Simone casually chewed the tip of his pen, his eyes drawn to the beautiful girls rehearsing Swan Lake on stage. His teeth tightened over, turning the cap an unrecognizable form. She wanted more than anything to be on stage with them. She had moved to the city at the age of eighteen years, and had always dreamed of becoming a dancer. Five years had passed and his biggest success was to be a stage manager became nationally known theater. It was already being passed to assistant stage manager in a few years. But she felt she was still far from having fulfilled his dream, and now she was getting too old to continue. So instead of Odette, or even a background dancers, she headed the entire production. That does not seem fair that after this intensive training she had taken small, after the thousands of hours she had spent to train, she found herself there watching others dance as she sat in chewing his pen in the audience.

There was silence in the room when the dancer who played Prince Siegfried went on stage. Nikolai Kozlov was their Siegfried – he was an internationally renowned Russian dancer they had the chance to poach after the director had made to praise his patrons. Simone knew. Not in person, but a name. She had followed his career all these years. He was also one of the reasons which had pushed to want to become a dancer.

The pen slipped from the mouth of Simone as his gaze focused on Nikolai. She had seen the video and the Internet, but she had never seen him dance in real life. His stage presence was unmistakable. He dominated the rest of the troop, being in full possession of his faculties and not committing any faux pas despite the fact that there were only rehearsals. It was beautiful and perfect, look only screen did not do it justice.  

Simone felt a heat wave invade his body. His heart was pounding and his hands were sweating. She fanned herself with her clipboard. Inside herself, she was on fire.

  The body of Nikolai was beautiful. He had muscles in places that she never knew existed before. Her thighs showcased an impressive package, and thighs to her quivering at the thought of what he was hiding under these tights, ready to take her shameful pleasures.

His face was concentrated. His blue eyes stared intensely gripping, unflinchingly. Then she looked on stage, she had one thing in mind: she wanted him to take. More than wanting to, she needed it. She needed him the lead in bed and he dominates, showing him who was boss. She wanted him to do it to show as much concentration as he showed on the dance floor.

Simone was completely amazed by the movement of Nikolai, who swirled on either side of the main stage. His pen had slipped from his hands for a long time, and his mouth was wide open. Every cell in his body needed him, wished, and had to have it. It would be difficult since she had not even met yet.

“OK, friends, that’s all for today,” announced the director from the front row. “See you tomorrow, same time.”

Simone put her clipboard and walked with a rushed to the ladies room. Her heart beat wildly at the onset of Nikolai in his thoughts. Entering the room, she locked herself in one of the available cabins.

Leaning against the closed door, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Nikolai’s eyes appeared before her. She was not sure she ever been so excited in that moment. Her skin was like fire. His legs were shaking. His breathing was hesitant. Her vagina was all wet. She could not understand how someone she did not even know could produce such an effect on her.

Unable to hold back, she undid his belt, opened the fly of his pants and slid his hand inside. As his fingers touched her engorged lips, she sighed in satisfaction. She stood with her eyes closed, imagining Nikolai. She imagined his muscular arms wrapping, holding her tight against him. Would close his mouth on hers. His hands would project onto the bed, pinning against the mattress. He would tear his clothes and mordillerait her bare skin, leaving tooth marks on her white flesh. His hands penetrate, causing it to scream with pleasure. He would remove his belt and attach his hands to the head of the bed. He caresses her entire body, leaving up a heat wave in it like never before, before penetrating. His body tremble and his throat dry out in force pushing sounds of ecstasy. Their bodies would unite a perfect agreement and each movement is a moment of pure happiness.

Simone moaned, biting his lower lip, feeling his knees wobble while his cock twitched more intensely. She refrained from shouting so that violent contractions covered his entire body, leaving her powerless against the bathroom door.

Simone opened her eyes slowly. She still felt on fire. She still wanted. Feeling the irresistible rise again in her feeling, she gave a finger on her clit. It was warm and sensitive. She wanted to cuddle up to orgasm again, but she knew she could not. She had never had such a strong desire far. The only thing that could fully satisfy itself was Nikolai. She needed to let him do that only a strong and powerful man could do. And do not really have any sexual experience, this thought occupied his mind as an instinctive voice whispered in his ear.

“The first step would be to introduce myself,” she decided.

 After redressed and remaquillée Simone left the toilet and headed backstage. She knew her own since it was she who had arranged according to his instructions. She decided that this would be the place of their first meeting. “I am the stage manager after all. I have the right to meet any production, right? “Is she asked, not sure of the answer.

She hesitated before knocking on the door, then decided. Hearing no response, she took a deep breath and knocked again, louder. The door opened and she found herself face to face with Nikolai and his deep blue eyes.

“What? “He asked, in a voice imbued with a strong Russian accent.

“Uh … Hi, I’m Simone,” she stammered, feeling the familiar heat wave browse his veins.

He raised an eyebrow. “So what? “