Cody gazed at Cameron as he took off his shirt. Cam’s rippling abs and deep tan were like those found on the models in magazines. His light brown, almost dirty blond hair was carefully sculpted in a way that Cody was able to imitate. And Cam’s thick runner’s legs were displayed beautifully in his running shorts. Cody was glad to have Cameron as his twin and Cody did everything he could to look just like him.

Wearing only their matching dark grey runner’s shorts and blue cross trainers both men stretched as they did every morning before their run. And with their ear buds inserted they synced their playlist.

“Gnarls Barkley?” Cameron asked scrolling through the songs on his iPod.


“Of course. Ready?”


“Two, one, play.”

Both guys hit play at the same time and then headed for the door. With the sun still casting early morning shadows they descended the porch stairs of Cameron’s Marina Del Rey, California home. Running up the feeder road in front of the house they approached the million dollar homes on the beach. Jogging down the access path they crossed onto the sand.

Cody and Cameron loved jogging together. It was never discussed between them but they always wore the same things every day so that they could remain identical. And once jogging on the loose sand they matched the other’s stride to remain in sync.

Cody and Cameron adored the attention they got as hot twins. Every morning they noticed as the female joggers broke out of their little worlds to admire them as they ran by. They even made note as the men turned their heads. They chose to believe that the men turned in admiration instead of lust, but truth was they would have taken either one.  

From the Marina Del Rey Pier, the guys ran the stretch of beach until it became a side walk. They turned around where Venice Boulevard met the ocean and stopped at Washington Boulevard on the way back. It was exactly 3 miles and took 45 minutes when they added in the coffee break. This was how the twins loved to start their day.  

Back at Cameron’s place Cody would then take a shower and dress for work. His house was just a few blocks away but he had everything he needed here since it was where he spent the majority of his time. Cameron, not needing to work, showered last. After, both grabbed breakfast and talked about their day.

Fresh from his shower, Cameron wore a towel as he opened the fridge scanning for breakfast food.

“Did you take the last grapefruit?” Cameron asked pulling open the pantry drawer.

“Yeah, did you want it?” Cody replied wearing worn jeans and a tailored dress shirt that showed off the gentle ‘V’ of his torso.

“I was feeling like grapefruit this morning.”

“Sorry, so was I.”

“No problem. Yogurt and granola.”

 Cameron grabbed the tub of yogurt from the fridge and retrieved the granola from the cupboard.

“Do you know what I was thinking about recently?” Cameron asked joining Cody at the breakfast table.

“That blond from Lafayette?”

Cameron looked at Cody amazed. “Yeah, but that’s not what I was gonna say. Do you remember when we used to talk about banging a chick together?”

Cody thought for a moment. “Yeah, in high school.”

“Why didn’t that ever happen?”

“Because you couldn’t convince any of your girls to do it,” Cody reminded Cam with a smile.

“That’s right,” Cam said smiling back. “I don’t remember you being much help though. Why was that?”

Cody turned toward his grapefruit half. “I don’t know. I guess you were always better with women than I was.”

“Well, yeah, but was it that you weren’t into it or something else?” Cameron asked watching Cody for his response.

“I don’t know. I guess it would have been cool.” Cody looked up at his twin’s smooth chest and after lingering a moment too long quickly averted his eyes. “But you’re just better at certain things than I am.”

“Hmmm,” Cameron said assessing his twin’s answer. “Because I got this girl and she has this fantasy about twins.”

Cody examined Cam’s face. “What does she look like?”

“She’s hot. You’d do her,” Cam offered as an obvious fact.


“Yeah, she’s smokin’ hot. I’m fuckin’ her. What do you expect?” Cam said with a cocky smile.

“Oh course she’s hot,” Cody conceded.

“So what do you think?” Cam asked nervously.

Cody looked at his twin again in search of a reply. Cody hadn’t been with many women. Cameron was the more outgoing one and the one, that even if they dressed alike, the women were immediately drawn towards. He was also younger by three minutes but in many ways Cameron was the more experienced of the two.