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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘The Muse’:

The Muse
(MMF Bisexual Romance)
A. Anders

A billionaire businessman and a brilliant artist meet a wild, curvy girl and get their lives turned upside down as they all fall in love. Whirlwind romance, mind-blowing sex, emotional-fulfillment, and humor follow… with a catch

Everyone is supposed to have big dreams and that is exactly what Cara Reeder has. As the sales person for her family’s small Boston brewery, she decides that she is going to get their beer into the largest resort in the Bahamas. Does it hurt that it’s freezing in Boston and this curvy girl just bought a new bikini? It doesn’t.


But, always the professional, Cara arrives on the island and gets right to business. It’s not her fault that that business is as a muse for an insanely good-looking clothing designer? Now, the hot sex they’re having, that is partially Cara’s fault. And the entanglement that develops between her, the clothing designer, and the designer’s hot business partner, well, that might be Cara’s fault too… especially when their relationship gets very complicated.



Mars Templer has a problem. A few months earlier he started a clothing company with a hot billionaire. That’s not the problem. The problem is that right after signing the contract, this clothing designer got the worst creative block of his life. Joining his business partner on a trip to the Bahamas, he finds inspiration. It’s in a fearless and sexy, curvy girl named Cara. Will Cara complicate his emerging relationship with his business partner? Will this wild girl inspire more in him than he bargained for?

Brik Evander knows how to build the greatest resorts in the world, but after meeting a gorgeous clothing designer, Brik is inspired to build something new, a clothing company. Too bad that as soon as he signs the papers, his designer gets the worst creative block of his life. Desperate to help, Brik discovers someone who seems to clear his designer’s block. It’s a curvy beer distributor visiting his resort. Is it a good idea to hire her as a muse for his struggling clothing designer? And, if he does hire her, will she inspire feelings for Mars that Brik didn’t know he had?


Steamy nights, wild island adventures and heart-felt moments follow as they all fall for one another in this funny MMF bisexual romance.  


‘The Muse’ is a very steamy, very funny, ultra-high heat standalone bisexual menage romance with explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes. Contains a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!


The Muse

Brik Evander looked across the 30 feet that separated him from all of his dreams. It may as well have been a million miles. Although he had defied the odds and had gotten a job in exactly the hotel that he wanted, he was working behind the front desk. Where he needed to be was the concierge stand.


Brik had big dreams but he grew up poor. Most dreams didn’t require money to be fulfilled. But Brik always saw himself as the owner of hotels. Not only did that require money, but it required a shit ton of it. With no family contacts and no membership to a fancy country club, he knew his only opportunity to meet an investor who would have the type of money he would need, would be to impress one by miraculously fulfilling their needs.


It wasn’t, perhaps, the best plan in the world, but Brik was proud of it. Being a concierge at a Las Vegas hotel would put him in constant contact with the richest of the rich. And if he could impress any of them enough for them to remember his name, he might gain an open door to present them with a sure fire hotel success.


There were, however, a lot of obstacles that stood in the way of that. Sure, he was in a hotel with the richest of the rich constantly flowing through it. But there were two guys who already worked at the concierge desk. Both never seemed to take any time off. And both had to be thirty years older than him.


Brik was twenty-two. Only a few months earlier he had graduated from college. And as much as he implored his manager to give him a shot as a concierge, even Brik had to admit that he didn’t have enough knowledge of Vegas, or of life, to handle the outrageous requests that the superrich would sometimes make.


So, until he got his opportunity, Brik stood behind his desk, serviced everyone with a smile, and made copious notes on those who could be a good investor.


“Welcome to the Four Queens hotel,” Brik said as a couple approached.


Brik watched as the well-built, good-looking man stepped forward.


“Yes. Checking in. The name is Romero,” the man said coldly.


Brik took a second to determine the wealth of the man. His thick dark hair, perfectly manicured eyebrows, his well-tailored clothes, and his expensive watch told Brik that this was someone to take note of. Not only that, he immediately struck Brik as being a little needy. This unquestionably wealthy man was sure to make use of the concierge’s services. And, if, by chance, Brik was standing there and picked up the phone, he wanted to remember as many details about the man as possible.


Looking down, Brik typed on his keyboard. “That’s two under the name Roberto Romero?”


“That’s correct,” the good-looking older man said crisply.


“Mr. Romero, you have our penthouse booked. It looks like it has been prepared with your special requests. And here is the key to both the elevator and your room,” Brik said as he handed the man the penthouse room key.


Taking the key without another word, the good-looking man turned away and headed towards the elevator. Brik made note of everything he saw. There was a much younger woman with him. She wasn’t one of those stick thin models, and although it was barely 50° outside, the woman was wearing a fur coat.


Brik also made note of the luggage. It was a Gucci. His luggage cost more than Brik made in a year. And what was clearer than anything else, was just how well Roberto Romero was put together. The man had style oozing off of him.


When the couple was out of sight, Brik turned his attention back towards his computer. One of the reasons the hotel had hired him was that they had recently gotten connected to the Internet. Brik had heard about the internet in college and had become fascinated. The conversations he had with a couple of his classmates who were in computer classes had paid off. Being the only one the hotel interviewed who knew what Yahoo was had gotten Brik the job.


Brik flipped the switch for the modem. Listening to it go through its bings and hissing noises, he wondered if he would luck out this time. Most of the people he searched for on the Internet weren’t there. But, every so often he would get lucky. If he gathered some type of insight from whatever was online, he might be able to impress him. And in spite of how experienced Daniel and Clive were as a concierge, they couldn’t know everything about everyone. At least, not being the dinosaurs that the two men were.


After typing Roberto Romero into Yahoo, Brik hit the return button and waited. He was still amazed by the whole process. With a few keystrokes, he could search the three largest newspapers in the United States. It was like having the entire microfiche collection of the New York Times at his fingertips. Okay, perhaps it didn’t have every article they ever printed, or even a single article before 1985. But it was still very impressive.


In less than a minute, Brik’s results appeared in front of him. Roberto Romero was the clothing designer for one of the largest clothing brands in the world. Past that, he was also one of the owners. The article estimated his wealth at $50 million. Brik could barely conceive of such large numbers. How could a clothing designer be worth so much money?


Brik pulled out his pocket-sized spiral notebook and jotted down anything that seemed important. After that, he pulled up the special request that the good-looking man had made for his room. He had requested a lot of cloth samples in various sizes. He would be staying at the hotel for four weeks and it seemed to Brik that Roberto was making this a working vacation.


This was all very interesting and held some potential for Brik. But the problem still remained, he had 30 feet that separated him from his goal. Brik needed to be at the concierge desk. If he couldn’t be there when Roberto Romero called down, all of the insight he had gathered on the very tanned, Italian designer would go to waste.


“No, Brik,” Clive said when he saw Brik approaching him.


“No? You don’t even know what I was going to say.”


Clive adjusted the lapel of his tailored dark suit. “Fine. What is it?”


“I was going to ask you how you were,” Brik explained.


