Chapter 1


Lisa Sammie drove to the first day of her temp assignment giddy with excitement. She didn’t like the term fan girl, but for Wynn Wyatt, innovator, genius, and founder of the rocket company Moon X, that was exactly what she was.

When her temporary assignment coordinator had called and told her that Moon X was where she would be working, she couldn’t believe it. Now, here she was driving to Moon X’s headquarters about to work there for a day. It was like the start of every Wynn Wyatt fan fiction story she had ever read. Lisa didn’t want to blink because, if this was a dream, she definitely didn’t want to wake up.

Having only recently graduated from college, working for Moon X was going to be the highlight of Lisa’s young life. She had been following Wynn Wyatt’s companies for years. He was basically a superhero, billionaire, genius with incredibly high cheekbones and washboard abs.

How did Lisa know about the abs? Come on. She was a fan girl. The picture of him shirtless in the Bahamas running the Conchman Triathlon was a meme. She looked at it so often it may as well have been her brain’s screensaver. And now, here she was about to spend a day working at his rocket company. She was literally tingling with joy.

“Hi,” Lisa said leaning out of her car window with a huge smile.

“Good morning,” the man at the gate replied with nowhere near Lisa’s enthusiasm. “Name, please?”

“Lisa Sammie. I’m a temp. I’m supposed to be reporting to Tina Guzman in Hangar 1A.”

The portly, dark-skinned man retreated into his booth and consulted his computer. In a few seconds, he returned with a name tag. “Please wear this at all times and you can park in lot Pluto which is back there,” he explained pointing to a lot across the street.

“Okay, thank you.”

It turned out that the Pluto lot was as far away as it sounded. Lisa didn’t care, though. Because, if a week earlier, someone on the Wynn Wyatt tumbler thread had told her that she could see the inside of Moon X in exchange for her left breast, she would have taken it. And her left breast was her good one. Hiking the quarter mile to Hangar 1A was nothing compared to that. And if, while getting there, one of the fast moving cars hit her as she crossed the four lane freeway which somehow lacked a crosswalk, at least she would die happy.

However, making peace with her possible death didn’t actually help Lisa as she approached the freeway needing to cross. Looking down at her cutest two inch heels now layered with dust, she wondered if she could run across without tripping. Lisa had always been a bigger girl so running was never her thing.

Staring down the freeway at the cars which were approaching very quickly, Lisa bent her knees and got ready to sprint. She could feel her heart pounding. This could literally be the day she died. There was nothing that was going to stop her, though. She was about to step foot into Wynn Wyatt’s rocket lair. Was she going to let a reasonably good chance of death stop her from that? Of course not.

With the streets seemingly clear, Lisa took a deep breath and ran. Clutching her backpack and lunch, she didn’t feel the need to look cute. This was survival.

Feeling her body jiggle and then stop, she paused at the grassy divider and then ran on. It was as she crossed the second set of roads when Lisa considered if she was doing this all wrong. Wynn Wyatt couldn’t expect his employees to survive life or death trials every morning before work, could he? Sure, he was known to hang glide and climb mountains, but his employees probably arrived to work not even having had their morning coffee. A live action version of ‘Lara Croft: Tombraider’ seemed a lot to ask of them.

Undeniably out of breath, Lisa came to a stop as she crossed onto the grass just outside the facility’s executive parking lot. From there she was able to squeeze between the electric cars – all created at Wynn Wyatt’s electric car company – and then walk up to the entrance of Hangar 1A.

Entering what had to be the coolest rocket-themed lobby she had ever been in, she approached the receptionist.

“Hi there,” a friendly Latino guy in his early-thirties said.

“Hi,” Lisa replied feeling her excitement return. “I’m here to meet Tina Guzman in Hangar 1A.”

“Sure. One second.” The man picked up the phone and called someone. “Yes, this is Juan from the front desk. I have a… I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

“Lisa Sammie.”

“I have a Lisa Sammie here to see you.” Juan paused for a moment, thanked the person and then hung up. “If you’d like to take a seat, Tina will be out in a moment to get you.”

Lisa felt her face flush hearing those words. She couldn’t believe that she was here. Actually, she couldn’t believe she was anywhere after crossing a four lane freeway. But, on top of that, she couldn’t believe that she was here.

“Lisa Sammie?” A shorter, almost Indian looking woman said to her as she exited the hangar’s internal doors.

Lisa shot to her feet. “Yes.”

“Hi. Nice to meet you,” Tina said offering her hand.

Lisa couldn’t remember much of what was said after that. She was too busy putting everything she had into not slipping into fan girl mode. If she could just not embarrass herself, it would be her own personal moon landing. After all, she had just shaken the hand of someone who worked at Moon X and had probably touched Wynn Wyatt himself.

Lisa didn’t know how she was managing to keep herself together, but she was. Led behind the hangar’s internal doors, Lisa was greeted with something she would never have expected. The hangar was just that. It was literally a revamped aircraft hangar.

The area was huge and sprawling out in front of her with what looked like endless cubicles. At the far end of the room, however, was something she would never have expected. Lisa froze as soon as she spotted it. It was a real life, full-sized rocket.

“It’s impressive, isn’t it?” Tina said waking Lisa from her stupor.

‘Hell yeah, it was,’ Lisa thought. Even though she replied, “I’m sorry, what?” while trying not to pee herself.

“The rocket. It’s impressive.”

“Oh. Yeah. It’s all right, I guess,” Lisa said trying to remain cool.

Tina chuckled. “It’s okay if you wanna geek out. I mean, I once had my first day here too. We’re standing in front of a rocket that actually went into space. You can be impressed.”

