Sophie looked up from the magazine when it was announced the next flight. It was not his, it was headed to New York and she was in Atlanta. Actually it was direct in Lexington, Kentucky, but the cheapest flight from Orlando to Atlanta airport was. 

But she did not care because for her it was the journey of the imagination. Disney World, Epcot, Wet ‘n Wild, were the places he had visited as a young girl and had been saving for a year to go back. And escape from what he had left Kentucky, he would do anything not to go back. On holiday could be anyone he wanted. And noticing the man with languid eyes and dark hair in front of her, she wondered if this might be his last adventure holiday.

There was something strange about the man, it seemed like a traveler. Sophie had two bags with him, except the bag while he sat alone with a coffee in each hand. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was looking at her, but could not tell if he was trying to be friendly or not. Moving quickly gaze to the mesh that wrapped the body toned, he returned to the magazine.

“I gave him got one,” said the man, by the look of Sophie back to the magazine. “Excuse me, I saw that she looked at him. I took one for her. “

He was talking to her and she knew it. Then, lowering her magazine, crossed his ankles, he moved back to the right shoulder, pulled her skirt down to mid-thigh, gave a move to the long dark blond hair and gave him a charming smile.

“Excuse me?” He said, taking the opportunity to escape from real life.

“I also took a croissant is good, enjoy it.”

Without another word, the man put one of coffee and a paper bag on the table in part to Sophie. Looking at him she found him funny.

“It took me a coffee and a croissant?” 

“Yes, it’s early. I thought that he had not had time to have breakfast in the hotel and I have not seen anything get in any store. We both know you do not give anything in these flights, so instead of leaving to suffer such a pretty girl I thought I’d get something. “

Sophie liked. And this had to be the most daring thing she had ever done for a stranger to capture his attention. He could not accept his offer, but it was nice.

“I will not eat your food,” he said with a smile.

“It’s not mine, I got it just for you. I was in line and I thought ‘that woman over there how wonderful love coffee? I bet black. But you know what? The will offer a little ‘milk to see if it likes.’ Then I took a long walk all the way here, I sat and waited for you to come out from behind that magazine. I think the least you can do is take a sip and pretend. “

Always fun, he said. “My mom always told me not to accept candy from strangers.”

“Well, if you have intentions of frenarti so, think of all the candy that you will lose your life.”

The man made a brilliant smile. Sophie really liked, then moving her head back slightly wished that the gesture did it continue. But he could not. In no way would accept that gift. It went against the way in which she saw herself.               

Sophie smiled. “Thanks, but I’m not hungry.”

“No,” he asked as if he knew that was not true.

“No, no hunger.”

Between the two there was a silence in which Sophie decided that he had scored the point. Returning to the magazine, staring at the words unable to concentrate. It did not take long before he lost the point: his stomach growled so loud that she was sure she heard the stranger, making her blush.                            

“You’re always the same idea,” asked the man on the other side of the magazine.      

The big blue eyes of Sophie stood up a second and saw his face amused. She was embarrassed and hoped would not happen again. But it happened, and stronger, and Sophie winced at the sound.

“Uh huh,” he said.

When his stomach did it again and this time long enough for everyone to hear, surrendered. He knew that accepting his gifts meant not get rid of him until boarding, but did not consider it quite an unpleasant thing.

“Ok, I’ll eat brioche.”

“It can also drink coffee, you will need to wash it down with something.”

“Okay, I’ll take even the coffee,” he conceded with a knowing smile.

As Sophie pulled out the brioche from the bag, he could feel his gaze. Among the embarrassment of accepting the gift and the entire boarding gate he heard his stomach growl, this was the lesser evil.

“I do not know why I did resistance. I know that a girl like you like to eat. “

Sophie froze at his words and stared at him in shock.

The man looked at her innocently. “What is it? You have meat on those bones. It’s a beautiful thing, you’re not one of those toothpick walking, it’s sexy .. “

Sophie did not know what to do. He knew he was not a toothpick. It had never been. She was shapely, she had meat, but it was put in the right places and thought that would attract the attention of men. He was not wrong, but to hear it by sending down a croissant was not fun.

“Excuse me?” Sophie protested.

“Oh do not take it. You’re beautiful and you know, I’m just saying you do not have to pretend with me. “

There was something in what he said that was a comfort. And pressed by the next rumbling stomach took him at his word and took a bite. The truth was that he was starving and feeling it melt in your mouth brioche was a relief.

Watching her close her eyes and enjoy every bite, the man slid into place next to her. 

“My name is Titan.”

Titan pulled out by hand to distract Sophie with brioche, with bits of icing that fell from his lips. 

“Sophie,” he said, trying not to be the icing on the hand.

“Have you ever noticed how much more friendly people at the airport,” he asked Titan leaning towards Sophie. “They have done a search. People tend to do things at the airport that they would not do in normal life. It is because they think they will never see that person again .. “

“Really?” Sophie asked, genuinely interested.

“Yeah, I think everyone expect the opportunity to be a bad girl.”

“Or a bad guy, right?”

“I guess so, but being a tomboy does not explain why I wear sexy lingerie feminine,” he said with a charming smile.

Sophie laughed. “Oh, really?”

“What? It is not strange. He says the research. “

Sophie laughed again. He decided that he really liked. And good looking closely noticed that it was really very nice. His deep tan, the three-day beard, his gentle but manly traits, the way his voice struck her and shook her chest. And feeling flirting more than he would have done normally wanted to know more about him.

“So, where are you going?” She asked with a smile on his face now.

“Me? Around airports to look for bad girls who want to make filth with me, “he said, in a way that did not indicate if he was joking or not. “And you?”

Sophie thought of inventing something. But do not think of anything venendole told the truth. “I’m going home to Lexington.”

“Tennessee or Kentucky?”


Titan smiled. “Me too.”



Sophie stared into his eyes, incredibly taken by the alien. He did not know what was in it, but it made her feel warm. He wanted to touch it and now with four and a half hours to do it, waited gasped flight.

“Boarding flight 4237 to Atlanta. Passengers with small children and those with need help, exit 16 go now. ”