“I’m fine, thank you. What can I do for you?”


“You can let me work here. Just allow me to pick up a couple of shifts. I won’t let you down. I promise.”


“How many times do I have to tell you this? This isn’t a job for everyone,” Clive explained. “If you knew the things that we have to do.”


“What? Find prostitutes? Sneak people’s lovers out of the hotel without anyone getting a picture of them? Find people “party favors?” What are we talking about? Because I’m ready for any of it,” Brik assured him.


Clive looked at Brik’s young face. His light blonde hair and sharp features made him strikingly good-looking, if not innocent looking. But, was he innocent?


“So, you’re trying to say that if someone did call down for something like that, you would be able to acquire it?”


“I wouldn’t be asking you for the job if I couldn’t,” he lied.


“But, you know there’s a lot more to dealing with this hotel’s clientele then getting hard to find items. You have to know how to interact with them, how to cater to them, their whims.”


“You have to know how to kiss their ass. I know. I’ve been kissing people’s asses my whole life. The only difference would be that now I would be getting paid for it.”


Clive looked at his young charge again. After a moment, his eyes wandered onto the colorful walls of the 1960s era casino.


“There might be one day that you can help me out with,” Clive said reluctantly.


“Really? That’s amazing. When is it? I’ll take any time. You want me here at 4 o’clock in the morning, I’m here.”


“Nothing quite like that. Daniel is out on vacation, as I’m guessing you already know.”


Brik smiled. “I might’ve heard something about that.”


“Indeed. I have been scheduled to do double shifts covering for him. Usually it wouldn’t be a problem, however, my wife and I just had twins.”


Brik had to hide his surprise from finding out the Clive had twins. He probably should’ve known that. Just like he should’ve known that he was married. Brik didn’t know any of this.


“Of course. Go on,” Brik encouraged.


“The babies have been teething and I’ve been growing in concern that my wife might murder somebody, mainly me. If you can cover a day, it might be helpful.”


“Just one day? Don’t worry about it. Please, be with your wife and kids. They’re only gonna be young once, you know? Go spend time with them,” Brik insisted.


“You know I’m not talking about today, right?”


“No. Of course not,” Brik said thinking he was.


“But, I was thinking, perhaps tomorrow? From 9 AM to six?”


“That would be perfect. And if you need me to stay longer, I’m here.”


“No, I just need one day to show my wife that I haven’t abandoned her. And, you’re not scheduled at the front desk tomorrow?”


“Luckily, I happen to have the day off,” Brik concluded with a smile.


Brik didn’t have the day off. Walking back to his desk on top of the world, he knew what he had to do next.


“Please, Maria. Please, please, I’ll do anything. Just cover for me for tomorrow,” Brik begged.


“I told you, Brik, it’s my college roommates wedding tomorrow. I’ve been talking about it for the past month. There is no way you could have forgotten,” the heavyset Latina said.


“I know. And I certainly wouldn’t be asking for this if it wasn’t really important. It’s life or death.”


“What? Are you going to a doctor’s appointment or something?”


Brik looked at Maria giving her his most adorable look. “I’ll be working at the concierge stand.”


“Wait? So you want me to cover your shift so that you could stand around pretending to be Clive for a day?”


“No, you don’t understand. This is my opportunity to get my foot in the door. If I cover tomorrow, he might give me another. This could be the beginning of something big,” Brik said trying to contain his excitement.


“I still don’t get why you want to be a concierge so badly. How is that any different from working here?”


“It’s who you get to meet.”


“You can meet the same people here,” Maria pointed out.


“But you develop different relationships with them. You’re just going to have to trust me on this. It’s different. And it’s a big deal. Anything you want, Maria. Just name it and it’s yours.”


Hearing that, Maria blushed. “Well, I did hear that there was an upcoming Michael Jackson concert coming to Vegas. It might be nice to see that with you.”


Brik again fought to contain his surprise. Was Maria asking him for a date? He was sure that she was. He would never have expected that.


“You got it. A Michael Jackson concert it is. I’ll have to figure out how to get tickets. I’m sure it’s already sold out. But, leave it up to me. I’ll get it taken care of and I’ll take you to the concert,” he said with a smile.


The next day as Brik stood excitedly behind his stand, what became clear to him first was just how boring being a concierge was. Brik smiled at everyone walking by, but most barely acknowledged his existence. He was, of course, use to that from working behind the front desk. But now being posted in the middle of the lobby, his being ignored was pretty hard to miss.


The phone did ring a few times, but the only requests made were for taxis. There was no way he was going to land his big investor if this was all he was ever going to do. At the same time, though, he didn’t have any better ideas.


It wasn’t until Brik was about to pack up for the day when the red light went off on the phone in front of him. Brik knew what that meant. The red light indicated that the call was coming from the VIP in the penthouse suite. This was it. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for.


Immediately, Brik couldn’t breathe. Upon the second ring, he realized he should be doing something and then remembered the notepad in his inside jacket pocket. Barely able to remember anything, he scrambled to retrieve it and found his notes on the resident.


“Good evening, Mr. Romero,” Brik said forcing himself to speak with confidence.


“Yes. I’m looking for something that might be a little hard to find,” Mr. Romero said not acknowledging Brik at all.


“I’m sure it’s not a problem. What can I get for you?”


Brik took the momentary silence between the two men to breathe. His heart was racing a mile a minute. He could feel the heat wafting from him. Clutching the pedestal was all he could do to steady himself and not teeter over.


“I need a Pantone swatch. You know what that is?” Mr. Romero asked indignantly.


Brik heard the request and thought about it unsure how to respond. He had no idea what a Pantone swatch was. Was he supposed to know? Would Clive have known? Brik could reply that he did and then ask around, or he could just admit his ignorance and risk Mr. Romero thinking less of him.


After a moment of soul-searching, Brik took a breath and responded.


“No, I’m sorry. What is a Pantone swatch?” He said hoping he hadn’t ruined everything.


“Do you know what a swatch is?”


Brik searched his mind. “Yes, isn’t a swatch a lot of different types of cloth?” He said remembering that Roberto Romero was a clothing designer.


The man on the other end of the phone sounded impressed. “You’re right. That is what a swatch is. But Pantone is a company that makes color dyes. So a Pantone swatch is something that the company releases so that a clothing designer can choose the color they would like to use.”


“Oh. I see. That makes sense,” Brik replied genuinely interested.


“So, do you think you can find me one?”


“Absolutely,” Brik said desperately hoping that he could.


“Then I need it as soon as I can get it. The sooner the better,” Mr. Romero said before abruptly hanging up.


Brik listened to the dial tone as he considered what he had just done. This was the opportunity he had wanted. He had it. Now what? Where was he supposed to find a Pantone swatch at 6 o’clock at night?


Brik panned the lobby looking for anything that could help. Nothing came to him until he saw Maria standing behind the computer at the front desk. Maria couldn’t help, but he knew what could. It was the same thing that had told him who Roberto Romero was.


