In The Moonlight: Prequel


Wynn Wyatt is a 24 year old genius CEO of one of the hottest software companies in the world. He has money, success, and a beautiful woman on his arm. He has everything. At least, he thought he did until he met Bowe Palmer, the man sent to strip Wynn of his company.


Are Wynn and Bowe on separate sides, though? Or are Wynn and Bowe destined to fall in love and change the world? Will Bowe awaken a part of Wynn that Wynn didn’t know existed? And will Bowe Palmer change Wynn’s life forever?


‘In The Moonlight: Prequel’ is the steamy story that sets the stage for the funny, ultra-high heat standalone ‘In The Moonlight: MMF Bisexual Romance’. ‘In The Moonlight: Prequel’ contains not-to-be-missed MF, MM, and MMF scenes.





In The Moonlight: Prequel


Wynn Wyatt crackled with excitement as he pulled his Porsche into the clearing overlooking the launch site. He had driven for an hour and a half with April, the latest model he was dating. April wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but she was undeniably beautiful. That didn’t make for an entertaining drive, but it was better than driving alone.

The Porsche he had chosen was fresh off the lot. This had been his dream car. It was the coolest and most expensive one they had. Now with the most beautiful woman he could imagine in the passenger seat, Wynn was feeling pretty good about himself. Add that to the buzz he always felt watching a rocket launch in person, and Wynn could barely contain himself.

Although it was dark, as Wynn parked his car, he could see one other car in the clearing. The man, who sat on the hood of his slightly older Mercedes, turned towards Wynn’s headlights as he pulled in. Wynn wondered if the man was impressed by his new car. Wynn decided that he had to be. Who wouldn’t be impressed? And he would only be impressed more when he saw the woman Wynn came with.

Shutting off his headlights and engine, Wynn turned to April.

“We’re here,” he informed her breaking a long stretch of silence.

“Where are we?” April asked staring at the well-lit launchpad a quarter mile below them.

“Vandenberg Air Force Base. I thought you’d like to watch a rocket launch with me,” Wynn said with a beaming smile.

“They’re going to launch a rocket?” April asked trying to get her bearing.

“Yep. That one right there. In about twenty minutes, that rocket will be entering space.”

“Oh, cool,” April said genuinely interested.

“Let’s go outside and watch,” he said gesturing towards his door.

“Okay. Yeah,” April agreed before both exited the car and made their way to the hood.

Wynn, seeing the man look over as April exited the car, got a rush. He felt on top of the world. His software company was making money hand over fist, and he had everything a guy could dream of. That had to be obvious to the stranger across the way. That had to be obvious to everyone in Wynn’s life.

Sitting on the hood of the Porsche, Wynn felt the heat of the engine through his jeans.

“It’s hot,” April said as her bare legs touch the metal.

Wynn looked over and examined what she was wearing. It was a delightfully short summer dress. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful. Figuring out a compromise, he reached for her hand.

“Come. Sit on my lap,” he said louder than necessary making sure that the guy on the other car heard.

April smiled as she eased herself onto Wynn’s lap.

“I’m cold,” she said encouraging him to put his arms around her.

“Is that better?” He asked holding her in his arms.

“Yeah,” she said staring happily into his eyes.

As much as Wynn liked her cozying up to him, he liked that the stranger could see it even more. When April focused her attention on the rocket in front of them, Wynn took the opportunity to get a better look at the guy across the way. He wasn’t a particularly special looking guy. In fact, one might describe him as kind of ordinary.

There was something about him, though, that made Wynn really want him to envy Wynn. He couldn’t explain what it was. The stranger was a little older than him but it couldn’t be more than by a few years. He wasn’t particularly athletic. And he wasn’t even dressed that stylishly.

Yet, in spite of all that, Wynn needed him to know just how special Wynn was. At twenty-four he was the CEO of a software company that had made over a hundred million dollars the previous year. Wynn’s dad had once told Wynn that he would never amount to anything. Wynn had emphatically proved his father wrong. Maybe that was what Wynn needed the stranger to know.

When the rumble of the rocket engine increased, Wynn turned his attention back towards the launch site.

“They entered countdown,” Wynn explained.

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you have under a minute to launch.”

“Really?” April said bouncing on Wynn’s lap.

“Yep. When they reach thirty seconds, you’ll see the supporting cables break away,” Wynn narrated.

“Was that it there?” April said pointing.

“Yep. Now they’re gonna ignite the pre-booster engines.”

Just after he said it, a white plume grew around the base of the rocket.

“Oh my God, it’s happening,” April exclaimed.

Wynn could feel his heart race. This was genuinely one of the most thrilling things he could be doing and he had done some thrilling stuff. Jumping out of airplanes, bungee jumping off of bridges, he had done whatever made him feel most alive. But out of everything, watching a rocket as it thundered and roared its way into space was always the most exciting.

“And, three, two, one,” Wynn said just as the bellowing white smoke shot from under the 200 foot rocket and climbed into the air.

Wynn’s skin tingled watching it go. It was so amazing and so breathtaking that all he could do to contain himself was to remain quiet. The colors of the flames, the symmetry of the plume, it was the greatest example of humanity in existence. Watching it defy the confines of Earth, he heard whispers of the incredible things that were possible. It told him what humankind was capable of and what he was capable of as an extension.

Watching that rocket leave the planet, Wynn’s imagination was set afire. The only way he could think to express his wonder was to hold April tighter and feel the warmth as his lips hovered next to her cheek.

