asked straight faced.

“I don’t know, man,” was his knee-jerk response.

Although not what he had in mind for today, Rex wanted to test his neighbor’s openness to more of last night’s activities. He got the answer he suspected he would.

“No sex involved,” Rex added.

“What do I have to do?” Justin said perking up.

“I need someone to keep me company when I drive a friend’s car back from Mexico.”

“Is that it?”

“Yeah, I’ll pay you another hundred.”

“Yeah sure,” Justin said excitedly.

“Get dressed. We have to take the bus down.”

Justin put back on his jeans and reached for another tee shirt.

“Do you have any ID? You need it to cross the border.”

“I have a driver’s license,” Justin said unsure.

“Yeah that’s good.”

Both guys exited once Justin put on the one item that he had bought since arriving in Hollywood, flip flops. Flip Flops were neither practical for farm life, nor thought of as being something heterosexual boys wore. And maybe it was for those two reasons that he so badly wanted to wear them. So now with his symbol of escape adorned and his rugged man by his side, he was ready to take on the world.

Catching the local to the Greyhound station, they took the 2:45 to Mexicali which would get them there at 8:45 that night. On the bus ride the guys talked a lot. Mostly about what there is to do and see in Los Angeles and what Rex did when he first got into town.

“Where you from?” Justin asked after hearing enough stories about parties to make him wonder.

“Mendocino County. You ever heard of that?” Rex asked with a smile.

“No, where is it?”

“Northern California. It’s where they grow all of that medical marijuana,” Rex said almost blushing. “I grew up on a farm too.”

“How did you know I grew up on a farm?” Justin asked self consciously.

“You said you were from Nebraska, right?”


Rex reached over and slipped his hand up his buddy’s shirt sleeve revealing his sharp tan line. “That farmer’s tan is hard to get rid of. I know,” Rex admitted with a laugh.

Justin felt his face go hot and in turn couldn’t think of a reply.

“What, you embarrassed by that?” Rex asked surprised. “Don’t be. The guys here think it’s hot. It gives you that fresh off the farm, corn fed look,” he said trying to cheer up his friend.

“So your dad grows pot?”

“Yeah. Among other things.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you want anything, you go to my Dad, pot, coke, women, anything.”

“Seriously?” Justin asked fascinated by the life of the guy sitting next to him.

“Yeah. He’s a cold man. You look at him and his eyes look dead inside.”


“Yeah, I’ll show you a picture.” Rex reached for his phone and showed him a picture of a man in a cowboy hat standing next to him.

Justin stared at the image. The man appeared to be looking at the camera but there was something about him that made it seem like there was no soul behind his eyes. Justin found the image a little scary.

“You see what I mean?”

“Yeah,” Justin said leaning back.

Rex swiped a couple of times on the screen. “This is a picture of my mom.”

Justin leaned in again and saw a smiling woman who was staring at Rex who was walking next to a pool with only a small wash cloth draped in front of his dick. Rex was laughing in the photo.

“Are you naked?” Justin asked with surprise.

“Yeah, we walk around naked all of the time.”

“You don’t think that’s weird?” Justin asked trying to imagine a world where that could have happened in his family.

“What? Your family goes to church every Sunday, right? Did they all freak out when you told them that you were gay?”

His entire life he had avoided connecting himself with the word gay. Gay was always used as a slur where he was from. So to now hear Rex so casually associate the two unnerved him. “I didn’t tell them anything.”

“So you think they don’t know?”

“Why?” Justin asked nervous that his conscious masculinity hadn’t been enough.

“Parents know, man. You ever had a girlfriend?”

“No,” Justin said lowering his eyes.

“They know,” Rex repeated.

“I don’t think they know,” Justin said softly. “That’s why I left. I didn’t want my dad to be embarrassed by me or anything. I just didn’t want him to be disappointed.”

Rex let those words linger. He now understood he was dealing with a different type of person with Justin. In some ways, Justin was unlike anyone he had ever met. In other ways… he saw… he wasn’t sure who he saw. But whoever it was, it made him want to put his arms around him and protect him from everything.