Gathering himself, Brik hurried across the lobby. Entering the door that led behind the front desk, he was greeted by his blushing coworker.


“How did your day go?” Maria asked enthusiastically.


“I don’t know. It’s still going. Do you mind if I use the computer to get on the Internet?”


“Sure. Which reminds me, you promised to teach me how to use it.”


“You’re right. And I may as well start showing you right now.”


Brik stepped in front of the computer and started typing. In moments, the now familiar buzzes and hisses came from the modem behind them. When it was on, Brik walked Maria through opening up Yahoo. With its homepage in front of the two of them, Brik typed in the words ‘Pantone swatch’ crossing his fingers that something would come up.


“What’s a Pantone swatch?” Maria asked reading the screen.


“It’s something that the resident in the penthouse needs. I’m trying to figure out what it is myself.”


“And how is the Internet supposed to help you do that?” Maria asked confused.


“I’m hoping that the New York Times has mentioned it in a story at some point.”


Brik and Maria stared at the screen as the search results slowly revealed itself to them. The New York Times hadn’t appeared as an option. There was only one link and it was for a company named Amazon.com.


Maria leaned in getting a better look. “What is Amazon.com?”


“Some South American company, maybe,” Brik suggested. “But once you find a link that’s related to your search term, you just click on the blue part and it takes you to their webpage,” he explained.


“What’s a webpage?”


“It’s sort of like a newspaper, but you can read it on a computer screen.”


“Okay. So, the Internet is like a network of resources that you can access on your computer?” Maria asked putting it all together.


“No. It’s a newspaper,” Brik insisted not knowing what Maria was talking about.


What eventually appeared in front of them, though, surprised them both.


“Okay,” Brik acknowledged. “I guess Amazon.com is some type of store. Have you ever heard of them?”


“Isn’t it a river in South America?” Maria asked confused.


“That’s what I thought,” he said before reading the screen. “It’s a bookstore. Okay, this could help.”


“What’s that? ‘Uncoated Chips: Pantone color specifier’. It looks like some type of book.”


“Yeah, it does.” Brik read the description. “Oh, wait. Pantone makes wall paint as well. We have an entire maintenance department at the hotel. They’ve gotta be doing a lot of painting, right?”


“I would guess,” Maria admitted.


“Do you think they’ve left for the day?”


Without being asked, Maria picked up the phone and called maintenance. “Hello? Yes, I was hoping you can help me find something.” Maria paused as she listened to the man’s response. “Can you hold on one moment, please,” she said handing the phone to Brik.


“Hi. This is Brik Evander at the concierge desk. We have a very important client who is looking for a Pantone swatch. You all wouldn’t happen to have one down there, would you?”


Brik held his breath as the older gentleman processed Brik’s request. “We should have one somewhere. I’d have to look around for you. I can do that for you in the morning if you want.”


Brik’s heart dropped. “No, you don’t understand. This is for one of our VIPs. He can’t wait for the morning. He needs to get it as soon as possible.”


The older man sighed as he considered how long it would take him to find it. “If you called down ten minutes ago this wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve got somewhere important I need to be.”


“And I appreciate that. I promise I’ll make it up to you. I just need you to do this one thing for me tonight. It’s really important. Life or death.”


Brik wasn’t sure if it was life or death important, but it sure sounded good.


“Life or death, huh,” the older man said not believing Brik. “Well, if it’s that important, let me see what I can do.”


“Thank you!” Brik said relieved. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be right down.”


Brik hung up the phone and turned to Maria. “He thinks he has one.” Brik grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her cheek. “Thank you for the help. We’re gonna have so much fun at that concert,” he told her.


Maria smiled. “We better. I missed my roommate’s wedding for it.”


“So much fun!” Brik emphasized as he exited the front desk and headed for the elevators.


The older black man searched through the hotel’s painting supplies as Brik watched impatiently.


“I called the senior manager and he said it should be here somewhere,” the older man explained.


“I so appreciate you doing this. I can’t tell you how important this is.”


“Yeah, I know. It’s life or death,” the older man said looking back at Brik with cheerful suspicion.


When the man looked back at the supplies, he found it. “Here. Is this what you were looking for?”


Brik took the swatch from the old man and looked at it. It’s definitely was a swatch and it did have the brand name Pantone on it. “I think it is. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for this. Thank you!” Brik said genuinely grateful.


With the Pantone swatch now in hand, Brik returned to the elevators this time headed for the penthouse. He couldn’t believe it. What were the odds that he could satisfy Mr. Romero’s request in less than an hour?


He was sure that Clive wouldn’t have been able to do that. Not at 6 o’clock at night. Clive wouldn’t have been able to figure out what it was much less catch the maintenance department before it closed.


It was as Brik congratulated himself that the elevator doors opened onto the penthouse suite. Brik froze. The elevator hadn’t opened onto a hallway, it literally opened onto a foyer. He was inside the penthouse itself. He had made a horrible error.


Brik’s heart raced as he looked around seeing the residences’ personal affects. In essence, he had opened someone’s room without even knocking. What the hell was he thinking? He absolutely should’ve called first.


Still frozen in terror, Brik sweat as he auctioned off his firstborn child to whichever God would close the elevator doors before anyone saw him. It became clear that no God wanted his child when a partially dressed woman walked past the open elevator door.


“Can I help you?” The younger, curvy woman said staring confused at Brik.


It was then that the elevator doors started to close. Brik had to make a decision. Either he was going to try to escape and pretend like none of this had ever happened, or he was going to just go with it and hope he still had a job in the morning.


‘Ah hell!’ He thought before sticking his hands in the door preventing it from closing. “Hi, I’m from the concierge desk. Mr. Romero called downstairs for a Pantone swatch.”


“Wait, you found one?” The woman asked surprised.


“Of course,” Brik said with more confidence than he felt. “We at the Four Queens concierge desk are committed to finding you anything you need no matter the request,” Brik said with a smile.


The woman looked down at Brik’s hands. “Damn, you found one. Why don’t you come in? You can give it to Roberto yourself.”


Brik could not believe his luck. This was like a dream. There was no way he could have planned it better.


Brik followed the woman who led the way. When her back was turned, he took the opportunity to get a better look at her. She was wearing lingerie with a lace robe over it, but clearly, the see-through robe was only for decoration.


Continuing to stare at her, Brik had to admit that she was very much his type. He didn’t let himself think any more than that, though. She was obviously dressed like she was for the pleasure of the man Brik was trying to impress. That meant that she was off limits. But, damn, did she look good.


“Roberto?” The woman asked as she left the foyer.


 “What is it?” A male voice responded gruffly.


“The handsome man from the front desk says he found you a Pantone swatch,” the curvy woman said to Brik’s surprise.


“What?” Roberto said abruptly.


The tone of Roberto’s voice almost made Brik stop walking. Pushing through, Brik rounded the corner and found the slightly older man leaning over a fabric sample covered dining room table.


“It’s you,” Roberto said when he saw Brik.