April, feeling him near, subtly leaned towards him. That was enough. Gently touching his lips against the tender flesh of her neck, her lips parted in pleasure. With the rocket still rumbling in the background, he took the opposite side of her face in his hand. Needing to kiss her, he turned her face towards his. Bathing in her warm breath, he allowed the tips of their noses to touch before pressing his lips against hers.

As Wynn drank the nectar of her desire, the two turned to each other desperately needing the other. Parting her lips, he inserted his tongue in search of hers. Finding it, their two tongues danced. Twisting and pulling on one another, Wynn’s arousal was complete. Stroking her back through the sheer cloth of her dress, he knew he needed to have her. And taking a firm grip of her hair, she moaned telling him she wanted more.

Getting up without releasing her lips, Wynn repositioned her body to lay her on the hood. Easing her down, he felt the temperature of the metal. It was still warm but not hot. It would be on the outskirts of her limits. Wynn liked that. On it, he would dominate her. And, submissive to his will, he would take what he wanted.

With her back now pressed against the hood, Wynn spread her legs and pushed his torso between them. He was hard and the bulge of his clothed cock fit perfectly between her pussy lips. Her delicate panties shifted back and forth as Wynn gently thrust. Then, looking the beautiful girl in the eyes, Wynn took hold of her hair again and leaned down to recapture her lips.

As Wynn kissed her, he thrust against her lifting her hips as he did. His cock ached needing to come out. Reaching down, he released it. With nothing separating them but barely-there panties, Wynn could feel the dampness of her swollen lips. It made Wynn’s mind swirl. Shifting the cloth from over her opening, he perched the head of his cock and took hold of her full breast.

Entering her felt like fucking a furnace. Her loins were hot. Slipping in with ease, Wynn’s thick manhood filled every inch of her. Pushing even further, she pulled her head away from his lips and moaned. Wynn loved it. April wrapped her legs around his waist as if the gesture would slow him. It didn’t. Instead, fucking her harder, Wynn watched as April’s body wrenched from side to side.

Wanting her to feel every ridge of his cock, he took hold of her wrists pinning her to the hood. Restrained, she wriggled harder. She was losing control and so was he. Sinking deeper into pleasure, a sharp tingling grabbed his balls. He knew this feeling. He was about to cum.

Fucking her harder refusing to come before she did, April’s chest lifted. With her mouth hanging open, she couldn’t speak. Recognizing that lost look of pleasure in her eyes, Wynn let go his never ending clench and allowed his mind to swim in silky-sweet orgasm.

Wynn continued to fuck her until he no longer could. Suddenly too sensitive and exhausted, he slowed falling forward. With his weight transferred onto her relaxed chest, he could feel her breasts pushing against him. All of it felt so good.

In the moment, Wynn felt like he could lay there forever. That moment didn’t last, however. And soon Wynn’s thoughts turned to the man who had been sitting 50 feet away.

With reality slowly returning to Wynn, he wondered if the stranger was watching. What would he be thinking if he was? He saw the car, he saw the beautiful woman. He had to wish that he was Wynn. The mere thought of it aroused Wynn again. Deciding to fuck April one more time for the stranger’s pleasure, Wynn glanced over looking for the stranger.

Perched and ready to go, Wynn suddenly lost his motivation. His stranger friend had actually left. Both the man and the older white Mercedes were gone. When had he taken off? How much had he seen?

All of these things ran through Wynn’s mind as he slowly shrunk out of April, and April’s demure movements resembled the girl he had first met in the bar. Deciding the encounter was over, Wynn let go her wrists one by one and briefly held her cheek.

“Did you like that?” Wynn asked the woman staring up into his eyes.

April smiled. “That was incredible. I think the guy was watching us.”

“What guy?” He said more pleased than he would admit.

“There was a guy sitting on the car next to us. He was watching you fuck me.”

“Did that turn you on?”

“That was pretty hot,” April admitted to Wynn’s pleasure.

“Good,” Wynn said officially bringing their encounter to an end.

With both of them getting back into the car, Wynn pulled out of the clearing and headed towards Santa Barbara. It was there that he and April spent the weekend. The sex they had the next morning and the following night was nowhere near as explosive as it was on the hood of his car. Wynn was beginning to learn that he bored of certain people quickly. April was a perfect example of that.

Nonetheless refreshed, Wynn returned to work the following Monday recharged and ready to tackle his next big challenge. Wynn was the founder and majority shareholder in the company. He was sure to hold onto his majority status throughout the rounds of financing. That ensured that every decision about his company’s fate would be his.

That was a good thing because it seemed, as of late, his board had different goals than he did. With 49% of the shares between them, there was a growing desire for them to be able to cash out. That meant one of two things, either the company had to go public, or they had to sell it to a larger company. Both would make Wynn richer than he ever dreamed. But, both would also take control of the company out of his hands.

Wynn didn’t like either option. And, although none of his board members came out and said it, Wynn had a feeling that their Monday meeting was a doubling down on that. Wynn wasn’t sure what they could possibly come up with considering he had the majority shares. But he was sure they had come up with something.

“They are ready for you,” Wynn’s assistant said over the intercom.

“Thanks, Sarah,” he replied before strengthening his resolve.

Throwing his shoulders back and puffing out his chest, Wynn got up, exited his office and marched to the conference room. Throwing the door open he entered in a way that reaffirmed that he was in charge.

“What do you got for me?” Wynn said still crossing to his seat at the head of the conference room table.

