Violet stirred when she felt her boyfriend Kel sit up.

“What’s the matter?” Vi asked rolling over to face him.

“I’m gonna get some water?”

Vi opened her eyes to find his firm naked ass leave the tent. She loved his ass; it was smooth, muscular and perfect. Closing her eyes again she continued to picture Kel’s ass until something disturbed her thoughts.

‘He left the tent naked,’ she considered. ‘Why does that seem strange?’ she wondered. ‘Because we’re on a camping trip with my family.’

Vi opened her eyes again and stared through the open door. Her mom and stepdad’s tent was visible past the camp fire, as was Ben and Harris’, Candy and Tia’s and Blaine’s. Ben was her 18-year-old stepbrother. Candy was her 16-year-old sister. The other two were her siblings’ best friends.

Blaine was the stepbrother that Vi knew the least. He was seven years older than she was and had spent all of their parent’s courtship in the marines. It wasn’t until his recent release that she had met him. He wasn’t very talkative, but what she did know about Blaine, she liked. He had a quiet power that her boyfriend Kel didn’t.

Vi scanned the space in between their tents for Kel. He wasn’t there. Sitting up, covering her naked B-cups with her sleeping bag, she leaned outside the door. He was nowhere to be seen. Violet retreated into the tent and thought.

‘Where would he go for water? There is a canteen just outside our tent.’

As Vi considered the possibilities, the answer hit her. “He’s sleepwalking.”

Kel was known to sleepwalk. Many times Violet had watched him circle their apartment putting away laundry and surfing the net while still asleep. Vi actually liked it when he did. During such times, she found out things about her boyfriend that he wouldn’t normally share. It was like having a glimpse into his subconscious that she could ignore if she didn’t like.

His sleepwalking was how he found his long lost keys in the freezer, and how she learned that she didn’t have to worry about his ex.

Kel’s hidden attraction to muscular men was the most surprising thing that she learned about her boyfriend. That came when she watched him get out of bed, navigate to a gay website and shoot a load to an image of Randy Rick, a hung, hunk who loved hunting and camping. Though Vi stood right next to him as he jacked, Kel had no memory of it the next day. Vi later asked him about his sexual preference, and Kel responded by fucking her with more passion than she could stand. After that, Vi had no doubt about his attraction toward women. She simply accepted that there was more to him than the typical guy.

Vi reached for her clothes when she noticed how long Kel was gone. They were at her stepdad’s favorite campsite, and other than the pristine lake, there was nothing around for at least a mile.

Slipping on her panties, Vi stopped when she heard Kel’s bare feet slap the soft ground. Peering through the door waiting for him to come into sight, her heart beat harder. When they were home, she found his nocturnal adventures exciting. But her parents and sister were also here, so the idea that at any moment they could open their tent door and see Kel’s muscular naked body glistening in the camp fire light, worried her.

When Kel walked into view, the first thing she saw was his large full cock hanging below his balls. Violet automatically reached for her pussy. Her worries were forgotten. Her dark-haired boyfriend was hot and his looks always had a way of making her forget her troubles.

Kel came to a stop once he entered the circle created by the tents facing the fire. With his eyes fully open he looked at each of the structures as if he were trying to remember which one was his.

Vi, with her finger pressed to her nub, rubbed as she fantasized about what would happen if he chose the wrong tent. How would Ben and his somewhat feminine friend respond to her naked boyfriend lying next to them? Would they engage in the first gay threesome of their lives? Vi rubbed her clit harder at the prospect.

Violet’s rubbing intensified when Kel’s cock started to lift. It was like Kel was reading her thoughts, but when he reached for his tool and turned, Vi’s heart sank. Her sleepwalking boyfriend wasn’t heading toward her or even Ben and Harris. He was moving in the opposite direction. The tent he headed towards was Blaine’s. Vi stopped rubbing at the sight.

Blaine was, by all accounts, dangerous. Blaine had seen battle during his time in the marines and he was not the type to respond passively to a naked man groping him in the middle of the night. So if Kel stepped into Blaine’s tent, he would probably get hurt.

Vi quickly stuck her head out of the door trying to get Kel’s attention. But almost as bad as what would happen to him if Blaine caught him, was the response from her family if they saw him naked in view of the two 16-year-old girls. This was a no win scenario for her. The only option, she considered, was to allow Blaine to hit him a few times and then explain Kel’s sleepwalking to the family. It would be awkward, but explainable as an innocent mistake. So when Kel unzipped Blaine’s tent and stepped in, Vi returned to her tent and waited for the fireworks to start.