Chapter 1


Lucy entered the small Mexican bar crackling with excitement. She had been there before, yet she had no idea what to expect.

“ID?” A barrel-chested asked just inside the door.

Lucy’s cheeks reddened as she reached down into her clutch. Following Cristiano’s command, she had worn a jacket and short skirt without a blouse or underwear. The cut of her jacket made that clear. And feeling the bouncer’s eyes bathing the delicate skin of her chest, she retrieved her ID and handed it to him.

Lucy had never been an exhibitionist. She had always been a little heavier than her friends causing her to want to cover up. On top of that, she was the daughter of a billionaire. She had been raised to dress to her position.

That was one of the things that thrilled her so much about Cristiano. He pushed her far past her comfort zone. She felt like a different person when she was with him. And about to meet him inside, she collected her ID, lifted her chin, and continued into the richly colored bar.

Lucy scanned all of the occupied tables and bar stools as she walked through. People were staring at her. She wondered how many of them could tell what she was up to. Could they guess the game that she and Cristiano were playing? Probably not, she decided.

But even saying that, she couldn’t help but feel naked and exposed to everyone in the crowded bar. The sensation thrilled her. And spotting Cristiano seated at the bar next to an open bar stool, Lucy’s heart thumped suddenly confronted by what the night would hold.

“Hi,” Lucy said getting Cristiano’s attention.

Cristiano slowly turned around. His perfectly tanned Spanish complexion was as smooth as melted chocolate. His jet black hair spiked in the front and then spread across his head in waves. Built like a world-class soccer player, Cristiano could only be described as mouthwateringly gorgeous. Just looking into his hazel eyes made the flesh between her legs clench. Feeling his strength emanate off of him, Lucy had to do everything she could to prevent her knees from buckling.

“Sit,” Cristiano said barely offering a smile.

Lucy did as she was told finding a glass of red wine in front of her.

“Tonight you will be drinking Pinot Noir,” he told her firmly.

“Thank you,” she said feeling heat waft from her body.

Before Lucy had even said it, Cristiano had turned away. With his hand clutching the Margarita in front of him he was now ignoring her. She needed his attention. But knowing there was nothing she could do to get it before he was ready to give it, Lucy stewed in her desire and took a sip of her wine.

“Tonight, there are three rules,” Cristiano said breaking the silence.

It was then that Cristiano turned and peered deeply into Lucy’s eyes. The force of his gaze made Lucy melt. Cristiano continued.

“After drinking a third of your wine, you will get the first rule. After another third, you will get the second rule. Once you’ve finished the glass, you will get the final. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” she said feeling her body ignite with pleasure.


Not wanting to seem hurried but desperate to get the first rule, Lucy took another sip of wine. It was then that Cristiano briefly lowered his mask.

“So, how have you been?” He asked shifting her knees between his and resting his hand on the outside of her thigh.

Lucy remembered that she wasn’t wearing underwear. She imagined him working his hand slowly between her legs. How many people around them would see it? Would they think that she was his slut? The thought of it turned her on even more.

She was Lucynthia Hollingsworth after all. She could bring a waiter to tears just by suggesting that her steak was overcooked. Having someone who could make her feel weak and vulnerable was more than just her fantasy, it was something she lived for.

“I’ve been good. I told my father that he could screw himself he thinks I’m going to marry Peter just so he has someone to run the company.”

Cristiano smiled. “I don’t understand you and your family.”

“What you mean?”

“First, no one in my family would have ever talked to our father that way. Second, my father would never have tried to marry my sister off as if she was livestock.”

“My family is fucked up,” Lucy admitted.

“That’s what happens when you have too much money. You start thinking that everyone around you is a tool to help you make more money.”

Lucy didn’t like to admit it, but she knew that Cristiano was right. Her family’s money was a double edged sword. She had always gotten anything she wanted but the price her father made her pay for it was always high. Lucy took a big swig of wine allowing it to sit in her mouth before swallowing it with a chug.

Remembering, she looked down at her glass. Excitement overtook her as she realized that she was a third of the way through. She could now ask for the night’s first rule.

“I think I’m ready,” she said shifting her glass.

Cristiano allowed his eyes to dip towards Lucy’s Pinot Noir. As he stared at it, his eyes became cold. Lucy’s heart thundered watching him transform. Suddenly she became scared that she hadn’t drunk enough. Relief washed over her as Cristiano looked up and gave her the hint of a smile.