The person to speak up was the person who always spoke up first. Jim was from the venture-capital firm with the largest stake in the company. He was the one leading the drive to cash out. His thoughts were never on long-term viability. The only thing he ever cared about was his venture capital firm’s bottom line.

“There is someone that the rest of us would like you to consider adding to the board,” Jim told Wynn as he settled in his chair.

“Really? Is this something that the rest of you want? Tell me, why is it that you want this?” Wynn asked knowing exactly why but not expecting Jim to say it directly.

“We just think that he will add a certain body of knowledge that might be helpful moving forward,” Jim explained.

“And what body of knowledge is that?”

“Well, in the event that we ever do decide to go public, he has the resources to do it.”

“In the event we decide to go public?” Wynn asked feeling Jim attempting to wrestle the company from Wynn’s grasp.

“Going public was always the plan, Wynn. That was why my firm invested. We made that very clear when we got on board.”

“When you got on board, we had $2 million in annual revenue. Last year we made a hundred million dollars. If you need to divest, I’m sure the board will approve sale of your shares.”

“You know it’s not the same, Wynn.”

“Sure, it’s not the same. In one scenario, I have controlling interest in my company. In the next, I become subject to the will of the board.”

“You know that no one here wants to replace you, Wynn. It’s your company. It was your vision that got us here, and it’s your vision that will take us to the next level. This is purely about return on investment. That’s all.”

“Then how about all of the public shares come out of the board’s percentage? That way I’m left with my 51% and you are able to liquidate your assets at the higher stock offering price.”

“You know we can’t do that,” Jim replied.

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Won’t,” Jim confirmed making it clear that he wasn’t going to back down.

“Well, it looks like since I have the majority shares, I get final word on whether we add someone. And, my final word is no.”

Jim looked back at the four others at the table. “Wynn, if you aren’t even going to consider our proposals, then you should know that we will be forced to leave the board.”

Wynn paused hearing this. He hadn’t considered this outcome. For its investors, his company was practically printing money. A part of the reason it was, however, was because of the strategic partnerships he had gained from the rest of the board. It would be epically stupid for them to sabotage the company’s success for their petty vengeance. But Wynn wouldn’t put it past Jim, and Jim had the amazing ability to sway the board when he needed to.

“Look, Wynn, you know that’s not something any of us wanna do. We all understand that we have a good thing going here and we don’t want to mess it up. I’m sure you don’t want that either. So, all were asking is that you meet with our potential new board member, and tell us what you think. That’s all.”

Wynn stared at Jim understanding that that meeting was what Jim had been after from the beginning. The threatening, the cajoling, it was all meant to get him and this new person in the same room together.

In theory, it wasn’t that big of an ask. Wynn understood that he couldn’t run his company like a dictatorship. And if meeting with some person was all it would to take to satisfy his board, then it would be foolish not to.

“I’ll meet with him,” Wynn said trying to seem magnanimous. “But, that’s all I’m doing, Jim. I’m meeting with him. If you want more than that, you are free to exit the board.”

“A meeting is all we want,” Jim confirmed with a smile.

Wynn never liked it when Jim smiled. It made him feel like Jim had got the better of him. Yes, Jim had definitely achieved everything he had wanted when they had set up the meeting. But, Wynn couldn’t understand how simply meeting with someone would make any difference on whether or not he would agree to sell his company.

Wynn allowed Jim to set up an appointment with his proposed member of the board and Wynn was sure to make it at a bar. Wynn agreed to meet with this person, but he hadn’t agreed to take the meeting seriously. Wynn’s plan was to liquor them up, play with their desperation a little, and then report back that he didn’t think that he or she was a very professional candidate.

Wynn knew that that was kind of a dick move, but there was no escaping that this was Jim’s maneuver to strip Wynn of control of his own company. That was a dick move on Jim’s part. As far as Wynn was concerned, one dick move deserved another.

Finding out it was a man he would be meeting with, Wynn decided to take things one step further. He changed their location to The Standard. The Standard was a poolside hotel bar in West Hollywood that would have enough half-naked gay men in it to make any straight man uncomfortable.

He wanted to make this guy squirm. So, to top it off, Wynn was sure to be thirty minutes late. That would give a few guys time to hit on him, putting him in the most squirm-worthy position possible.

“I am here meeting Bowe Palmer,” Wynn told the attractive young host standing next to the entrance.

“Are you, Wynn Wyatt?” The man asked in a feminine tone.

“I am.”

“Your party is seated at the bar. Please enjoy,” he said pointing his muscular arm in Bowe’s direction.

Scanning the bar, Wynn found only one person who could be Jim’s man. He had his back to Wynn but so far Wynn wasn’t impressed.

From what he was wearing, Wynn could tell that he wasn’t very old. Wynn was expecting an asshole venture capitalist type. They were usually guys who were slightly too old for what they were wearing while being so fake that half of their life had to be spent maintaining their image.

For what it was worth, from the back, Bowe didn’t look like that type. Really, he just looked like an average guy. That wasn’t necessarily a good thing. At least the fake venture capitalists were making an effort to give a good first impression. What was the scheme of someone who didn’t try? Wynn didn’t know.

Making a beeline to the bar, Wynn scanned the lounge chairs and the pool. There were a number of attractive women there, but there were far more worked out West Hollywood men. Men weren’t his type, of course. But, guys like these were the ones who made Wynn consider the possibilities.

