Kneeling with her eyes closed, she had thought the touch on her shoulder would be followed by a mouthful of Jack. After all, it would have been aligned with their games. But instead, an unfamiliar hand was holding her. The touch was accompanied by a hint of lavender that invaded her senses. With that she had no question about who it was. She was being held by Daniela, her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Dozens of questioned flashed through Isabel’s mind. ‘How did Daniela know that she and her son would be here? And why was she at Jack’s?’

Isabel shared a stare of complicity with her mother-in-law. It was Daniela, after all, who had encouraged her to explore her lust for Jack even though Isabel was engaged to her son. Now, here she was at Jack’s party rescuing her from a battle for domination between her gorgeous young soon-to-be husband and her powerful older lover.

 Looking into Isabel’s eyes, Daniela read her deepest desire: Isabel wanted equilibrium restored to a situation that had gotten out of hand. Daniela had seen enough of Jack’s and Luca’s standoff to know that their actions had crossed a line. Perhaps Luca was too inexperienced as a dom to know it, but Jack certainly should have. Daniela knew what she had to do.

“Leave the room, both of you!” Daniela demanded, “This is no way to treat an initiate.”

Nervous tears of relief streamed down Isabel’s flushed cheeks as she watched Jack gruffly return to the party. It surprised Isabel just how complicit he was. She didn’t expect that considering the power he always emanated.

Isabel then turned her attention to Luca who still puffed his chest in a show of bravado. His face showed a look of contempt which seemed too comfortable mingled with his anal and carnal desire. But staring back at Isabel for only a moment longer, he turned to his mother who immediately disarmed his contempt and ushered him out.  

Isabel looked at Daniela stunned. She never imaged that such strength was possible. Daniela had admitted to her that she was a submissive but that couldn’t be all that she was. She was fearless in the presence of two powerful men and she had controlled them both.

“How did you do that?” Isabel asked slowly regaining her composure.

“Being submissive does not mean that you are weak. Submission is strength. Submission is power. The individual is weak or not, not the role,” Daniela answered seeming more and more to Isabel like a sage. “Come with me.”

Isabel got up and silently followed Daniela. As she did, Isabel stared at her. As she watched, her mother-in-law’s eyes softened. Isabel wanted to ask her how she had known Jack but she dared not. In this moment, Daniela was clearly Isabel’s dom and Isabel’s brief training at the hands of Luca and Jack had told her never to question a dom.

Daniela led Isabel through the party to the elevator. On the way the two passed Fabio, Daniela’s husband, but Daniela held up a finger silencing him and he didn’t say a word.

The two continued down the elevator into the restaurant’s bar in the lobby of the hotel. Slowing down, Daniela found a seat at the bar and simply held up two fingers. Isabel was surprised that the bartender nodded his head with recognition. When Isabel had met Daniela, she had thought of her as a homely, Italian mother. But clearly her soon-to-be mother-in-law’s experience knew no bounds.

Isabel considered what she might learn under Daniela’s strong hand. Isabel felt warmth build between her legs as she considered it.


Luca, who had crossed the hallway into one of the suites not reserved for dignitaries, stood motionless as the elegantly dressed guests weaved in and out of view. He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for. Perhaps it was for Isabel to return to him with her head lowered again subservient to his will. But the longer he waited the more he accepted that she wasn’t coming. He had been cuckold by Jack and he was furious.

Needing to escape, Luca pushed past the lot and headed for the stairs. Processing the blow to his manhood required a run. Sprinting down the flight of stairs he pushed through the lobby onto the street. Looking around he realized that he needed a drink and he knew where to find it. Le Petit was a French restaurant with a bar. It was close and the drinks were strong.

The first scotch didn’t stop the avalanche of thoughts Luca had about Isabel and Jack. Neither did the second. He kept imagining the two in various sexual positions which always culminated with Jack’s penis in his wife’s mouth.

‘My wife’s mouth?’ he asked himself surprised that he thought of her that way. He reminded himself that Isabel was a means to an end, and nothing more. Yet, Luca couldn’t help to marvel at the fact that she had become highly proficient in his game of domination. And as much as he fought the thought that Isabel had gotten under his skin. She had become his drug-of-choice.

Suddenly, it boiled down to one thing for Luca: Did Isabel love Jack or was she experimenting with her newly discovered sexuality? Luca had to acknowledge that Jack had both money and maturity on his side. But did Jack fill a void or fill a sexual need that he could not? ‘Doubtful,’ Luca thought, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror behind the bar.

