Fox quickly unbuckled her parachute. With her eyes focused on the cockpit door she stepped out of the leg straps and let the harness fall onto the side of the plane. Balancing herself as the small plane hit turbulence, she grabbed hold of the hand rails and gazed out the open door at the ground very far below.

Taking a slow count to three, she took a deep breath then returned her attention to the cockpit door. Placing her delicate fingers on the jumpsuit zipper she took one last moment to think about it, then with a rush of adrenaline that made her pussy tingle, she pulled down her zipper revealing her beautiful, naked 19-year-old body underneath.

 Stepping out of her suit, she removed her shoes and bunched the suit into one hand. Returning her gaze to the plane’s open door, she reached up gripping the bars across the ceiling until she had guided her hairless naked body to it.

“What are you doing?” Hunter yelled over the sound of the engine and rushing wind.

Fox looked up at her sexy new daddy, who like herself moments ago, was wearing a parachute. Holding onto the door handle, Fox extended her hand with the jumpsuit out of the plane. With surprising pressure, the turbulence stripped the suit from her hand and when it was gone, she looked back at Hunter with a smile.

“What the fuck did you just do?”

“You want to join the Mile High Club?” Fox screamed feeling flush all over.

Hunter looked at his naked 19 year-old daughter. She was sexy as fuck. Her firm creamy C cups sat on her chest like they had been chiseled from marble. The line down the center of her lean torso continued onto her young taut stomach; and her round hips pointed to a shaved pussy whose swollen lips were obvious from even where he stood. Hunter had always found her to be one of the hottest girls he had ever seen and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was his new daughter, he would have fucked her long ago.

“Get away from the door and put on your clothes,” Hunter demanded.

“How can I, I just threw them out the plane,” Fox replied with a smile.

Hunter felt something boiling up from inside. The pilot of the plane was his brother-in-law, Fox’s uncle. And if he saw his niece naked, he knew that the questions and fallout from it would destroy his life.

“Put on your fucking clothes!” Hunter yelled over the sound of the rumbling engine.

“I can’t. I don’t have any,” she retorted still finding the whole situation titillatingly amusing.

Fox had been drawn to her hot daddy the minute that her mother brought him home. His four day stubble face, dark wavy hair and broad manly chest would make her teenaged tits and pink pussy rise to attention. His refined features and piercing brown eyes had a dark sensuality about him that she couldn’t explain. And she would secretly watch Hunter for hours trying to figure out his mystery, rubbing herself to orgasm every time she did.

Fox was content to watch but not touch until one day while walking by her parent’s bedroom, she heard her hot daddy fucking her mom. In an instant Fox was filled with jealousy that she couldn’t shake. It was one thing to accept in theory that her mom fucked him, but hearing it for the first time, she immediately decided that if her mom could have him, then she had to as well.

That’s when she started walking around the house in just her panties and bra when she knew that Hunter would be home alone. She could feel her daddy staring at her and from that she knew that she just needed one big gesture to get him to crack.

Fox knew that her daddy had one obsession, he couldn’t get enough of jumping out of planes. He was an instructor on the weekends and he would go out at least three times a week otherwise. That was part of the appeal that he had, he had bruting darkness that could only be quenched by the rush of possible death. Fox loved this about him and that is why she chose a plane to make her grand move.

Hearing about the Mile High Club where people had sex in a plane, she knew that she had to offer her daddy an invite. And requesting a private skydiving lesson seemed to be the best way to put all of the parts in place.

“Where’s your fucking clothes?” Hunter screamed with venom.

“Floating down to earth about now,” she said still incredibly turned on. “Why don’t you lose yours and see where it goes?”

Hunter looked at the naked creature in front of him. Her thin fit body was everything he was ever attracted to and the boldness it took to strip down to nothing in a moving plane drove him wild. But instead of running over and fucking the shit out of his daughter, he looked back at the cockpit door.

Hunter knew that he had a temper, a dangerous temper. And he knew that his jumps were the only thing that gave him enough room to pretend to be the responsible husband at home. But now with Fox fucking with his release valve by bringing temptation to his temple, Hunter got very angry.

“Put on your fucking parachute. You can’t stand in an open plane without a parachute,” he bellowed.