“Wynn Wyatt,” a voice said drawing his attention. It was the man the host had pointed out and he wasn’t saying Wynn’s name as a question. He was saying it as if he knew who Wynn was. “Bowe Palmer,” the guy said with a genuine smile.

“Yeah. Sorry, I’m late. I hope things didn’t get to awkward for you.”

“Awkward?” Bowe asked genuinely confused. “No. On the contrary. I’ve never been here before. This is an interesting place,” he said as if he actually enjoyed being around the half-naked man.

“Yeah. I like the drinks here. The clientele… you just have to put up with,” Wynn said starting to feel like he had to defend his masculinity.

“No. So many beautiful bodies. It’s one way to start off a meeting on the right tone,” Bowe said with a smile.

Wynn looked at him suspiciously then decided to change the subject. “Yes. Anyway, did you get a drink?”

“This is my second. I hope you don’t mind, I started without you. Let me order you something. What would you like?”

“Vodka cranberry.”

Bowe turned to the shirtless bartender. “Nick, my friend is here. Could you possibly get him a vodka cranberry?”

“You got it, Bowe,” the bartender said with a smile.

“Nick is so nice. Everyone here is so friendly. Who knew somewhere like this existed?” Bowe said seeming thrilled with the location.

This was certainly not what Wynn had expected. So far, his plan was going in the complete opposite direction. The man sitting on the bar stool next to him was not only not an asshole, but he was coming across as one of the most genuine people Wynn had met in Los Angeles. What was going on here? What exactly was Jim’s plan?

Wynn accepted the drink Nick slid in front of him and then turned his attention to Bowe.

“So, what’s your deal? Are you a venture capitalist? Do you work for an investment bank? Are you private money?”

Wynn watched Bowe bristle at the question. This was the first time he had managed to make Bowe feel uncomfortable.

“I guess, if those are my options, I would be private money.”

“And, how do you know Jim?”

“We worked together on a previous deal.”

“And, what would make you so good for my company?” Wynn asked deciding not to beat around the bush.

“Geez, I don’t know. Is there something that your company needs?”

Wynn only gave the question a second of thought. “Nope. We’re good.”

“Then I guess there’s nothing that would make me good for your company.” Bowe smiled. “That was easy. I guess we’ve gotten that out of the way.”

Wynn watched as Bowe lifted his glass to cheers. Suspicious at what was going on, Wynn reciprocated. Sipping from his drink, he stared at Bowe. Bowe, on the other hand, was scanning the beautiful people by the pool.

Was this guy already drunk? Wynn asked himself. Was that what was happening? Was he a repressed gay guy who had a few too many to drink and had completely lost track of what he was there to do? That had to be it.

“Then, I guess we settled that,” Wynn said about to get up.

“Wait, are you leave? We haven’t even had our meeting yet,” Bowe insisted.

“Yeah, we did. I asked you what you could do for my company and you said nothing. What else is there to talk about?”

“We could talk about if there is anything I can do to help you.”

“I already told you, we don’t need help with the company.”

“Are you and the company the same? Is there nowhere that the company ends and you begin?”

Wynn paused intrigued by what Bowe was asking. He didn’t know what angle Bowe was taking, but Bowe had brought up a question that he himself had wondered about.

“Currently, no. I am the company and my company is me.”

“But, you’re more than that, aren’t you?”

“Are you trying to be my shrink?” Wynn said amused.

“Is that what I sound like?” Bowe asked with a chuckle. “Sorry about that. I’m seeing a therapist right now and I guess she has successfully gotten into my head. But, it is an interesting question, isn’t it? So many times we’re taught to strive for money and success, and then we get it and we can’t figure out who we are outside of it.

“That was certainly what happened to me. When I started out, I was an investment banker. I got lucky once or twice and was able to retire at twenty-seven. But what the hell does a guy do after he retires at twenty-seven? You know? I had to figure it out.

“Listen, I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t know who you are. I know you started your software company during your first year of grad school and then decided to focus on it instead of your degree. I know that your rise has been meteoric. And I know that you have probably already made more money than most people will spend in a lifetime.

“Guys like you and me, people look at us and see how much easier our lives are. And, we can’t lose sight of the fact that, in many ways, our lives are easier. But, what no one sees is how much harder our lives also become. And because no one sees it, no one offers to help. I see your life. And now I’m offering to help.”

Wynn stared speechless at the man beside him. As pitches go, that was one hell of a pitch. What made it inescapably compelling was how true it was.

His life was undeniably easier. Wynn’s bastard of a father had taken every opportunity to tear him down and Wynn had gotten the last laugh. He was more successful than his father could ever dream of being. Wynn had a big house, a fancy sports car, and he was having sex with a model. His life was the definition of success.

The problem was, now what? After having achieved all that so young, what was Wynn supposed to do now? Wynn had no role model for this. The closest thing Wynn had was Jim and there was no way that Wynn was confiding anything in him. That man was just a shark waiting to attack.

What Bowe was offering was the very thing that Wynn couldn’t get anywhere else. It was something in between a friend and a mentor and the thought of it was inescapably compelling.

“You know what? What you just said would be a whole lot more convincing if you hadn’t been sent here by Jim. And if Jim wasn’t making it his life’s mission to strip me of control of my company.”

Bowe took a drink and thought for a moment. “Yeah, I could see how that could be a problem. More than that, for me to join the board, you would need to give up some of your shares. I imagine it would only be 1%. The rest would come from the other members of the board. That would leave you with 50%, which isn’t 49%, but it still isn’t clear controlling interest of your company.”