Lisa exhaled relieved. “Oh, thank God. Because I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me.”

“Don’t worry, I get it. Everyone here gets it. We’re working for Wynn Wyatt and we’re friggin’ sending rockets into space. Don’t worry, that isn’t lost on any of us,” Tina said with a smile.

“You mean that Wynn Wyatt actually comes in to work here? In this building?”

“Yeah. His office is at the far end. When he comes in, he’s fairly busy, though. So I do not recommend you hanging out down there for any reason,” Tina said knowingly. “I mean, at some point, you might need to go down there to make a copy or something. But it’s best to do what you have to do, and then return to her desk. Just be cool about it,” Tina instructed cheerfully.

Lisa looked at Tina amazed. She couldn’t believe it. Tina was a fan girl too. What must it be like for her to come in every day and be around all of this? It had to be like heaven.

After Tina showed Lisa to her desk, Tina gave her a list of responsibilities for the day. She was to be the receptionist for the combustion engineers. Tina explained that these were the engineers that did things like design fuel lines and valves. The more Tina explained, the less impressive it sounded. So Lisa decided to stick with how Tina originally described them. They were the folks responsible for everything that exploded.

The main responsibility on Lisa’s to-do list was printing out and retrieving schematics from a printer in an adjacent room. It was all simple enough. Add that to answering the occasional phone and Lisa figured that she was going to have a fairly easy day.

But, in spite of how easy everything seemed, it didn’t make waiting for her first call any less nerve-racking. Lisa wasn’t someone who would ever be described as a people person. She was an introvert. And if she could spend 24/7 in her bedroom, she definitely would.

A girl, however, needed to work. And if she had the chance to work at her fantasy man’s rocket company, then she was willing to endure the tiring act of interacting with humans.

Mercifully, it didn’t take long for Lisa to get her first call breaking the ice. With the phone buzzing in front of her, Lisa took a deep inhale and answered it.

“Hello, Jennifer’s desk,” Lisa said referring to the nameplate sitting in front of her.

“Hi,” a confused man responded. “You’re not Jennifer.”

“No. Jennifer’s out for the day. I’ll be covering her desk until she gets back. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh. Yes. I just printed out plot grid A-7 to D-14. When it’s done, can you bring it to Conference Room B?”

“Sure thing,” she agreed only familiar with a few of the words in his request. Plot grid A-7 to D-14? What was that? And where was Conference Room B?

Really wanting to appear competent at her temp jobs, Lisa had long ago sworn that she would only ask for help on an assignment as a last resort. Certainly, she was smart enough to figure most things out, including this. After all, she knew where the printer room was, and she had glimpsed what could be conference rooms when she had entered the hangar.

From the many other temp jobs she had, Lisa knew that what everyone was looking for was someone who was self-sufficient. Moon X was her dream job. She definitely wanted to make a great impression here.

Getting up from her desk, Lisa headed to the printer room. In it were three printers that were each 5 feet wide. All three of the machines were rapidly printing something and each was spitting out what had to be schematics.

Lisa decided that this was where the “A-7 to D-14” part would become important. But, the question was, how was she going to tell which of these schematics were which?

Lisa felt the pressure mount as she approached the first printer. Not wanting to disturb anything, she gently pushed the paper around until she found the beginning of the image. Scanning the edge of it, she didn’t find any writing or designators at all.

Deciding to be less gentle, she stretched out the roll of paper. Looking at the image, she was impressed. Impressed or not, however, she couldn’t tell what was what. What she could tell, though, was that the image was almost complete. Stretching it out like a bedsheet hanging between clotheslines, she watched it print its last lines. It was at the very end that she spotted something.

“G-27 to H-28,” she read aloud.

A feeling of relief washed through her. She could do this. She knew what she was looking for. She was right, she wasn’t a complete idiot.

Doing her best to return the bedsheet-sized paper back to where it had fallen, she checked the second printer and then the third.

“It’s always the last place you look,” she reminded herself.

Waiting for the final printer to complete, she breathed another sigh of relief when A-7 to D-14 was printed at the end. Now she just had to figure out how to detach the paper from the roll. What she discovered was that there was a button marked cut. When she pressed it, it moved a small knife across the paper allowing the edge of it to join the rest of it on the ground.

This was it. She had found what she had come for and now she just needed to take it to Conference Room B. So, gathering the loosely fallen schematics into her arms, she headed towards where she thought she had seen the conference rooms.

As she got closer to the conference room hallway, she started to reconsider the haphazard way in which she had gathered the paper. Now that she knew what she was looking for, she started to notice 5 foot tubes of paper everywhere. Perhaps she was supposed to roll it up, she considered. No, of course she was supposed to roll it up. What type of moron gathered paper from the ground without rolling it up?

As Lisa began to reconsider more of her life choices, a sign appeared on the wall in front of her. It read Conference Room B. She was there. Looking into the huge glass window before her, she spotted a gorgeous man who most certainly had to be an underwear model. Strong cheekbones, broad shoulders, a tapered waist, he looked like he stepped off of the pages of some clothing catalog.

Succumbing to the power of such unmatched hotness, Lisa’s mouth slowly dropped open. It was then that the super-hot guy spotted her. With an arm full of a paper and the expression of someone incapable of dressing herself, the man-god gestured her to come in.

Two children and a mortgage into her they-would-have-beautiful-babies-together fantasy, Lisa woke herself up and pulled herself together. She was already a woman carry 50 ft.² of unrolled paper, she had to show some dignity.

