Rachel crossed the restaurant when she saw him. He was as gorgeous in person as he was on television. ‘Brick Bison, Billionaire Bachelor’ was her favorite reality show. On it, Brick was looking for a wife. From a selection of 12 women, Brick had to choose one.

Rachel had liked the woman that he chose. She reminded Rachel of herself. Lara, like herself, was a Midwestern girl. Like Rachel, she was blonde and fresh-faced. They were about the same age and had a similar build. Rachel could imagine herself in Brick’s arms instead of Lara. And seeing him in the restaurant without his new fiancée, made her excited.

Rachel stood still watching him from across the room. The hostess was leading him into her section. The restaurant wasn’t busy tonight. This had upset Rachel because she needed the money. But having Brick, the man of her fantasies, in her section, made her night.

She waited for him to settle before she glided over to the table. Looking into his warm blue eyes, Rachel felt her stomach flutter. And when he spoke, she felt weak in the knees.

“Well, how are you doin’ tonight?” He asked with a glowing smile.

It was that smile that had made him a household name. Along with his strong, rugged good looks, his smile won the hearts of women everywhere. Looking at him up close, it was easy to see why.

“I’m,” Rachel could barely speak. “Um, what would you like to eat?’

“Don’t you want my drink order first?” he asked still beaming.

“Yes.” Rachel did her best to pull herself out of her trance. “Sorry,” she offered with an embarrassed chuckle. “What would you like to drink?”

“You got Blue Moon?”


“Then give me one of those.”

Rachel turned and was headed to the bar when she realized that she hadn’t acknowledged his order or gotten the drink order from the man sitting with him. Rachel closed her eyes again embarrassed. Walking back to the table she looked at the man who in any other circumstance would have caused whispers among the waitresses gathered back in the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized giving him her full attention.

“Believe me, I get it. Get me a Blue Moon as well.”

“Two Blue Moons coming right up,” she said finding hints of her usual enthusiasm.

Rachel snuck one more look at Brick as she turned away. His tanned complexion and thick, perfect hair were unchanged from his show’s last television episode. She had used a paused image from that episode to pleasure herself the night it aired. To her, he was perfect beyond words. And standing close enough to him to smell musk with a hint of baby powder, she wasn’t sure how she would make it through her shift without escaping into the bathroom and bringing herself to orgasm.

It was Rachel’s thought of the bathroom that made her remember how she looked. She had had a very difficult drive to work. Her aging car had convinced her that it was on its last legs. It had died once on its way up the Pacific Coast Highway, and if by some miracle it made it home, she knew that she would have to find another way to work tomorrow.

When Rachel had arrived to work, she knew she looked like someone who had just had car problems and she didn’t care. She was clean and tidy as her job required, but her hair was pulled back and her face was makeup-free. Escaping to the bathroom, she corrected that. Standing in front of the mirror, she shook out her hair and applied enough lipstick and blush to enhance what her corn-feed mid-western parents had given her.

Rachel liked what she saw in the mirror by the time she exited. And passing the bar, she found their beers were ready. Throwing them onto a tray she took them over and set them down.

At the table she did her best to not look at Brick. She wasn’t sure if she could hold it together if she did. But when he hesitated with his dinner order, she had to look up at him.

“There you are,” Brick said looking deep into her eyes. “Give me the T-bone with enough flame that it stops mooing, and give me the potatoes, mashed. My buddy here will have the same.”

“I was thinking about the salmon.” The friend turned to Rachel to get her opinion when Brick cut him off.

“You’ll like the steak. He’ll have the steak.”

Rachel wasn’t sure what was going on and looked at the friend for confirmation.

“You heard the man,” the friend said with a smile.

Rachel was double checking what she had written when she felt Brick’s hand on the side of her leg. She immediately returned her gaze to the incredibly handsome man.

“You having a good night tonight?”

Rachel froze at his touch. Already aroused, she felt her loins throb. He could have taken her on the table and she wouldn’t have stopped him. Fighting herself to speak, the most she could say was “Yeah,” before rocking further into his hand and then walking away.

As she left she could hear the friend say, “You’re gonna make her forget our order,” before both chuckled. She couldn’t tell if they were making fun of her, but either way, she knew she had to pull herself together.

Watching him while hiding at the wait station, Rachel did her best to clear her mind. From behind their shoulders she kept close watch of their beers and brought over more when they ran low. But everything she said to them from then on, she did from an arm’s length away offering only a smile as a response to anything not related to their food.

When the gentlemen pushed their empty plates aside, Rachel was again composed enough to speak to them. Planning to share her gaze equally between the two, she failed as she again locked onto Brick’s mesmerizing eyes.

“How was everything?” she asked.

“Delicious,” Brick said giving her his full attention.

“Any room for dessert?”

“I couldn’t eat another bite and the night is young. You have to know your limits,” he said with a smile. “Do you know your limits?” He asked rattling Rachel.

“You first have to find someone to reach them with, so no,” she said barely aware of what she was saying.

“It’s important for a girl to know her limits. What time do you get off? I bet I can help you with that.”

Rachel’s face glowed red as she tried not to react. “I have the late shift. We close at two.”

“Well, maybe I’ll be back here at two.”

She could barely contain herself. Her body tingled and her breathing shortened as she reached for their prepared check. Laying the bill fold on the table she couldn’t think of anything to say. And knowing that she was turning an increasingly brighter shade of red, she spun and sped away.

“You are so red!” Samantha, one of the waitresses said grabbing her shoulder.

Rachel put her palms on her cheeks and jogged to the bathroom. She was red. Everything from her temples to the edge of her chin was redder than she had ever seen. She splashed cold water on her face to no avail. And closing her eyes with her hands planted on her cheeks, she did her best to think of anything other than Brick.

After more than a few minutes, she knew she had to return to her tables. She still wasn’t sure what she was going to say in reply to Brick’s suggestion, but she knew she had to say something. She had never flirted with such an assertive guy before. She didn’t know what she should say.

Rachel’s heart sank when she finally came within view of Brick’s table. It was empty. Scanning the restaurant, she caught the last glimpse of him as he pushed open the door. With Brick turning back to address his friend, he and Rachel made eye contact again. Brick offered her a wink and then left.