Luke unbuttoned his flannel shirt and looked down at Josh, his girlfriend’s little brother. Josh lay asleep in bed facing him. And as the night’s lights flooded in through the window, it covered the shirtless sleeping Josh with a glow that made him look angelic.

It was not Luke’s idea to undress for Josh as he slept, it was his girlfriend, Brin’s. Luke couldn’t say why, but starting a few days earlier, she had decided that Luke was attracted to other guys. This confused Luke. He had never said that he was and he had never gazed at a guy longer than appropriate. Sure he had fantasized about kissing guys before, but what guy hadn’t. Besides, he never told her about those fantasies either, so there was no reason for her to think that the fantasies existed.

Luke allowed his shirt to drop to the ground. Taking hold of the waist band of his jeans he hesitated. Considering retrieving his shirt and leaving, he paused and looked down at his body. He was shaking. His body twitched as a flood of adrenaline flooded through him.

‘Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t be here,’ he thought. But slipping the button of his pants between his finger tips, he knew what he wanted to do next.

As Luke unbuttoned his pants, he remembered the surprise he felt when Brin had laid her ultimatum before him.

“If you want me to trust you,” she said, “then you’re gonna have to hook up with Josh.”

“What are you talking about? That’s crazy. That doesn’t make any sense,” Luke had protested.

“No, I don’t want you sneaking around my back. Josh is cool with it. He’s into you. He’s hot, right?”

“I don’t know. He’s alright, I guess.”

“See. And if you’re gonna be with some guy, I want it to be with someone I know and trust, like Josh.”

In a twisted way, Brin’s logic made sense. The only part that didn’t was that he wasn’t attracted to guys. But he knew that when Brin got like this, there was no changing her mind. Luke knew that if he wanted to continue to be with her, he was going to have to do this with her brother whether he wanted to or not. And the truth was that if he was ever going to try something with a guy, he would want it to be with someone masculine, cool and as undeniably good looking as Josh was.

As Luke’s hard cock popped out of his pants he looked down at Josh. Except for his short, curly blond hair and flat chest, he and Brin could have been twins. Now 21-years-old, Josh still couldn’t grow facial hair and his lean, slim body and smooth skin were really hot for a guy. On top of that, his rippling abs and surfer body were impressive. When Josh stayed at Brin’s apartment, he walked around with his shirt off and his pants hanging halfway down his hairless groin. Luke managed not to stare but it was difficult.

When Luke’s pants hit the ground, he glided his hand over his own shivering body. As his large hand caressed his pecs and abs, it comforted him. Slipping his tanned cock between his fingers, his chest heaved as he prepared to do something that he had never imagined doing.

An hour earlier, Brin had told him that she was going to a movie by herself. She made it clear what she was expecting him to do while she was gone. And knowing that he would have this time in the dark with her seemingly sleeping brother made things easier for him. In the dark he could consider what he felt for guys. It was something that he could never do with either Brin or Josh watching him.

Fighting for breath through his shivering chest, he took a step toward Josh. Josh’s face lay on the edge of the bed and his full pink lips were slightly separated making a perfect landing for the tip of his cock. Not knowing any other way to initiate their connection, he decided that waking him with a touch from his dick would be exactly right.

Getting closer, Luke hesitated again when he thought about Josh. ‘How do I know that Josh would be open to something like this?’ He wondered. Brin had told him that Josh had confessed his attraction, but where were all of the other little clues that would have accompanied his feelings? Josh was completely masculine. He often talked about girls and Luke considered him a dude’s dude. Josh acted like the perfect little bro and none of his actions ever hinted toward a secret attraction to guys.

Standing naked in front of his little bro, Luke continued forward. Feeling his heart pound, he felt every moment as his cock got closer. Brin was right. How she knew it, he couldn’t be sure, but naked in the dark with this beautiful boy, he discovered something inside himself. And with Josh’s hot breath tickling the head of his cock, Josh’s bedroom door flung open.

Luke froze staring at Brin. She wasn’t supposed to be here. She had said that she would be out for hours. There was no question where she was going and what she was expecting Luke to do while she was gone.

‘Why does she look disappointed?’ Luke asked himself while staring at his girlfriend. ‘I don’t understand. I’m just doing what she told me to do. I can’t take this now. I need to get out of here.’

Brin looked across the room at her hot boyfriend standing naked in front of her little brother’s face. Luke’s cock was bobbing up and down and there was a look of terror in his eyes.

‘Why did I lie?’ She asked herself. ‘Why’d I do it?’