Bred for the Billionaire’s Heir


Jasmine’s heart raced as she looked across the bar. He was there again. For the last three nights, the man with the deep tan and perfectly styled sun bleached hair wearing tailored white shirts sat at the table closest to the docks. Unlike all of the other nights, when he stared out past all of the yachts at the shadowy blue sea, tonight he was staring directly at her.

Jasmine’s youth and inexperience allowed her excitement to overwhelm her. She could feel her olive complexioned face glow with a shade of pink. At 20, this was her first time in a bar and here she was capturing the attention of the most attractive and mysterious man there. She squeezed her knees together, enjoying the warmth of her loins as her lips burned.

Unable to turn away, Jasmine found herself lost in his eyes. From a distance his steely gray eyes entranced her. Like a snake charmer charming a cobra, his movement brought her own. She had never felt so controlled in her life. It took everything in her to break away from his spell and leave.

Sneaking a few looks at him she scurried to the bathroom. She needed to get away. He was too much for her. The feelings that he brought out in her bubbled up inside and threatened to wash her away, leaving no part of the delicate virgin behind. Pulling her gaze away from him one last time, she pushed on the curves of the bamboo covered bathroom door. As the door closed behind her, the air returned to her lungs. With her chest heaving, she was drenched in a wet film of lust that made her feel as if she glowed like a beacon.

As she stared in the mirror above the sink she didn’t recognize herself staring back. Gone was the girlish ponytail and the fresh faced innocence. Jasmine sneaked out of her hotel room wearing make-up and her most alluring sundress. She knew these changes had been for the mysterious stranger and having gotten more from him than she expected, she was lost.

‘I should go,’ she thought. ‘My parents are probably wondering where I am.’

Her thoughts were an excuse and she knew it. Neither her parents, nor her brother, monitored her movements. They hadn’t noticed she had been out hours later than this the night before. The truth was that the power the stranger had over her terrified her. She had never felt so drawn to man before.

Jasmine’s hips rocked when she was about to change direction. Suddenly, the door of the bathroom was flung open and, with his eyes locked on her , the dark stranger strode towards Jasmine not caring who else was in the bathroom.

Jasmine wilted with his closeness. He was tall and thick, and with him almost on top of her, she could smell the sea. With her body turned towards the mirror, she felt his large strong hands wrap around her body, sliding up her small torso and grabbing her breast. The sparks that flew through her body weakened her knees.

Jasmine’s head fell backwards. She wanted to be kissed. Boys had kissed her before but none of them had made her feel like this. She wanted to be kissed by a man. Moving her lips closer and closer to his, she fought for breath.

When their lips finally met, she knew that she was his. His lips were strong and warm, and when he pried her mouth open, she became supple clay to be pushed and tugged by his tongue as if she had no will but to surrender to him.

She groaned as a wave of pleasure crested and crashed out of her. To her surprise the chiseled stranger moved his hand up her skirt, pushing aside her soft frilly underwear. No boy would have had been so direct with her. She was in new territory yet she liked it. With his tongue filling her mouth and his hand kneading her breast, his finger searched for the gentle protrusion which held her sex. When he found it, the sensation swept her off of her feet.

Jasmine’s body was curled around the stranger. As her feet left the ground, she bent them around him, like an octopus consuming its prey. Her arms gripped onto the back of his neck and she was splayed over him like a second skin with a center that was a sensitive nub undulating back and forth under his touch.

“Ahh,” she moaned, feeling a force that she had never felt. “Ahh!” She groaned louder gripping his perfect body tighter.

Jasmine’s body shivered and froze all at the same time. Her toes, her fingers and tongue had all gripped onto whatever it could find. Her insides rattled. They hummed. With a sudden pulse that she had only read about in stories, her loins let go with a flood of sensation that rendered her soul useless except for the understanding and devouring of pleasure. Jasmine felt her mind let go of her body and, for a moment when she came to, she found her feet touching the ground again with her arms hitting her side lifeless.

With her eyes closed she examined her body. The warmth of the man’s strong hands made her want to draw him inside of her. She wanted to rest her hands on his to feel more, but unable to move, she closed her legs so that she could feel as much of his still fingers as possible.

Feeling that she had to open her eyes, Jasmine looked into the mirror meeting his steely grays. Staring back at her she was sure he had a plan. When he released her engorged lips and made her stand up on her own, she began to understand what it was. The bulge that pressed against her lightly covered ass was his. With his pulling it away, along with the sound of his zipper, she knew what was next.