Not knowing what that meant, Brik continued past the partially dressed woman toward the good-looking man. “Is this what you were looking for?” He asked holding the swatch in front of them.


Roberto approached Brik and retrieved the object. Examining it, he still looked confused. “It is. Where did you find it? It’s the middle of the night?”


“It was just a matter of figuring out which department in the hotel might have one. And then, of course, convincing them to work a little over time to find it,” Brik added making sure that Roberto didn’t think it was too easy.


“Well, that’s impressive,” the classically good-looking man said. “Thank you. Good job,” the man said before turning away and returning to his work.


Feeling his moment to impress slip through his fingers, Brik searched his mind for any way to hold on to the moment. “And if there’s anything that you need, anything at all, you can call down to the concierge desk and ask for me. My name is Brik and whatever you need, I can get for you.”


“Thank you,” the good looking man said dismissively as he returned his attention to his work.


“I mean it, anything at all. Anything you need, just call me. No matter how difficult to find, I’ll find it for you,” Brik said talking to hide the fact that he was overstaying his welcome.


When it became clear to Brik that the wealthy man wasn’t about to say anything else, he acknowledged that his opportunity had passed and that it was time for him to go. “All right. Have a good night,” he said as he turned to leave.


“Wait,” Roberto beckoned, still not looking at him.


“Yes?” Brik said with a faint hope.


“You said that you can find me anything?” The good-looking man said still staring at the table.


Excited, Brik bounced on the balls of his toes. “Yes, anything. Just name it.”


The man paused, took a breath, and then turned to Brik. He looked both tired and a little desperate. “You think you could find me a muse?”


Out of all the things that the man could’ve said, this was the last thing that Brik ever imagined coming from his lips. “Did you say a muse?”


“Nevermind,” the man said embarrassed.


“No. Please, wait. I just wanna clarify. You did say a muse, right?”


Roberto looked at Brik doing his best to hide his vulnerability. “Yes, that’s what I said. So, is there a department in the hotel that has one of those?”


Brik stared at Roberto unsure of what to say. As he looked, everything about the clothing designer became clear to him. This was a man who had booked a month long stay at a casino, requested all of his work material be sent to the penthouse, and was frustrated in a way that Brik hadn’t understand before.


Clearly what was happening was that this world-class clothing designer was having some type of creative block and he was unable to work through it. He had come to Vegas to escape. He had probably tried everything else and was now down to this. He had even become so desperate that he asked the concierge to find him inspiration.


For the first time, Brik saw the wealthy man as inescapably human. He was now even more attractive to Brik than when he first saw him.


“So, what do you say? Does the Four Queens have a muse on staff?” Roberto asked only half serious.


Immediately, Brik realized that this was his opportunity. “Yes,” he said. “The hotel does. Me.”


Roberto shifted his head unsure of what Brik was telling him. “You. You’re the hotel’s muse?”


“I can be,” Brik said not know what he was getting himself into.


“You?” Roberto said again. This time he turned his body towards him, crossed his arms, and sat on the table intrigued by what was going on. “How are you going to amuse me?”


It was then that Brik realized that he was in way over his head. He was just saying words at this point. The meaning or consequences of them were a distant memory. “That depends. What would you like?”


Brik watched as the good-looking man swallowed. Brik couldn’t imagine that Roberto was nervous but there was something about him that hinted that there was more going on beneath the surface than the good-looking man was letting on.


Roberto turned his face toward his female friend without taking his eyes off Brik. “Gemmi, do you think our friend here -- I’m sorry, what is your name again?”


“Brik. Brik Evander.”


“Do you think our friend, Brik, Brik Evander is good-looking?”


Brik was taken back by the question but tried not to react.


“He’s gorgeous,” the scantily clad woman replied.


“Do you think you’d want to have sex with such a gorgeous man?”


Brik’s skin tingled as if zapped with a bolt of electricity. Did the man just ask his half naked girlfriend if she would want to have sex with him? That couldn’t have just happened. What the hell had he gotten himself into?


“You know I would, sweetie. I told you that before.”


Wait, did the drop-dead beautiful woman just say that she had told her boyfriend that she would want to have sex with him? Had he just stepped into an episode of ‘Red Shoe Diaries’, or what? Brik felt his young body become excited as he began to consider what might happen next.


“So, Brik, Brik Evander, you said you would find a way to amuse me?”


Brik could barely speak, but he knew he had to. “Yes?” He said barely escaping a squeak in his voice.


“Do you think that Gemmi is beautiful?” Roberto said gesturing towards her.


Brik, who fought to hide his trembling, turned towards the beautiful woman. She had opened her lace robe to give him a better look. Emphasizing her curves as she moved, she smiled.


“She’s unbelievable,” Brik admitted.


“Then amuse me. Let me see you make love to my wife.”


Brik turned to Roberto not believing what he was hearing. Was this some sort of trap or was he being serious? Did he actually want Brik to have sex with his wife? Everything about the situation made Brik believe that he did.


Brik turned back towards Gemmi looking at her again. There was nothing about her that he didn’t like. She wasn’t one of those stick thin girls that he saw in magazines. She was a real woman with real curves.


She was also Brik’s age. If Brik had met her at a club, she was exactly the type of woman that he would try to take home. Staring at the sexy woman in front of him, Brik didn’t understand how he had gotten so lucky.


Not giving either of them a moment to change their mind, Brik walked to the voluptuous woman, put one of his hands around her waist and the other behind her neck. Tilting the shorter woman’s lips towards his, he leaned down and kissed her. Her soft lips melted into his while she slowly opened her mouth inviting his tongue.


Brik’s tongue went in search of hers and found it. Twirling their two tongues together, his mind was awash in pleasure. He lost himself in their kiss. And when he again came to, his hands were exploring her soft body while her hands moved in search of his cock.


When Gemmi found what she was looking for, she held it and squeezed. The sensation took Brik’s breath away. He was fully erect and the resistance she offered drove him wild. Flinching as hard as he could, he felt her small hand around his manhood. It was wonderful and soon he could do nothing but remove her lace robe and reach behind her to release her bra.


“Come,” Gemmi said stopping him and releasing his cock.


Leading Brik to the bedroom, Gemmi backed onto the bed staring up at him with her longing, sultry eyes. Brik could do nothing but tear at his clothes and join her on the bed. Stripped of his shirt and pants, Brik climbed between her open legs. With her propped up, he kissed her. Again reaching behind her back, he released her bra and took it off. With her full breasts now heaving wildly in front of him, he could do nothing but remove his lips from hers and move them to her erect nipples.


Using the tip of his tongue, he circled the sensitive skin at the center of her areola. Gemmi moaned in pleasure. Massaging her other breast as he tantalized her further, Brik flinched his cock. It was brick hard and he longed for it to be touched.


Needing more of Gemmi, Brik trailed his kisses down Gemmi’s round body until stopping at her panties. Quickly slipping them off, Brik lowered his lips to her pussy. Finding swollen flesh consuming her clit, he used his thumbs to pull her apart and lowered his powerful tongue into the crevice.


