Chapter 1


Baby Boy and Rex drove back from Mendocino County in silence. After Rex had suggested that they rob his father, Baby Boy couldn’t think of anything else to say. Mostly what he thought about was how he had played a role in almost killing a man. This was nothing he ever imagined himself involved with the first time he laid eyes on the mysteriously beautiful man that now drove them both home.

Baby thought further about how much his life had changed in a few short weeks. Just 3 months ago his biggest concern was preventing a farmer’s tan as he harvested the corn on his father’s farm. Since then he had moved to Hollywood, lost his virginity to a man who paid him $1000 for the privilege, become a highly paid escort, and helped to almost kill a man. And all of it was because he had fallen for the thin, rippled, blonde rogue with the large cock who sat next to him in the car.

Baby stared at the rolling hills outside his passenger window and let his thought settle on what was to happen next. Baby was unsure if robbing the man that sent him his escort clients was a good idea. Baby Boy had met him. The man, who was also Rex’s father, had a look about him that told Baby he was dead inside. And the fact that he would pimp out Rex, his own son, told Baby just how much more he was capable of. The thought of crossing him made Baby nervous. That thought made Baby want to reconsider his life.

As the buildings on the outskirts of Hollywood came into view, a thought popped into Baby’s mind.

“How does your dad find my clients?” Baby asked breaking the silence.

“He has a website,” Rex answered in a raspy voice that made it sound like Rex had been crying. Rex cleared his throat. “There’s this site for escorts that he put you on.”

“Can I see it?”

“Yeah. When we get back I’ll show you.”

Baby returned his attention to the passing buildings that were so unlike those of his small town in Nebraska. And when he saw the familiar sight of their apartment building, the sense of relief that followed told him that he now thought of this place as home.

Both guys got out of the car and headed to the stairs to the second floor. As Baby followed he watched Rex’s ass. The jeans he wore hang so loosely on him that it showed the crack in his narrow toned butt. Clearly Rex wasn’t wearing underwear, and in spite of everything Baby had just gone through, he could feel his cock pushing against the cloth of his jeans. He found Rex irresistibly sexy and there was nothing Baby Boy could do about it.

Baby followed Rex into his apartment. Rex immediately turned on his computer and took off his shirt.

“I gotta wash the smell of Mr. Jules off of me,” he said before dropping his pants giving Baby a full view of his partially engorged cock.

Rex didn’t stay front forward very long, but in that time Baby noticed something he hadn’t before. Rex’s cock was actually thicker at the head than it was at its base. Whereas his own was vein-less and straight, Rex’s was like a vase. Rex was born to do damage, Baby thought. And for some reason, that made him want Rex more.

Baby sat on the bed wondering if Rex’s undressing was an invitation for him to join Rex in the shower. Hearing the shower’s droplets interrupted by a body, Baby peaked past the bathroom door. He decided that if Rex saw him and gave him an inviting look he would join.

Baby watched through the half open shower curtain as Rex soaped his face. Rex’s naked body was a sight to see. It was 24-years of pure surfer beauty. The tan that covered his whole body was rich, the way his muscles rippled as he moved was alluring and his narrow firm ass was as perfect as Baby could imagine it. His own body was like a boy’s compared to his. And after Rex didn’t turn around, Baby retreated to the bed.

Baby retrieved the computer from the desk. When it loaded, the browser automatically opened an escort site as the home page. Fully loaded, Baby saw the picture that Rex’s father had taken of him with his cock partially erect. He was uneasy about the idea that anyone from his hometown could see him, but he did like the way he looked in the picture. Baby had never seen a picture of himself naked before. He thought that he looked beautiful, and the fact that his cock hung between his legs in almost all of its 10 inches of glory, made him feel like a model.

Baby scrolled down the page to find more pictures. The next weren’t of him though. Surprisingly, the pictures were of Rex. There was one of him holding his fully erect cock with a goofy smile on his face. There was another of him from behind walking toward a pool.

Rex stepped out of the bathroom still drying the droplets from his naked body. Baby’s eyes came up from the computer meeting his friend’s.

“I was kind of expecting you to join me,” Rex said with a smile. “Did you see the site?”

When Baby didn’t answer, Rex sat next to his friend on the bed. Both boys stared at the screen before Rex moved it to his lap.

With a stunned look on his face, Rex examined his pictures and the page’s profile. It read: Individually $400 or together $600. Anything goes fantasies available. Both overnight for $1500.

“I didn’t put this here,” Rex quickly said. “That man made this account… and he added me.”

Baby watched Rex’s face melt the longer he stared at the screen.

“How did he get those pictures of you?” Baby asked trying to wrap his mind around the situation.

“He took it,” Rex replied casually.

“You didn’t mind your dad seeing your hard-on?”

Rex handed the computer back to Baby having seen enough. “I think your family was a little different from mine.”