Jasmine froze again this time out of fear. She didn’t fear him or the loss of her innocence. What she feared was that it would happen here, in a bathroom. She had not waited this long pushing away all of the groping boys to give away her virginity leaning over a bathroom sink at a bar in the Bahamas. No, she dreamed of more. She didn’t have the fortitude to stop the man who could be the most beautiful man she had ever seen, but she did wish him to stop.

The wish was enough. Staring into the merciful stranger’s eyes he stopped. Jasmine’s heart clenched thinking their experience could be over. She prayed it wasn’t.

‘Not here,’ she thought looking again at the open stalls and peeling paint on the walls. ‘Anywhere but here.’

The stranger sensing her thoughts let her go. For Jasmine, it felt like her heart was being ripped out. The loss she felt from his departure devastated her and she would do anything she had to to feel him once more.

Unceremoniously the man zipped up his pants, looked at Jasmine one more time and walked out of the bathroom. Not wanting him to leave her, she followed. As she reentered the open space of the outdoor bar she didn’t care who saw them. Yes, they had both just come out of the women’s bathroom together, but she was in a country she would never visit again. For this reason alone, and for the first time, she didn’t care what anyone who saw her thought. This was what the gray eyed stranger did to her and she liked it.

While the man led her out past the tables, she thought about the drink she didn’t pay for and she didn’t care. One step behind him, he led her onto the thick wooden planks of the dock as he snaked through the maze of extravagant wealth and privilege.

What had drawn her to the bar three nights ago had been the yachts. She had never before seen boats so large. There were 50 foot sail boats and 70 foot cruisers which were all beyond her imagination, yet the ship that had really blown her away was the one that the stranger appeared to be on an unwavering path towards.

Stepping onto the sloped ramp, they were there. It was the 150 foot personal cruise ship that floated as a backdrop for all the other boats. It was the ship that had to cost more than all the homes in her middle class suburban neighborhood combined. It was the most extravagant yacht she had ever seen and she was about to board it.

Stepping onto the deck, Jasmine looked around. It was spotless. In the moonlight she could see that the deck chairs were made of glossy, expensive looking wood, and the towels that lay folded next to them were precisely placed. Looking up, she could see that there were two flights above her. She could only guess how many levels below.

‘This can’t all be his,’ Jasmine considered. ‘He can’t be more than 35. How could anyone so young and gorgeous also be so wealthy?’

For the first time the stranger stopped and looked back at her. Jasmine became still as she felt the stranger undress her with his eyes. She liked it and wanted more. She wanted him to take her in his arms and shred her clothes with his teeth. Thoughts went through her mind that she hadn’t considered before. She wanted to feel the sultry rhythm of his heart beat. She wanted to submit to him in every way.

Like a snake at full strike, the man reached across the space gripping Jasmine’s neck. She jumped at his suddenness. Barely able to regain her footing, she found her body up against his as her sheer sundress quickly slid over her head.

‘I’m naked,’ she thought through breathless kisses that made her head spin. ‘Who can see me?’ She wondered. ‘Who’s watching?’

With her dress tossed aside, her breasts brushed against the smooth silk of the stranger’s shirt. It felt wonderful, but what felt even better were the dips and curves of what had to be a magnificent body hidden beneath. She wanted more of him. She had dreamt of her first moment of unadulterated lust being a one-upmanship of individual revelation. First hers, she thought, then the lucky man’s; then hers again followed with his until they were both completely naked.

“You,” she whispered hoping that he both heard and understood.

He seemed to because the next thing he removed was his shirt. Before it was on the ground her hands spanned his rippling back like a cat attacking. She wanted him and she didn’t care who saw or what she had to do to get him.

With his shirt off he immediately pushed Jasmine away. She couldn’t stop herself, but as soon as she reached her furthest distance from him, she came back immediately. Running into his hand she grabbed onto his hair and pulled it in chunks as he fell to his knees, taking a firm hold of her panties ripping them apart. Falling, they never touched her skin instead laying as one flat sheet on the deck; they could never be worn again. She didn’t care because this was what she had dreamed of. Naked in the moisture of the ocean air, this was what she got.

Down on his knees the mysterious man didn’t get up. He made Jasmine’s heart skip a beat with a weird, wild sensation. The mysterious man pushed his rough, slick tongue onto her engorged nub and the pressure of his tongue made her knees wobble. How much more she could take, she didn’t know.

In an explosion of emotions, Jasmine burst into tears. She didn’t understand at first whether she was happy or sad. When he backed off a bit wondering what was going on, she immediately knew. Forcing his head back into her swollen folds, her withdrawal pangs had been too much.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please!”