“That’s right. And that’s a problem,” Wynn confirmed.

“Yep, I could see how that would be,” Bowe conceded. “I guess, really, it’s a matter of trust. You don’t know me so you can’t trust that I have your best interest at heart. I could be anyone.

“When it comes to having money, the first thing you lose is your ability to easily determine someone’s motivation. Are they doing this because they like you, or because they want something from you? Believe me, I know what that’s like.”

“What happened to you?” Wynn asked intrigued.

“I married young. There is no question that the money changed me, but my wife…” Bowe paused. “I guess, I really shouldn’t be speaking out of turn. But, let’s just say that I am beginning to wonder what she loves more.”

This really shook Wynn. Not only did this thought go through his mind with every woman he met, including April, but he hadn’t expected Bowe to say that he was married. The way that he had been looking at the man by the pool had made Wynn sure that something else was going on there. Bowe was turning into a surprising man.

“You know, there is one way of guaranteeing that you can trust me,” Bowe suggested.

“Really? How’s that?” Wynn asked skeptically.

“It’s how people who don’t trust each other have worked together for ages. We could write up a contract.”

Wynn looked at Bowe captivated by this idea. There was a part of him that was beginning to like Bowe. The idea of having him in his life was very appealing, especially if he was anything like the man he was presenting himself as.

“A contract? And what would the contract say?”

“We could put in a clause that requires me to vote on your side of any issue that comes up. That way, although you will only have 50% of the voting shares, you are always guaranteed to have the majority of the votes,” Bowe said with a smile.

Wynn stared at Bowe skeptically. “Is that legal?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Do you think Jim would like that?”

Bowe smiled. “Like that? No, probably not. If the guy he recommended is added to the board? Probably. But, it’s not like he has any better options, does he? You’re not about to give up controlling interest in your company. And, nor should you without certain guarantees.”

“And, what about you? What do you get out of this?” Wynn asked suspiciously.

“Well, the obvious answer is that I get a small percentage of a very successful company.” Bowe’s eyes lowered as if searching his soul. “But, really, how much money is enough? To be completely honest with you…”

“Yeah, let’s be honest here,” Wynn encouraged.

“To be honest, I guess I just like you,” Bowe admitted. “Like I said, I know who you are. I see what you’ve done. I wanna be around you. There are so few people who are special in a way that matters. To be frank, I think you’re one of the special ones and I find that exciting.”

There was nothing Bowe could’ve said that would have floored Wynn more. No words would have filled the hole inside of him more completely than everything Bowe had just said. It was official, Wynn liked him. He wasn’t sure if he was being played or not, but now Wynn really wanted to be around Bowe as well.

“I’ll have my legal team draw up a contract,” Wynn told him. “It will have all the things we talked about.”

Bowe smiled. “I’d like that.”

Then, after a little more small talk, Wynn left wanting to retain the psychological advantage of being the first to leave. Driving away, he did wish he had stayed a little longer, though. But, in the end, Wynn decided he would just set up something for him to see Bowe again soon.


Heading back into the office the next day, Wynn had his legal team draw up a contract giving Bowe 5% of voting stock. 1% would come from him and the rest would be divided among the others.

He was also sure to draw up the paperwork that guaranteed that the Bowe’s board votes would be legally bound to his own. Once Bowe returned the contract signed, Wynn decided to put it to the test.

If Bowe was going to be loyal to Wynn, Wynn needed proof and everyone else needed to see it as well. To that end, Wynn set up a board meeting to do something completely unnecessary except for the fact that it would send a message.

“I call a vote to censor Jim,” Wynn said leaning back in his plush, leather chair.

“What?” Jim asked caught off guard.

“You heard me. We’re gonna vote to censor you.”

“Censor me? What does that even mean?”

“It means that you will be legally prohibited from talking to the other board members about anything pertaining to this company,” Wynn said coldly.

“I don’t understand. What’s even the point of that? I’m here to offer you my professional advice, to help you further the success of the company. If you censor me, how am I going to do that?”

“You still have access to me. As always, I will listen to anything you have to say. You will simply be legally prohibited from talking to the other board members about anything pertaining to this company.”

“This is ridiculous. No one here is going to vote for that,” Jim said confidently.

“Well, I guess we’ll see,” Wynn said glancing over at Bowe.

“All those who vote nay,” Wynn said looking around the room.

Everyone but two hands went up, his and Bowe’s.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Jim asked confronting Bowe. “I brought you in here.”

“You brought me in here to help the company reach its greatest success. I believe the only way that can happen is by supporting the company’s founder. And if this is something that he thinks is necessary, I’ll back it.”

Hearing his words, Wynn received a rush that equaled few others in his life. Wynn would’ve understood if Bowe didn’t back him on this. It was petty and completely unnecessary. But knowing that Bowe was genuinely going to support any decision he made, gave Wynn a warm feeling that was unequaled to anything else he had experienced.

“All those who vote to censor Jim, raise your hand,” Wynn said confidently.

Bowe and Wynn both raised their hands.

“That looks like 55% of the voting shares. The motion has passed. Jim, from now on, you are restricted from talking to any of the other board members about anything pertaining to this company. Any advice that you have will be directed towards me and it will be in a private setting. Do you have any final words to the board?”

“Yeah, that this is bullshit. I don’t know what type of childish power game you’re playing, but this is no way to run your company.”