Lisa, reaching forward and fumbling with the door’s handle, eventually opened the door and entered the room.

“Um, I guess you can just put that on the table,” the familiar voice said gesturing towards the ten foot conference table in front of him.

What Lisa next discovered as she approached the table was that, apparently, there was no elegant way to put down 50 ft.² of unrolled paper. So, instead of pretending like there was, she held her breath, dumped A-7 to D-14 onto the table, and then refused to make eye contact with anyone as she quickly fled.

“Thank you,” the gorgeous guy said as she scurried out.

Safely back into the hallway, Lisa moved as quickly as she could past the window only looking back when there was a moment of viewing left. That was when she turned and looked at the hot guy again. Damn, he was amazing looking. Lisa hadn’t even realized they made men like him in real life. She had always figured that the guys in magazines were just stored in warehouses somewhere until their next photo shoot where they were then dressed and posed.

It made no sense to her that someone like him could exist in real life. It just seemed unfair. And what topped off the unfairness was that she had just humiliated herself in front of him like some dancing hippo. How could she do that? How could she make the best day of her life the most embarrassing?

Returning to her desk, Lisa was given a cruel amount of time to think about it. It was like being given a timeout, only, in this time out, she was forced to watch all of her beautiful fantasy babies die. How could she have done this to little Sebastian and Thomas, the twins she would have dressed alike and taught to speak French?

Lisa was très deep into her humiliation spiral when with great relief, her phone rang. She made note of the number.

“Hello?” She asked insecurely.

“Yes. It’s me again. I’m printing out D-15 to E-22.”

“Okay. I’ll bring it in,” Lisa replied still mourning the loss of the loves of her fantasy life.

Hanging up the phone, Lisa marched into the printing room with purpose. She knew what she was doing this time, so when the third printer stopped printing, she pressed the cut button and went to work. Not only did she roll the paper – like a boss – but she found, not one, but three elastic bands to hold it together.

Marching back to the conference room, Lisa knew what she had to do. She couldn’t be known as the bumbling temp. She was a strong, capable woman. She had to let them know.

Straightening her back, she approached the conference room window without looking in. As if she belonged there, she threw the door open, marched in, and smacked her tube of paper onto the table. There was no way that she was going to look at him again. Why would she need to? She was a strong, capable woman. She didn’t need his approval.

Lisa was ready to whip her hair back and head out of the room when something unexpectedly registered in the corner of her eye. There were two new people in the room. They were seated across the table from where the gorgeous guy stood, and there was a high pitched squeal in her head screaming for her to turn around and look at them.

Heat wafted from her face in the brief time it took her to register the thought. Her chest clenched and she lost her breath. ‘It couldn’t be,’ she thought. But there was only one way to find out.

When Lisa turned around and spotted Wynn Wyatt sitting less than ten feet from her, she almost peed her pants. That isn’t an exaggeration. It took everything Lisa had to not open her bladder and drain the contents of it onto the conference room floor. Seated in front of her was the subject of more erotic fan fiction than Lisa could read in a month, and she knew that because she had read it all.

She was still a strong, capable woman, however. And it wouldn’t do to slide herself across the table and grab at his clothes like some crazy fan girl. No, she was a professional. She would simply take in every detail of his essence and file it in her spank bank for later.

Just before the moment it got creepy, Lisa pulled herself away and left the room. Walking back to her desk, all she could think about was Wynn and what he might’ve thought about her. Did he notice her? Did he like her?

She had been sure to wear her most professional yet alluring dress to work, so at least there was that. But, did he appreciate it? Would he think about her later as she was unquestionably going to be doing for the rest of her life?

Lisa didn’t get another phone call for a while which was perfect because she needed time to process what had just happened. After she asked herself every possible question she could about what Wynn might have thought about her, she turned her attention to the image of him sitting there.

As she had noticed when she first sensed his presence, he hadn’t been sitting alone. As she thought about the image which was now burned into her mind, she recognized the person sitting with him. His name was Bowe Palmer and he was the cofounder of Moon X. The two of them had started the company together and by all accounts, were serious BFFs.

It was amazing to see Wynn Wyatt in the flesh, but to see the both of them together was something else. Lisa was a diehard Wynn Wyatt fanfiction fan, but no fanfiction was complete without at least alluding to Bowe Palmer. And now, here they were, the both of them casually sitting together as if they weren’t about to become the subject of every one of her erotic fantasies.

“Can you bring in I-30 to J-32,” the gorgeous man asked when he called again.

Lisa agreed and was much better prepared for what would happen this time around. Collecting and securing the engine schematics, she threw it on her shoulder like a musket and marched it over. Her plan was to walk in, plop it down, and walk out like it was nothing.

It had been a great plan and was sure to get Wynn to notice her if the people in the room weren’t already engaged in what could almost be described as a screaming match.

How dare anyone talk to Wynn Wyatt like that? Didn’t they know who he was?

Lisa entered the room getting a better look at what was going on. It seemed like the gorgeous man and Wynn Wyatt were going at it. They weren’t exactly arguing, per se, but they were talking passionately. Lisa wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but she decided that it was best for her to get in and out as quickly as she could.

Waiting for another call, and opportunity to see Wynn Wyatt, she ate her lunch at her desk. Nothing came of it.

As lunch time turned into the end of the day, Lisa was beginning to think that her incredible adventure with Wynn Wyatt had come to an end. With her just about to lose hope, she heard a familiar voice echoing down the conference room hallway. It was getting closer.

It couldn’t be happening. Was Wynn Wyatt about to pass her desk? This was incredible.

Lisa only had a moment to get herself prepared. Brushing her hair back was all she had time for.