Whether or not he heard it, he gave her more. Shaking his head wildly, the soft roughness of his tongue on her most sensitive parts drove her wild.

“Ohhh!” She screamed not caring that even the patrons at the bar could hear. “Ohhh yesss!”

Forcing his head into her lap with all of the strength that she could muster, she stepped closer trying to push his tongue inside of her. She wanted his tongue to tickle not just her pinkened thistle, but the flesh inside of it. With more and more pressure driving her body to wrench left and right in a painful pleasure, she let go and screamed feeling a throbbing pulse that ached and ripped throughout every inch of her body. 

Unable to go on, Jasmine collapsed. Twitching and whimpering uncontrollably, she fell onto the man who pulled her into his arms and lifted her quivering body to his. She was unable to think as he held her. She wanted to hold him back but she had lost control of her arms. She wanted to show her appreciation for him, but all she could do was look at him wild-eyed while she spasmed uncontrollably.

Not sure of where she was going, the view from the deck rushed past her. Soon they were inside passing the glossy shiny wood of the deck chairs down the hallways and then down the stairs. Pushing into what looked like the master cabin, he placed Jasmine on the bed where she tried to stop spasming. Closing her eyes she did her best to think of something else, but the spasms continued. Unable to fold herself into a ball, she popped and jumped until eventually her exhausted body stopped and she fell asleep.


When Jasmine woke, it was to a knock on the door.

“Ms Cameron, are you awake?” a voice asked startling her.

Looking around the room she wasn’t sure where she was. Nothing looked familiar. It was certainly not her room back home and it wasn’t the hotel where she was staying. It was the woodsy smell that reminded her. Whether it was oak or maple, it was reminding her of the beautiful deck chairs. She was on the mysterious stranger’s yacht. Looking down to confirm, she saw that she was indeed naked.

“Ms Cameron, are you awake?” the voice repeated.

“Yes,” Jasmine replied. “Don’t come in.”

She couldn’t be sure, but it didn’t sound like the voice of the sea swept man who had brought her to orgasm twice.

“I would never dream of it. I just wanted to let you know that I have left you clothes in the closet and breakfast is served.”

Jasmine turned her attention to the rest of the room. Everything in the room was either the color of glossy blonde wood, a cream color like the sheets and sink, or gold like the fixtures. It was a stately room and was certainly owned by an exceptionally wealthy man.

“Okay, thank you,” Jasmine replied before hearing footsteps walking away.

Holding the sheet up to her naked breast she wondered how long she had been asleep. The man had said breakfast so certainly it had been the entire night. Turning to the windows she found it light outside and thinking of her family, she knew that she had to go.

Locating the closet, she got out of bed with the sheet still wrapped around her. Pulling open the mirrored doors she found the closet full of clothes. Rummaging through all of them she found a variety of options, but none of them were her own. Selecting a dress she went looking for underwear. Opening the drawers she found none. Looking down at the ground she found flip flops and boat shoes, but no panties.

Jasmine dropped the sheet and put on the dress. Choosing a cute pair of matching flip flops, she closed the door and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see the outline of her nipples under the soft cloth. The slightly sheer sundress caught her mid-thigh and resembled the one she had worn to the ship.

Jasmine apprehensively, opened the bedroom door. Outside was a long hallway and at the end of it were stairs. She would take them up, she decided. Her first priority was to get back to her hotel. If she passed the stranger on the way, then that would be fine too.

 Jasmine continued to maneuver the maze of hallways and doors. It was like a cozy inn with its hidden corners and rooms. When she ascended into the sunlight it was with a tremendous amount of relief. 

Stepping onto the deck, she found that it was almost exactly like it was the night before, the only difference being significant; the view. Instead of finding the mainland as she had seen the night before from this side of the deck, she found the ocean. Jogging across the ship to where she had boarded, she didn’t see the pier or the bar. Instead what she saw was what could only be described as an island estate.

Littered across the estate were mushroom shaped cabana huts. They weren’t made of thatch and brush. They were made of something intricately painted to look like wood. Her first thought was that the entire scene looked like a magnificently crafted work of art. Her second thought was that she had been kidnapped.


Examining the path that led from the private pier to the cabanas she found a few dark-skinned people fluttering about. It was tough to tell if they were vacationing or working. Either way it didn’t seem like a threatening prison if it was one, so instead of worrying or jumping to any conclusions, she exited the ship and headed towards the smell of breakfast.

Crossing the sand, she found an exquisite estate. There were beach volleyball courts and paddle boats. She noted the sailboats sitting unattended and the personal watercraft vehicles available for her escape. She followed the path between the cabanas to a large dining area filled with people. None were having breakfast, one of them caught her attention and pointed her further along.

