Caden climbed in through the kitchen window. In the darkness he reached down, touched the dirty dishes then found the edge of the sink. This was how he snuck into the house when he stayed out past his curfew, so even in the darkness he was very familiar with the path.

Pulling his legs through he rested his muscular 19-year-old body onto the kitchen counter then swung it around. Landing as gently as he could onto the floor, he looked back through the window for Cloe. Cloe had been in the house many times but there was no way that she was going to be able to navigate the window in the dark.

With one hand guiding Cloe onto the sink, Caden looked around at the familiar shadows of the two bedroom, two bath middle class rural home. This was the house he grew up in and he suspected he would still be living there if his mom hadn’t married Derrick.

Caden’s first impression of Derrick was that he might be an OK guy. He even imagined his new dad teaching him how to hunt since it was Derrick’s obsession, but none of that ever materialized. As soon as Derrick moved in, he acted more and more like a dick until eventually he convinced Caden’s mom to kick him out. Caden hated his new dad for that, but that wasn’t the reason Caden and Cloe were breaking in tonight.

Cloe, Caden’s girlfriend was a nymphomaniac in training. At 19, she couldn’t get enough sex from Caden and he loved it. Caden was the first boy that she had ever been with and with his thick seven inch boy cock in her, she had discovered her g-spot. After that, Caden’s cock became like crack to her. She had even once tried to rape Caden while he slept. They had already fucked 3 times that day, so Caden really did just want to sleep.

Cloe wanted sex all of the time so when she got drunk she would mention other guys she would want to fuck if Caden was cool with it. After Derrick’s name didn’t draw her boyfriend’s usual reply of “Fuck no,” Cloe kept mentioning him. It was after a lot of drinking and Cloe’s sixth time mentioning Derrick for the day that she felt the door open. Caden, in a drunken state, had replied “Who wouldn’t want to fuck him? He’s fuckin’ hot.”

As soon as Caden said it, he regretted it. Cloe didn’t ask any follow-ups to his statement and he was grateful for it. Caden was sure that as uninhibited as the alcohol had made him he might have mentioned how many times he had watched Derrick cleaning the yard with his shirt off. Derrick liked to work outside and Caden had decided that the sweat dripping down his gym build body made Derrick look like a guy from a muscle magazine. It was on those days after watching his daddy’s abs for an hour that he would use the memory of his broad manly face and dark wavy hair to jack off.

Having been kicked out though, Caden had no desire to ever see his mother or Derrick again. So it was with some annoyance when within a short time after Caden’s admission, Cloe started to talk about their stash of pot that he was forced to leave behind.

Cloe’s idea was that they could sneak back into the house and liberate their half pound of weed. Her argument was that it had been her money that had paid for it, and she demanded it back. That was what they were after tonight.

Caden lead Cloe through the living room into the hallway that led to the bedrooms. From his aunt, Caden learned that his mom would be out of town and the only one they would have to deal with would be Derrick. Caden knew that if Derrick had been drinking, he would be impossible to wake up. And since the young couple had watched him leave the bar that night, they knew that this was their best opportunity to get their stash back.

Caden entered his old bedroom looking around for the changes. There were none. Even though he had been gone for 3 months they hadn’t touched his room at all. That made Caden feel good.

As quietly as he could he opened the top drawer of his old dresser. Reaching toward the back, he tapped a compartment and the bag of weed fell into his hand. Pulling it out, drew Cloe over to smell it. Cloe, taking a deep breath in, was turned on by the scent.

“Let’s fuck,” Cloe whispered slithering up her boyfriend’s body.

“What are you, fuckin’ nuts?” Caden replied feeling her petite hand caress his crotch.

“It’d be hot,” she said pressing her breasts against her boyfriend’s firm manly chest.

Cloe knew that Caden couldn’t resist her breasts. All she ever had to do was get him to touch her perky, young C cups and he would bend to her will.

Cloe tip-toed up to Caden’s neck and kissed it. He did his best to resist her but dropping the bag onto the floor, he slipped his hand under her black tee shirt and onto her thin, soft back.

“I’m gonna make you wanna fuckin’ scream,” Cloe whispered moving him around and pushing him onto the creaky bed.

“Shhh!” Caden warned, trying to stop himself from bouncing. “If he fuckin’ wakes up, he’s gonna kill us.”