Jennifer stared out of her kitchen window tired of being the devoted wife. Her self-sacrifice for her husband was unending. She had never said no to any of his requests, and he knew that she wouldn’t. But instead of him loving her unwaveringly for it, he seemed to have lost interest.

Now instead of coming home right after work like he used to, he called telling her he was going to have a few drinks. And instead of treating her like a princess in bed like he once did, he barely touched her. Jennifer had always received her share of attention from men, however her husband’s had outshined them all. But now that he had her and she gave him everything he wanted, he made her feel ugly and rejected. His coming home drunk near midnight smelling like a bar was the final straw. She needed to feel desired again and she wanted her husband to know what he had lost.

With a glass of wine in hand, Jennifer turned toward the large sliding glass doors that from its perch on the second floor, looked over the whole neighborhood. It being past midnight in an upper-class district, all of the houses were dark. The only one still lit was the one across the street. It was the home of the ruggedly good-looking man who had moved in a month earlier.

Jennifer kept a close eye on that neighbor. Her observations discovered that he lived there alone. Although there were a number of young beautiful women that left in the morning, there was no one that ever left twice. Jennifer imagined that her new neighbor was a rogue. Perhaps he was a rock star or the heir to a fortune. Whatever he was, it intrigued her and kept her watching.

More than once the mysterious neighbor had caught her and stared back. It had been nights like tonight, though usually before her husband came home. She would be standing out on the balcony dressed in one of her white silken robes. He would step out onto his balcony with a tumbler in hand and exchange gazes. It made her feel good about herself that a man who could so easily find young, beautiful women, would also watch her. His stares gave her what her husband did not.

Only after Jennifer established that he would gaze at her endlessly, would she be content enough to leave. She loved the attention, but she was a devoted wife after all. There was only so much flirtation she was allowed with a gorgeous man. But tonight as she twirled the wine in her glass wondering if she should step onto the balcony, she knew that their flirtation could end in much more.

As she felt the effects of her second glass of wine, Jennifer stepped forward. The sliding glass door moved easily on its tracks and the gentle salty breeze, that started at the nearby shore, blew her long dark hair and robe softly.

With her hand planted on the railing, Jennifer openly stared across the street at the balcony of the mysterious man’s house. She examined it for life. There were two lights on, one in his spacious living room past his sliding glass doors, and the other through a window she determined to be his bedroom.

Waiting for him to come out, Jennifer considered that he might already have company. It had been almost five days since the last underfed 22-year-old had exited. He was past due for another. And as she waited feeling more jealous about him than she did about her husband, she dropped her robe hoping something more seductive might lure him away.

When her robe slid down her arms revealing her sultry nighty, Jennifer felt a sense of liberation. She had never been so naked outside before. It gave her a rush to think who could be watching her.

‘I bet my admirers would think I’m beautiful,’ she decided with satisfaction.

Jennifer moved her hand onto her exposed collarbone. She loved the way it felt. Closing her eyes she moved her hand to the heaving flesh that curved into her breast. Caressing herself in public excited her and she wondered how far she could lower her hand without knowing whose attention she had hooked.

Sliding her hand across the side of her breast her loins tingled. She felt fantastic. And when her petite fingertips slid to her stomach, she knew what she wanted to do next. Under the baby doll lingerie was her matching panties and bulging within was her throbbing labial lips. Her desire to touch her lips was overwhelming and the soft pressure of her downwardly traveling fingers made her body crackle.

As her fingertips touched the edge of her lacy underwear, she felt something unexpected. There was someone staring at her and his presence was so intense it felt like he was breathing on her neck. Unable to continue she opened her eyes. To her unsteady delight, the presence she felt was of the mysterious man a street’s width away. Finding him powerful enough to intoxicate her from a distance, Jennifer wondered what he would be like up close.

Jennifer took a closer look at him. The stubble-faced man was dressed in a linen white shirt and khaki pants. She decided that he belonged on sailboat in a cologne ad. His light brown hair lay in waves on his head and as a whole he was perfect looking.

Jennifer let her hand drop to her side as she stared at him. Moving her wine to her lips she watched his reaction. It was one of charming disappointment. In a flash she realized that he was telling her that he was enjoying her show and with that encouragement, she wanted him more.

Taking another sip of wine, Jennifer wondered what it would take to convince him to come over. Would she have to caress her breast? Would she have to strip? She was willing to do whatever it took, but living in this neighborhood, she hoped it wouldn’t take much.

What it took in the end was a nod. Dropping her head back allowing her mane to fall behind her, she shook her hair out. Then with a swivel of her head toward him, a come-hither tilt communicated everything necessary. And disappearing back into his house, it took less than a minute before he had exited his front door and had set a path across the road.

Retreating into the living room, Jennifer realized that she hadn’t thought this all the way through. What would she do with him? And how would she do it with her husband asleep in the bedroom?