Seeing him lean in, Lucy did the same. It was then that Lucy felt Cristiano’s thick fingers push between her closed thighs towards the outskirts of her swollen pussy. She suddenly couldn’t breathe.

“The first rule is that once we cross the door to my apartment, you will address me as Sir. You will say, yes, Sir and no, Sir. Do you understand?”

Lucy swallowed losing herself in the moment. With her mouth dry she forced a reply. “Yes, Sir.”

“Very good,” Cristiano said with a smile.

Leaning back, Lucy felt his thick fingers retreat. They didn’t go far settling with a tight grip on the inside of her knee. Anyone seated on either side of them or walking by could see it. She was both embarrassed and aroused. But knowing that tonight she was his to command, she took a deep breath and lost herself in his sensual touch.

“Have you told your father about me yet?” He asked with a lighter smile.

Hearing the question Lucy was snapped out of her trance. Cristiano had never been so direct before. She had certainly gotten the impression that he didn’t like being her secret, but she had explained the delicate politics of her household.

Cristiano was everything she had ever dreamed of in a man, but there were complications. Her father had his sights set on a man like Peter Baron for her. Peter was a cutthroat ivy-league type. Cristiano was not and that was one of the reasons she liked him.

No, Cristiano was what Lucy described as a “real man”. There was nothing secretive or backstabbing about Cristiano’s power. Sure, he was brutish and thick headed sometimes, but when he wrapped his strong hands around her shoulders and gripped her tightly, she knew she was in the presence of a man. She wasn’t the spoilt daughter of a billionaire when she was with Cristiano. She was just a girl in the arms of a strong man.

Taking another sip of wine, Lucy turned her attention back towards Cristiano. “How is your project coming?” She asked hesitantly.

Cristiano smiled at her. “My project? It is coming along well.”

“When will you tell me about it?” Lucy asked as curious about it as about what the night’s second rule was.

“I will tell you about it when it is time,” he said firmly.

Lucy knew that tone. Cristiano never did anything before he was ready. It was another of the frustrating things about him. Everyone else bowed to her will. Cristiano never did.

“I can’t believe that you still won’t tell me.”

“Maybe I just want you to think about what it is. It could be anything. My project could be the answer to all of your dreams or nothing at all.”

Lucy’s mouth dropped open in angered surprise. “You’re terrible. I think you’re just trying to make me suffer.”

Cristiano laughed his deep belly laugh. He could also be quite devious and this was clearly one of those times. Out of frustration, Lucy took two big gulps of wine. Confirming how much was left she placed it on the bar in front of Cristiano.

“Well, I think I’m ready for my next rule,” she said needing to get something from him.

“It looks like you are.”

Cristiano leaned forward again. This time his hand slid up her leg until his middle finger pressed against her swelling clit. It tickled as much as it sent her into ecstasy. He then pushed his finger left and right stimulating her. Her face flush as she fought to contain her response. He really was terrible but in the best possible way.

“Rule number two. Tonight we will have safe words.”

Knowing what that meant, Lucy swallowed. “Okay.”

“If you want me to stop, you will say apple. If you say that, the night will be over and everything will end. If you want me to give you a moment to rest, you will say banana. When you say grapes, I will continue. Do you understand?”

Still feeling the back of his finger flick her clit, she fought for breath and said, “yes, Sir.” She was sliding towards orgasm as he once again removed his hand returning it this time to the edge of her short skirt.

Staring at her lover’s face she knew that she was ready for the night to begin. She wanted so badly to toss back the remainder of the wine and get her final rule but she used every ounce of her self-control to present herself as the lady her father always demanded she be.

A moment of silence developed between them. Whereas Cristiano seemed comfortable in the silence, Lucy needed desperately to hear his voice.

“Cristiano, can you tell me another story about when you were a bullfighter.”

Cristiano looked at Lucy curiously. “I’ve told you, I was not a bullfighter. Bullfighters are people in tight pants dancing around a trained bull. I was a vaquero with a number of aggressive bulls. There were no cheers when I climbed on top of a bull. It was just the life of my fellow cowboys on the line.

“And more than that, we couldn’t kill any of them. But we also couldn’t force them to do anything. They were 400 pounds. We had to make them submit to us. We had to help them see that their only choice was to bend to our will.”

Lucy listened closely. It was no wonder that she felt helpless to his desires. If he could bend the will of an unruly beast, what chance did she have under his seductive touch?

