Chapter 1


Justin held his 10-inch, young hard cock in his hands. Squeezing firmly on his throbbing member he hoped to stop it from dripping its juices on the carpet below. But even gripping as tightly as he could didn’t stop his monstrous head from overflowing.

Justin, who had turned 20 a few days before moving to Hollywood, wasn’t used to the uninhibited displays of sex that he experienced there. And the sound of two men fucking vibrating through his studio apartment wall was just such an unfamiliarity. But as unfamiliar as it was, the sound aroused him.

The first time that he had heard his neighbor go at it was a few hours after he moved in. And as much as he wanted to fight it, the sound made his oversized creamy white cock go instantly hard. He was shocked at his unwitting response, and what shocked him even more was that every time he heard it, his cock got even harder.

As days past, Justin had learned to enjoy it. In the beginning he would just lie in bed and feel the pressure that his large boy cock put on his pant’s waistband. But as the sexual tension built without release, he had to do more.

Now listening to his neighbor go at it, he was sitting next to the wall naked and nubile with his hands cradling his meat to ease its uncontrollable throbbing. Sweat dripped down his smooth, gently rippling back and cum dripped down his thick vein-less, perfect cock. Both eventually met at his naturally hairless, pink hole and let what felt like butterflies loose in his chest. The sensual ecstasy almost overwhelmed him.

Justin closed his eyes when the pounding on the other side of the wall took on a new rhythm.

“Ahhh,” the older voice said in response.

The sound of skin slapping on skin got louder and harder until the older voice moaned for his partner to stop.

Justin looked up at the wall as what sounded like a tussle broke out. There were whimpers from two men that seemed to be locked in a struggle for position until silence returned. Justin stared at the wall during the silence and when the sounds returned he removed one of his hands from his still hard cock and placed it on the plaster. He leaned in and just as his smooth, lightly tanned baby face touched the wall he heard a scream.

“Agh,” a younger voice coughed.

He recognized the younger voice as his neighbor, but he had never heard that sound from him before. During all of the sex noises that he heard, it was always an older voice that eventually groaned. It was never the same older voice, and it was never one he could associate with the lean, surfer boy chiseled beach blonde that he often saw walking by his window.

“Agh,” the younger voice coughed again.

Justin listened closely wondering what could make his matinee fantasy bellow like that. And when another “Agh” resonated, he figured it out. His roguish, masculine neighbor was being forced to take an unexpectedly large piece of aged meat up his ass.

With each groan Justin imagined the size of the cock that could elicit such screams from a manly guy like his neighbor. And when he ran out of sizes, he instead imagined what it would have to feel like for the younger voice to have to scream for relief.

Justin imagined a sturdy dark cock forcing its way between his full, soft ass cheeks. He imagined what it would feel like to have the tip of that cock narrow down on his crevasse like a bull. And then he imagined the pressure and power it would take for that bull to break into his untrampled ring.

“Agh,” Justin groaned in reaction to the tingling sensation flushing through his body.

“Agh,” the young voice echoed from the other side of the wall.

“Agh,” Justin said again feeling the imaginary bull thrusting into him.

“Agh,” the neighbor moaned in response to Justin.

Soon the skin slapping on the other side of the wall increased. The young voice could no longer keep himself in rhythm with Justin and instead moaned on his own.

“Scream!” the older voice yelled before the younger voice groaned louder. “Scream!” the older voice said again before Justin could no longer contain the synchronized imagined pounding that he was receiving.

“Agh!” Justin bellowed twisting and clutching his naked body.

“Yeah!” the older voice yelled back.

Doubling his pounding he sent the young voice into a continuous howl that only ended with another loud groan by Justin and the sound of release coming from the older man.

“Ahhhh,” the older man screamed. Then all was silent.

Justin, who now lay on the floor exhausted, trembled with excitement. A minute later he heard his neighbor’s door unlock. Knowing the drapes of his walkway facing window were open, he rushed into the shadows of his room. With his back against the far wall, and his knees pushed under his chin he watched the owner of the older voice walk by. He was a distinguished looking Puerto Rican man that looked as much devil as saint in the midday light. And the rapid way in which he crossed the window made it seem like, today, the devil was in control.

Once past, Justin crawled back to his neighbor’s wall. He pressed his ear against the cold plaster wondering if during all of the moaning his neighbor had been fucked to death. But small indistinguishable sounds told him that his neighbor was alright.

When Justin heard the door open again, he threw himself back into the shadows. The person who next passed his second floor motel apartment window was the neighbor with the young voice.

