Isabel awoke to the sound of the train purser seeking travel documents. She assumed Luca had handled this sometime during the night, but, he was as hazy as she was.

“Documenti!” he ordered. Luca showed his Carta d’Identita and the official nodded.

“E la signorina?” he asked.

Isabel handed him her American passport with a landing stamp in plain view from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport just the day before. Clearly, the official simply wanted to gawk a bit at Isabel with an old train sheet pulled up to cover her ample young breasts, but not much else.

“So you didn’t like Paris,” he asked in poor English.

“I’m sorry?” Isabel asked.

“You’re quick to come to Italy. Only one day in the City of Love?” he joked.

Luca intervened, telling him in Italian that the signorina was his new wife and that they were on their way to Rome to meet his family. On that note, the train official left, reminding the newlyweds that they would be in Rome in less than 45 minutes. Good thing he woke them up, Luca thought, just enough time for some wake-up nookie.

Toothbrush in hand, Isabel headed toward the tiny train bathroom, scene of last night’s naughties, still strewn with dirty plates, grappa bottle and a browning banana. Isabel chuckled to herself silently. “What have I gotten into,” she thought. Luca caught her in mid-thought, interpreting her faint smile upon entering last night’s sex stage, as a signal that she approved of Luca’s manhandling. Luca nodded to himself. His little game was working.

Luca observed every little detail of Isabel’s body. At first, he saw her as a bit too American, not sophisticated enough to play his domination game. But now the proof was on her thighs and buttocks that no matter how much sex he doled out to her, she always wanted more. Proudly, he thought to himself, “I’ve molded her into the sexual partner of my innermost desires.”

Little did Luca know that Isabel was making a detail-by-detail comparison of last night’s rugged sex to her first night with Jack. There were a lot of parallels, Isabel thought, but Jack seemed more masterful. ‘Luca ordered her, but Jack commanded,’ is what she concluded.

The mere thought of Jack’s penis sent waves of excitement through Isabel’s body. She wanted him now more than ever. Anything Luca might do could not quench her desire for his smell, for his form of silent, firm, authoritative domination. She yearned to serve him, to submit to him, for him to demean her, then please her. There it was again, that nagging need to be punished and fucked.

Isabel spit out the toothpaste and wiped her mouth with the edge of what she assumed might still be a clean towel. Then, she looked at herself in the cracked mirror of the bathroom in that small train compartment.

The mere thought of Jack turned her on without so much as a touch. She observed herself. Jack must have been thinking about her and fucking someone else as he did. She could feel it, or so she imagined.

In any event, the situation needed rectification and they were only a few minutes from the main train station in Rome. Isabel knew what she had to do. She pushed her pussy against the ice cold metal sink that vibrated visibly, pulling her nipples hard. She then leaned into the sink even harder hoping the train would change to rougher tracks to help her along.

The sight of Isabel in such need surprised Luca as did the zinger of an erection that followed.

Isabel didn’t even notice Luca stroking himself. Her thoughts were lost in the frame-by-frame recollection of the sex she had had with Jack in her office.

As Isabel leaned further into the sink to get the full effect of its vibration, she felt two hands firmly grab her hips. Luca was coming to the rescue and she didn’t even notice him walk into the bathroom. She was lost in her own sexual reverie. Isabel closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Luca entered her from behind. Thank God, she thought, just what the doctor ordered.

Isabel closed her eyes and resumed her fantasy. It was Jack, not Luca thrusting the enormity of his penis so deeply inside her. Isabel placed her hands in the same position as they had been on the chin-up bar at Jack’s. She longed for the pain of the handcuffs. She yearned to feel the strain of her muscles holding up her weight as Jack pounded her into the wall behind her again and again.

Isabel came quickly, but Luca wasn’t done. He led her to the bed, then laid flat on his back.

“Stroke me,” he commanded.

Isabel complied.

“Now hop on,” Luca ordered.

Isabel kneeled around Luca’s hips and lowered the fullness of her plump labia onto him. Her vagina was wildly hot to Luca’s delight. ‘I’ve got her,’ he thought as he enjoyed watching her tits bounce up and down and she straddled him and rode him furiously.

Isabel wanted more. She couldn’t get enough orgasm out of Luca. What she really wanted was Jack’s thicker penis inside of her. Nothing Luca could do would fully quench her lust for Jack’s pleasures. Luca would have to do.

She resigned herself to the idea that Jack was a part of her past. Luca was now. Thirsty for another orgasm, Isabel rode Luca faster and harder until she was panting loudly and on the verge of climax.

“Stop!” Luca ordered.

Isabel’s climax subsided into a series of painful and pleasurable twitches that needed resolution.

“No, please let me come,” she pleaded.

Without ceremony Luca flipped her on her stomach and pushed her shoulders onto the bed pulling her ass up toward him.

“You’ll cum, but on my terms,” Luca said, spanking her hard on both ass cheeks.