“I told you, when the valve opens it releases .2 Pascals of pressure. That is absolutely within the margin of safety. The odds of anything bad happening are less than a thousand to one,” Wynn told Bowe.

“You say that like a thousand to one is good odds,” Bowe said sarcastically.

“Okay. Then it’s like a million to one. Whatever it is, the likelihood of something bad happening is negligible,” Wynn said as he crossed in front of Lisa’s desk.

As Lisa watched, she drank in every word the two said and made note of every movement they made. She wanted to remember every second of this and was sure that she was the luckiest person alive… until something happened that made her realize that her good luck had only just begun.

“One second, Bowe,” Wynn said as his eyes unexpectedly shifted from his friend to Lisa.

Seeing Wynn’s focus shift, Lisa felt a sledgehammer hit her in the chest. Lisa’s life suddenly stopped. She was staring into Wynn Wyatt’s eyes and for some unknown reason, Wynn was walking towards her.

What was going on? Had she died from humiliation during her first schematics delivery? Was she being welcomed into the afterlife? If so, bring it on!

“I’m sorry, what’s your name?” Wynn Wyatt asked while standing in front of her desk (as if he was some type of normal human).

Lisa, knowing that she would get only one shot at this, took a moment to settle herself and then slowly opened her mouth to speak. “Lisa Sammie,” she said before throwing a party in her mind for getting it out.

“I like that name. I’ll remember that,” Wynn said with a smile. “By the way, you’re doing a great job.”

Lisa could hear Bowe sigh before saying, “Wynn, come on.”

Wynn turned to Bowe giving him a guilty smile. “What? I’m simply telling one of our employees that she’s doing a good job.” Wynn turned back to Lisa. “And you are by the way.”

“Wynn, let’s go. We have another meeting,” Bowe insisted before Wynn finally joined him and the two walked off.

Staring at the two men as they left, Lisa had a full-on lady boner. She was so hard she practically had to reach her hand in her pants and adjust herself. If a homeless man would have propositioned her at that moment, she would have jumped him and rode him like a cowgirl. Never in her life had her loins burned with so much desire.

‘What the hell had just happened?’ She wondered. Had Wynn Wyatt just come up to her and told her that she was doing a good job? That type of stuff didn’t happen in the real world. Seriously, was this the afterlife? If so, why hadn’t she died years ago?

It was a good thing that her phone didn’t ring anymore for the rest the day because, after that, Lisa wasn’t sure that she could still speak. Her day might have started off bumpy, but this, without a doubt, had been the best day of her life.

As 6 PM approached, she didn’t want the day to end. So when Tina came over to sign her timecard, Lisa was almost brought to tears.

“How was it?” Tina asked cheerfully.

“Amazing,” Lisa said trying to explain the magnificence of what had happened.

“That’s awesome! Yeah, the folks in this department are pretty cool. If you’d like, we can add you to our temp list for a future assignment.”

“Sure, I would love that,” Lisa agreed confident that she would never hear from them again.

It wasn’t that Lisa didn’t think that she had done a good job. She was sure that she had done a perfectly adequate job. But, “We’ll add you to our list” was just what companies said. For all of the good jobs that she had been told that she had done, never once has she been called back to a company for a second assignment.

Lisa always tried her best not to take that fact personally, but how else was she supposed to take it? Was it that the companies were really just looking for eye candy? Lisa didn’t know, but it had to be something because she had never been called back.

Putting thoughts of her return aside, Lisa decided to make the most of whatever opportunity she had left at Moon X. Instead of walking directly out, she took the long route which included a quick tour around the real-life rocket. In any other circumstance, she would’ve paid money to see it. So there was no way she was going to leave without taking a quick look.

Once she got her eyes worth of the rocket, she casually strolled by Wynn Wyatt’s office. The door was closed so as far she could tell, he wasn’t there. That was too bad but how much more could she ask from the universe? Wynn Wyatt had already spoken to her for no good reason. She was going to be able to ride that high for the rest of the month.

Saying her final goodbyes to the company that she had for so long dreamed about working at, Lisa left the building wondering how she could legitimately extend her day. What was she supposed to do now, go home and repeatedly masturbate? Sure, it was a reasonable option, but she couldn’t get herself to return to the solitude of her bedroom just yet.

Distractedly headed for the way too busy freeway, she timed her crossing and broke into a jog. There was no way that this was the way that people were supposed to get to the parking lot. If it was, how were they not losing two engineers a month?

When Lisa was safely on the other side, she decided that the crazy design of the parking lot didn’t matter. She would never have to use it again. It was sad for her to think that, but the day wasn’t done yet. She still held hope that she could extend it just a little further.

Sitting quietly behind the wheel of her car with the engine off was when she decided it. She never, ever, went to bars, but she was going to find the closest bar and have a drink. Adults did that, didn’t they? Sure, it was a Wednesday, but when you need a drink after work, you need a drink. And clearly, her titillatingly exciting day was giving her a boost of courage she had never before felt.

Yelping a little bar close by, Lisa started up her car and headed towards it. Parked outside of it, it wasn’t very impressive. Wondering if this would be considered a dive bar, Lisa entered and immediately pictured a springboard by the door. That told Lisa everything she needed to know.

Not having much experience with bars, much less dive bars, Lisa decided that this place would do. Strolling through the completely vacant room to the bar, Lisa took a seat. The thick, tattooed bartender came over to take her drink.

“What can I get you?” The woman asked.

That was a good question. Lisa could just have a beer or she could have something that reflected her mood. Right now her mood involved panty-dropping, specifically her own.

