Chapter 1


Emma arched her back as Sheikh Fahad wrapped his large hands around her small waist. Her hips wiggled in anticipation of what was coming next. The Sheikh pulled Emma’s small body across the bed as the silky satin sheets rustled beneath her. Her body came to a stop with a smack as the back of her bare thighs connected with his hairy legs.

With her head falling back the Sheikh lifted Emma into the air. He was strong. And lifting her like a doll, he was proving it again. And as his large balls brushed across her wanting swollen lips, her breath hitched knowing what was coming next.

Still lifting higher and higher, Emma felt the Sheikh’s thick manhood pull between the slippery flesh between her labia lips. She needed him to enter her. Her heart beat rapidly, and her face flushed sending a warm feeling through her body as the tip of his cock found the gentle valley of her pussy.

“Oh,” Emma moaned barely able to contain herself.

With her arms spread out like wings beneath her, Emma wrapped her legs around the bare ass of the Golden colored Sheikh. She could feel the muscle. He was perfect in every way. And with him tilting Emma’s body upwards, she felt what she had been waiting for.

The Sheikh’s thick cock slid into the narrows of her delicate, wet pussy sending a shock of lustful agony through her body. His cock pulled her apart. Her naked breasts jiggled as her chest heaved. And the trestles of her long dark hair danced as she pulled her arms to her body.

“Yes,” Emma groaned.

Shifting his hands, the Sheik took hold of her naked buttock in his right. Allowing his left to slide up her back, he lifted her higher allowing her to experience the full length of his manhood. It was glorious agony. His body was a bow and her insides were the instrument. And together his strumming made music within Emma’s young body. It spoke to her soul.

With the Sheikh in firm control, he let her body drop. Feeling his head pressed against the top of her canal, she flinched. He was so big that she couldn’t help herself. The muscles of her pussy consumed him. It contracted sucking him further and further in. She wanted to feel the momentary pain of his presence, to remind her of the powerful men that owned her. And when he lifted her again and allowed him to push all the way in, she felt her clit tickled by the wiry dark hairs of his groin.

“Don’t stop,” she begged.

“You are my desert flower. You are mine,” he proclaimed sending a wave of warmth through her body.

As the moments passed, Emma felt her body lift less while her sheikh’s thrusts got more. Having to loosen her legs, the Sheikh moved his hips owning her insides. Her young breasts jiggled. And as she felt the impending tsunami draw up from her legs, she threw her hands around her sheikh’s bare neck.

“Oh, oh,” she moaned feeling her insides clench. She was coming. And as her sheikh’s cock became more rigid, she knew that he was coming too.

As the libidinous tingle crawled up her leg to the core of her sex, Emma’s legs clenched. “Ahhh!” She screamed not caring who heard her. And as the Sheikh released his tonal groan sending his cock twitching within her, he pulled her exhausted body to him.

Spent, Emma allowed her arms to drape around his back. Pulling her gentle face to his bearded cheek, she felt its soft hairs glide across her. His body heat engulfed her. And as if gripping him for dear life, she pulled him as close as he could get never wanting to let go.

With Emma still in his arms, and his softening cock still in her depths, he eased forward onto the bed. And letting go one arm to brace their fall, he fell forward allowing the two to maintain their embrace.

Feeling Abu Dhabi’s warm night breeze across her naked flesh, she considered how lucky she was. Sheikh Fahad had extracted her from her flight as she went home after her brief but intense encounter with Sheikh Nadeem. She never expected to see Nadeem again. So to be again drawn into the magnificent opulence of Saudi royalty, and this time with a man who seemed to care for her, Emma couldn’t have asked for more.

Emma’s time with Sheikh Fahad did not start off smoothly. Having arrived at his palace, he had locked her in her room devoid of human contact. The only people she saw were in her dreams where Sheikh Fahad visited her every night. This was how he had seduced her. And unable to take any more, in her dreams she begged him to be real only to find that reality was even more wonderful.

Once Emma had embraced her life with her new Sheikh, she lived like a princess. Every night there was a new gala and each time she would dress in clothes worth more than the home she grew up in. And on the arm of the most celebrated man in the country, she knew of nothing more incredible. It was like a fantasy. She felt like Cinderella.

Nadeem was now a distant memory in her thoughts. The image of him still invoked a tingle between her legs. But it was nothing more than that. His demanding ways were captivating, but the gentle power of Sheikh Fahad was all she told herself that she needed.

As the Sheikh got out of bed, he reminded Emma of that night’s events. It was a gala at the national museum. It was considered a fundraiser and Sheikh Fahad was their largest benefactor.

“The arts is something I feel passionately about,” he had said as his eyes washed over Emma’s porcelain naked body. “You are something I feel passionate about,” he stated. “Now I will have my desert flower amongst my beautiful jewels. What more can I ask for?” He asked with a smile.

Emma felt the warm tingle again pulsate between her legs. She would have loved to have him take her small body again. But watching his statuesque frame reach for his robe, she knew that she would not have him again until the next night.

Sheikh Fahad always visited her as the sun set. And the ecstatic glow from their time together would surround her like an aura for the rest of the night. Every one at his fancy events could see how happy she was. And it brought him pleasure for everyone to see how she felt. Emma considered that the sign of a good man. And again, she felt lucky to be with him.

That night as Emma entered the museum with Sheikh Fahad on her arm, she had no idea how quickly her life would again change. Dressed in a black sequined gown that trailed behind her, she felt all eyes on her. She never felt so beautiful in all of her life. And lightly squeezing his arm, the warmth she felt told her that she never wanted to be away from him again.

After meeting a few dozen dignitaries, a handler came over and whispered into Sheikh Fahad’s ear. With a smile still on his face, the Sheik apologized to Emma and the elegant couple they were talking to, and then followed the handler out. This gave Emma a rare opportunity. She hardly ever explored these galas on her own. Tonight would be her first night.

Asking to be excused by the Count and Countess in front of her, she made a beeline into the gallery. That was where the bulk of the guests were. Everyone was dressed so elegantly. Being from a small town in America, it was hard for her to believe that she was accepted amongst them. But she was, she knew it. She was with Sheikh Fahad. She was a special guest.

Emma nodded her head acknowledging everyone that acknowledged her. Everyone was so friendly. But not finding anyone anywhere close to her age, she continued walking until she was in front of a painting of a magnificent desert.

The painting mesmerized her. She’d always thought of a desert as empty and barren but the painting was nothing like that. The sand in the painting was swirling with color. To her it represented life. And the sky danced with movement as brush strokes drew her eyes from one side of the canvas to the other.

“It is magnificent, yes?” A voice came from behind her.

In an instant Emma could feel her body sweat. It wasn’t the reaction of a princess, but she couldn’t help it. She would have known that voice anywhere. And hearing it here and now made her so lightheaded that she could faint. Staying on top of her high heels, though, she gripped her fists in front of her and allowed her chest to heave sucking more air in.

“I did not expect to find you here,” he said in an almost angry tone. “I put you on a plane to America, and instead you are in a museum in Abu Dhabi. Do you think that pleases me?”

Emma could feel the tears well in her eyes. She was having a hard time breathing. The reaction of his deep voice on her ear made her legs feel like jelly. She was feeling hot now, and she quickly remembered the small town girl she was.

“No, Master,” Emma said immediately remembering his demanded honorific.

“You’re right, it doesn’t. To find you here makes me need to punish you. Do you know that you need to be punished?” The inescapably masculine voice said.