Gemmi’s moans increased as Brik pressed his tongue harder. She was beginning to lose control. As her body twitched involuntarily, he wrapped his arms around each of her thighs, pressed even harder, and shook his head from side to side. It drove Gemmi crazy. She was practically crawling up the bed trying to escape him and yet everything about what she was doing was begging Brik to never stop.


“I want you to fuck her,” Roberto said snapping Brik out of his trance.


It was then that Brik remembered what he was doing. He wasn’t just having sex with a beautiful woman, he was having sex for Roberto. He was being watched. He was being examined. And it was all for the pleasure of the gorgeous and powerful man that stood only a few feet away.


Brik hadn’t thought it was possible for him to be so turned on, but he was. The only thing hotter than making love to Gemmi was doing it for Roberto. Releasing his tongue from her clit, Brik climbed back up his lover’s body. Pushing her back onto the bed, he rolled her hips into the air.


With her staring directly into his eyes, Brik moved his rigid flesh in search of her desirous opening. Finding it, he slipped his thick strong cock inside of her. As he did, he watched her lower lip quiver.


Gemmi’s pussy slowly consumed Brik’s cock. Brik was impressed. He was thick and she was swallowing every inch of it. When Gemmi’s pussy finally resisted, Brik pushed harder. Under the new pressure, Gemmi’s body gave way. Her expression melted as it did.


Pulling back, Gemmi relaxed. Pushing back into her, Brik entered a rhythm that pushed the voluptuous woman closer to orgasm. When he then took hold of her warm breasts and squeezed, Gemmi could do nothing but throw her head back and allow the pleasure to bellow out of her.


Brik, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock, exploded with pleasure. With his mind spiraling, he orgasmed. As he did, he thought about Roberto and what he was seeing. The thought made Brik spasm even more. The scene was the sexiest thing he had ever been a part of his life. And electrified by a flood of cum, Brik emptied himself into the young, beautiful woman.


Desperately out of breath, eventually Brik’s orgasm receded and he collapsed onto Gemmi’s round body. That was when it hit him, he had orgasmed in another man’s wife. Quickly withdrew his cock and froze.


Brik looked down at Gemmi. She wasn’t upset. With her not overreacting to it, Brik wondered if he should either. Not knowing what to do, Brik climbed off of Gemmi and held her in his arms. It was then that everything from the unbelievable evening hit him.


It was as Brik considered whether or not he should leave that the most unexpected event of the night occurred. As Brik lay with his arms wrapped around Roberto’s wife’s body, Brik felt the mattress behind him move. Someone was slowly getting onto the bed. With only one other person in the room, there was no question who it was.


Brik laid wondering what would happen next. Was Roberto upset? Was he about to ask Brik to leave? Anything could happen. Brik couldn’t say if he was nervous or excited. All he knew was that his young body began to tremble as if it knew instinctually what would come next.


As Brik lay waiting, a strong hand lightly traced the long lines of his back. Roberto was touching him. It was unlike anything Brik had ever felt. Sure, he had thought about what it would be like to be touched by another man, but here it was actually happening. It was wonderful!


As exhausted as Brik was after making love to Gemmi, his young cock hardened as he felt Roberto’s hand descend closer to his ass. Brik began to shake again but this time in anticipation. Roberto was exploring the muscles across Brik’s firm body and it was taking his breath away.


Brik’s heart hurt as he yearned for what would happen next. He wanted to be held by Roberto. He wanted to be taken by him.


So many times Brik had touched himself to the thought of two men making love. For so long, he had yearned to know what that was like. Now, here he was about to find out. It was about to be the greatest night of his life until Roberto said the words, “I have it,” and then abruptly got out of the bed and walked out.


Where had he gone? What had he gotten? These were the questions that echoed in Brik’s mind until he realized that Roberto wasn’t coming back.


It was another hour before Brik decided that he should go. Gemmi had fallen asleep beneath him and didn’t budge as he got up. Slipping on his clothes, he wondered if it would be awkward to see Roberto as he left. It wasn’t. Roberto hadn’t even looked up from his work.


Leaving as abruptly as he had arrived, Brik entered the elevator wondering what the hell had just happened. He had had sex with another man’s wife while that man had watched. Was it the worst thing he had ever done or the greatest sexual experience of his life?


The further Brik got from the penthouse suite, the more everything about the night’s events came into focus. Scurrying through the lobby not wanting to get anyone’s attention, Brik entered his car with even more perspective.


How different was he than the prostitutes who advertised in Vegas weeklies? He had had sex with someone for the chance of getting money. Hell, he was worse than a prostitute. At least prostitutes had the brains to get their money up front.


By the time Brik got home, the experience he had thought of as wonderful only a few hours earlier, had degraded to something distasteful. Not only had he had sex to curry favor, but a man had caressed his naked body causing him to be aroused. What did that say about him?


Brik couldn’t escape the fantasies he sometimes had about guys. But they were just that, fantasies. He had never acted on it. And he hadn’t this time either, but when Roberto had touched him, he had allowed himself to become aroused.


None of this could happen again. He wasn’t a prostitute and he wasn’t gay. No dream or amount of money was worth this. Besides, he was never going to hear from Roberto again. Roberto had gotten what he had needed from Brik. What use would he be to him anymore?


For the rest of the night, Brik reconsidered his master plan. Was becoming a concierge in order to find an investor worth it? Would it even work? Or would every attempt he made end up something like it had tonight?


In the wee hours of the morning, Brik reconsidered his stance thinking that, if it did, it wouldn’t be so bad. With the light of day, however, he was back to thinking that he could never let what had happened with Roberto, happen again.


Going to work the next day, Brik was exhausted. He was sure that he hadn’t gotten more than two hours of sleep. Even so, he did his best to pull himself together. No matter how tired he was, his was still the first face that every guest would see when checking in. That meant something to Brik. As a man who dreamt of owning his own hotel, he wasn’t about to let his current hotel down.


Throughout the day, however, Brik couldn’t help but look over at the elevators. He wasn’t sure why. Was he looking out of fear that he would be confronted with what he had done? Or was he looking in hopes of seeing them again?


In either case, it didn’t matter because during the time Brik was there, neither Roberto nor Gemmi exited the elevator. Perhaps they were also avoiding him. At some point, they had to have left to get something to eat, hadn’t they? Had they snuck out while Brik was on break? Or, had they just ordered room service?


As the second day passed and then the third, Brik began to wonder if he would ever see the billionaire Italian couple again. Still unsure about how he should feel about his sexual experience with them, he allowed himself to believe that he wouldn’t have to think about it. He found out he was wrong a day later when he caught Clive staring at him as he spoke on his concierge phone.


As Clive walked over to him, Brik wondered what was up.


“On the day that I was off, did you deliver something to the gentleman in the penthouse suite?” Clive asked with a hint of disapproval.


Brik felt a prickly feeling suddenly wash over his body. Panic set in that made him sure he was turning beet red.


“Yes. If I remember precisely, Mr. Romero had called down looking for a Pantone swatch.”


