Tyler leaned against his parent’s bedroom door. His mother was out of town for the week, so the sound of a giggling woman coming from within surprised him. After listening intently for a moment he pealed himself away and looked down at his shorts. A large bulge was developing and he didn’t know why.

‘Leah!’ he thought with a sudden realization. ‘That’s Leah!’

Tyler latched onto the knob and threw open the door. Turning to the bed he found his new daddy Axle, and his recently ex-girlfriend Leah. Both were naked and Leah was sitting on top of him.

Tyler felt a volcano of anger well up inside of him. He was livid. And just as he took an aggressive step towards the two, Axle did something unexpected; he stuck his hand under his pillow and whipped out a gun pointing it at his son.

Tyler immediately froze. Leah, who sat on Axle’s hard rippling stomach, froze as well. Neither one would ever have imagined this. Certainly Tyler had picked up on his new daddy’s dark side and had shared it with Leah, but neither considered that he slept with a gun.

Tyler looked up into his confused daddy’s eyes. His long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and his large chest bulged supporting the gun. By the look of him it was clear that Tyler had caught him by surprise and Axle was quickly determining what he should do next. Then, without warning, Axle threw his hand up onto Leah’s throat and squeezed. Tightening his grip on the young thin neck, Axle’s face no longer looked confused; it looked like he had a plan. And from the deep ridges between his daddy’s angry blue eyes, Tyler knew that he was in trouble.

“What the fuck is this?” Axle bellowed.

Axle looked up at Leah who gripped his wrists in response. She didn’t speak.

“You two setting me up?”

Tyler, who hadn’t considered that interpretation of what was happening, tried to speak but couldn’t. Fighting to breathe as his heart beat out of control, his mind flew through the dangerous scenarios where Axle’s interpretation made sense.

Tyler was eight when his dad died and his mother inherited all of his money. His dad had started a very successful business that he sold for millions before he passed and Tyler never wanted for anything. His mom, on the other hand wanted something she could never find. She seemed to go through men like chew toys. Tyler’s childhood involved a series of good looking father figures all of which were younger than his mom and temporary.

All of that stopped though, when she met Axle. Axle was the best looking and most alluring of the bunch. Tyler had always suspected that he was a model in his youth, but since he didn’t talk about his life before meeting his mom, Tyler could never be sure.

Tyler was never sure about much when it came to Axle and his mom, but one thing he did know was that his mom suspected his new daddy of getting action on the side. So when they got married, his mom made it known to anybody who would listen that her new husband had signed a pre-nuptial agreement that specifically stated that he would receive nothing if he was caught cheating during their marriage. Tyler’s mom thought that with dozens of eyes watching him, she would get his cream without any of the sour. Tyler had thought so too, but now looking at his naked ex-girlfriend’s long dark hair brushing Axle’s stomach, he knew that they had both been wrong. 

 “You two fucking set me up!” Axle growled tightening his grip on both Leah neck and the trigger.

“No, I swear,” Leah choked out. “Tell him, Tyler.”

Tyler remained frozen fighting to speak.

“Tell him!” she yelled barely able to breathe.”

“Yeah, you tell me how you set me up, Tyler,” Axle hissed with enough venom to kill.

Leah’s face turned bright red as she pleaded with her ex. “Please Tyler. Tell him.”

Watching Leah’s eyes close, he heard words coming out of his mouth. “We didn’t set you up, I swear. I swear!”

Tyler watched as Axle scanned his narrow gorgeous face for deception. He wasn’t sure what his daddy found, but Axle did loosen his grip on Leah. Leah coughed as her face returned to its smooth olive.

“Yeah? Then what is this?” Axle snarled.

“My ex-girlfriend being a bitch,” Tyler spit.

“Ex-girlfriend?” Axle asked looking up at the girl on top of him. “This true?”

“Yeah,” she squeaked out feeling her heart rate finally slow down.

“So you just wanted to fuck me to get back at him?” Axle quickly determined.

“No,” Leah said defensively.

Axle gripped Leah again. “Don’t you lie to me!”