Zac stood in the walkway that connected the open shower stalls to the locker room. Inside was Eric, his jailbird stepfather who his mother married a few weeks ago after he made parole. Zac didn’t like him much, but he considered Eric’s prison sculpted body the hottest he’d ever seen.

Zac didn’t consider himself to be attracted to men, but there was something about the cocky way Eric carried himself that made Zac want to know the size of his new daddy’s cock. And now staring at Eric’s smooth, tan, muscular body and loose hanging tool, Zac was impressed.

Sensing an opportunity with no one in the locker room and Eric in the shower, Zac turned toward the lockers. Money was always a problem for him, especially since he discovered the wonders of pot. But always open to finding spare cash where ever he could, the poorly secured lockers at the gym that his step-dad partially owned, was a windfall.

Ensuring that the shower was still running, Zac leaned out the door leading to the gym. It wasn’t a big gym. It only had a few free weights and a boxing ring. But there were 12 people there today, which Zac assumed meant that at least two lockers were ready to cough up some cash.

Zac quickly went to work checking each of the unlocked units. He had to open 20 before he found the first prize. Looking back at the showers to make sure Eric’s was still on, he rifled through the clothes looking for the wallet. Finding it he opened it and found $40.  Pocketing it he looked for the next one. 15 lockers later he yielded another score, $100. Zac looked for the driver’s license.

“Max Molly,” he read. “Too bad for you, Max.”

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Zac whipped around to find Eric standing at the entrance from the showers wearing a towel. Eric’s reddish brown goatee and mustache seemed to highlight the anger on his meaty mid-forties face.

 Zac stood frozen for a second not knowing what to do. Slowly he backed away from the locker. Trying to think of something to say, he became tongue tied when he saw his tanned stepfather walking towards him. Too close for comfort Zac dropped the wallet and took off for the door.

Eric was quick though. Letting go of his towel Eric shot across the room and trapped Zac between the inside of the door frame and his wet body.

“Where you goin’, Zac?” Eric said pleased that he had finally caught him in the act. “What you got there?”

Zac was extremely uncomfortable with Eric’s naked body pressing against his. He didn’t mind looking at Eric from a distance, in fact he quite liked it, but feeling Eric’s naked body against his paralyzed Zac. Zac did not want to accidently touch something that he could be called gay for later.

“Leave me alone Eric. I wasn’t doing anything.”

“Weren’t doing anything, huh? Then whose wallet was that?”

“It was none-of-your-business’s wallet, that’s whose it was.”

“What, so now you’re being cocky? Is that it? I catch you stealing from somebody’s wallet and you’re being cocky? What you got in there to be cocky about?”

Eric, still locking Zac in the corner, saw how uncomfortable Zac was and decided to tickle Zac’s cock to make it worse. But when Eric touched Zac’s dick, he was shocked at what he found. Zac’s cock was completely hard. But not only was it hard, it was also big. Eric froze with his hand on Zac’s cock.

Eric stared at his stepson again. He had always thought that Zac was a good looking boy. Many times he wished he had someone that looked like Zac in prison. If he had, prison sex would have been much more pleasurable.

Zac had turned 18 a month earlier. He couldn’t yet grow facial hair and his brown hair hung loosely on his forehead. His jaw was square and his features were refined and boyish. What caught Eric’s attention most though, he saw after his most recent parole. Zac was walking around his mom’s house without a shirt and it was clear that he spent time in the gym. Zac had played sports all throughout high school and his softly rippling stomach and man/boy chest reflected it. Zac looked like a high school aged movie star.

“What you got there?” Eric asked with his hand rested on Zac’s hard cock.