Jasmine’s heart raced as she looked across the bar. He was there again. For the last three nights, the man with the deep tan and perfectly styled sun bleached hair wearing tailored white shirts sat at the table closest to the docks. Unlike all of the other nights, when he stared out past all of the yachts at the shadowy blue sea, tonight he was staring directly at her.

Jasmine’s youth and inexperience allowed her excitement to overwhelm her. She could feel her olive complexioned face glow with a shade of pink. At 20, this was her first time in a bar and here she was capturing the attention of the most attractive and mysterious man there. She squeezed her knees together, enjoying the warmth of her loins as her lips burned.

Unable to turn away, Jasmine found herself lost in his eyes. From a distance his steely gray eyes entranced her. Like a snake charmer charming a cobra, his movement brought her own. She had never felt so controlled in her life. It took everything in her to break away from his spell and leave.

Sneaking a few looks at him she scurried to the bathroom. She needed to get away. He was too much for her. The feelings that he brought out in her bubbled up inside and threatened to wash her away, leaving no part of the delicate virgin behind. Pulling her gaze away from him one last time, she pushed on the curves of the bamboo covered bathroom door. As the door closed behind her, the air returned to her lungs. With her chest heaving, she was drenched in a wet film of lust that made her feel as if she glowed like a beacon.

As she stared in the mirror above the sink she didn’t recognize herself staring back. Gone was the girlish ponytail and the fresh faced innocence. Jasmine sneaked out of her hotel room wearing make-up and her most alluring sundress. She knew these changes had been for the mysterious stranger and having gotten more from him than she expected, she was lost.

‘I should go,’ she thought. ‘My parents are probably wondering where I am.’

Her thoughts were an excuse and she knew it. Neither her parents, nor her brother, monitored her movements. They hadn’t noticed she had been out hours later than this the night before. The truth was that the power the stranger had over her terrified her. She had never felt so drawn to man before.

Jasmine’s hips rocked when she was about to change direction. Suddenly, the door of the bathroom was flung open and, with his eyes locked on her , the dark stranger strode towards Jasmine not caring who else was in the bathroom.

Jasmine wilted with his closeness. He was tall and thick, and with him almost on top of her, she could smell the sea. With her body turned towards the mirror, she felt his large strong hands wrap around her body, sliding up her small torso and grabbing her breast. The sparks that flew through her body weakened her knees.

Jasmine’s head fell backwards. She wanted to be kissed. Boys had kissed her before but none of them had made her feel like this. She wanted to be kissed by a man. Moving her lips closer and closer to his, she fought for breath.

When their lips finally met, she knew that she was his. His lips were strong and warm, and when he pried her mouth open, she became supple clay to be pushed and tugged by his tongue as if she had no will but to surrender to him.

She groaned as a wave of pleasure crested and crashed out of her. To her surprise the chiseled stranger moved his hand up her skirt, pushing aside her soft frilly underwear. No boy would have had been so direct with her. She was in new territory yet she liked it. With his tongue filling her mouth and his hand kneading her breast, his finger searched for the gentle protrusion which held her sex. When he found it, the sensation swept her off of her feet.

Jasmine’s body was curled around the stranger. As her feet left the ground, she bent them around him, like an octopus consuming its prey. Her arms gripped onto the back of his neck and she was splayed over him like a second skin with a center that was a sensitive nub undulating back and forth under his touch.

“Ahh,” she moaned, feeling a force that she had never felt. “Ahh!” She groaned louder gripping his perfect body tighter.

Jasmine’s body shivered and froze all at the same time. Her toes, her fingers and tongue had all gripped onto whatever it could find. Her insides rattled. They hummed. With a sudden pulse that she had only read about in stories, her loins let go with a flood of sensation that rendered her soul useless except for the understanding and devouring of pleasure. Jasmine felt her mind let go of her body and, for a moment when she came to, she found her feet touching the ground again with her arms hitting her side lifeless.

