Simone idly chewed on the end of her pen, her eyes drawn to the beautiful ladies on stage as they rehearsed scenes from Swan Lake. Her teeth gnawed on the end of it, mangling the cap beyond recognition. Every part of her soul wished she was up on stage with them.

Simone had moved to the city when she was eighteen, and had been passionate about becoming a dancer. Five years had passed and her biggest success was becoming a stage manager at this nationally recognized ballet theatre. It was an accomplishment, and she’d managed to go from stagehand to manager in only a few years. But she felt as though she was nowhere close to accomplishing her dream, and that she was now getting too old to pursue it.

So rather than being Odette, or even a back-up dancer, she was in charge of making sure all the other stagehands did their job. It didn’t seem fair that after all the training she’d received as a child, after all the countless hours she’d spent practicing, that here she was, watching others dance while she sat in the audience chewing on a pen.

A hush fell over the theater as the dancer playing Prince Siegfried made his way out onto the stage. Nikolai Kozlov was their Siegfried – he was a world famous Russian dancer who they had been lucky to land, after their director had raved about him to their benefactors. Simone knew him. Not in person, but by name. She’d studied him on-line and followed his career for years. He was one of the reasons she had wanted to become a dancer in the first place.

The pen fell out of Simone’s mouth as her eyes focused in on Nikolai. She had seen him on camera and on the internet, but she’d never seen him perform in real life. His stage presence was unmistakable. He absolutely dominated the floor, taking control and not making a single mistake regardless of it being a rehearsal. He was beautiful and flawless; watching him on video didn’t do his beauty justice.

Simone felt an intense flush of heat rush over her body. Her heart pounded in her chest and her palms sweat. She fanned herself with her clipboard. Down to her core, she felt on fire.

Nikolai’s body was absolutely gorgeous. He had muscles in places she’d never seen before. His tights highlighted a fairly impressive package, and her thighs moistened at the thought of what secrets were hiding within, ready to bring her to the brink and push her over time and time again.

Nikolai’s face was stern as he concentrated. His striking ice blue eyes never wavered. As she watched him on stage, she had only one thought: she wanted him to take her. She didn’t just want it; she needed it. She needed him to take her to bed and dominate her showing her who was the boss. She wanted him to show her the same unwavering focus he showed the dance floor.

Simone was absolutely mesmerized as she watched Nikolai bound across the wooden stage. Her pen had long ago fallen out of her hands, and her mouth hung open. Every fiber of her being needed him, wanted him, and had to have him. That was going to be difficult though, considering she hadn’t even met him yet.

“Okay, folks, that’s enough for today,” the director announced from the front row. “We’ll meet back tomorrow at the same time.”

Simone put down her clipboard and quickly walked toward the ladies room. Her heart drummed in her chest as Nikolai flashed through her mind. Entering the restroom, she slipped into a stall.

Leaning back against the door, she closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. Nikolai’s icy cold Russian eyes materialized in front of her. She wasn’t sure if she had ever been as aroused as she was at that moment. Her skin felt like it was enflamed. Her legs were shaking. Every breath that came out of her mouth was ragged and shaky. Her pussy was dripping wet. She couldn’t understand how someone she didn’t even know could have this kind of an effect on her.

Unable to help herself, she unbuckled her belt, unzipped her pants, and slipped her hand inside. As her fingers touched her engorged clit, she hissed with satisfaction. She kept her eyes closed, imagining Nikolai.

She imagined his strong arms enveloping her, pulling her into him. His mouth would crush down on hers. His hands would push her down onto the bed, pinning her to the mattress.

He would tear off her clothes and bite her flesh leaving his mark on her. His hands would have their way with her, making her scream. He would remove his belt and tie her hands to the headboard with it. He would toy with her making her juices flow like never before, until finally entering her. Her body would shake and her throat would become hoarse from the sounds of ecstasy. Their bodies coming together would be perfect, and every movement would be like pure bliss.

Simone whimpered, biting her lower lip, her knees weak as her pussy shuddered with the thoughts flowing through her mind. She held back her screams as the violent contractions pulsated between her legs. Her body locked, then melted onto the door.

Simone slowly opened her eyes. She still felt on fire. She still wanted him. Feeling the tingle quickly build in her again, she returned her finger to her clit. It felt warm and worn. She wanted to rub it to completion but she knew that she couldn’t. She had had this feeling before. The only thing that would quench her thirst would be Nikolai himself. She needed him to do the things to her that only a strong, powerful man could. And not having much experience with sex, the thought came to her as a voice of instinct that whispered in her ear causing the muscles of her pussy to twitch.

‘The first step is to introduce myself,’ she decided.

After adjusting her clothes and making herself presentable, Simone wandered out of the bathroom toward the dressing rooms. She was familiar with his room having set it up per his request. That, she decided would be the site of their introduction. “I’m the stage manager, after all. I have a right to meet the cast, don’t I?” she asked herself unconvinced that she did.

She hesitated at his door, but then softly knocked. After no response, she took a deep breath and knocked again, harder. The door flew open and she found herself looking up into Nikolai’s cold blue eyes.

“What?” he asked, his voice colored with a light Russian accent.

“Um…hi, I’m Simone,” she stammered, feeling the familiar flush of heat through her veins.

He raised an eyebrow. “So?”

His eyes felt like they were boring into her soul, sending shivers up her spine. Her chest began to rise and fall more rapidly as she searched for the air that had suddenly left her lungs. “Um, I’m the stage manager.”