“Do you know what the most important thing you just said was? It was that it’s my company. It was me there in the beginning. I came up with the idea and then I wrote all of the code. It takes no special genius to write a check. And your money will not dictate what I do with my company,” Wynn explained feeling on top of the world.

“Meeting adjourned,” Wynn concluded before getting up and walking out.

Returning to his office, Wynn felt particularly powerful. Humiliating Jim had felt good. There was no question that Jim had been out to undermine him. Jim just saw this company as a line item in his quarterly report. In contrast, this company was Wynn’s whole life. He wasn’t sure who he would be without it.

Again seated behind his desk, Wynn had returned his attention to his computer when there was a knock on the door. He was expecting it to be Jim. It wasn’t.

“Hey,” Bowe told Wynn as he stepped inside.


“That was quite the meeting. Are they all going to be like that?”

“No, they’re not,” Wynn said with a reassuring smile. “We just had some leftover business to take care of. Everything moving forward should be a lot smoother.”

“That’s good to know. Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to go grab a drink.”

Wynn felt a rush hearing the suggestion. “Sure,” he replied casually. “When were you thinking?”

“When do you usually head out of here?”

“About seven.”

“Then, how about 7:30. We can go back to The Standard. I liked that place.”

“It works for me.”

“Then, I’ll see you there,” Bowe said with a smile before seeing himself out.

Although Wynn wouldn’t admit it, he didn’t get much work done after that. Bowe was a distracting mystery that Wynn really wanted to solve. Was Bowe everything he was pretending to be? And, what was up with him saying that he liked The Standard?

The Standard was pretty nearly a gay bar. Yes, there were certainly some beautiful women there. But something was telling Wynn that the beautiful women weren’t what was drawing Bowe’s interest.

Driving over later that night, Wynn couldn’t help but feel excited. What was happening between the two of them? Was this just Bowe doing his job as his advisor, or was it something else? Did Wynn even want it to be something else?

Wynn had had sex with a number of beautiful models. He wasn’t into guys. Yet, he couldn’t deny feeling something for Bowe. What he felt, he wasn’t sure. But, he definitely felt something.

Unlike the last time, Wynn was sure to arrive on time. It turned out, Bowe was already there. Engaged in a conversation with the familiar bartender, Bowe flashed a brilliant smile when he saw Wynn walk up. Wynn decided that it couldn’t be the response of someone who was just a work colleague.

“Hey, you made it. Do you want the same as last time?” Bowe asked him extending his hand.

“Sounds good. Do you remember what that is?”

Bowe tapped his temple. “Nick, get my friend here a vodka cranberry.”

Wynn was impressed. It was a small thing, but there was no way Wynn could tell Bowe what Bowe had drunk a few nights earlier. Wynn couldn’t even remember what he himself had ordered. Bowe was clearly a man who paid attention to details.

Nick, the bartender, made Wynn’s drink and handed it to him.

“To success,” Bowe suggested lifting his drink to cheers.

“To success,” Wynn agreed.

The two drank and then Wynn followed Bowe’s gaze back towards the pool.

“I guess people get shirtless day or night here,” Bowe observed.

“Well, it’s summer in LA and we are in Weho, so…”

“I guess. God love them,” Bowe joked.

Wynn laughed. “Yeah.”

“So, that meeting today… right?” Bowe said changing topics.

Wynn turned to Bowe who was still watching the beautiful bodies circle the pool.

“It was definitely something,” Wynn acknowledged.

“Was there something that happened with Jim that inspired that?” Bowe asked still not looking at him.

Not under the pressure of Bowe’s gaze, Wynn took a moment to think about it. There had been a number of things that had inspired it. Wynn considered if there were any he wanted to share.

“You know, this and that,” Wynn said vaguely.

“Well, it had to be something big. It was pretty clear that you were out to humiliate him.”

“Why would you say that?”

“I mean, with me there you knew you had the votes to do anything you wanted. But, even before me, you had 51% of the shares. You could have done it then if you wanted. Instead, you held a vote and made your positioning unquestioned. One can only describe that as a power-play.”

Wynn turned his attention towards the pool as well. “Yeah, maybe. But, he had it coming.”

“Why? Because he suggested adding me to the board?”

“To be honest, yeah. That wasn’t the only thing, of course. He’s been making moves against me for a while now. Every chance he gets, he’s been trying to turn the board against me. This way, that can’t happen.”

“You know that censor vote won’t stop him from talking to the rest of them, right?”

“I figured that.”

Wynn felt Bowe’s attention turn towards him. There was a pause. “So, you did it just to rub our agreement in his face.”

Wynn felt guilt having heard it said aloud. That was exactly what he had done. He had used Bowe to prove a point. Not wanting to reply but knowing that he had to, he turned back toward Bowe and stared silently.

“Okay,” Bowe acknowledged. “Fair enough. I told you that I would have your back and I always will. No matter what. But,” Wynn said changing his tone. “But, is that what you really wanted?”

“I did it, didn’t I? Of course it was what I wanted,” Wynn said feeling a little defensive.

“Okay, yes. It was what you wanted. Perhaps, instead, I should ask if the results of you doing that is what you wanted. How do you think the rest of the board now thinks of you? I assume you brought them on because you value their areas of expertise. Do you think they’re going to be willing to give you the dissenting opinions that you’ll need to hear moving forward? Do you think this move made your company stronger?”

