Rebecca looked across the aisle at the groom’s guests. It was filled with well dressed sophisticated men. There was one, however, that stood out past the rest. She couldn’t tell what it was, but there seemed to be a depth to him that the others didn’t have. He seemed dark and bruting and his perfect hair and impeccable suit appeared to her like a disguise for his true self. There was something below the surface of that gorgeous man that she couldn’t figure out and she was drawn to it. 

Turning back toward the altar, Rebecca thought about how much she loved weddings. There was always an excitement about them that made her tingle. The dresses, the flowers, the joy in everyone’s faces, it all brought out the woman in her. Rebecca was 23-years-old and didn’t have much practice in being a woman, but at weddings it came naturally. The flirtation, the sexuality, the confidence; at a wedding, she became someone else and she liked it.

When the groom walked down the aisle, she shifted her attention back to the gorgeous man. The man watched the ceremony but not with the intensity of a close friend.

‘A boss, maybe? A distant relative?’ she thought.

Still mixing and matching relations in her mind, she was still staring when he slowly turned and looked at her. He had green eyes. She loved green eyes. And although everyday-Rebecca would have immediately looked away embarrassed, wedding-Rebecca smiled and showed the stranger her neck. She wasn’t sure why she had done that, but it felt good. She felt naked in front of him and being able to secretly undress herself while in a room full of people, made her tingle even more.

As the ceremony progressed she intermittently looked at the man and as if in sync, he looked back. They were quick glances just to make sure he was still there, and finding those hot green eyes looking back, she turned away smiling.

When the final “I do’s” were said and the cloaked man pronounced them man and wife, Rebecca was the first one to her feet in applause. The bride was one of her best friends in college and she had met her husband a few times in the years since graduation. He was a great guy. Her college friend had found one of the good ones and they were sure to have a wonderful, long life together. Rebecca’s thought was that if their union didn’t deserve a standing ovation, what did?

It was to the audience’s thunderous applause that the newly married couple walked down the aisle. Rebecca knew leading the standing ovation was something that in normal life she would never have had the courage to do. But this wasn’t normal life; this was the first day of her friend’s new life. It was special. And once again catching the eyes of the bruting, hot man, she found him smiling a large grin. He seemed impressed by what Rebecca had done, and sensing his approval, she never felt more like a woman.

The toasts that followed were funny and touching. Once or twice she wiped away tears. But when the food was done and the drinks started flowing was when the night’s true fun began.

Twirling around the dance floor, Rebecca danced with one person after another. If she saw anyone dancing by their self, she dragged them into the group. Her real sights, though, were always on the gorgeous man. He sat at an exclusively male table and was engaged in an intense conversation. The only indications that told her that he hadn’t forgotten about her were his stolen glances that made her heart skip a beat each time.

There did come a time, though, after Rebecca had had a number of drinks that the gorgeous man turned to the dance floor and watched her. Still surrounded, she felt like she was dancing only for him. And under the influence of beautiful scenery and alcohol, she felt her woman blossom for him. 

Not caring who was watching she closed her eyes placing her hands on her thighs. Subtly pushing her C-cups together with her arms, she squatted wagging her hips. Her movements were slow and she indulged in every moment of it. The cool air kissed her neck as her head lay back. And the warmth between her legs grew as her tight dress rode her body with every move.

Opening her eyes again, she knew that she needed to be touched. She felt like her skin was on fire and only the caress of a strong man, of her gorgeous man, could put it out. Looking at the green eyed Adonis again, an aura seemed to cover him. It was like there were waves of energy emanating off of him drawing her to him. Staring, she realized that she could no longer resist him even if she wanted to. And when he subtly tilted his head to the side beckoning for her to follow, she flushed with lust.

The stranger broke his gaze and slowly got up. Taking a swig from his glass and offering the men a tight-lipped smile, he headed toward the exit. Rebecca looked back at the men’s table. None of them noticed his absence. So looking around the room for anyone else who might have been watching them and finding none, she slowly left the dance floor and headed toward the exit.

Rebecca could barely stand the passing moments. With her chest heaving, her heart beat rapidly anticipating all that could come. And when the brisk night air hit her moist body, she trembled. Whether it was from cold or nerves, she didn’t care. Nothing could stop her now. She yearned for him and she wouldn’t relent until she felt his hands on her bare skin.

Rebecca stood outside the main door of the reception hall scanning the grounds for her bruting stranger. Looking past the stretch limousine she found no one. There wasn’t even movement in the bushes. Beginning to think that she was abandoned, out of the open door of the limousine popped her green eyed rogue.

She examined the lines of the long limo. Parked immediately in front of the building it had to be the bride and groom’s. Her college mate had explained to Rebecca that her now husband had a wealthy family. This limousine had to be theirs, but here was her beautiful stranger offering it as their refuge. It was wrong and she knew it. But feeling the pull of his inescapable allure, she descended the stairs losing more of her inhibitions the closer she got.

Sliding past the man that smelt like sweet oak, it was her first time in a limousine. It was spacious and luxurious. And when the door closed behind the dark grey suited man, all she could do was lay back and wait for him to pounce.

What Rebecca felt first as the green eyes descended on her was his warm full lips on her neck; the sensation took her breath away. Digging into the bumps in the leather, she knew that she was already in the grips of ecstasy. And when his hand touched the inside of her leg pushing within her closed thighs, she swallowed. Even with the little sexual experience that she did have, she knew her swallow meant that she was becoming wet.