Small talk continued until the bus stopped in Mexicali. After that was a short taxi ride to a local flea bag motel called La Luna Motel. After checking in, both guys walked to a local restaurant and then walked back to their room.

“You wanna watch some TV, man?” Rex asked.

Justin reached for the remote and flipped around the channels. The only thing in English was the news, so he stopped on a Spanish cartoon.

“I’ll be back later,” Rex said heading for the door. “Don’t wait up.”

Before Justin could formulate a question about where he was going or if he could come with him, Rex was off. Justin stared at the door a little longer and then returned his attention to the cartoon.


At 3 o’clock in the morning Justin was woken up by the jiggling of the lock. His heart was immediately sent into a fury but quickly relaxed when he heard Rex’s hushed tones.

“We need to be quiet,” Rex whispered. “He’s sleeping.”

“Yeah, Okay,” the man said in a Spanish accent and barely hushed tone.

“Whisper,” Rex quickly replied.

“I want you to suck me,” the Spanish voice whispered.

In the quiet room the sound of both men’s zippers were deafening. And the slurping and sloshing that followed was easily identifiable.

Justin didn’t dear to move, but when curiosity got the better of him he did open his eyes.  Peering through his half open slits, all he saw was the empty bed on the side of him. Nothing appeared until Rex filled in the empty space by lying naked on his chest.

Justin opened his eyes a little more to get a better look and when the eye goop cleared what he saw was Rex with his head facing his own. Staring a little closer he found Rex’s green eyes staring back at him.

Justin opened his eyes all the way suspecting that he had been caught. But when Rex didn’t react he closed them a little tighter as not to show the whites of his eyes. Justin found it airy staring back into Rex’s eyes not knowing if he also saw him. It was comfortable in a way. It was like Rex was giving him permission to look into his soul. Justin accepted the invitation and looked within.

Rex’s eyes didn’t shift when a white hand pressed down on Rex’s cheek. Justin really wanted to know what that hand was being used for, but enough of his question was answered once he heard a whispered sigh, and skin slapping together.

Justin peered deeper into Rex’s eyes and believed that he began to see something; worry maybe, or embarrassment. Could Rex be embarrassed that he was watching him, Justin wondered. Should I shut my eyes?

Justin decided not to. He wanted to see Rex get fucked. He wanted his watching to tell Rex that it was all good. Justin wanted to whip off his sheet so Rex could see how aroused he was at the slaps and sighs. It’s FUCKING HOT, he wanted to scream to reassure his friend. But he didn’t. Instead, Justin laid there staring at his beautiful neighbor. And his neighbor just stared back with a look that made it seem that he too was dead inside.

In that moment Justin wished that the man violating Rex’s pride had a twin. Justin wished that twin would tear into his delicate pink hole with no regard to the noisy springs in the bed and his feelings as Rex’s man did. Justin felt that if Rex could see how similar they could be, Rex would understand that he would follow Rex anywhere.

But instead, Justin did none of that. Instead he laid there staring back into Rex’s embarrassed eyes hoping that when the man pushing and poking on top of Rex was done, Rex would cum as well. But when the man let out his hushed coughs of sexual contraction, Rex didn’t. Rex instead got up and addressed the man.

“Do you have something for me,” Rex asked in a whisper.

Justin could hear the man dig around in his pocket and then withdraw something. Justin could then hear the two men’s zippers return to their upright position and both men sneak out. After the door was closed, Justin continued not to move incase Rex immediately returned. He didn’t. So after a few more minutes Justin rolled over and went back to sleep.


The next morning when Justin awoke, he found Rex walking around the room naked. Rex’s golden body seemed to shimmer in the morning light. And his loosely dangling cock was clearly more of a shower than a grower, because all eight inches of him seemed to be wagging back and forth with every step he took. Justin wished that he had chosen to go to sleep in the nude. He would have loved to be forced to get out of bed naked and join Rex in the exclusive club of beautiful naked boys.

Rex looked over at Justin’s open eyes.

“Hey,” Rex said casually making no effort to hide his tanned cock. “Did I wake you last night when I came in?”