Wynn looked away uncomfortably. He had already realized what Bowe was saying and it embarrassed him to hear it said aloud. Before he had done it, he had suspected that would be the result. And, as soon as he had done it, he had seen the fear in the rest of the board’s eyes.

His gesture was meant to be a warning shot across the bow. That wasn’t exactly how the board members had taken it. Seeing that, Wynn had questioned whether he should have been playing with guns in the first place.

“It is what it is, now,” Wynn concluded.

“You’re right, it is. But, the question is, why did you do it? Was it just because you could? Or, were you trying to prove a point?”

“I did it to make a point,” Wynn acknowledged.

“And here’s the $64,000 question. What point were you trying to make?”

Wynn turned to Bowe confused. Hadn’t they already gone over this? He had done it to prove to Jim that he wasn’t in control. But, maybe that wasn’t what Bowe was referring to. Maybe he was asking a deeper question.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“I’m suggesting that there could be something else that you were hoping to prove to everyone that had nothing to do with whether or not a minority shareholder could kick up a little dust.”

Wynn searched his mind and came up with nothing. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps some point you were hoping to make about yourself.”

It didn’t take long for something to come to Wynn’s mind after that. Much of Wynn’s life had been spent trying to prove a point. After everything he had dealt with with his father, he needed everyone to know that he was good enough. He belonged.

“And, what if there was something I was trying to prove. So what?” Wynn said again feeling defensive.

“So, nothing. We all have things we’re trying to prove to ourselves. I would personally be shocked if you didn’t. But, what I think is most important is for us not to let those personal demons get the best of us.”

“And, how do we do that?”

Bowe scrunched his face. “I don’t know. By first acknowledging it? Then, I guess, by trying to act differently.”

Wynn thought about that. He had been told to acknowledge it and then act differently. He understood the basics of what Bowe was saying, but what did that mean in practice? How differently should he act?

After an awkwardly long stretch of silence, Bowe changed the topic and the conversation turned to the other patrons. This was clearly Bowe trying to have a little fun, but Wynn couldn’t get his advice out of his head.

Instinctually, he felt that Bowe was correct. He had to start thinking and acting differently if he was going to take the company to where it had to go. How did change start, however? He wasn’t about to give up his Porsche and move to Tibet. But there had to be something in between that and nothing at all.

“I think that’s me,” Bowe said after an hour. “I need to head back to the wife. If I stay out too late, she’ll have my head on a platter.”

“I guess it’s clear who calls the shots in your household,” Wynn said using a smile to mask his disappointment from Bowe leaving.

“Oh, there’s no question. She calls the shots. And, the wife should always call the shots. You want a happy life? Then have a happy wife,” Bowe said as he got up, finished his drink, and then offered Wynn his hand.

“Think about what I said,” Bowe reminded him.

“I will. And, thank you,” Wynn said sincerely.

Wynn did continue to think about it. Having a second and then third drink, Wynn thought about it as he watched the hot gay boys frolic in the pool.

What would acting differently actually look like for him? What if he walked over to the hottest guy there and invited him home? That would be different. The question was, though, was that the type of different that Bowe was referring to?

Deciding against sex with some hot dude, Wynn decided to text April. He hadn’t really been in contact with her since they had gotten back from Santa Barbara. April was great for a good time, but Wynn had to acknowledge that it wasn’t much more to her than that.

A good time, however, was exactly what Wynn needed tonight. Getting her to meet him at his place in an hour, Wynn sipped on the last of his drink and thought about Bowe a little further.

He really did like Bowe. Nothing he had said tonight had diminished that. Had Bowe criticized him? Perhaps. And that might have set Wynn off if it had been said in any other way. But Wynn had said it so inoffensively. How could Wynn do anything but respect Bowe’s advice?

Heading home, Wynn realized one thing that he wished would be different. How great would it be to be going home to Bowe instead of April? Wynn decided that he didn’t mean it in a gay way. It was more in a big brother sort of way, although that relationship didn’t feel right either.

What role was Bowe starting to play in Wynn’s life? It felt unrecognizable to him. Wynn was beginning to trust him implicitly. He wanted to make Bowe feel proud of him. And, if he was going to admit it, it might also feel good to feel Bowe’s arms wrapped around him.

It was as Wynn imagined being intimate with Bowe that he arrived home. The lights were on. Having given April the passcode, Wynn knew that she was already there.

Wynn was familiar with this routine. If April was there, she was upstairs in the bedroom. Still feeling the effects of his three drinks, Wynn charged up the stairs to collect his prize.

April was right where he thought she would be. Kneeling on the bed with her legs spread, she was naked minus an open kimono. She looked like every boy’s fantasy. Peeling off his shirt and quickly climbing out of his pants, Wynn crossed the room and pressed his naked body against hers.

Slipping his hand inside her robe, he pulled her lips towards his. Meeting her parted lips with his own, he twirled his tongue around hers and allowed the sensation to warm him.

Feeling her erect nipples against his chest, he reached down grabbing the inside of her thigh. Squeezing it, she jolted as if hit by electricity. Gently gliding his fingertips upwards, they came to rest on her swollen pussy lips and damp flesh.

Finding her hole and slipping his finger in, Wynn’s cock grew hard. As it did, he rubbed it against her clit. She moaned. Allowing it to drive him further, he reached down so that he could insert himself knuckle deep while gripping the back of her neck.

He had full control of her now and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She didn’t want to resist, though. She instead became putty in his hands.