At the end of the path, Jasmine found herself standing at the door of a large round structure. ‘Perhaps it’s the main house,’ she thought. It wasn’t shaped like one. To Jasmine, it instead looked like a larger version of the cabanas she had passed. Peeking into the open door she was greeted by another man whose voice sounded familiar.

“I’m glad you could join us, Ms Cameron,” the older man pronounced. “Right this way.”

“How do you know my name?” Jasmine asked unsure of how even the mysterious man would know of it.

“It is our job to know all of our guests’ names.”

‘So I’m a guest,’ she thought. ‘This isn’t a kidnapping. Or if it is, it is the most polite kidnapping of all time.’

“Right this way, madam.”

The casually dressed man-servant led Jasmine through to the open room. It was as authentic to its design on the inside as it was on the outside. It had an open ceiling and looked like what she would imagine a real beach hut would look like if decorated by someone with impeccable style.

As she crossed the room, Jasmine saw a glass door come into view. Through it was the one person that she recognized; the mysterious man. He was dressed in light tan pants and a tailored white shirt. With his dashing good-looks he looked like a model in a cologne ad. Jasmine wondered who this man could be. As she joined him on the balcony, she decided that the first thing she had to do was find out.

“Okay, who are you and why have you brought me here?” Jasmine demanded parking herself next to the table laden with breakfast food.

“Well, good morning to you too. Is that the way you were raised to address your hosts?” the man said with an unflustered smile.

“That’s the way I was raised to address someone who’s kidnapped me in the middle of the night.”

The man laughed. “I can assure you that this is not a kidnapping.”

“What is it then?”

“Why don’t you sit down and let me tell you.” The man gestured towards the chair across the table. Jasmine considered rejecting his offer but quickly decided that it would be futile. She was hungry and whatever happened next was in her host’s hands. Jasmine pulled out the chair and sat down.

“Now eat. You must be famished.”

Jasmine looked up at the man hearing an accusation buried in his words. Finding nothing accusatory on his face, she selected a scone and buttered it. She was famished. She didn’t understand why but she felt like she could eat everything on the table.

“Very good. We did not get the chance to meet formally last night. You may call me Jassar.”

The man held out his hand allowing Jasmine to gain a firm grip.

“And you?” He continued.

“Jasmine,” she offered softly, seduced by the taste of the scone.

“Jasmine Cameron, yes?”

“Yes,” she confirmed with apprehension. “How do you know that?”

“What type of host would I be if I didn’t know my guest’s name?”

“You’re telling me that I am your guest?”

“Of course.”

“In that case I need to get back to my parents. They’re probably worried.”

“Your parents have been informed of your whereabouts and they hope you have a good time here.”

“What do you mean ‘my parents know where I am’? How could they when I don’t even know where I am.”

“You are a guest on my estate. You are on a private Cay in the Bahamas. Anything you want will be made available to you while you are here and the resources here are plentiful.”

“Great, then what I would like is a ride back to the dock where I got on.”

“I’m sorry Jasmine, that is the one thing that I cannot give you.”

“Why not?” Jasmine asked becoming concerned.

“Because that was not part of our arrangement.”

“Whose arrangement?” she asked confused.

“Why, your father’s, of course.”

“What do you mean?”

“I would have preferred for you to think of this excursion as a luxurious surprise, but I see that you are going to need to know the gritty details. You see, your father has a business.”

“Yes, a textile company.”

“Unfortunately his textile business is not doing as well as he hoped. He owes a lot of money to those who you would not want to owe money to.”

Jasmine’s voice softened at the possibility. “I don’t know anything about that.”

“Why should you? What your father needs is a very generous benefactor. The problem is that aside from his indebted company, he has nothing else of worth… except one.”

Jasmine’s mouth dropped open. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wouldn’t have believed it except for something in the back of her mind that said it could be true. Her father, while fairly westernized and married to a white American woman, still held onto some of the beliefs of his culture. He mentioned arranged marriages many times to Jasmine’s refusal. She always thought it was a game they played, but for the first time she considered otherwise. Could the financial state of her father’s company be what was behind their long-standing game?

“Before you come to the wrong conclusion, I would like to assure you that you are my guest. The simple arrangement that your father and I made is that you would stay here with me for three days. Nothing else is to be expected.”

Jasmine looked at Jassar in disbelief.

“Let me assure you, I am not a man without options. I have captured the attention of princesses and models alike. What you would offer me wouldn’t be any more than that.”

“Why am I here?”

