Wynn Wyatt crackled with excitement as he pulled his Porsche into the clearing overlooking the launch site. He had driven for an hour and a half with April, the latest model he was dating. April wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but she was undeniably beautiful. That didn’t make for an entertaining drive, but it was better than driving alone.

The Porsche he had chosen was fresh off the lot. This had been his dream car. It was the coolest and most expensive one they had. Now with the most beautiful woman he could imagine in the passenger seat, Wynn was feeling pretty good about himself. Add that to the buzz he always felt watching a rocket launch in person, and Wynn could barely contain himself.

Although it was dark, as Wynn parked his car, he could see one other car in the clearing. The man, who sat on the hood of his slightly older Mercedes, turned towards Wynn’s headlights as he pulled in. Wynn wondered if the man was impressed by his new car. Wynn decided that he had to be. Who wouldn’t be impressed? And he would only be impressed more when he saw the woman Wynn came with.

Shutting off his headlights and engine, Wynn turned to April.

“We’re here,” he informed her breaking a long stretch of silence.

“Where are we?” April asked staring at the well-lit launchpad a quarter mile below them.

“Vandenberg Air Force Base. I thought you’d like to watch a rocket launch with me,” Wynn said with a beaming smile.

“They’re going to launch a rocket?” April asked trying to get her bearing.

“Yep. That one right there. In about twenty minutes, that rocket will be entering space.”

“Oh, cool,” April said genuinely interested.

“Let’s go outside and watch,” he said gesturing towards his door.

“Okay. Yeah,” April agreed before both exited the car and made their way to the hood.

Wynn, seeing the man look over as April exited the car, got a rush. He felt on top of the world. His software company was making money hand over fist, and he had everything a guy could dream of. That had to be obvious to the stranger across the way. That had to be obvious to everyone in Wynn’s life.

Sitting on the hood of the Porsche, Wynn felt the heat of the engine through his jeans.

“It’s hot,” April said as her bare legs touch the metal.

Wynn looked over and examined what she was wearing. It was a delightfully short summer dress. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful. Figuring out a compromise, he reached for her hand.

“Come. Sit on my lap,” he said louder than necessary making sure that the guy on the other car heard.

April smiled as she eased herself onto Wynn’s lap.

“I’m cold,” she said encouraging him to put his arms around her.

“Is that better?” He asked holding her in his arms.

“Yeah,” she said staring happily into his eyes.

As much as Wynn liked her cozying up to him, he liked that the stranger could see it even more. When April focused her attention on the rocket in front of them, Wynn took the opportunity to get a better look at the guy across the way. He wasn’t a particularly special looking guy. In fact, one might describe him as kind of ordinary.

There was something about him, though, that made Wynn really want him to envy Wynn. He couldn’t explain what it was. The stranger was a little older than him but it couldn’t be more than by a few years. He wasn’t particularly athletic. And he wasn’t even dressed that stylishly.

Yet, in spite of all that, Wynn needed him to know just how special Wynn was. At twenty-four he was the CEO of a software company that had made over a hundred million dollars the previous year. Wynn’s dad had once told Wynn that he would never amount to anything. Wynn had emphatically proved his father wrong. Maybe that was what Wynn needed the stranger to know.

When the rumble of the rocket engine increased, Wynn turned his attention back towards the launch site.

“They entered countdown,” Wynn explained.

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you have under a minute to launch.”

“Really?” April said bouncing on Wynn’s lap.

“Yep. When they reach thirty seconds, you’ll see the supporting cables break away,” Wynn narrated.

“Was that it there?” April said pointing.

“Yep. Now they’re gonna ignite the pre-booster engines.”

Just after he said it, a white plume grew around the base of the rocket.

“Oh my God, it’s happening,” April exclaimed.

Wynn could feel his heart race. This was genuinely one of the most thrilling things he could be doing and he had done some thrilling stuff. Jumping out of airplanes, bungee jumping off of bridges, he had done whatever made him feel most alive. But out of everything, watching a rocket as it thundered and roared its way into space was always the most exciting.

“And, three, two, one,” Wynn said just as the bellowing white smoke shot from under the 200 foot rocket and climbed into the air.

Wynn’s skin tingled watching it go. It was so amazing and so breathtaking that all he could do to contain himself was to remain quiet. The colors of the flames, the symmetry of the plume, it was the greatest example of humanity in existence. Watching it defy the confines of Earth, he heard whispers of the incredible things that were possible. It told him what humankind was capable of and what he was capable of as an extension.