Growing harder and harder, he allowed his cock to spring up and take its place between the two of them. Thrusting the shaft of his thick manhood against her belly, he pulled her backwards until he released her and she fell onto the bed.

Staring down at the beautiful woman beneath him, he grabbed her long legs and pushed them onto her chest. With one hand rolling her hips up, he used the other to grip his dick. Stroking the head of it against her protruding button, he teased it until he followed the lines of flesh to her wanton hole.

It was then that Wynn closed his eyes. He wanted to feel every sensation as he pushed inside of her. He wanted to feel her as she felt him, and he wanted to imagine it as he did.

Pulling her apart as he pushed into her, she groaned. It was a screeching chitter. Her high voice was that of a delicate model being overcome by an oversized cock. That wasn’t what he wanted at this moment, however. So, blocking her out, he instead imagined he was hearing the low tones of a man. Hearing the bellow in his mind, turned Wynn on even more.

It had been a while since Wynn had been this aroused. Why that was, he wasn’t sure. But hidden within the folds of his own imagination, he was willing to explore further.

Exchanging the woman underneath him for the hottest guy from beside the pool, Wynn allowed himself to imagine what the man’s body would feel like. It would be hard. With the dark-skinned man’s rippling abs underneath him, Wynn pushed his hand along them feeling every ridge. It made Wynn fuck harder. And when April’s high-pitched screeches penetrated his fantasies again, he stopped, flipped her onto her hands and knees, and climbed behind her fucking her again.

Now picturing the dark-skinned man in her place didn’t seem right. It was hotter than reality, but Wynn knew that his fantasy hadn’t topped out. Replacing the dark-skinned man with the blonde he had been standing next to, Wynn tested the image. Slapping his thighs against the new guy’s ass felt good. But still, Wynn needed more.

Wynn put one guy after another in April’s place. Soon there was only one man left who Wynn hadn’t tried. He had thought of him from the beginning but hadn’t done it. Why? He wasn’t sure. It was the obvious man. And, when Wynn finally tested it and he felt Bowe’s body within his grip, Wynn realized what had been missing from his life for so long.

Moving his hand over Bowe’s body, Wynn slammed his cock into Bowe’s ass. It felt so good. It was more than just the thrill of it. It wasn’t just about another hard body. His heart ached as he fucked Bowe’s imaginary form and sank his fingertips into his soft flesh. It was no time at all until pulses of electricity shot up Wynn’s inner thigh tightening his balls and ejecting a firehose of cum into Bow’s tight ass.

Wynn’s orgasm was intense. Needing to latch his chest onto Bowe’s back, he gripped his thin body as his manhood frantically flinched. It was like it wouldn’t stop. As soon as it slowed down, it would begin again.

It was not until Wynn released Bowe’s image that his body started to calm. He hadn’t been fucking Bowe, he had been fucking April and the disappointment of it told Wynn the change he needed to make in his life. Bowe was right. He needed to act differently and he knew what the first different thing had to be.

When Wynn got into work the next day, he scheduled everything around being able to make a phone call at noon.

“Hey, Bowe, it was a good talk last night,” Wynn nervously told Bowe over the phone.

“Yeah, it was,” Bowe agreed.

“I was wondering if you wanted to join me for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t.”

A wrenching pain rifled across Wynn’s chest hearing Bowe’s words. “You can’t? What? Do you have a big date?” Wynn asked trying to play off his disappointment.

“Yeah, I don’t know how much the wife would like that,” Bowe said jokingly. “No, actually, I’ve decided to start training for a half marathon. Tonight’s the first training session.”

Wynn’s disappointment suddenly turned to intrigue. “You’re running a marathon?”

“It’s a half marathon. And I’m hoping to run it.”

Wynn’s mind swirled with possibilities. “You know, I’ve always considered running a marathon,” he said sincerely.

“Oh, then you should join me. Come on, we could do this together,” Bowe said enthusiastically.

Wynn sat silently considering it. This was a far cry from having dinner together, but it wasn’t something outside the realm of possibility. Besides, wouldn’t this be an example of acting differently?

“You know what? Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll join you tonight. Just text me when and where.”

Although this hadn’t been what he was expecting, his new plans for the night opened up more possibilities than what he had imagined. Needing to get some running gear, Wynn rescheduled a few of his meetings and took the rest of the day off. With new trainers and the highest tech running apparel available, Wynn met Bowe at the gathering spot and prepared to spend the next two hours in deep conversation with the man he was quickly falling for.

Spotting him talking to a group, Wynn headed over. When Bowe saw him, Bowe’s face lit up. It could not have made Wynn feel better.

“Wynn, I’m so glad you made it. By the way, this is my wife, Valerie,” Bowe said placing his hand on the shoulder of the woman next to him.

Although he did his best to hide it, Wynn’s heart dropped staring into the eyes of Bowe’s love. She was not what Wynn was expecting her to be. From what Bowe had said about her, Wynn had expected a superficial model type. She wasn’t. In fact, she was mostly curves.

There was no doubt that she was attractive and Wynn could see why Bowe would like her, but she was nothing like he would’ve pictured for someone as successful as Bowe. Wasn’t having a skinny model on your arm one of the requirements of being successful?

Wynn considered if that idea was another thing he would have to think differently about. But, in the meantime, Wynn was going to have to say something before the silence became too awkward.

“Nice to meet you,” Wynn said offering her his hand.

“Yeah, the same. Bowe talks about you so much I was wondering if you two were boyfriends or something,” she said with a heartless chill in her voice.