Brooke Randall walked along the narrow streets finally finding the local market. She had been in Greece for only two days and already the beautiful sights and sounds, along with the foreign faces, were making her feel liberated.

At twenty-two years old, she had never been anywhere outside of the United States. The decision to finally escape her home country was made for one purpose, to lose her virginity.

For as long as Brooke could remember, her mother had been the driving force behind everything she did. She had had to follow her mother’s dictates or risk serious consequences. Brooke hadn’t been allowed to date and was expected to follow ridiculous curfews. And when she confronted her mother about it, her mother simply restated her never-ending fear, that Brooke would get pregnant, destroying her bright future in the process.

When she turned eighteen, she moved out to start college. Maintaining a perfect grade point average took up all of her time. And with the addition of her part time job, she still had no opportunities to have her first sexual encounter.

After a year of post college life brought her no new dating opportunities, she decided that more drastic actions had to be taken. She had always been told that she was pretty, though she didn’t necessarily feel it. And her best idea for losing her virginity was to surround herself with those she considered the most beautiful men in the world.

Her dream was to have a gorgeous young Greek man show her what it was like to be truly aroused. Considering the way that others had described their arousal, she was sure that she had never been. And, for what would be the first time, she craved to feel a naked male body on top of hers. She wanted to know what it was like to be touched like a woman. And spending the last two days walking through the streets of Piraeus, the harbor town just southwest of Athens, she knew that she would find her man.

Brooke shifted her purse’s shoulder strap so that it crossed her chest between her firm, round breasts. Looking down, her gaze fell toward a stall selling leather slippers. Even the slippers in this country were unique. And after examining a few pairs, she stood back up finding, in her line of sight, a guy that took her breath away.

Standing, with his back towards her, was a tall man with incredibly wide shoulders and thick neck-length black hair. He too was examining the eclectic products at the stalls. And as he moved his muscles rippled. Brooke was instinctually drawn closer to him.

Brooke’s eyes darted over the man’s angular lines. His tapered waist emphasized his narrow muscular ass. His khaki pants hugged his body with just enough room to make him look sexy. And losing herself in the thought of him, she found herself wondering something she had never thought before; she wondered what his cock would look like. The swelling folds between her legs tingled as she considered.

Brooke’s fingers clenched around the leather strap of her bag as she approached him. She suddenly ached to reach out and touch him, to feel his ass in her open palm. His presence was magnetic. And without even seeing his face, she knew that she wanted him to be the one. 

Without a moment for Brooke to react, the stranger abruptly turned around and looked into her eyes. Stunned, Brooke stared back. He was as beautiful as she had imagined. His cheeks were chiseled and his jaw was square. His face was perfectly balanced and reminded her of the men who were immortalized in marble. He was the most beautiful man that Brooke had ever seen. And all at once, heat poured through her, clenching her heart and filling her with fear.

Trapped in his eyes, Brooke couldn’t breathe. It was as if she were paralyzed. She was not used to the sensation. The feeling overwhelmed her and robbed her of everything she thought she was. It was too much. She felt out of control and she didn’t know how to deal with it. She didn’t like it. And still staring at his tanned, lightly stumbled face, she knew that she had to escape. Her body felt warm in places she had never imagined, and it was all too scary for her.

With a violent jerk, Brooke turned away.  She wanted to run but her legs were shaking. When finally they stepped forward, all she could see before her were his eyes that seemed to swirl like melted chocolate and the way his full lips perched on each other. It was like he had possessed her and she needed to get as far away from him as possible.

Picking up speed as she maneuvered through the cloth covered stalls, she found the courage to look back. To her dismay he was following her. He wasn’t running yet he was keeping her pace.

Panic filled Brooke. She didn’t know what to do. It was then that she realized that he could be anyone. She could be in danger. And alone in a foreign land, the only safe place she knew was her hotel. Changing direction, she picked up her pace and headed there.

Approaching the outskirts of the market she looked back again. He was gone. Slowing to a stop she turned around waiting for him to make the next turn. He didn’t. And like that, the fear that had so overwhelmed her, was replaced by an emptiness that she also couldn’t explain. It felt like overwhelming regret. And considering for the first time that her escape could have been a mistake, she found herself retracing her steps back toward the last place at she had seen him.

As she searched unsuccessfully, her mind cleared making her more sure that she shouldn’t have run. She couldn’t explain why she did, it was just instinctual. She needed to get out of there and there was no rational reason that she did. Yet, as soon as she saw him again, and he locked his gaze upon her, she felt the same compulsion causing her to again flee.

This time when Brooke looked back, the man wasn’t following as casually. It was like he was chasing her. And although there was something arousing mixed in with her avalanche of emotions, she never wanted to get away as much as she did right then.

Brooke didn’t need to look back again. She knew that he was there. This time if she wanted to lose him, it would have to be in her hotel. And now even that thought brought her a pang of pleasure that she couldn’t explain. ‘He would know where to find me,’ she thought. And there was something about that idea that gave her a thrill.

Brooke rushed through the hotel lobby trying to seem casual. Entering the hallway, she picked up her pace and dug in her purse for her room key. With it in hand, she positioned herself in front of her door and barreled through.

Once in the safety of her room she felt even more lost. She was paralyzed with indecision about what she should have done automatic. There was a part of her that didn’t want to lock the door. There was a part of her that didn’t want to be safe. And when finally her mother’s voice broke through her deafening indecision, she grabbed the door to throw it shut only to feel a pressure push against it throwing her back.

The stranger, as strong and beautiful as before, entered the room as if he owned the place. The masculine outline of him made her heart race. He seemed animalistic in his desire, and backing up to the edge of the bed, Brooke felt like prey. She felt herself turning red all over and now sure that she could do nothing to stop this man, she was overcome with fear.