Watching that rocket leave the planet, Wynn’s imagination was set afire. The only way he could think to express his wonder was to hold April tighter and feel the warmth as his lips hovered next to her cheek.

April, feeling him near, subtly leaned towards him. That was enough. Gently touching his lips against the tender flesh of her neck, her lips parted in pleasure. With the rocket still rumbling in the background, he took the opposite side of her face in his hand. Needing to kiss her, he turned her face towards his. Bathing in her warm breath, he allowed the tips of their noses to touch before pressing his lips against hers.

As Wynn drank the nectar of her desire, the two turned to each other desperately needing the other. Parting her lips, he inserted his tongue in search of hers. Finding it, their two tongues danced. Twisting and pulling on one another, Wynn’s arousal was complete. Stroking her back through the sheer cloth of her dress, he knew he needed to have her. And taking a firm grip of her hair, she moaned telling him she wanted more.

Getting up without releasing her lips, Wynn repositioned her body to lay her on the hood. Easing her down, he felt the temperature of the metal. It was still warm but not hot. It would be on the outskirts of her limits. Wynn liked that. On it, he would dominate her. And, submissive to his will, he would take what he wanted.

With her back now pressed against the hood, Wynn spread her legs and pushed his torso between them. He was hard and the bulge of his clothed cock fit perfectly between her pussy lips. Her delicate panties shifted back and forth as Wynn gently thrust. Then, looking the beautiful girl in the eyes, Wynn took hold of her hair again and leaned down to recapture her lips.

As Wynn kissed her, he thrust against her lifting her hips as he did. His cock ached needing to come out. Reaching down, he released it. With nothing separating them but barely-there panties, Wynn could feel the dampness of her swollen lips. It made Wynn’s mind swirl. Shifting the cloth from over her opening, he perched the head of his cock and took hold of her full breast.

Entering her felt like fucking a furnace. Her loins were hot. Slipping in with ease, Wynn’s thick manhood filled every inch of her. Pushing even further, she pulled her head away from his lips and moaned. Wynn loved it. April wrapped her legs around his waist as if the gesture would slow him. It didn’t. Instead, fucking her harder, Wynn watched as April’s body wrenched from side to side.

Wanting her to feel every ridge of his cock, he took hold of her wrists pinning her to the hood. Restrained, she wriggled harder. She was losing control and so was he. Sinking deeper into pleasure, a sharp tingling grabbed his balls. He knew this feeling. He was about to cum.

Fucking her harder refusing to come before she did, April’s chest lifted. With her mouth hanging open, she couldn’t speak. Recognizing that lost look of pleasure in her eyes, Wynn let go his never ending clench and allowed his mind to swim in silky-sweet orgasm.

Wynn continued to fuck her until he no longer could. Suddenly too sensitive and exhausted, he slowed falling forward. With his weight transferred onto her relaxed chest, he could feel her breasts pushing against him. All of it felt so good.

In the moment, Wynn felt like he could lay there forever. That moment didn’t last, however. And soon Wynn’s thoughts turned to the man who had been sitting 50 feet away.

With reality slowly returning to Wynn, he wondered if the stranger was watching. What would he be thinking if he was? He saw the car, he saw the beautiful woman. He had to wish that he was Wynn. The mere thought of it aroused Wynn again. Deciding to fuck April one more time for the stranger’s pleasure, Wynn glanced over looking for the stranger.

Perched and ready to go, Wynn suddenly lost his motivation. His stranger friend had actually left. Both the man and the older white Mercedes were gone. When had he taken off? How much had he seen?

All of these things ran through Wynn’s mind as he slowly shrunk out of April, and April’s demure movements resembled the girl he had first met in the bar. Deciding the encounter was over, Wynn let go her wrists one by one and briefly held her cheek.

“Did you like that?” Wynn asked the woman staring up into his eyes.

April smiled. “That was incredible. I think the guy was watching us.”

“What guy?” He said more pleased than he would admit.

“There was a guy sitting on the car next to us. He was watching you fuck me.”

“Did that turn you on?”

“That was pretty hot,” April admitted to Wynn’s pleasure.

“Good,” Wynn said officially bringing their encounter to an end.

With both of them getting back into the car, Wynn pulled out of the clearing and headed towards Santa Barbara. It was there that he and April spent the weekend. The sex they had the next morning and the following night was nowhere near as explosive as it was on the hood of his car. Wynn was beginning to learn that he bored of certain people quickly. April was a perfect example of that.