“I think your family was a little different from every family,” Baby added.

“Yeah, if we swam in the pool, basically we couldn’t wear any clothes. So when his friends came over, all of us would just be swimming naked.”

“They were naked too?”

“Yeah. After they got drunk my dad would say “show them your big cock, boy.” And I would have to show them how big I got. Sometimes he took pictures. It was a little fucked up.”

“Wow,” Baby Boy said almost speechless. “Didn’t having all of those strangers watching you naked freak you out?”

“No, that’s the way it always was. I thought everybody’s family was like that.”

“So you all were like nudists?”

“Yeah, I guess. Yeah, you can say that. The only time I thought it was weird was when Mr. Jules would come over. It was almost like my old man didn’t want him there. And Mr. Jules would stare at me in the creepiest way. And after the first time he was over, Dad started bringing his girls to the pool and he would say, “Let me see you fuck her, so I know you’re not a fag.””

“What did you do?” Baby asked enthralled.

“I’d fuck her.”

“With your dad there?”


“And your mom?”

“No, she would go inside when he started that.”


“That’s how I fucked my first girl. I hadn’t been with anyone before I lost it with her.”

“How was it?” Baby asked trying to understand how much he liked women.

“You know, it was good,” Rex answered casually.

Baby stared at Rex sitting naked next to him. He was beautiful. But for the first time Baby consider that something Rex had once said was actually true. When Baby had asked Rex about guys, Rex’s response was that he wasn’t gay. Since baby had seen him fuck multiple guys, Baby dismissed the statement. But hearing the story about him fucking his dad’s escorts, made reality clearer.

Maybe Rex was just gay for the pay, he considered. And if that was the case, he would always remain unobtainable. Baby didn’t like that idea. It made all of the things that he had gone through for the lust of his neighbor seem like a joke.

“How many girls have you fucked?” Baby asked needing to know more.

“I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

“In front of him about 10 or so. He started to have me fuck them when I was 14 and then the last one was last year some time.”

“Still?” Baby asked even more hurt.

“Yeah, but now he’s having me fuck men, so I guess I never passed his test.”

Baby got up and returned the computer to the desk. He looked back at his friend. Clearly Rex was devastated.

“I can’t believe my dad is pimping me out.”

The amount the thought weighed on him was obvious. Baby could see Rex slowly wilt before his eyes.

“Do you wanna get out of here? We could go somewhere where your dad will never find us.”

Rex caught himself as his head fell into his hands which were propped up by his knees. “No, let’s just do it. I don’t know how soon, but eventually he’s gonna ask me to do another Mexico trip. He doesn’t trust anyone else. He’s always scared somebody’s gonna rob him. And when he asks me again, we’ll do it. We just have to get prepared, that’s all.”

Baby gazed around the room wondering how this night would end. Rex was still naked and beautiful, but Baby had learned a great deal about him tonight. Baby knew that Rex was in no mood to fuck, but he desperately needed some indication that he would want to at some point in the future. Baby desperately needed to know if everything he was doing for his friend was worth it. He wanted to know if it was even possible to be loved by the man he was uncontrollably attracted to.

So with an unspoken word, Baby grabbed onto his clothed cock. Rex eventually looked up from his palm and saw his young friend.

“You want to talk tomorrow?” Rex said releasing Baby from any thoughts he might have had.

Baby was disappointed. He immediately let go his cock and lowered his eyes. Rex had given him his answer and now it was time to leave.

“I’ll tell you what the plan is when I come up with it.”

“OK,” Baby sighed moving toward the door.

Rex saw how dejected Baby was, but he didn’t have the energy to reassure him. Rex barely had the energy to go on, so giving Baby a quick end to the night was the most merciful thing he could think of to do. And if that had any long term consequences, he would have to deal with them as they came. Right now, Rex had to stay focused on surviving the night.

Baby left the apartment without looking back. In a second, he was standing alone in his own. He was sad.



Chapter 2


The next morning Baby was woken by a phone call. The familiar jingle of Rex’s ringtone moved him to grab the phone before it rang again.

“Hello,” Baby said making no effort to clear the raspiness from his voice.

“We’re being watched.”

“What do you mean?” Baby Boy asked finding himself in state of alert.

“Go to your window and check out the car across the street.”

Baby got out of bed bouncing his reliable 20-year-old morning wood. He subtly peaked past the drapes at the car parked on the street just past the parking lot. “I see it.”

“That’s one of my dad’s cars. I know that guy. He’s one of his men.”

Baby squinted to make out the person inside. It was a bloated white guy who looked to be around 30. “What do we do?” He asked confronted by another situation he couldn’t have imagined.

“Nothing. My dad’s trying to figure out what’s going on between us.”

That makes two of us, Baby thought.

“And the less we give him to work with, the less he’ll suspect. So let’s chill out with the visits. We’ll talk on the phone. Is that cool?”