Rachel crossed the restaurant when she saw. It was as beautiful in real life than on television. “Bison Brick, Single Billionaire” was his favorite show reality. Brick are looking for a wife. From a selection of 12 women, Brick had to choose one.

Rachel had liked that he had chosen. It reminded him of her. Lara, like her , was a girl from the Midwest. They were about the same age and had a similar build. Rachel imagined instead of Lara in the arms of Brick. And see the restaurant without his new fiancée émoustillait.

Rachel stood there looking at the other side of the room. A waitress brought him to his section. The restaurant was not full tonight. That bothered much Rachel because she needed the money. But having Brick, the man of her dreams at one of the tables she served , lit the evening.

She waited until he settles before approaching him. Right in his warm blue eyes looking up, she felt her stomach knot. And when he began to speak, his legs began to tremble.

“So, how are you tonight? , “He asked with a grin.

It was that smile that made him so popular. In addition to his good looks, his smile was, indeed, charmed women all over the country. The indicator now ready, it was easy to understand why.

“I am,” Rachel could hardly speak. “Uh, what would you eat? “

“You do not want to know first what I drink,” he asked, a smile still on his lips.

“Yes. “Rachel did his best to get out of this trance. “Sorry,” she said with a little embarrassed laugh. “What would you drink? “

“You Blue Moon beer? “

“Yes. “

“Then I want a well. “

Rachel turned around to head to the bar when she realized she had not paid attention or even take control of the man who was sitting next to Brick. Rachel closed her eyes, embarrassed again. Returning to the table, she looked at the man who, in all other circumstances, have been the subject of low-mass between waitresses in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry” is she apologized, giving him his full attention.

“Believe me, I understand. I’ll have a Blue Moon also. “

“Two Blue Moon, it’s gone,” she said, trying to calm his usual enthusiasm.

Rachel fired a last look at Brick before leaving. Her skin matte and firm, her perfect hair, nothing had changed from the last episode of the show. She had used a freeze frame of this episode to indulge in a little pleasure solitary evening of its release. For her, it was more than perfect. And be as close to him as to feel a scent of musk mixed with baby powder, she was not sure she could take all night without going to shut down the toilet to enjoy until the orgasm.

Was thinking the toilet restaurant that Rachel remembered his appearance. She had struggled to come to work. His old car had made him understand that she would soon give up the ghost. She had already planted on the highway side of the Pacific, and if by some miracle, she could go home, she knew she should find another means of transportation for the next day.

When Rachel arrived at work, she knew she looked like someone who just had car trouble and she did not care. It was clean and primed as required by his position, but her hair was pulled back and she was not wearing makeup. Going stealthily to the toilet, she corrected it. Standing in front of the mirror, she ruffled his hair and applied enough lipstick and blush to highlight what she had been given by her parents in the Midwest. 

Rachel loved the reflection she saw in the mirror when committed. And approaching the bar, she noticed that their beers were ready. Placing them on a tray, she carried them to their table.

Once there, she did her best not to look Brick. She was not sure of being able to hold otherwise. But when he began to waver on his choice of flat, she was forced to watch.

“Here you are,” Brick said, looking her straight in the eyes. “Give me a prime rib cooked enough not to hear meuglée with mashed potatoes. My friend take the same thing. “

“I was thinking to take salmon. “The friend turned to Rachel to ask his opinion, but Brick stopped him short.

“Love their steak. It will take the steak. “

Rachel was not sure what she was doing and looked at his friend for confirmation.

“You heard the boss,” the friend replied with a smile.

Rachel was trying to read what she had written when she felt his hand on her leg Brick. She raised her head to look at him immediately.

“You spend a good evening? “

Rachel froze net. Already excited, she felt his loins tremble. He could take it on the table and it would not have stopped. Forcing himself to utter a sound, all she came to say was “Yeah,” tilting a little more leg in his hand before leaving.  

Back was turned, she heard a friend say, “You’ll make him forget our order” before their laughter will sound. She did not know if they were laughing at her, but in any case, she had to take.

Hidden behind the line of waitresses who watched from the back room, Rachel did her best to free his mind. Over their shoulders, she kept an eye on their beer, and brought other when they reached the end of their glass. But everything she says from that moment, she said, keeping his distance, just offering a smile in response when it does not involve food.

When gentlemen drove their empty plate, Rachel had become quiet enough to talk to them again. Preparing to look at each in turn tied, she finally let into the trap by the beautiful eyes of Brick.

“How was it? , “She asked.

“Delicious,” said Brick full attention to her.

“Yet a little room for dessert? “

“I can not swallow anything and evening is just beginning. You must know your limits, “he said, smiling. “Do you know your limits? , “He asked Rachel.

“First you need to find someone to meet together, so no”, reflecting only what she was trying to answer.

“It’s important for a girl to know its limits. You end up at what time? I’m sure I can help you with that. “

Rachel’s face as she struggled not to react flushed. “I am the night hours. It closes at two o’clock. “

“Well, maybe I’ll be back in two hours. “

She could barely hold back. Her body quivered and she tried somehow to catch his breath while catching addition. Laying it on the table, she did not know what to say. And feeling that she was blushing more, she turned and went at full speed.

“You’re all red! “Exclaimed Samantha, one of the waitresses, taking her by the shoulder.

Rachel put her hands on her cheeks and ran to the bathroom. It was red. Temples to the chin, she had never seen her so red. She passed fresh water on the face, in vain. And closing eyes with hands glued to her cheeks, she did her best to think of anything other than Brick.

After a few minutes, she knew she had to return to his service. She still was not sure what she was going to meet the suggestion of Brick, but she knew she had to say something. She had never flirted with such a confident man. She did not know what it was supposed to say.

Rachel’s heart sank when she could finally see table Brick. It was deserted. Looking around, she saw him push away the restaurant door. He turned to talk to his friend, Brick met his gaze again. He gave her a wink, and then went away.