Kai was woken up with a jolt as his bedroom doorknob slammed against the wall. Immediately scrambling away from the noise in surprise he quickly opened his eyes and turned toward the door. Standing in it wearing only a pair of gym shorts was Lucas, his new stepdad. And although Kai couldn’t be sure in the soft light emanating from the hallway, it seemed to his sleepy eyes that his new dad was pissed and intensely staring down at him.

Kai turned back and scanned the bed. When he found nothing he next turned his attention to the still dark room. There was no one else there with him. Turning back to his dad the next thing his tired mind thought was of why he was there.

 “Get up,” Lucas demanded of his son.

Feeling the sudden injection of adrenaline fading, Kai felt his body once again become heavy. Whatever time it was, it was still very early which meant that he couldn’t have had more than an hour or two of sleep.

Kai made a move to comply then realized that under the sheet that draped his lean, hairless, 19-year-old body, he was naked.

“Can I get dressed?” Kai said in a raspy tired voice.

“I said get the fuck up!” Lucas said before lowering his .45 caliber Colt M1911 by his side.

Kai saw his daddy’s gun and knew he was in danger. Lucas was a man of few words, but he never started anything that he didn’t plan on following through. Kai searched his cloudy mind for something that could have led to this and found nothing. So instead of making the situation worse, he gathered the bed sheet around his waist and got up.

When Lucas pointed his gun toward the hallway Kai complied. There was only one light on in the house but since everything else was pitch black, that light was enough. Entering the living room Lucas then pointed Kai to the door that led to the basement. It was the source of the light and when Kai opened it, he had to squint.

Kai’s heart pounded as he descended the stairs. He didn’t like coming here during the day in the best of circumstances, so entering now at gun point scared him shitless. Once Lucas moved in had turned the basement into his private space and had made very clear to both Kai and his new wife that trespassers would be dealt with. That was all Lucas had to say.

Kai reached down and gathered the sheet that kept getting caught under his feet. With the front of it hiked up and held in the back by his right hand, Kai rubbed his eyes and pushed his fingers through his straight dark hair. It was a nervous habit he had and with his breathing out of control, he needed something to calm him.

As Kai stepped past the ceiling he scanned the room. He wasn’t sure what to look for but when he saw it, he had no question what all of this was about.

At the far side of the room hung Emily, his beautiful, 19-year-old girlfriend with duct tape covering her mouth. Looking like a side of meat, she hung from her taped wrists by a hook and chain pulley system that bolted to the exposed ceiling beams. Em was only 5’4” so with her arms extended above, her toes barely touched the ground. She didn’t seem bruised anywhere but she did seem scared.

“You went and did it, didn’t you,” Kai whispered to himself. “You just got us both killed.”

Kai and Em had met in high school, and with neither knowing what they were going to do with their life after graduation, both decided to take this year off. Kai’s mother was glad to have her son an extra year before he headed off to college, but her new husband seemed less enthusiastic about it. As far as Kai could tell, his new dad didn’t like him very much, but with Lucas it was hard to tell anything about him.

Kai relationship with his new dad was often a sore point for Kai because whereas Lucas was dismissive toward him, Kai was drawn to his new dad. Kai never really had a father figure growing up, so when his mom brought home this built, good looking man home Kai immediately accepted him. From what he saw Lucas was everything that Kai wanted to be. The only problem was that Lucas never really shared anything about who he was.

Lucas, who spent much of his spare time at the gym, didn’t seem to have a job except for whatever he did in the basement. And when Kai asked his mom how Lucas made money, he was told that his new dad worked on the internet. From that answer sprung a thousand more questions, but the look on his mom’s face that followed told him that he shouldn’t ask anymore.

But even this mystery drew Kai more to his daddy. There had always been something in the recess of his mind that told him that strong men didn’t speak. So adding that quality to all of the things he saw on the outside, his new daddy was everything that he wished he could be.

Kai and Emily started having sex during their senior year, but their sex life didn’t get interesting until after graduation. When they met, Em was known as a girl who would put out, while Kai was a virgin. It didn’t bother him that Em had more experience than he did, but at times some of the things she said did surprised him.

Kai was sure that she liked sex more than he did. In truth, Em loved sex. Em once followed him into a mall bathroom and convinced him to fuck her in one of the stalls. When someone walked in mid stroke, Kai’s heart raced as he stood frozen with his seven and a half inch boy cock in her pussy. Em on the other hand had to bite into her hand to keep her from laughing as the man farted and made noises not usually heard during sex.

When the man left, neither could be more aroused. The idea of almost being caught gave Kai a rush that he had never experienced. And with Em holding onto the stall door for dear life, Kai worked his large boy cock until all she could do after orgasm was hang on the door for relief.

Like approaching Kai in the mall bathroom, Em liked doing things that set Kai off balance. In many ways Em found Kai to be quite innocent. She knew that although he tried to hide it, he was often rattled by the things she would say. And when she touched on the subject of Kai’s new dad, she latched onto it finding that this made him the most vulnerable.

“I should fuck your dad,” Em said one night immediately after sex. “What do you think he’s like in bed? I bet you he fucks like an animal or somet ….