Clive twisted his head unfamiliar with the term.


“It’s this swatch that has a bunch of colors on it. I think he designs clothing and he needed it for that. Why do you ask?”


“Because he just called down requesting that I send up a male model for a size fitting. When I told him that I would call a modeling agency, he said that there was no need and that I could just send up “Brik Evander” because you were the size he was looking for.”


Brik decided that if his fair skin wasn’t already flush, it definitely was after hearing that. He didn’t know what to say. “He requested me?”


“Yeah. By name.”


“Well, I’m working and there are a lot of guys around who are my size. I’m sure you can send up one of them,” Brik said uncomfortably.


“But, he requested you, by name. Why aren’t you jumping on this? Isn’t this why you keep bothering me about getting hours at the stand? To make good with the rich clientele? This is your opportunity, isn’t it?” Clive asked suspiciously.


“Yeah, I guess,” Brik admitted unsure how he was going to get out of this.


“Then go. Besides, you know that I have to fulfill his request.”


“You could tell him that I’m not at work today,” Brik suggested hopefully.


“And if he comes down here and sees you?”


“He never comes down.”


Clive’s suspicion was now in full effect. “I don’t get it, why are you resisting this?”


“I’m not. I just don’t want to leave Sophia at the front desk by herself. What if there’s a rush?”


“If there is a rush, I’ll come over and help. There, problem solved.”


Brik looked at Clive sure that he had some suspicion about what had happened between him and the Italian couple. But it seemed like Clive didn’t care. All he cared about was fulfilling the VIP’s request. It didn’t matter if someone was hurt in the process or who it was.


“I guess,” Brik relented. “I’ll head up and see what Mr. Romero needs.”


As soon as Brik began his walk to the elevator, his confusion about how he should feel about what happened, came rushing back. Sticking his key into the slot and pressing the PH button, Brik made the decision that he would keep things professional on this trip. Even as he did, he could feel his growing erection pulling against his light polyester pants.


What the hell was going on with him? He couldn’t figure it out. Whatever it was, there was no way he could show up with an obvious bulge fighting to get out. He needed to get it down or hide it, and he only had five more floors to do it in.


Tucking his bulging cock underneath his waistband, Brik looked down hoping the restraint would hide it. It didn’t hide much. And as the elevator doors opened and the light of the penthouse hit him, his hard cock flinched betraying him as if it wanted to be seen.


“Honey, your model is here,” Gemmi said before looking down at Brik’s bulging cock.


“Good! Send him over,” Roberto yelled back from out of view.


“Come in,” Gemmi said looking up and gesturing him forward. Her familiar lace robe swayed as she did.


Brik entered the penthouse without a word. Again getting a good look at Gemmi as she led him away, Brik wondered if she ever wore anything else. Brik had allowed himself to forget how sexy she was. Her rose-colored lingerie reminded him.


“You’re here. Perfect. Try these on,” Roberto said handing Brik an outfit.


Brik took the clothing and looked around. “Where can I change?”


“Don’t be ridiculous. You can change right here. Now, come on. I do not have all day,” the Italian man said sternly.


Brik looked around nervously. Where could he go that he could hide his raging erection? The answer was nowhere. So instead, Brik faced the balcony and slowly replaced his clothes.


Taking his attention off of his embarrassment for a moment, he considered how incredibly his new clothes fit. Brik didn’t own anything designed by Roberto Romero. He couldn’t afford it. But he was beginning to understand why it was so expensive. Wearing it, Brik felt like a million dollars.


Mercifully receiving a long coat, Brik was able to put it on hiding what he had going on down below. Giving into whatever might happen next, he turned around.


“That looks fantastic,” Gemmi said from 15 feet away.


“It fits you well,” Roberto said barely paying any attention to what Brik thought. “Turn around. Good. Now take off the jacket.”


Brik knew that this was it. He was still very hard and there would be no way to hide it. In that moment a rush of boldness overtook him. ‘So what?’ He thought. And with that, he took off the coat.


Brik averted his eyes as the two stared at him. It was like he could feel each of their gazes. He felt exposed and vulnerable. He did everything he could to prevent his cock from flinching. But when Roberto tugged at the seam of his shirt and lightly brushed Brik’s side, the sexual excitement overwhelmed him and his large cock jumped releasing itself from the constrains of his waistband.


Brik continued to look away knowing that both Roberto and Gemmi had to have seen it. What were they thinking? Were they assuming that Brik had arrived with the desire to have sex again? If they thought that, would they have been correct? Deep down, was that what Brik really wanted?


“Good,” Roberto finally said. “You can take them off.”


Roberto’s professionalism confused Brik. Hadn’t Brik just embarrassed himself? He must’ve. Now unable to look at them from shame, Brik again turned around and faced the balcony.


“Wait,” Roberto said drawing Brik’s gaze for the first time. “That was one outfit. I created it because I was inspired by you. Tell me, are you still my muse?” He asked noticeably softening his voice.


Brik felt heat pour from his body. This was the moment he both worried about and desperately hoped for. Was he Roberto’s muse anymore? He was sure he knew what that meant. If he said yes, he would get to make love with Gemmi again.


Looking up at Gemmi, Brik examined the way her breasts filled out her elegant lace bra. He gazed upon the curves of her stomach and hips. She was unquestionably beautiful. How could he resist her even if he tried?


“Yes,” Brik said not taking his eyes off of her.


“Then amuse me,” Roberto declared ushering Gemmi forward.


Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, Gemmi pushed her hands down Brik’s arms as she removed it from him. As she did, Brik felt Gemmi’s chest press against his. It again made his cock flinch.


Not done, she next reached down unbuttoning his pants. Before undoing his zipper, she rubbed her hands across the outline of his thick cock. It felt like heaven to Brik. Barely able to take anymore, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and tilted back his head. Gemmi took the opportunity to unzip his pants and lower his underwear.


Unable to see what was going on, Brik had no question about it. He could feel the heat of Gemmi’s breath envelop his cock. She touched it with her nose and allowed the length of it to brush her cheek. When Brik’s knees were practically shaking, Gemmi took firm hold of his balls while she guided the head of his cock into her mouth.


It felt so good. Brik was long and thick but she handled him like an expert. Her mouth felt wet and warm around him and after tracing her tongue around the edge of his head, Gemmi opened her throat and swallows him to his balls. The sensation took his breath away.


Not needing any more encouragement, once his manhood was free, Brik pulled her to her feet and planted his lips on hers. This time his movements were frantic. He needed her like he needed air. This had been exactly what Brik had wanted even though he hadn’t been able to admit it. He wanted Gemmi’s beautiful body in his arms, and on top of that, he wanted Roberto to watch.


Not making it to the bedroom, Brik pushed Gemmi up against the balcony sliding glass door. Stripping her of her lace underwear, he held her in the air lifting one of her knees. Gaining access, he pushed himself into her dripping pussy.