With only a little wine left, Lucy lifted the glass and emptied the remainder into her mouth. With the familiar bitterness still pooled on her tongue, she looked over at Cristiano. Her heart raced knowing that this was it. The final rule would reveal the crux of their game. What would it be? She swallowed scared but needing to find out.

“I’m done,” she announced tingling as she did.

Cristiano looked at the glass pleased. “Then it’s time for your final rule.” As he leaned in again he made no attempt to hide the destination of his fingers. The ease in which they pushed into her told her that she was wet. She couldn’t believe that he was fingering her in the middle of a bar but he was. With his thumb applying pressure on her clit as he did, she leaned forward gripping his leg doing her best not to cum.

“Tonight you will be presented with three toys. You will have to choose one. With each choice comes a different set of circumstances. You will not know what those circumstances are but you will have to choose one of the toys.”

Lucy felt Cristiano’s finger push towards her G spot. She could hardly breathe. She knew that she was supposed to acknowledge his final rule in some way but she could barely think straight.

“Do you understand what I’ve said?” Cristiano said with a pleased look on his face.

“Yes, Sir,” she eventually squeaked.

“Do you think you’re ready for this?” Cristiano asked slowly removing himself from inside of her.

As her senses returned to her, so did her courage. “There is only one way to find out,” she said with a smile.

With that, Cristiano got up, pulled back his barstool and gave Lucy room to get out. As she got up, she felt everyone’s eyes on her. No one had missed the show. She had liked that.

Lucy smiled as she lifted her chin and headed towards the door. Exiting she led the way to her Porsche. Cristiano lived close by but she had driven so what was the point of walking. Feeling Cristiano’s hand on her ass they walked without talking. Planting herself in her car, Lucy started the engine and then looked at Cristiano confused.

“I’m sorry, you’re going to have to direct me,” she told him.

“How many times have you come to my place?” Cristiano asked with a smile.

“A lot, but my mind isn’t thinking straight right now,” she joked.

 “Fair enough,” Cristiano said with a smile.

Cristiano directed Lucy around the corner to his door. Standing in front of it with his keys in his hand, he turned towards her. His demeanor had changed. His eyes were unforgiving. His voice was a bass drum.

“Do you remember the rules?” He asked.

“I think so,” Lucy said beginning to shake with anticipation.

“Repeat them.”

Lucy thought for a moment fighting her swirling mind. “I must call you Sir as soon as we step inside,” she said looking up and getting confirmation. “Apple is to stop, banana is to wait and grapes is to go. And I’m going to have to choose between three toys.”

“Good girl,” he said in a voice that rattled the lips of her pussy.

It was then that he opened the door ushering Lucy inside. The soft beige carpet, the Spanish paintings on the wall, this was all familiar to her. Even so, she wasn’t sure where she was supposed to go.

Cristiano stepped in front of her leading her to the hallway. Entering the bedroom, she noticed something different. On the bureau just past the door was a white silk tablecloth. On top of that were a series of toys.

Staring at each made Lucy’s breath hitch. She couldn’t stop herself from shaking. Her fear and anticipation had become one. She knew she was eventually going to have to speak but at that moment it was hard for her to even remain standing.

Cristiano moved around the room purposefully. After lighting candles, he settled beside Lucy.

“Now, you will have to choose between one of these three toys,” he said pointing to the leather instruments. “The one you choose here,” he said pointing at the leather instruments, “will determine which of these I use,” he said shifting his finger towards a group of blindfolds and wrist straps.

“If you would like the paddle,” he said pointing to a leather object twice as wide as a ruler, “then you will say, please, Sir, may I have the paddle. If you would like the crop, then you will say, please, Sir, may I have the crop. If you would like the flog, you will say, please, Sir, may I have the flog. Do you understand?” He asked in a rumbling tone.

Speechless, she nodded her head.

“Then, decide,” he said leaving her to make her decision.

Lucy stared at the three toys in front of her. She could barely believe what she was seeing. She swallowed thinking about how each of them would feel smacked across her ass. Her pussy clenched at the thought. Her breaths quickened as her pulse increased.

For the first few moments, Lucy barely thought of anything at all. Hearing the music turn on she forced herself to focus. Cristiano would be back in moments and demand an answer. Lucy needed to know what she was going to say.

Imagining the leather paddle struck across her tender rare, Lucy closed her eyes. She imagined having to brace herself. She imagined the sting reverberating through her body. It was erotic.