Without thinking Justin said “no.”

Justin wanted to rush out of bed the instant he felt his swollen stick fletch against the mattress but didn’t have the energy yet. “When are we going?” He instead asked.

“In about an hour,” Rex replied before returning to the bathroom.

With Rex’s exit, Justin felt an opportunity lost.

When Rex next came out of the bathroom he was wearing a pair of jeans that revealed the curvature of all of his pelvic muscles. He is quite a man, Justin thought. But by that time his morning wood had left him and the boxers that he wore revealed nothing more than his love for the Nebraska Corn Huskers.

After breakfast Rex asked Justin to wait inside while he walked down the street a ways waiting for the car. Justin couldn’t resist, so when he knew Rex was facing the other way, he perched himself at the window and watched it all go down.

Two cars pulled up. A rough looking Mexican man got out of one and gave Rex a handshake hug before chatting with him. When Rex pointed back at the room the man turned to look. Dodging to the side, Justin next looked back to find Rex and the man walking toward him. Justin busied himself with the TV remote control.

The door popped open and in walked a barreled shaped Mexican man with an acne scarred face and a gold tooth in the front of his smile.

“Jose, this is Baby Boy,” Rex said pointing at Justin.

“Baby boy, huh,” Jose repeated.

“Hi,” Justin replied before realizing his response wasn’t required.

“I like him,” Jose said shaking his head. “Don’t fuck up,” was Jose’s last words before abruptly walking out.

Rex followed Jose out to collect the car.  Rex retrieved it and parked it in front of their door. When back inside, Rex’s only explanation was that “that was good for you.” And after scanning the room for anything that might have been left behind he said, “Let’s go.”

The drive to the boarder took 10 minutes. And although Justin had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask Rex about Jose, the car and the purpose of the trip, his travel companion didn’t seem like he wanted to talk. So Justin just sat there and watched the foreign sights rush by his window.

Justin found Mexicali to be a distinctly foreign place. Before Hollywood, he had never been outside of Nebraska. And since the time he arrived he hadn’t left a five mile radius of his place. Mexicali felt like being in an exotic land.

 As Rex approached the traffic line for the border, Justin took note on how much Rex shifted around in his seat. He was definitely nervous about something and obviously it had to do with the car.

“What’s going on?” Justin asked worried about what he’d learn.

Rex spoke without looking at his passenger. “Nothing, I’m just… nothing.” Rex looked over and saw the nervous look on Baby Boy’s face. “Hey, it’s nothing. I just remembered that… you said you have a driver’s license, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just realized my license is expired,” Rex offered casually.

“Are they gonna let you through?” Justin asked concerned.

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t care accept that the person who bought the car is expecting me to arrive at a certain time. If it gets impounded Jose is gonna kill me. Seriously!”

Justin thought for a moment. “You want me to drive it through?”

“Seriously, would you?”

“No problem. I’m getting paid too, right?”

“Yeah sure. Okay.”

Justin and Rex exchanged seats while they waited in the line for the boarder. Rex scurried across but Justin was sure to make his cheeks rub against Rex’s lap as he did. Rex noticed but was too anxious to react.

“The guy is gonna ask you why we were in Mexico. Tell him we were here for a week. They don’t need to know it was an overnight trip. The car’s registered under my name if they ask but they won’t. They’re trying to find out if were smuggling Mexicans or anything. It’s all routine.”

“Okay,” Justin said easing his way to the boarder.

When he was next up, he looked across at Rex who had taken his shades off and was now sweating a little.

“Where you coming from?” the border guard asked.

At that moment Justin drew a blank. “Mexico,” he said spitting something out.

The guard who hadn’t even looked up from the screen peered into the car. “Where in Mexico?”

Still drawing blank, “all over. But mostly in…” He turned to Rex looking for help.

“Mexicali,” Rex offered.

“Oh yeah, Mexicali,” Justin said with a smile.

The guard looked through the windows at the front and back seats of the car. “Can you pop the trunk please, sir?” The guard said getting out of his booth.

“Yeah sure.” Justin looked around the seat for a lever that would pop the trunk. He found nothing.