Raven stood in the darkness. Her naked flesh trembled slightly in the cool breeze. As the delicate muscles in her stomach twitched, she felt the warmth of another body inches from her, too far to touch. She became aroused making the gentle folds of her pussy engorge.

Unable to see in the pitch black, she blocked out all sensations and thought about what she knew. She was naked. She was sure of that. She was standing and her hands were bound above her on either side of her face. She knew this for sure.

Feeling the soothing patch of warmth tickle her skin, Raven took in a deep breath. Her nipples, hardened from either the cold or excitement, brushed something. She recoiled.

‘Someone is there,’ she thought.

She took delight with a new vulnerability that made her squirm. She knew she should have been scared because there was no telling who was there, but she couldn’t help it. When she felt the warm touch of a cock on the swollen clit between her legs, she became wet.

Unable to resist, Raven rocked back and forth as the thick cock strummed the quivering mounds between her legs. It teased her. It caused her lips to pucker and release almost pulling the oversized tool into her. Her chest heaved with lust.

Allowing her mind to slip away with every stroke, Raven gasped. Her knees were becoming weak. As her body heat bounced off the stranger’s and combined with his, she felt herself slide closer to orgasm.

“Ahhhh!” she moaned, wanting him to enter her.

Raven thrust herself forward in search of the hard, strong body that teased her. It pulled away. Scared that she had done something wrong, she retreated. He was gone, she could feel it. Gone were the hot spots that teased her body. Gone was the magnificent cock between her legs. All that was left was the chilly darkness leaving her alone with her thoughts. Tugging at the soft cloth binding her wrists, Raven thought about how all of this began. It had begun like a dream.


Raven opened her eyes as the cold drops of snow danced on her skin. She wasn’t sure how she had gotten here, but illuminated by the moonlight and the lights from her car, Raven found herself hanging loosely by her seatbelt. It all came back to her, slowly. She had been pushed her off the small mountain road by something and, caught in that invisible gust, her small car had slid across the ice tumbling to the trees below.

Raven twisted her stiff body searching for points of pain. She found none. She had made the fall unscathed. Other than the shards of broken glass and sprinkles of snow, she was fine.

She unpinned her arms from between her body and the door. Unbuckling her seatbelt she fell onto the door. The car was on its side and everything that had been inside of it was now on the cold glass underneath her. Raven pushed the expelled airbag out of the way and wiggled her body up. She was dazed.

The buzzing in her ears diminished as she looked around and the sounds of the night returned. Her car’s engine continued its gentle hum while the wind roared and howled as it whipped through her shattered passenger side window.

‘It was the wind,’ she realized. ‘It pushed me off the cliff as I turned the bend. How am I still alive?’

Raven looked up through the broken side window as the snowflakes poured into the car. Having taken off her thick winter coat when she entered the car, she knew that she wouldn’t last long without its warmth. She searched for it without success.

Raven turned her attention to the window beneath her. Her car had been caught in a tree. Its aged branches safely cradled it, and beyond the tree was a 200 foot drop with steep snow-covered rocks that, in spite of the thick winter dusting, jutted out treacherously from the mountainside. Raven inhaled a deep breath.

She felt her heart race as she clutched the steering wheel. Feeling it move ever so slightly, the wind shifted the car. Raven heard the branch crack.

“Awwww!” she yelped.

With a throbbing pain in her head, Raven searched her mind for ways to safely get out of the car. When she struggled to get to her feet more branches cracked. Raven froze in place.

‘Am I going to die here?’ she asked herself, feeling around for anything that might give her hope.

Raven whimpered as her fingers pushed through the sharp shards of glass. She was shaking, and it wasn’t all from fear. Even her deep breaths brought what she imagined to be more branches cracking. With her reprieve coming to an end, Raven searched for something to hold on to during her imminent fall.

Hearing a snap that sent shivers down her spine, Raven was about to give up hope until she heard the deep bass of a blade cutting through the cold silence. Her freezing twitched with the noise and with each motion came a stabbing pain. The sound deafened her as it approached, bringing with it a sense of relief. The helicopters that circled the neighborhood throughout the night where she lived annoyed her. Hearing the noise of the whirling blades now, in what could be moments before her death, couldn’t be a greater source of relief.