“I’ll take a Moscow mule,” Lisa told her having seen the drink mentioned in a fan fic.

The tattooed bartender gave her a bit of a side eye but then left to make the drink. ‘Did people not order Moscow mule’s in real life?’ Lisa wondered. ‘Was it just a made up drink?’

When the bartender went in back in search of a copper mug, Lisa took the opportunity to look around. The place was dead. It couldn’t have been more perfect for Lisa. She was at a bar without having to actually be around people. Could her luck get any better?

Just as Lisa began to praise her completely out of character decision, her attention was dragged towards the front door. Apparently, she had spoken to quickly. Because as she stared, someone stepped in and headed towards her and the bar. When he chose the stool three seats from hers out of every empty seat in the room, Lisa quickly turned away and reconsidered her obviously questionable decision to go out.

Out of everywhere he could have chosen to sit, did he really have to sit right there? It would be like someone sitting next to you in an empty movie theater. Who did that? Crazy people, that’s who.

With Lisa losing her desire to stay, she did the unthinkable and looked over at the highly inappropriate man. It was just a glance but it turned out that it had been enough. She recognized him. The man who had sat three seats from her was little Sebastian and little Thomas’ fantasy father. It was her gorgeous boss from Moon X.

Recognizing him, suddenly everything changed. Staring blankly at the rows of bottles in front of her, Lisa wondered what she was supposed to do. Would he recognize her? He had to, right? She had just worked with him all day.

Besides, it wasn’t like she was forgettable. Hadn’t she humiliated herself as she fumbled into the conference room that first time? Who would forget that person?

Lisa groaned remembering the event. She felt like such a knob. Recalling it all, she wondered if she actually wanted him to remember her. Sure, it meant dishonoring the memory of little Sebastian and Thomas, but they were bound to fall prey to the temptations of the supermodel life anyway, so screw them.

“Do you know if there’s a bartender?” The good looking man suddenly asked Lisa.

Lisa, partially hiding her identity, didn’t look at him as she replied. “Yeah, she’s in back.”

“Oh. Okay,” he said before again becoming silent.

As the silence grew between the two, Lisa decided that she was being ridiculous. The two of them were alone at a bar and he worked at Moon X. Her whole purpose of coming to the bar was to extend her time associated with Wynn Wyatt. If talking to one of his engineers wasn’t going to do that, then what the hell would?

Taking a deep breath and fighting back the last of her hesitation, Lisa gathered herself and turned her head to face the gorgeous man. Waiting for the inevitable recognition, she stared at him waiting for him to turn. When he finally turned and stared, Lisa smiled bashfully. As if he didn’t recognize her, he offered her an awkward smile back and then looked away.

Lisa was confused by this. Was this guy just the rudest person she’d ever met? She decided it was possible. However, what was even more possible, and the best topper for the day’s humiliation, was that although they had spent the day working together, he didn’t recognize her.

Lisa whipped back around considering the possibility. It had only been a few hours since he had called her and had asked her to bring his schematics into the conference room. She had fumbled in and tossed an arm full of paper onto the desk. How was she not seared into his brain one way or another? Was she seriously that forgettable?

Reaching for her tail and putting it firmly between her legs, Lisa was about to get up and go when the bartender returned with a full copper mug. There was no way she could leave now. What was she going to do, make a scene as she crossed the empty room?

As the bartender placed the drink in front of Lisa, Lisa was surprised to hear the gorgeous guy’s voice again.

“That looks cool! What did you order?” He asked drawing Lisa’s attention.

Unsure of how to treat him, she decided to pretend like she didn’t know who he was either. “It’s called a Moscow mule.”

“Is it good?”

Lisa turned back to the mug and took a sip. It was okay at best. “Yeah, it’s really good,” she said with the bartender’s intense gaze bearing down on her.

“You know what? I’ll have one of those,” the gorgeous man said to the displeased bartender.

The bartender gave Lisa a look letting her know that this was her fault and then headed to the back to find another copper mug.

“Did I say something wrong?” The gorgeous guy asked Lisa quietly.

“I think she’s just edgy. That just might be her vibe.”

The gorgeous guy chuckled. “You might be right.”

When the guy beside her laughed, she was reminded of how good looking he actually was. What was he doing here? And, if this was his regular hangout, why wasn’t he familiar with the bartender?

“Do you come here often?” She asked before realizing what she was saying. “Oh, wait. That sounded like a pickup line. I’m not trying to pick you up. I was just wondering if you’ve been here before, because you didn’t know the bartender. That’s all,” she said doing her best to backpedal.

The guy laughed again. “Oh, I didn’t think you were hitting on me.”

Lisa wasn’t sure how to take that. As she considered, he continued.

“I’ve never been here before. Have you?”

“No. I’m not from this part of town. I was working at a job close by and decided to come here for a drink,” she said sure that he would finally make the connection.

“Oh. Cool. Yeah, I had a challenging day at the office myself. Talk about really needing a drink,” he said completely oblivious to who he was talking to.

“Really?” Lisa replied unable to believe that he still hadn’t recognized her.

The guy shook his head. “Yeah, it was a tough day.”

Lisa stared at him wondering how much she should try and jog his memory. After a moment, Lisa decided not to. If he hadn’t recognized her by now, he wasn’t going to. Maybe that was a good thing. If he didn’t recognize her, maybe she could ask him about working at Moon X without it being awkward.

“What happened at work?” Lisa asked starting to relax.

The man sighed. “I can’t really talk about it.”

Lisa smiled. “What? Are you a spy?” She asked pretending she didn’t know what he did.