He was merciless as he fucked her and she loved it. Brik had never been so aggressive. Kissing her, he stopped when she intentionally bit him. The two then became like animals. And when Brik lost himself in their fucking and carried her to the couch, he bent her over, grabbed her hair and pounded her hard.


The sound of their thighs slapping together echoed through the room. Brik pulled her blonde mane like reins. Her moans sounded like a whiny. And when Brik felt the tickling pressure climbing up his inner thighs, he reached under her and began spanking her clit.


“Ahhh!” She screamed losing control of her body.


As if attached by a string, Brik’s moans soon followed. Fucking until they couldn’t fuck anymore, Brik collapsed onto her body. This time he didn’t recoil as his creamy spurts filled her body. Gemmi was his woman, and there was nothing that Roberto could do about it.


As the ecstasy of climax washed through Brik’s mind, Brik turned his thoughts to Roberto. The last time, the designer had touched Brik’s ass. Was he going to do the same thing again? This time Brik was standing with his legs spread. Was the gorgeous older man going to be so bold as to take possession of his hole?


“Yes. Yes, I see,” the sophisticated Italian said as he stared at the two. “Very good. Very good. I have what I need,” Roberto concluded before heading to the bedroom leaving the two naked bodies intertwined.


With Roberto gone, and having regained his strength, Brik stood up allowing his still partially erect cock to slide out of Gemmi. Watching her get up, Brik decided that he didn’t care why he was there. He loved having sex with this beautiful woman. He was going to do it as much as he could. And if Roberto was going to be there to watch him, all the better.


“Would you like to take a shower before you go?” Gemmi asked him as she walked around naked picking up clothes.


“Please,” Brik replied before being pointed to a guest bathroom.


Brik washed up wondering what it would be like once he left the bathroom. Was he expected to sneak out like he had done the last time? Apparently he wasn’t, because when he was fully dressed and crossing the hallway, he ran into Gemmi. Taking his arm, she escorted him to the elevator and gave him a kiss.


There was something loving about that kiss, Brik concluded. Sure, he knew she was married and a taken woman. But he didn’t feel like he was just a fuck thing to her. She liked him. Perhaps not in the way she liked her husband, but she definitely seemed to enjoy having him there.




Days passed before Roberto called on Brik again. As before, Roberto first had him try on his latest designs before watching Brik made love to his wife. On this occasion, their time together wasn’t so brief. Roberto had called upon him at the end of his shift, and once the fucking was done, Gemmi and Brik grab something to eat in the kitchen while Roberto retreated in hopes of gathering his creative thoughts.


When they spoke, Brik realized that Gemmi wasn’t Italian after all. Her accent was always murky and it turned out that it was because Roberto’s accent had rubbed off on her. Gemmi was from California and had grown up just a few hundred miles from Brik. Sure, she was from San Diego while he was from the middle of the state. But considering they had met in Las Vegas, Brik decided that their California roots meant that they had grown up practically neighbors. Gemmi liked the thought of that.


As Brik’s visits to the penthouse became more and more frequent, he began to imagine himself living Roberto’s extravagant life. What must it be like to live in a penthouse suite and have everybody cater to your every whim? Growing up in a household that struggled to remain middle-class, Brik didn’t know. But being exposed to it, he now knew what he wanted. And, inspired by that, for the next few weeks, Brik spent his free time scouring Vegas for hotels that were for sale.


Eventually finding one that, though relatively inexpensive, was still far out of his price range, Brik crunched the numbers figuring out exactly how much he would need to save to purchase it. It would take him a decade in spite of the hotel not being that impressive. In fact, it was basically a glorified motel. But Brik imagined he could turn it into something. And from there, who knew? The sky would be the limit.


Giving up on his ridiculous plan to find an investor by working at the concierge desk, Brik made a decision to simply enjoy the time he had left with Gemmi and Roberto. They were only scheduled to be there for three more days. Brik was sitting at the front desk considering how much he would miss them when they were gone when Clive gave him the signal to go up.


After all of his visits, there was no longer a need for them to pretend how the visit would go. Entering the penthouse and giving Gemmi a kiss, Brik undressed as he approached Roberto and his table full of clothes. Trying them on, Roberto did his usual tugs and adjustments. Everything seemed to be going like it had before until, at the very end, when this time, Roberto’s hand lingered on his thigh.


No longer hiding the way Roberto’s touch made him feel, Brik remained still as his thick cock grew hard. It was like Roberto didn’t want to let him go. Kneeling in front of him, the strikingly handsome man’s hand touched more than the cloth of Brik’s pants. He was now caressing the back of Brik’s thigh.


Brik inhaled deeply losing himself in Roberto’s touch. Brik wondered what it would feel like to have Roberto’s mouth around his cock. Just as he swallowed with anticipation, he saw Roberto stand and signal to Gemmi to come over.


Leaving the clothing samples behind, Brik and Gemmi retreated to the bedroom and got into bed. Brik was now familiar with Gemmi’s body and knew what she liked. Kissing her lightly on the lips, he rested his thigh against her warm pussy and firmly massaged her full breasts.


Anticipating his cock, Gemmi gently rubbed her clit against his leg. The feeling drove Brik wild. Eventually spreading her legs, he climbed between them. Sliding into her wet pussy, the heat of it consumed him.


Although he never looked over, Brik could always feel the presence of Roberto just out of sight. The good-looking man watched them. Brik imagined him touching himself, but never more than that. This was how everything always was, until for the first time, Brik heard the rustling of clothing as it left Roberto’s body and hit the ground.


Brik perked up excitedly. What was going on? Had Roberto gotten undressed? What would he look like and what was he planning to do next?


As Brik considered it, he began to fuck Gemmi harder. Would this encourage Roberto? Would it scare him away? Brik got his answer when he felt the mattress bend and felt Roberto’s gentle touch on his naked back. Brik inhaled as if awakened by cold water.


Still fucking Gemmi, Brik’s mind soared. All he could picture was Roberto positioning himself behind him. All Brik wanted was to feel Roberto’s hard cock. What would it be like? What would it feel like pushed inside of him?


Brik breathed harder as Roberto secondhand began caressing him. Massaging his back and rubbing his ass, Brik needed more. More came when Roberto’s hands disappeared and returned with something slippery that he rubbed against Brik’s hole.


Brik couldn’t believe it. It was happening. And when he felt the Italian man’s cock firmly pinning him to the bed, Brik froze taking in every sensation he felt.


At first, it hurt. It was a good hurt that only made Brik want more. Next, he felt the cock slowly pulling him apart. Again he couldn’t breathe. And as every nerve crackled through his body, the gorgeous man came to rest. He was buried deep within Brik’s ass. Brik had never felt so complete. He felt whole in a way he never had in his life.


Needing to be touched even more he intertwined his fingers with Gemmi’s. He briefly caught her eyes. She wasn’t really focused on him, she instead lay a gasp at what she was seeing. She looked incredibly turned on. Her eyes were practically popping out of her head, and her hips rocked wantonly in spite of the two men’s restricting weight.