His blonde hair, that looked like it had once been gelled to perfection, now looked gripped and tussled. The reddened spots on his smooth tanned chest indicated recent sexual battering. And the tired look on his face and slow way he walked told Justin that he had been on the other side of a rough ride. With a cigarette hanging loosely on his lips he carried an ice bucket toward the ice machine at the end of the walkway.

Not wanting the erotic feelings to end Justin scrabbled for his clothes and gathered four quarters for the adjacent soda machine. Rushing out Justin caught up with his neighbor who turned his tired eyes toward him.

The barefoot surfer recognized Justin as the young boy that had recently moved in next to him. The surfer loved looking at Justin. Justin’s toned body, refined features and dark blue eyes mixed with his youthful, but developing masculine jaw line to create a young Adonis. So with the face and body of a god, the next place that he always turned to was Justin’s cock.

Looking down today the surfer found more than just the usual generous hump. Today he found a huge bulge that could only indicate a hard monster in his pants. He looked up at Justin’s face surprised that he was bold enough to freeball with a giant erection.

“Nice cock,” the surfer said testing how bold Justin was willing to be.

Justin turned to look at his neighbor’s young but weathered face. Without thinking, his next move was to look down at his neighbor’s crotch hoping to see the nice cock that he was referring to. Justin lingered on the lines in the surfer’s lean lower stomach. They made a sexy V-shape that pointed to his dick, the first part of his body covered by cloth.

Justin found his neighbor’s body uncontrollably hot. And without realizing it, his still hard cock flinched pushing wildly on his pants. Pleased but unable to find the “nice cock” he decided to check himself. Just below his tight fitting shirt was his own huge bulge that wrapped around his left thigh like a snake. He looked up at his neighbor embarrassed.

Without a word he maneuvered to the soda machine, dropped the coins in and pushed the first button he recognized. Quickly retrieving the Coke he rushed back past his neighbor and almost jogged to his room.

Justin slammed his door with embarrassment. But the embarrassment quickly turned to excitement as he realized that his wildly dangerous neighbor had seen the full expression of his young inexperienced sexuality. Justin moved his small hands to his clothed man-boy cock. Grabbing the big boy he threw himself onto the bed.

When the surfer passed Justin’s window again he looked in. In the fleeting moment as he passed he saw Justin smiling, eyes closed on his bed. The innocent pleasure that Justin exuded made the surfer think only one thing, ‘Baby boy.’ That’s what I’ll call him, he decided. The neighbor then continued to his door and retreated inside.



Chapter 2


Justin remained locked in his room as the sun went down. He had moved from his small Nebraska farm town with his clothes and the money his dad gave him for his summer spent on the farm. The money wasn’t much but it did allow him the cost of a bus ticket, two months’ rent and three meals a day.

Fantasizing about his adventure lying in his Nebraska bedroom the summer’s wages allowed him an extravagant life. But now in the lonely, TV-less room he was scared to spend any of it. He had never worked outside of their farm, so faced with the prospect of having to find work in this overwhelming city intimidated him to the point of paralyzing fear.

He was thinking about his need for money when at nine o’clock he heard an unexpected knock on his door. Staring without moving he considered who it could be. Having not left his room except to buy food, he couldn’t figure it out.

Hesitantly he made his way to the door and peered though the peephole. It was his neighbor looking back.

“Who is it?” Justin asked nervously not knowing what he should do.

“It’s your neighbor. We met today,” he replied in a raspy young voice, rougher than his 24 years would indicate.

Justin rested his hand on the knob debating what to do when he found his door open and the beautiful man staring in.

“Hey. I’m Rex, your neighbor. I just thought that I would stop by and say hi”.

“Oh. Hi,” Justin said leaning on the edge of the open door.

A silence developed before Rex spoke again.

“Can I come in?”

“Oh, um, sure,” Justin replied in his soft yet masculine Nebraska accent.

Justin let Rex in and then apologized for the lack of places to sit.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ve been there,” he said before copping a squat on the ground. “Listen, I hope I’m not too loud,” Rex said with a smile. “It can get kinda wild over there.”

“Really? I don’t hear anything,” Justin lied.

“No huh?” he said with a knowing smile. “That’s cool. I’m glad. So what’s your name?”

“Justin,” he said before sitting where the shadows appeared on his floor.

“Oh okay. Do you know what I call you?”

“What do you mean?” Justin asked confused.

“I’ve seen you around a couple of times. I call you Baby Boy,” he said with a blush.

Justin didn’t know what it was about that name but he liked it. It made him feel safe with Rex and feeling safe wasn’t a luxury he could often afford living in Hollywood.

“So what do you do during the day?” Rex asked trying to get Justin out of his shell.