Kathy lay under Brand with the nipples of her firm C-cup breast gently brushing her boyfriend’s lightly hairy chest. Brand’s creamy white cock was seven inches and the feeling of it thrusting in and out of her petite pussy sent tingles through her body.

Kat looked up at Brand’s smooth milky white face. His eyes were closed and he had the look he got when he was about to blow. Seeing that, she quickly gripped her arms around his back and pulled her chest onto his hoping that the added friction on her breasts would spur her to orgasm.

Brand’s muscular body and hefty cock were hot, but his ego was fragile. So when Brand started his loud interrupted breaths that signaled his climax, Kat did the same.

“Ahhh!” Brand grunted.

“Yeah,” Kat responded turning her full attention to what she knew would be the last thrusts of her boyfriend’s luscious cock.

“Oh yeah,” Brand panted relaxing his body on top his girlfriend’s ivory skin.

Kat lay still not making any sudden moves. She liked the feeling of him on top of her even when they weren’t fucking, but she had learned that if she expressed her enjoyment too enthusiastically, he would move. And when Brand pulled out his quickly shrinking cock and rolled off of her, she counted the seconds in her head until she thought it would be safe to cuddle him without him running.

As Brand’s chest rose and fell in front of her eyes, Kat grew impatient. She wanted her lover in her arms. She wanted to feel his warm body on her breasts and she decided that she shouldn’t have to wait for it.

Kat slowly rolled over gently sliding her arm onto Brand’s chest. But as soon as their flesh met, Brand rolled turning his back to Kathy. Kat lay on her side disappointed. As she examined her man’s muscular back she wished she could reach out and touch it. She traced the peaks and valleys of it with her eyes and then needing to make contact, if not just a small one, she slowly reached out her hand getting closer and closer to his back.

Kat felt her heart race when her finger tips were only an inch away. And as she got closer her breath increased causing the hot air to bounce off of her boyfriend and back onto her face. When her finger tips made contact, her chest clenched. Her tension was so great that her anxiety passed through her finger tips into Brand. Recoiling from her touch, he pulled himself out of bed, retrieved his underwear from the ground and put them on. Then without looking at Kat, he pulled a pair of jeans from the hook in the closet and exited the bedroom.

Kat felt lonely as her dark curly haired boyfriend left the room. Certainly it was unusual for them to fuck in the morning, but Kat was hoping that the change would ignite a more intimate side of Brand. It hadn’t. And like every morning since they had been living together, he had left their bed without a word for his office across the hallway.

Kat lay staring up at the ceiling. She felt very alone. She wanted to slide her hand down to her clit and rub herself to completion, but feeling a drain on her psyche she didn’t even try. Sexually frustrated, she lay quietly for a few more minutes before exiting the bed for the bathroom. Within she did her best to cheer herself up and get ready for her day.

Ready for work, Kat popped her head into Brand’s office.

“I’m heading out,” she said.

“Have a nice day,” Brand retorted without removing his eyes from the screen.

Once again Kat’s day would start with a yearning that she couldn’t quench, and once again she felt unwanted by the man she unabashedly loved.

As she exited their condominium complex and entered the street, she considered how their relationship had gotten to where it had. Accept when they had first started dating, Brand had never been a passionate lover. And the longer they were together the less passionate Brand became.  

It was Kat’s idea for them to move in together, and if it weren’t for her pressure they probably wouldn’t have. But Kat’s thought was that if they lived together, she would get more opportunities to show him how much she loved him; and seeing that she would further win him over. She was correct about one thing, their living together did offer more opportunities. However, her boyfriend never really responded to her acts of affection with the enthusiasm that she had hoped.

“Excuse me pretty lady, could you help me out today?” An older female voice said interrupting her thoughts.

Kathy looked down spotting the old lady that she passed every morning. As an act of compassion, Kathy routinely gave the woman a dollar on her way to work. Her deeply wrinkled dark face always moved her whenever she saw it. And the battered wisdom that seemed to live in her eyes called to her whenever they made contact with hers.

Kat stopped, dug into her purse and handed the woman a folded dollar.

“Oh, you’re so kind,” the woman replied. “If only this were enough to cover the cost of the little one’s medicine. It’s all so expensive now. It’s so hard to struggle by.”

Kat looked down that the woman who, although begging on the sidewalk of a busy street, was clean and tidily dressed. ‘She never mentioned having kids before,’ Kathy thought.

Kathy then dug back into her purse and found a ten dollar bill. Handing that to the woman, the old woman thanked her.

“Oh bless you pretty lady. And if only I could get something to eat as well. I have eight grand children that I take care of. It’s tough, so tough.”

Kat was again moved. Digging in her purse she found another ten and handed it to the old woman. “It’s all I have,” Kat said having given her all of the money she had.

The old woman smiled and thanked Kathy profusely. “Oh, thank you pretty lady. Thank you. Your heart is pure and I will bless you for it. Think of anything you want and I’ll help you to get it, okay?”

Kathy smiled at the woman’s offer. “Thank you, but I have all I want.”

“But your pretty face is so sad,” the woman added.