Seeing how much Gemmi was enjoying it, Brik was only more turned on. Clenching his teeth as Roberto pulled his cock back for the first time, it took Brik another thrust before he returned to action. Fucking Gemmi as Roberto fucked him was a dream come true. In the center of the mound of flesh, Brik had never imagined that he could experience so much pleasure. Brik’s mind spiraled with lust.


The harder Roberto fucked him, the more intensely Brik fucked Gemmi. Still gripping her hands, he drew her attention and lost himself in her eyes. It was like she was saying thank you, thank you Brik for allowing me to experience this. It was the hottest and most beautiful thing of Brik’s life. Being such, it didn’t last very long.


Brik, unable to hold back, tumbled in the avalanche of his orgasm. When he surfaced, he found Gemmi and Roberto doing the same. With the three overwhelmed by pleasure, they bellowed. And when the trio couldn’t take any more, their minds spiraled and their bodies collapsed out of breath.


As great as it was for Brik to fuck Gemmi while being fucked by Roberto, what felt even better was as the two got off of Gemmi and the couple intertwined their limbs with Brik’s. Brik could smell each of their bodies. It was fantastic. Roberto’s scent was musky and masculine. Gemmi’s was sweet and floral.


Brik never wanted to leave their arms again and hoped he never would. Roberto didn’t ask him to. And before too long, Gemmi was fast asleep.


“Did you enjoy that?” Roberto asked in a low rumbling voice.


“Yes,” Brik said as his mind slowly stopped spinning.


“Tell me, Brik. What is your dream?”


Brik took a second to wonder how Roberto knew that he had one. Did a man like Roberto assume that everyone was ambitious and had dreams?


“I want to own hotel. But, nothing small. Something like this one. Maybe even bigger,” Brik said imagining his future.


“And what have you done to make your dream come true?”


“What do you mean?”


“Do you see me? Do you see my success? Do you think it just happened? No. I planned and struggled. And then, one day, I got lucky. But even then it took years. So, I ask you, what have you done to make your dreams a reality?”


Brik thought about his question. “I found a place to start,” Brik told him.


“Would you mean?”


“I mean that I’ve found a hotel. It isn’t anything fancy. It’s not even that nice yet. But if I can get it and then reinvest a little money to fix it up, it could be something great. It has a pool so families could come and has about thirty-five rooms. Like I said, it’s nothing big. But it’s a start.”


“Have you bought it yet?”


“No,” Brik said amused. “It’s going to take forever for me to save up the down payment. I don’t even know if it’ll still be available by the time I’ve earned enough. Probably not. It’s my dream, though. And, you never know, sometimes dreams come true, right? Wasn’t that what happened to you?”


Roberto laid quietly before he finally replied. “Yes. Yes, it was.”


Brik wasn’t sure why but hearing Roberto say that made Brik smile. Maybe he did have a shot at fulfilling his dreams. Roberto had. Didn’t that mean it was possible?


Unsure if he was supposed to stay with them or go home, Brik decided not to think about it. He loved laying between the two. If he could, he would choose to remain there for the rest of his life. He loved everything about them. He loved Gemmi’s company and body. And he loved how Roberto made him feel taken care of.


More than that, the feeling of another man inside of him was a revelation. As much as Brik had fantasized about it, he hadn’t imagined how complete it would make him feel. For the first time in his life, he truly felt like he wasn’t alone.


Maybe following his wild-eyed dream about owning a hotel wasn’t what he was meant to do with his life. Maybe he was meant to be with them. After all, wasn’t he Roberto’s muse? Didn’t that mean that his life had a purpose?


It was as Brik considered that that he gently fell asleep. His dreams were wild but loving. It was like he could feel both of his lovers’ warm touch as he let loose his imagination. As he stirred in the morning, he was convinced that he was in love with both of them and would be with them forever. Reaching for them, however, a memory resurfaced.


Had he heard the two of them talking while he slept? Had they been whispering? Had he heard them get dressed?


It was in that moment that Brik’s eyes popped open. That hadn’t been a dream, he had heard them. Looking around, he found an empty bed. Where were they? He sprung up and looked even harder.


“Gemmi? Roberto?” Brik called out hoping desperately for a reply.


Nothing came back. They weren’t there. Where had they gone?


It was as Brik considered the possibilities that he saw it. On the nightstand beside the bed was an envelope. On the envelope was his name. The sight of it made Brik’s heart stop. But, needing to know what was in it, he reached over and opened the flap.


There was no letter inside. Nothing personal. But there was a check. It was made out to Brik Evander for the amount of $50,000 and on the memo line was written, ‘for your dreams’. That was it. And that was the last Brik ever heard from either of them.




As days turned into weeks, the shock of their sudden departure began to wear off and was replaced by Brik’s devastated. Returning to work every day, he didn’t want to cash the check. Cashing the check would mean that his time with the couple was definitely over. As long as he held onto it, he imagined they could come back. Perhaps they would realize that they weren’t complete without him. And together they would travel the world and do amazing things.


Soon, though, Brik gave up that fantasy and faced the facts. Neither of them was ever coming back. If he wanted to travel the world, he was going to have to do it on his own. Finally depositing the check, Brik accepted that he was never going to be loved by Roberto and Gemmi again. Perhaps he never was. Perhaps he might never be loved.


Of course, that wasn’t true. It took only five years after purchasing that Las Vegas motel for a multinational corporation to approach him about acquiring the property. Having a sense of the multinational’s plans for it, Brik didn’t sell cheap. Using the money, he bought a second hotel and then a third. With their successes, borrowing money became a breeze.


Becoming an even more recognizable hotelier, the adoration of beautiful women soon followed. Sure, Brik was already a tremendously good-looking man, but his money suddenly made him irresistible to Barbie-looking models.


Brik took advantage of that, of course. How could he not? They were using him so he had to use them right back.


It did lead to a somewhat lonely life, however. But, throughout it all, he remembered the time he spent with Roberto and Gemmi. He had once felt loved. How many truly great experiences could any man expect in a lifetime?


As time went on, Brik considered that his loneliness wasn’t caused by how he was living his life, but who he was trying to live it with. Throughout the years, Roberto remained the only guy he’d ever been with. So, when he finally landed the crowning jewel of his portfolio, a grandiose hotel in the Bahamas, Brik decided that things were going to change.


Making the decision to open his life up to the company of a man, Brik wandered down from the penthouse of his chic Los Angeles hotel. Sitting at the lobby bar, he met a bartender named Will. It was as they spoke that Brik saw a man he could imagine spending the rest of his life with.


In that instance, he forgot about Roberto and Gemmi. All he could think about was the most handsome man he had ever seen. Just staring at him made Brik’s heart flutter. And when the two men locked eyes staring at each other for a moment, Brik could do nothing but get up, walk to him and say, “Hi. Do you mind if I sit down?”


“Go ahead,” the incredibly gorgeous man said.


“I’m Brik.”


“Hi, Brik. I’m Mars,” the other man said beginning what could be the rest of Brik’s life.




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