Emma willed herself not to glance back at him but it wasn’t easy. It was as if her whole body was being pulled towards his enigmatic presence and her eyes struggled to stay away from his.

It had been a week since she had come to Dubai looking for some peace and quiet. She had struggled to find time from her hectic life and was looking forward to the much needed break. The dark haired man, who she saw everywhere she went, was disturbing her peace of mind. She would have assumed that he was following her except he was always there before she arrived. After a few similar coincidences, Emma considered if she was unknowingly following him!

Emma, trying to shake the alluring man out of her mind, focused on her menu. Just as she began to relax, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Unable to resist, Emma whipped around. Staring back at her was the man. It was the first time their eyes had met since the first time she had seen him. It was at the airport when they both arrived. And although she had uncontrollably smiled at the golden skinned stranger, he had given her a look of indifference back. Emma had assumed that he had found her unappealing.

But here the two were again and this time his look wasn’t indifferent. It was one that said that he wanted her and that he was used to getting what he wanted.

Emma continued to peer back into the man’s eyes. They were mesmerizing like swirling melted chocolate and they shone with confidence and strength. Emma’s gaze broke from his eyes and examined his face. His nose was straight and strong and his jaw was square. Judging from his build, she guessed that he was in his mid-thirties, but she couldn’t be sure. However old he was, he was beautiful like the men they immortalized in marble. And staring at him her heart raced robbing her of her breath. 

Barely able to breathe, Emma stood up and as casually as she could, walked away from him toward the bar. Sure that she would hyperventilate, she continued past the tall stools to the bathroom. Entering, she couldn’t take her mind off the image of the man. He was tall with broad shoulders and the crisp white cotton shirt he wore contrasted beautifully with both his golden skin and casual blue jeans. With the door closed behind her, Emma headed immediately to the sink.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she examined the face of the person looking back. She could barely recognize herself. Her face glowed and shined. And as she remembered the dream she had had the previous night, her cheeks got even redder.

In the dream, a dark haired man like her stranger had broken into her room as she slept naked. Pretending to be asleep she observed as the man slid his thick finger down her neck to her chest, and lower to the apex of her thighs. Feeling his finger continue to the soft curls between her legs, she gasped wildly with burning desire.

The dream had felt so real that she could remember how much the trail of his touch burned for more. And when his fingers had slid into her slit, she was sure that she had actually felt her legs clamp shut. In the throes of passion, she was terrified that in his examination he would discover that she was still a virgin. She didn’t want him to think of her as a little girl. She wanted him to see her as a woman.

Prying her legs apart, her dream lover slid his finger out and pushed it back in. Emma moaned uncontrollable finally flinging her eyes open to find no one there. “You’re mine!” she had remembered hearing him say as she panted and her labial juices drained down her leg. Even as she clutched onto her throbbing pussy, she cried needing his powerful touch again.

Emma continued to stare into the mirror as she again clutched her pussy in excitement. Tightening her thighs she searched for ways to soothe her aching groin. No one had ever made her feel like this before. The feeling was unbearable and she would never have remained a virgin if this was what her lust had felt like. Against all rational thought, she needed him. And turning toward the bathroom door she decided that she would do what was necessary to have him.

As Emma threw the bathroom door open, she jumped back finding a man standing cross-armed in front of her. It was him. He had come looking for her. And now confronted by the reality of him, fear washed through her like a hot wave. Emma stumbled back into the room.

The steely eyed man approached menacingly as if stalking prey. Emma retreated like a scared white rabbit. Her heart beat rapaciously and her body tingled with excitement. Pinned against the wall she tilted her head back looking up into the man’s face. Her knees wobbled threatening to give way. And as his large hand engulfed her small waist, she shook like a rag doll in his strong grasp.

The man pulled Emma’s body against his own. Entranced by his face, she examined her body to figure out what was going on. Pressed against her stomach she found what had to be his hardened cock. It was bigger than she ever imaged a cock to be. At the thought, her breath hitched and blood rushed to her face. She felt lightheaded even as she yearned to explore his magnificent cock more.

In a daze, Emma stretched up toward his mouth. She wanted to be consumed by him and the only thing her innocent mind could think of was his mouth. Everything inside of her demanded to kiss the stranger, and sliding her body along his, she closed her eyes hoping he would lean down and meet her.

“No,” the man said in a voice that sounded airily familiar to the one in her dream.

Emma opened her eyes shocked by his reply. Quickly searching his face to see if she had displeased him, she was again swept away as his free hand pushed up her skirt and clutched her pussy.  Emma inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation.

Emma froze as electricity poured through her body. She was turning into putty in his arms, and as his finger wiggled into her slit, her body rocked back and forth in compliance. Almost disconnected from her body, she observed her moans as he worked his familiar finger into her.

‘How could I be doing this?’ she asked herself. ‘I’ve never met him before. I don’t even know his name.’  

“Aaah,” she moaned as she was again made a slave to his lusts.

With his jeans covered cock gently rubbing her stomach, she felt an explosion building within her. Wrapping her leg around his, she moaned louder. And as his hard cock violently throbbed against her stomach, an orgasm burst through her.

“Ohhh,” she yelled not caring who could hear. “Ahhhh,” she screamed unlike she had ever screamed before. “Yessss,” she moaned as her legs turned into jelly and she collapsed into his arms.

Holding onto her for only seconds more, the man removed his finger from her protruding pink petals. Rubbing her palm against her dripping flesh, he removed his hand and brought it within sight. Holding it between the two, Emma’s heart clenched as her juices were revealed to her.

Feeling immediately self-conscious, she wondered what he would do. His hand contained the unadulterated smell of her sex and her body tensed as she wondered how he would react to it. But when he closed his eyes and inhaled with delight, she relaxed becoming trapped by the gravitational force of his allure. There was now nothing she could do to escape.

“You are so tight, Emma,” he whispered slowly.