Jaime’s heart raced as he lay on the mattress staring at Kyle’s back. Jaime had always been comfortable admitting that he had a man-crush on Kyle, his sister’s boyfriend, and his sister, Melissa, encouraged it. Mel found it funny. She would often joke that she was worried about leaving the two alone. And although she always said it with a smile, the frequency with which she said it made Jaime wonder what was truly behind the comments.

Jaime put his hand on his own smooth, built chest to feel the thumping. Feeling his breathing grow shallower, he inhaled deeply and refocused himself. The family had all planned to come to his little brother’s college graduation, and although they had booked their hotel rooms far in advance, when they arrived only one of the four rooms were available. That meant that his parents got the bed, his uncle and aunt got the mattress at the foot of the bed and Mel, Kyle and Jamie got the mattress on the side of the bed. And Mel, not wanting to sleep next to her brother, put Kyle between the two of them, joking about how much they would each like it.

Jaime did like it. His face had flushed at the thought. And now that the hot, toned guy that he had began to fantasize about was asleep inches away, he didn’t know what to do.

Jaime’s heart raced further as a thought crossed his mind. If Jamie was asleep, he could do anything. There were three of them on a twin-sized mattress. Their bodies were going to touch. It was just a matter of when. So Jaime decided that it may as well be while he was awake and could enjoy it.

Feeling his face flush again, he slowly moved his foot closer to Kyle’s. Fighting to quiet his breath he placed his toes below Kyle’s arch and waited. This was a big moment for him. Sure he had palled around with Kyle, grabbing him around the neck as they laughed. Jaime had even wrestled with him on one occasion, but this was a different type of touch. This was intimate and sexual. The thought of this touch made Jaime’s thick cock hard.

Building his courage, Jaime moved his foot and drew it to Kyle’s. The contact made his chest tingle. Excited, he wanted to wrap his arms around Kyle and bury his face in his neck, but he knew he couldn’t. The foot touch was a stolen moment. It could even be considered a violation of their bromantic trust. Jaime was taking advantage of Kyle’s innocent acceptance of Jaime’s affections and he knew it. He couldn’t help himself, though. If he didn’t take this opportunity while he had it, he knew he would regret it forever.

As Jaime’s heart rate slowed, emerging was a new sense of courage. He wanted more from this moment than a mere touch, so adjusting his foot to lay against Kyle’s sole, Jaime considered what else he could do.

When Kyle pulled his foot away, Jamie felt a sudden pain in his chest.

‘Did I wake him?’ He thought in a panic. ‘Did he catch me?’

Jamie didn’t move. Kyle couldn’t know that Jaime was awake and Jaime knew it. It was a small bed. Their bodies were going to touch. That couldn’t be helped.

As Jaime watched Kyle’s foot move under the sheet, he saw it rest on top of Melissa’s. The sight broke his heart a little. Sure, he knew that Kyle loved her, but he had allowed himself to believe that although Kyle didn’t love him, he liked him more than just a typical friend. He had allowed himself to hope that Kyle would want his touch. But with Kyle’s withdrawal, his hope was lost.

Jamie’s mind drifted to the times they had spent together. Re-examining the moments, he was reassured that there was something special between the two of them. More than once, they had held each other’s gaze. And Jaime, not being gay, was sure that there was no way that he could feel so comfortable with another man if he hadn’t been encouraged by what the other man was doing. Jaime let out a silent sigh in reply.

About to roll over in disappointment, Jaime changed his mind when he heard rustling from below. Staring back down he noticed that while Kyle’s right foot was still touching Mel’s, his left foot was sliding towards his. Jamie froze unsure of what was going on.

When Kyle’s foot met his, Jaime felt his softened cock spring hard. He didn’t suspect that his sister’s boyfriend was doing this consciously, but perhaps subconsciously. Perhaps somewhere in his dream state he had recognized their connection and went in search of it. Whatever the cause, it was purposeful and gave Jamie the encouragement to explore Kyle’s body further.