“No. But you might be,” he said with a charming smile. Damn was this man good-looking.

“Do I look like a spy?” she asked genuinely curious.

“No,” he said with a chuckle.

Lisa feigned surprise. “No? Then wait. Let me try again,” she said before making her best spy face.

The gorgeous man broke out into laughter. “I see it now. Yes, you are definitely a spy. It’s a good thing I didn’t tell you.”

“It’s a good thing,” Lisa agreed.

“Do you mind,” he said gesturing towards the bar stool next to her.

Lisa stared at the man for a moment wondering what was going on. How was she doing this? Never in her life had she ever been so cool and casual talking to a stranger.

“Yeah. Go ahead if you aren’t afraid I’ll get all your secrets,” she said charmingly.

“I think I’ll be fine,” he said sliding off of his stool and onto the one beside her. “Drew Winter,” he said sticking out his hand and introducing himself.

Lisa considered making up a name. But after she realized that there was probably no way he would know her name if he didn’t recognize her face, she told him the truth. “Lisa Sammie.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said with an interested smile. About to speak again, he turned when he saw Lisa’s eyes dart away. The bartender was returning with his drink. “Thank you,” he said after the copper cup was placed in front of him.

“What do you think?” Lisa said ushering him to take a sip.

With the bartender still staring at him, he tasted the drink and then nodded his head with approval. “Mmm, really good,” he said tossing a look at the bartender. The tattooed woman wandered off.

Lisa, who was watching her, waited for her to get out of earshot. “Now, what do you really think?”

Drew took another sip and smacked his lips together tasting it. “I want to say not very good, borderline terrible.”

Lisa grabbed his arm as her face lit up. “I know, right. But you couldn’t say that because of the way the bartender was looking at you.”

“It was like she was waiting to murder me in my sleep.”

“Right?” Lisa agreed.

“Then, what do we do? Do we keep drinking it?”

“I think we have to. In the movies, people like her always know where you live,” Lisa explained.

“Oh my God, you’re right. Then how do we do it? Do we just knock the drink back? There’s probably another place close by with way better drinks.”

“Well, we can’t drink it slowly. That would just prolong the pain.”

“Okay, then we knock it back.” Drew took hold of his copper cup encouraging Lisa to do the same. “What should we drink to?”

Lisa held up her cup. “To mother Russia. Wait, did I say that aloud? I meant America. To America, of course.”

Drew laughed. “To America… of course.”

Both poured their drinks into their mouths and swallowed until there was no more. Lisa exhaled trying to soothe her burning throat, while Drew coughed.

“Smooth,” Drew said humorously. “Can we get the check, please?” He said in the direction of the bartender.

Lisa leaned down in search of her purse when Drew stopped her. “No, allow me. I have to thank you for such a great drink recommendation,” he said loudly.

“Oh, of course,” she replied loud enough for the bartender to hear. With the bartender staring at the cash register, Lisa leaned over to Drew. “I think she’s still planning to kill us in our sleep.”

Drew peeked back at the unsuspecting woman. “I think you’re right. Let’s get out of here,” he said before retrieving cash from his wallet and leaving it on the bar.

Quickly escaping outside, both laughed. Lisa noticed when Drew touched her in camaraderie. Lisa again asked herself what was going on.

“So, where should we go to next?” Drew asked enthusiastically once they were outside.

“I don’t know. Didn’t you say you knew somewhere?”

Reminded, Drew took out his phone and searched Yelp. “There’s another bar about a mile and a half away.”

“What’s it called?”

“The Dank Hole.”

“Are you serious?”

Drew smiled. “I’m joking. It’s called The Armpit.”

“Come on.”

“No, really. Look. It’s called The Armpit.”

Lisa looked at his phone. “Then we definitely have to go.”

“That’s what I was thinking. I’ll meet you there?” Drew asked already heading to his car.

“I’ll meet you there,” Lisa said watching him leave.

Lisa got into her car and watched as Drew pulled off. What was going on between the two? Lisa didn’t have a lot of experience with hookups, but it sure felt like that was where this was going. As soon as she realized it, she was overwhelmed by panic.

Lisa wasn’t a virgin, of course. More than once during college, she had had the pleasure of having awkward sex. But that was college. You were allowed to drink yourself courageous and make bad decisions in college. But, she was an adult now. She wasn’t supposed to do stuff like that.

And this was her opportunity to end this. Drew had gone on to the next bar. She could drive home and never see him again.

Why would she do that, though? Here was a guy who was hotter than anyone she had ever met. He worked for Moon X and knew Wynn Wyatt. And they were getting along really well. Why would she choose to go home?

The only reason would be so that she could hide in her room. Hide from what, though? From life? From feeling uncomfortable? How could she pass up the chance to spend time with the best guy she might ever meet? And if the night did lead to sex — perhaps it was the alcohol kicking in — but that sounded fantastic.

Feeling an unexplainable confidence growing within her, Lisa decided that there was no way she could pass up on joining such a gorgeous man at the next bar. Typing the bar’s name into Google, the directions came up. Heading there, she saw Drew’s car already parked. When she pulled into the parking lot, he exited his car to greet her.

“Are you ready for The Armpit,” he asked with playful seduction.

“You know it, big boy,” She joked in reply.

Drew offered her his arm as if entering a fine restaurant. Lisa took it and did her best impression of royalty.

The inside of the bar lived up to all of their expectations of what a place called The Armpit would look like. If a dive bar had an ugly cousin, this would’ve been it. The place needed the alcohol, mostly as a disinfectant. But Lisa decided that as long as they didn’t touch the floor, the walls, the bar or any of the patrons, they would be fine.