It had to be that Isabel was an addict. He had introduced her to the cycle of arousal, pain, humiliation, and then more pain that leads to a violent orgasm. And now she needed it so badly that one man wasn’t enough.

This new thought broke through his misery and excited Luca. To his surprise his cock fought against the folds of cloth restraining it. He quelled his member with a tight squeeze and then repositioned it onto the left side of his pants. Ready to consider his options he turned scanning the room.

Luca noticed as a cougar-ish woman about his mother’s age sized him up from a corner table. She was chatting with a younger woman. They both stared at Luca lasciviously. Luca wondered if the older woman was a madame or if she simply offered the younger women as bait to get what she needed. In a way, Luca decided, she reminded him of his mother.

Daniela’s presence tonight was a surprise to him, but with it came a few explanations. He had always suspected his father of kinks, but not his mother. For years he had wondered if his mother knew about his father and Valentina. After tonight, Luca concluded that she probably knew a lot more about his father’s indiscretions than she let on.

Luca swigged down a third scotch as he decided to go. He was only a few blocks away from the garconierre that he shared with his father. He was gifted a key on his 18th birthday. It was an Italian rite-of-passage celebrated between father and son along with the added gift of one of Rome’s most famed prostitutes, La Lingua D’Oro, or Mafalda, as she was known to her intimates.

As he walked to this familiar portal, Luca concluded that the friendship between Daniela, Valentina and his father was strangely “too close.”  The three of them had been ‘friends’ for as long as he could remember. Now he saw the bigger picture. His mother, the submissive; the family friend, his father’s life-long mistress. How many others, he wondered, were involved in his father’s aristocratic sexual underground? Luca’s mind spun with possibilities.  


“Bellissima. You have to be very selective of your dominant,” Daniela instructed while gently brushing Isabel’s face. “The right one can bring you pleasure that few women can ever dream about, let alone experience. The wrong one can erode your soul, bringing self-doubt and darkness.”

“Thank you, Daniela.”

“For what?” Daniela asked.

“Everything,” she replied, feeling a genuine admiration and fondness for her soon-to-be mother-in-law. She smiled at Daniela. ‘She is stunning,’ Isabel decided.

Daniela was north of 50, but still exuded a youthful vibrancy and sensuality of a women a decade or more her junior. Her legs were long. Her breasts and buttocks were still firm and perfectly ample.

Daniela was fashionable with an understated elegance that only well-bred European women possessed. Looking at her again, Isabel realized that Daniela bore an uncanny resemblance to the 1960 movie icon Sofia Loren.

Their drinks arrived and both women took a sip. Isabel didn’t know what it was, but it was good. It wasn’t too sweet, but it tasted more like lemonade than alcohol. It was exactly what she needed after what had been a confusing night.

Almost finishing the glass in one gulp, Isabel felt the warmth in her belly as the liquor went down. This wasn’t a weak drink at all. It was making her feel as relaxed as Daniela’s strong presence did. And in an instant, Isabel felt warm all over and ready to listen to anything that Daniela said.

“You’ll soon learn that your submission is your power, though you must wield it subtly,” Daniela began. “It can bring a man to his knees. For a man, passion has no reason. So to offer him his passion is to possess his reason.

What he does to you physically, is in exchange for what he gives you of his heart. They feed on each other. For a man, there is no way of stopping it. And the more he dominates you, the more he must expose his heart to enjoy it. There is your power; his exposed heart. You are a submissive, but you are also more.”

Daniela took a sip of her drink as Isabel considered what she had said. Isabel felt adrift in the warm current of Daniela’s words. And when her soon-to-be mother in-law spoke again, Isabel was ready for more.

“Jack and Luca took advantage of you here. It is because you are new to the game. Luca is young so perhaps he doesn’t yet understand the pleasure of an experienced submissive. But Jack, he knows better.

Perhaps they can’t be chastised too harshly. What they did was very . . . male. And that, after all, is what we like, isn’t it?” Daniela concluded with a smile.

Isabel managed a soft chuckle.

Seeing that Isabel’s glass was empty Daniela ordered another from the bartender. Bringing the bottle over, the bartender filled her glass. It was a long bottle with yellow printing. The label read limonchello. Isabel made note of it for later.

 “To your health and happiness, Daniela,” Isabel said proposing a toast.

Daniela took a sip and then looked around at the bar. It reminded Daniela of when Fabio “made” her under similar circumstances to Isabel’s. It was the swinging 70s then. It was a delightful time when everything was permitted.