Izzie slowly leaned her head into the hallway. She was in search of her boyfriend, Tye. Twenty minutes after Izzie had pretended to be asleep, he had left their bed. Izzie assumed that he had gone to the bathroom or to get water, but when he didn’t return she became curious.

Now 24 years old, Izzie had brought two other boyfriends with her on this, her family’s annual vacation, but Tye was the first one that any of them liked. For reasons she couldn’t explain, her family’s acceptance combined with the copious amounts of alcohol they drank that night, made Izzie suspicious. Her mom’s embarrassing stories from Izzie’s childhood was one possible outcome, but knowing her family as she did, absolutely anything was possible.

The wood-lined walls of the hallway glowed softly from the light from the first floor TV. The open ceiling design of the two-story redwood vacation home allowed the flickering light over the second-floor balcony and down the long corridor. Finding the hallway empty, she entered and took a step toward the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Seeing that the shared bathroom was empty, she then looked at each of the 3 other doors. They were all dark and closed.

Now headed toward the stairs, she left the enclosed hallway and entered the balcony. Taking a quick look at the living room below she froze at what she saw. Illuminated by the TV was Tye. Standing between the TV and the couch, he peered down at the couch with his mouth hanging open.

Tye’s deep olive complexion glowed in the light. His thick dark hair and manly features threw shadows across his face that made him look beautiful. So standing there with a loose fitting tee shirt over his built chest, and thin boxers hiding his hefty cock, it was easy to see that he was on edge.

Unsure of what was going on, Izzie backed into the hallway. Peeking out from behind the wall she looked down again. Staring at the couch he was transfixed by what lay beside him. Izzie slid down the wall to get a better look. Examining the body on the couch, she determined it was her twin brother Ian. Looking him over a few more times, she couldn’t imagine why her boyfriend was staring at her brother so intensely.

Izzie quickly searched her mind for anything that Ian could have said to upset Tye and found nothing. Ian had been nothing but friendly to Tye. In fact, in the two days that they had been at the lake cabin, the two had developed a rapport that was great to see. From childhood, Ian had carried a negative outlook on life; but in Tye’s presence, he almost seemed optimistic. And the funny thing was that Tye seemed equally as happy.

Izzie sat on her knees hiding her body in the shadows cast by the edge of the balcony. With only her eyes exposed, she got comfortable knowing that something was about to happen though she didn’t know what. Her heart raced.

Tye looked down at Ian who lay on his side with his head on his hands. The light from the TV lit his smooth tanned face casting a shadow from his sharp delicate nose onto his cheek. Ian wasn’t wearing a shirt and his chiseled, lean, smooth 24-year-old body looked like that of a statue’s.

Ian wore soft boxers that topped his strong legs, and within them was a bulge that Tye couldn’t ignore. Ian was obviously erect. Tye hadn’t ever been so captivated by an erection before, but there was something about the way that his girlfriend’s twin made him feel that challenged his sexuality. And further encouraged by Ian’s whispered after dinner statement, “I’ll be on the couch tonight and I won’t mind,” Tye was confused even more.

Tye continued to stare endlessly trying to figure out what he was feeling. He examined Ian’s body one part at a time. Was it that he envied Ian’s softly blond hair? Possibly. Could it be that Ian had pink lips that he had only previously seen on girls? Maybe. Could it be that he took as much care with his body as Tye did? Perhaps. Or could it be the large bulge in his soft boxers?

‘Why did he tell me he would be down here? And what wouldn’t he mind?’ Tye asked himself. ‘He had gone to bed like everyone else had, and there’s a TV in his bedroom. Yet here he is on the couch in the living room like he said he’d be and he’s dressed only in boxers, looking like…’ Tye swallowed feeling the weight of the thought that fought its way to the surface.

‘I’m drunk,’ he thought. ‘Ian was drunk too. Ian kept touching his leg against mine under the table. I thought that was because he was drunk, but what if it wasn’t. What if…’ The weight of his thoughts again overwhelmed him.

After standing frozen for so long, Tye lifted his arm. His hand shook. Knowing that somewhere in his mind, he already knew what he was about to do, he swallowed. Tye again paused feeling the electricity of terror flowing through him. Gathering himself again, he looked down at Ian’s dark blond hair.

‘If I can just touch him… If I could just feel a part of him on my finger tips, I wouldn’t have to do anything else. I’ll just push my fingers through his hair. He was so drunk that he must be passed out by now. He’ll never know. No one will ever know and I’ll feel what it feels like to explore him. I’ll know what it feels like not to have to hide every gentle impulse. Besides, he said that he wouldn’t mind.’

Tye reached down further towards Ian’s soft locks. He could feel his hand shake as it stretched closer. Then, when it made contact, he stopped.

Tye paused with only the tips of his fingers on the top of his hair. If Ian opened his eyes at that moment, Tye decided that he could say that he was brushing something off of him. It might still be awkward, but the lie would work. It wasn’t necessary, though. Ian didn’t budge. It was then that Tye’s heart raced and he pushed his fingers through Ian light hair.

Izzie, still watching from above, couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had never seen Tye do anything so intimate to another man before. Her boyfriend of eight months was caressing her twin brother’s hair. As small as the gesture was, it felt like a betrayal, but at the same time, her heart raced with excitement. Sitting in the shadows Izzie felt as if she had a window into Tye’s unguarded soul. And although she didn’t want to move to check, something told her that her pussy had become fully engorged.

Tye pushed his fingers through Ian’s hair again and again. He had thought that once would have been enough. He had thought that after one brief whiff of intimacy, he could walk away, but instead of the touch releasing him, it made him crave more. And with his drunken mind urging him on, he felt that if he stopped, he risked never feeling something so intimate again.

What did finally stop Tye, though, was when Ian suddenly rolled onto his back. Whipping his hand away, Tye quietly stepped past the couch. He was about to rush up the stairs and pray that Ian wouldn’t remember anything about it in the morning when something again caught his eye; Ian’s bulging cock.

Tye wobbled as he collected his thoughts.