They only lasted there for one quick drink as well. Having finished their White Russians, they found themselves again in front of their cars.

“Should we keep going?” Drew asked clearly having a good time.

“Oh, now were on a shitty dive bar tour. There’s no stopping us now,” Lisa replied genuinely having the time of her life.

“Then, do you want to leave your car here while I drive? I can bring you back.”

Lisa thought she knew the question he was asking, and now with two drinks in her, she knew what she wanted. “Yeah, you can drive,” she said wanting him to take control.

The last bar was a little different. It was a place called The Manhole. Drew had been a little hesitant considering it was a gay bar. But, buzzed and titillated by the added possibility of seeing two men kiss irl (in real life), Lisa really wanted to go.

“When you’re doing a tour of the shittiest bars in Los Angeles, how could you turn down a bar with a name like that?” She argued convincingly.

Stepping inside, Lisa and Drew agreed that from a shitty dive bar perspective, The Manhole lived up to all of their expectations. It was the dankest place that either of them could’ve imagined. And what topped it off was the bartender who had a lazy eye.

“Dance with me?” Lisa asked feeling amazingly free of all of her usually social awkwardness.

 “Really? Here?” Drew asked clearly uncomfortable but taking it in stride.

Lisa got up and began grooving to the seventies music. “Of course. Do you hear these fine disco tunes? Are you really going to pass that up?”

Relenting, Drew exited their booth and followed Lisa to the empty dance floor. Lisa knew that everyone in the bar was staring at her. Was is because she dancing wrong, somehow? Was it because she was the first ever woman to enter the establishment? Who knew and who cared? She was three drinks in and dancing with the hottest guy she’d ever met. Life was good.

Dancing close enough that her breasts brushed his taut chest, Lisa looked up into his steely gray eyes. They seemed to want her as much as she wanted him. The only question was, why wasn’t he kissing her? When he rested his hands on her curvy hips and leaned down, the question was moot.

Drew kissed her like a desert absorbing the rain. He needed her. Parting her lips, he took her. And when his hands rounded her ass and slipped between her legs, Lisa needed him to.

“I live near here,” he suggested.

“Yes,” Lisa replied positive that she shouldn’t have.

Quickly tossing more money onto the table, Drew took her by the hand and led her out. Exiting the parking lot still on foot, Lisa realized he hadn’t exaggerated. His place was very close. The two, hurrying down the sidewalk, took the first left a half block away and then entered the glass doors of a condominium complex.

Exiting the elevator on the third floor, Lisa reached forward and held Drew by the side of his hip. He was almost all muscle. More than that, she could feel his taut jeans. Not only was is dick hard, but it was big.

Immediately losing the last of her inhibitions, Lisa fumbled around his hip in search of his cock. When she found it, he stopped. No longer able to ignore her, he turned around, grabbed the back of her neck, and kissed her again hard. This time his tongue intertwined with hers and pulled her inside of him.

Relenting to his will, Lisa fell back. Still in the hallway, she hit a wall. Drew, who had her breast in his hand, massaging her. Lisa, who moaned in yearning pleasure, reached for his belt.

The next few seconds were a flash of lust and desire. Unbuckling his pants, Lisa reached in and withdrew his cock. She was right. It was big. Catching her halfway down her arm, her breath hitched. She needed him inside of her, and she needed it now.

Drew, forgetting where he was, didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Reaching under her dress, he slipped his hand between her legs. Even his fingers were big. Swollen and wet from his touch, she peeled her lips away from his and spun around presenting him with her lace-covered ass.

Squeezing her ample rump, he slipped his hand between the lace and her skin. The sensation was glorious. Feeling the electricity as his fingers approached her crotch, she whipped her head back. Then when his other hand joined and relieved her of her panties, Lisa braced herself for what she knew would come next.

When the head of Drew’s cock pushed against Lisa’s pussy, it was with authority. Brick hard, she felt every inch of him fill her. As much as she thought she was ready for it, she wasn’t. The shock of his thickness froze her. It wasn’t until he reached the end of her and reversed course that Lisa’s body relaxed ready to swallow him whole.

With each thrust, Lisa came dangerously closer to orgasm. She could feel the electricity slowly climbing her thigh. Her legs were going weak. And with the base of his shaft strumming her G spot like a maestro, each stroke lifted the orchestra coaxing this fat lady to sing.

Lisa didn’t care where she was. When her orgasm hit, she squealed like a soprano. Drew was clutching her breast gripping her hard. With her fists balled pressing against the wall, she reached back to touch his body. She found his ass and it was the last thing he needed before tighten his butt cheeks and releasing a restrained grown.

Panting furiously, Drew’s fucking stopped. Catching his breath he leaned forward onto Lisa’s back. The way he touched her made her think they could stay in their embrace forever. But when she heard the rumble of the elevator door opening, Drew quickly withdrew his still hard cock and scrambled to the door closest to them.

Feeling Drew’s urgency penetrate her haze of euphoria, Lisa did what she could to pull herself together and join Drew by his door. As he fumbled with his keys, she pressed her chest against his back. Still awash in orgasmic pleasure, she giggled at everything going on. And just as the elevators doors opened and Lisa thought that they were about to be caught, the two of them spilled forward and the condo door closed behind them.

“Did they see us?” Lisa asked thrilled by the idea.

“I don’t know. Did they see us?” Drew asked amused.

“They probably saw my ass,” she admitted.

“Then, lucky them.”

“You wanna see my ass?” she said smiling and showing him her dress-covered rare.