“You are here because I collect prized possessions. When I met your father, I found that you were his.”

Jasmine relaxed into her seat absorbing everything she had heard. She didn’t understand it. It was if her entire life had been turned upside down and she could no longer get her bearings. Her father had seemed like such a caring father, so how could he do this to her?  Jassar had convinced her that she really didn’t have anything to fear from him, but how could her father know that?

“I don’t understand how my father could do this to me.”

“Perhaps he knows what you know deep inside.”

Jasmine looked at her host taken aback that he would presume to know what she ‘knew deep inside’. “And what’s that?” she challenged.

“That you are moderately attractive, but not beautiful; that you are above average intellectually, but not particularly smart. Perhaps he knows that with nothing special about you, you were destined to live a pedestrian life. In my hands I could mold you. I could turn you into the envy of women everywhere. Perhaps he knows that in my strong hands your life would exceed even your wildest expectations.”

Jasmine watched as Jassar casually grabbed his cup of coffee and took a sip. He had torn a hole in her with his observation. It was true. In her heart she knew that there was nothing special about her. She was always surrounded by prettier, smarter people and she knew it. This could explain her father’s actions as well. From childhood he had called her his princess and had showered her with praise, but Jasmine always suspected that buried inside of him, he saw her as she saw herself.

In the light of Jassar’s explanation, her father’s deal didn’t seem so bad. Perhaps her father saw this as an opportunity, she considered. This was her opportunity to convince Jassar that she was special; perhaps even special enough to marry. This union would certainly be her father’s dream. But her father dreaming it didn’t make it her dream. Jasmine took another bite of the delectable scone and looked out toward the sea.

“Do you expect me to just give myself to you?” Jasmine asked with building contempt.

“What I expect is for you to beg me to take you.”

Jasmine whipped her head around to find Jassar’s smile. His smug arrogance infuriated her. ‘How dare he?’ she thought as she crossed her legs to hide her swelling lips. ‘He will never have me,’ she decided. ‘I will never fall for him.’

Jassar rose without acknowledging her and walked away. Jasmine was doubly insulted. ‘If he is going to say such things, the least he could do would be to treat me with some common courtesy.’

Jasmine’s eyes were locked on him as he left. He didn’t look back. ‘He really does expect me to beg him,’ she thought regretting following him onto his yacht.

At that moment Jasmine gave her first thought to the night before; at least she presumed that it was the night before. She couldn’t be sure how long she had slept.

The night they had been together was unlike any she had experienced. She looked behind her as she felt the warm mounds between her legs begin to throb.  There was no one there. With her back to the entrance she opened her legs to let the cool ocean breeze tickle her moist bud. The sensation threw her head back and sent her eyes rolling back into her head.

Looking out in front of her she saw a few people but all of them were closer to the shore. Subtly sliding her hand between her legs she closed her eyes and imagined Jassar’s thick fingers rubbing her as she rubbed herself. Moisture began to cover her fingertips.

Jasmine swallowed as she increased her massage. What she was doing now would be more obvious and she knew it, but she couldn’t stop herself. His touch had been too sensual. Just the thought of it had brought on a storm. As the lightening crackled and the thunder rumbled between her legs, she was interrupted by a voice.

“Ms Cameron, would you like me to show you to your room?”

Jasmine quickly pulled her hand back above her skirt.

“What?” She yelped turning embarrassed.

“Your room. Would you like me to show you where you will be staying?”

“Oh, sure,” she said trying to act as casually as possible.

Jasmine followed her escort between the cabanas. Each cabana had a sign hanging from it with cute names like ‘Towel Cowl’ and ‘Snack Nak’. Her cabana was called the ‘Pea Princess’. Jasmine found the name unnerving because ‘The Princess and the Pea’ was a fairy tale she had continuously asked her father to read to her as a child.

‘Is this a coincidence?’ she wondered.

“You will find clothes in the closet. A short bell indicates when meals are ready, but you can always find fruits and other snacks…”

“At the Snack Nak?”

“Yes, Ms Cameron. At the Snack Nak. Is there anything else that you’ll need?”

“I don’t think so,” Jasmine replied looking around the room.

“Very good.”

“Oh wait. I’m sorry I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Alfred, madam.”

“And you can call me Jasmine.”

“Yes, madam.”

Jasmine’s smile wilted a little at his formality, but she continued. “Can you tell me where Jassar sleeps?” she asked sure that she had been placed near him.

“He would be in the large cabana just past where you had breakfast.”

“Oh,” she squawked with surprising disappointment.

“Is that all?”

“Actually, where can I go swimming?”