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MMF Bisexual Erotica

While My Family Sleeps & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3 & Audiobook; Book 4 & Audiobook; Book 1-4 & Paperback & Audiobook
Dangerous Daddy's Double Team & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3 & Audiobook; Book 4 & Audiobook; Book 1-4 & Audiobook
Black Magic Double Team & Audiobook


What the Sheikh Wants
Book 2 & Paperback & Audiobook; What the Billionaire Wants & Paperback & Audiobook
To Please The Billionaire & Audiobook
Serving the Billionaire & Audiobook
Rescued by the Billionaire & Audiobook
Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set & Paperback & Audiobook
Bred for the Sheikh's Heir & Audiobook; Book 2; Book 3; Book 3; Book 4; Book 5; Book 6
Bred for the Prince’s Heir & Audiobook
Bred for the Dictator’s Heir
Bred for the Billionaire's Heir & Audiobook
Breathless for the Dancer & Audiobook
Billionaire Dreams
At Their Pleasure: Dominated by the Billionaire and the Bad Boy; Book 2; Book 3
As the Rock Star Desires & Paperback; As the Bad Boy, Billionaire & Fireman Desire & Paperback
As My Rock Star Desires; As My Bad Boy Desires; As My Billionaire Desires; As My Fireman Desires; As My Cowboy Desires
As He Desires & Audiobook

M/M Daddy/Twin Stories

Twin-cest & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3 & Audiobook; Book 4 & Audiobook; Book 1-4
His Bad Boy; Book 2
Dangerous Daddy's Bad Boy & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3 & Audiobook; Book 4 & Audiobook; Book 1-4 & Audiobook

Erotic Romance

The Billionaire's Indecent Proposal & Audiobook


Submitting Her Curves
Submission & Paperback
Spanking Her Curves & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3; Book 4; Book 1-4 & Paperback
He Makes Me; He Makes Me
Dominating Her Curves & Audiobook

Daddy/Mommy Stories

Mommy’s Big Boy & Audiobook; Book 2; Book 3; Book 4; Book 1-4
His Bad Girl; Book 2
Her Big Boy; Book 2
Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl: Mile High Club & Audiobook; Book 2; Book 3 & Audiobook; Book 4; Book 1-4


His Wolf Likes Her Curves

Box Sets

Forbidden Feelings


Dark Desires: The Secret Sexual Lusts of Black Men & Audiobook

Romantic Comedy

Cupid's Touch

M/M Erotic Romance

Baby Boys
Baby Boy 1: Sacrificed; Book 2; Book 3; Book 4; Book 1-4
Aladdin and His Prince Charming: The Dragon’s Den & Audiobook
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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl 1-4’:

Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl 1-4
(Daddy/Mommy Stories)
Alex Anders

Four stories where hot, lustful 18-year-old girls become entangled in heart pounding adventures while trying to seduce their dangerous and sexy new daddies.


Dangerous Daddy’s Bad Girl: Mile High Club

Fox, a breathtaking 19-year-old girl, throws her clothes out of the plane during her skydiving lesson inviting Hunter, her new daddy, to join the Mile High Club. But when her daddy reacts with rage towards the nubile beauty, she is trapped 6000 feet in the air with sexy man that threatens to toss her out of the plane unless she does everything he says.


Dangerous Daddy’s Bad Girl 2: Porno For Pyros

Faith, an 18-year-old pyromaniac sets fire to her childhood home and waits for Chase, her new fireman daddy, to rescue her. Sitting naked in a red chair in the middle of an empty white room as the building burns, she attempts to seduce her sexy, muscular daddy before the fire consumes them both.


Dangerous Daddy’s Bad Girl 3: Sex with Sharks

Kristen finds herself incontrollable turned on by the scary danger of sharks. So when the luscious, lean 18-year-old bad girl meets, Brander, her sexy new shark diver stepdad, she can’t keep her eyes or hands off of him. And when she goes on her first shark dive in the Bahamas with her loins throbbing and her island daddy in her sights, a patrolling 12-foot hammerhead is the only thing that could stop her from getting everything she ever dreamed of, even with her sexy brother lurking suspiciously on the surface.


Dangerous Daddy’s Bad Girl 4: Bear Back Virgin

Since Celine was a child, she held her stuff bears between her legs and imagined naughty things. Now that she is 18-years-old and Christian, her ruggedly sexy new daddy, is the ranger at a bear statuary, she has a plan to lose her virginity bear back with the hottest man she knows. The only problem is that on top of seducing him, she will have to figure out how to do it without getting eaten by all of the hungry bears. An adventure ensues.


Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl 1-4

Gripping onto the back of her underwear, he eased them down over her rounded ass. Lifting her legs into the air, he pushed them up her legs allowing them to sit on the bottom of her feet. Celine, then taking it between her toes, stretched one leg out and dropped it onto the ground giving her daddy a full view of her little girl pussy. It was shaved and as pink as a bloomed rose.


Christian extended his tongue and touched the bean that pushed through her swollen flesh. Celine reacted with delight.




Feeling encouraged he pressed his tongue against her harder. And when her body went stiff, he let go her legs to spread apart her pussy lips.


“You're a virgin!” Christian said in surprise.


Getting up onto his elbows, he stared down at Celine's face which blushed in reply.


“You're beautiful!” Christian admitted filling with warmth.


With Celine's face turning a bright red, Christian lowered his head into her crotch. Licking on the area just outside her clit, he teased her. Tracing his tongue in for a second before trailing it back out made her tingle. And circling his tongue around the outside of her lips made her moan.


“More!” She begged not knowing what to ask for.


Christian, taking his time, brushed his tongue over her swollen lips making her pussy tremble. And after a few strokes made her chest heave, he pushed in. Pushing the sides of his tongue along either wall of her hole, Celine threw her arms back and gripped onto the bear's fur. As the full impact of his lapping took hold, she writhed with pleasure.


“Oh, fuck me!” She moaned not knowing what it was that she truly wanted. “Fuck me, please!”


Christian, who wasn't done with her trembling body, pulled his tongue out of her crevice. And before getting too far above her crotch, swung back down attacking her clit with abandon.


“Ohhh!” She screamed to the roaring replies of the bears circling outside. “Oh please!” She begged still unsure of what she was begging for.

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