With her eyes closed she examined her body. The warmth of the man’s strong hands made her want to draw him inside of her. She wanted to rest her hands on his to feel more, but unable to move, she closed her legs so that she could feel as much of his still fingers as possible.

Feeling that she had to open her eyes, Jasmine looked into the mirror meeting his steely grays. Staring back at her she was sure he had a plan. When he released her engorged lips and made her stand up on her own, she began to understand what it was. The bulge that pressed against her lightly covered ass was his. With his pulling it away, along with the sound of his zipper, she knew what was next.

Jasmine froze again this time out of fear. She didn’t fear him or the loss of her innocence. What she feared was that it would happen here, in a bathroom. She had not waited this long pushing away all of the groping boys to give away her virginity leaning over a bathroom sink at a bar in the Bahamas. No, she dreamed of more. She didn’t have the fortitude to stop the man who could be the most beautiful man she had ever seen, but she did wish him to stop.

The wish was enough. Staring into the merciful stranger’s eyes he stopped. Jasmine’s heart clenched thinking their experience could be over. She prayed it wasn’t.

‘Not here,’ she thought looking again at the open stalls and peeling paint on the walls. ‘Anywhere but here.’

The stranger sensing her thoughts let her go. For Jasmine, it felt like her heart was being ripped out. The loss she felt from his departure devastated her and she would do anything she had to to feel him once more.

Unceremoniously the man zipped up his pants, looked at Jasmine one more time and walked out of the bathroom. Not wanting him to leave her, she followed. As she reentered the open space of the outdoor bar she didn’t care who saw them. Yes, they had both just come out of the women’s bathroom together, but she was in a country she would never visit again. For this reason alone, and for the first time, she didn’t care what anyone who saw her thought. This was what the gray eyed stranger did to her and she liked it.

While the man led her out past the tables, she thought about the drink she didn’t pay for and she didn’t care. One step behind him, he led her onto the thick wooden planks of the dock as he snaked through the maze of extravagant wealth and privilege.

What had drawn her to the bar three nights ago had been the yachts. She had never before seen boats so large. There were 50 foot sail boats and 70 foot cruisers which were all beyond her imagination, yet the ship that had really blown her away was the one that the stranger appeared to be on an unwavering path towards.

Stepping onto the sloped ramp, they were there. It was the 150 foot personal cruise ship that floated as a backdrop for all the other boats. It was the ship that had to cost more than all the homes in her middle class suburban neighborhood combined. It was the most extravagant yacht she had ever seen and she was about to board it.

Stepping onto the deck, Jasmine looked around. It was spotless. In the moonlight she could see that the deck chairs were made of glossy, expensive looking wood, and the towels that lay folded next to them were precisely placed. Looking up, she could see that there were two flights above her. She could only guess how many levels below.

‘This can’t all be his,’ Jasmine considered. ‘He can’t be more than 35. How could anyone so young and gorgeous also be so wealthy?’

For the first time the stranger stopped and looked back at her. Jasmine became still as she felt the stranger undress her with his eyes. She liked it and wanted more. She wanted him to take her in his arms and shred her clothes with his teeth. Thoughts went through her mind that she hadn’t considered before. She wanted to feel the sultry rhythm of his heart beat. She wanted to submit to him in every way.

Like a snake at full strike, the man reached across the space gripping Jasmine’s neck. She jumped at his suddenness. Barely able to regain her footing, she found her body up against his as her sheer sundress quickly slid over her head.

‘I’m naked,’ she thought through breathless kisses that made her head spin. ‘Who can see me?’ She wondered. ‘Who’s watching?’

With her dress tossed aside, her breasts brushed against the smooth silk of the stranger’s shirt. It felt wonderful, but what felt even better were the dips and curves of what had to be a magnificent body hidden beneath. She wanted more of him. She had dreamt of her first moment of unadulterated lust being a one-upmanship of individual revelation. First hers, she thought, then the lucky man’s; then hers again followed with his until they were both completely naked.