“No. I want to see all of your ass. I want to see all of you,” he clarified.

Lisa, still high from the orgasm and drunk from their night out, was loving everything going on. Without a word, she looked around. It was a nice place, but that hardly mattered. She just needed to know what she was working with.

Finding the couch, she moved in front of it and gestured for him to sit. Drew, immediately taking a seat, stretched his long arms out, laid back and spread his legs. Getting comfortable he stared at the beautiful woman in front of him. Lisa, staring back, tossed off her shoes and seductively touched her dress-covered breasts.

Loving what he was seeing, Drew reached for a remote control. Turning on music, Lisa’s hips swayed seductively. Circling her full breast with her fingertip, she watched him as she unzipped her top. Peeling it off, she eased her dress down her legs before stepping out of it and daintily kicking it aside.

Now only in her bra and panties, Lisa turned her back on Drew giving him a full show. Lisa’s body might not have been perfect, but she knew she had a great ass. Shifting it from side to side, she allowed it to distract him as she reached behind her back and unlatch her bra. When that too hit the ground and their eyes were again locked, she turned back around and lifted her hands high in the air.

As Lisa danced for him, there was no question that Drew was aroused. His bulging tool poked through his still unzipped pants. This was the first time that Lisa could see it. It was impressive.

Lisa continued to dance making her movements wider and sultrier until Drew couldn’t take anymore. Getting up, he took Lisa’s hands. Leading her to the bedroom, she climbed onto the bed. Kneeling facing him, her healthy sized cups jiggling in front of her.

It was now Lisa’s turn to watch Drew undress and, God did Drew have a good body. His newly revealed abs were rippling and his strong thighs were perfection. The man was perfect.

As his completely naked ass joined her on the bed, he immediately moved his lips to her nipple. Slowly tracing the edge of her areola, Lisa melted in his arms.

With Lisa leaning back, Drew lowered her onto the bed. Feeling drunk from more than just the alcohol, Lisa’s eyes rolled back. The warmth of his gentle caress was astounding.

Perfectly satiating one nipple, Drew kissed across her chest to the other. Taking his time to do it right, Drew gently flicked the tip of her nipple with his tongue. The sensation was driving her wild.

Leaving Lisa desperate for more, Drew left his large, warm hands on her breasts and kissed down the curve of her body. Not missing an inch, he continued until he passed her waist and touched her clit. It was there that he stopped. Pressing his tongue firmly against her button, Lisa moaned.

Taking that as his signal, Drew next let go of her breasts and pried apart her thighs. This part was new to Lisa. She had had sex before, but never had a man gone down on her. She didn’t know what to expect. But when his tongue exposed her clit through her swollen flesh, and he began shaking his head from side to side, she almost lost her mind.

His tongue electrified her. It was like her clit was continuously being zapped by a Taser. She both, wanted it to end immediately, and wanted it to go on forever.

Lisa’s second orgasm of the night was like an explosion of fireworks between her legs. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. It was like every nerve in her body had been aroused. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. And with Drew refusing to relent, the sensation got more and more intense until Lisa, unable breathe, slowly passed out.

Lisa’s mind was crackling when she came to again. With her legs crossed and her hands clutching her pussy for warmth, she searched for Drew. She found him on all fours over her legs. Suddenly needing him to hold her, she couldn’t be happier when he crawled towards her torso and did exactly that.

As Drew moved slowly to her side, Lisa sank deeper into her sea of pleasure. When Drew wrapped his arms around her and held her, Lisa never wanted him to let go. The warmth of his body, the strength of his grip, she could have laid with him forever. And, it was as she thought that that she eventually fell asleep.

Lisa started out having wonderful dreams that night. But that was before her dreams turned. What quickly dominated her subconscious were images of other sexual encounters. It wasn’t just her few sexual experiences. It was all of them, from her second grade crush on Marcus Washington, the cuties boy in her class, to the guy she had thrown herself at in college.

What sullied all of those experiences was her inescapable awkwardness. No matter how hard she had tried, she had never been able to figure out what all of the rules were.

Sure, there were stretches where she could fake it, life after a few drinks. But soon after, she would see him again and she would be reduced to doing her best impression of Rainman.

It was to that thought that she woke up in a pool of sweat. With her eyes opened wide, she could tell that it was still somewhat dark. She couldn’t see a clock, but her best guess would be that it was still sometime around 5 AM.

‘If he’s not awake, I could still get out of here,’ she thought desperately hoping that he was still asleep.

Having woken up facing the wall, Lisa slowly turned her head. Searching for the man who she wished had somehow ceased to exist in the middle of the night, she found him with his back to her. Was he asleep? Was he as awake as her? Even worse, was he a light sleeper who was sure to wake as the bed shook during her escape?

Quietly laying and staring at him, Lisa decided that there was only one way to figure any of this out. She needed to get out of bed and she needed to do it before he got up to get ready for work.

Slowly easing towards the edge of the bed, she froze when he stirred. Her heart was beating so hard that she was sure he could hear. Lisa felt terrible that she was having such an intense reaction toward the guy who had to be the greatest guy she could ever imagine. But it was what it was.

Perhaps she wasn’t meant to be with anyone. It was a terribly heartbreaking thought, but not one she had time for now. Priority for her was getting out of there as quickly as she could. The consequences of what she was doing were best dealt with from the safety of her own, warm, safe bed.

Allowing Drew’s body to settle, Lisa slipped the first of her legs off the side of the bed towards the floor. When that didn’t stir him, she scooched her body and did the same to her second. She was doing it, and what she discovered was that sliding across the bed was loud.