She then pictured the crop in Cristiano’s strong hands. She thought about the wallop that would follow. It was a long stick attached to a folded leather tab. She imagined the pain as it hit her ass. She thought it would feel magical.

Finally, she imagined the flog. There had to be thirty individual leather straps dangling from its short handle. She tried to think of how each would feel connecting with her bare buttock. It was almost beyond comprehension.

Again staring at the three toys, Lucy felt no closer to making a decision. She badly wanted Cristiano to step in and make the decisions for. She knew he wasn’t going to do that, though.

“Have you decided?” Cristiano said standing so close to her that she could feel his body heat envelop her.

“I don’t know, Sir,” Lucy admitted.

“You will have to decide,” he said firmly.

Disappointed that she couldn’t have all three, Lucy took a deep breath and allowed her mind to settle on what would be tonight’s toy.

“Please, Sir, may I have… the paddle.”

Lucy searched Cristiano’s eyes for whether she had made a good choice. He gave no indication. Instead, he moved to the bed and sat down.

“Stand here,” Cristiano said pointing to the ground in front of him.

Lucy did as she was told. Standing before him she was prepared to submit to him fully. Anything he wanted, he could take. The vulnerability that she felt in Cristiano’s presence was unlike any she had ever felt in her life.

“Undress,” he ordered.

As Lucy undressed, she felt like she was undressing for him for the first time. She removed her jacket exposing her breasts. She watched his eyes for a reaction and got none. She then reached by her side and unzipped her skirt. As it hit the ground and she stepped out of it, she finally saw Cristiano react. His face softened as if turned on.

Cristiano reached out his large hands clutching her waist. Pulling her to him, his lips touched her protruding nipple. As he took it into his mouth, the sensation crackled electricity through her. As he circled his tongue around the pink of her areola, Lucy reached for Cristiano needing his support to keep her on her feet.

Cristiano’s nipple play didn’t last long. Quickly he pushed Lucy back and stood in front of her. Lucy felt small in the shadow of his great height. She also felt naked.

Taking Lucy’s hand, Cristiano led her back to the toys. Without a word, he reached for a wrist strap. Unsure of what he would do with it, she remained still. When he took one of her wrists and buckled the strap onto it, she offered the other.

With both of her wrists strapped he retrieved two more straps and kneeled in front of her. As he strapped the other two to her ankles she became acutely aware of the heat from his face as it poured onto her throbbing pussy. She wanted so badly for him to lean in and touch her growing clit with his tongue. She longed for it but didn’t get it.

Instead, Cristiano got up, led Lucy to a railing that was attached to the wall and clipped her wrist straps to straps tied around the wood. Although they were just clips, Lucy knew that she didn’t have the strength to get away. She had no choice but to submit to Cristiano’s will.

Feeling vulnerable, Lucy looked back. Cristiano was getting undressed. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his muscular chest and rippling abs. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants allowing them to fall to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear so his large cock popped out.

Cristiano was already fully aroused. Her body had excited him. It aroused her even more to think about. Standing against the wall unable to escape, Lucy felt the burning desire to be touched. It could be his large hand or his unforgiving leather paddle. At that point, she didn’t care which.

It was the paddle that touched her first. Rubbed lightly against her ass, Lucy desperately wanted more. Cristiano quickly accommodated. The first smack was startling. It wasn’t that it hurt. It was the sharp crack the leather made as it kissed her delicate skin. Lucy winced and then quickly wanted more and wanted it harder.

Smack! The second was louder and left a warm spot on her ass. It felt like heaven. When Cristiano struck again it was harder still. This time the heat pulsed down her leg and up her side. It took her breath away.

As much as it hurt, she also knew that she needed more. The feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. She hadn’t known anything like this. Lucy wanted Cristiano to control her body. As Cristiano let loose with a flurry of swats, Lucy knew that he already did.

Giving her a break, Cristiano pushed his naked body against Lucy’s back. He rubbed his hard cock along her spine. She wanted to feel him inside of her but not yet. When she heard his sultry voice whisper in her ear, she knew that she would get what she wanted.

“Say, please, Sir, may I have another.”

Lucy swallowed. “Please, Sir, may I have another,” she asked hesitantly.

What followed was a smack harder than she had yet felt. Its sting radiating heat across her ass and body. It felt fantastic. Gaining courage she said it again.

“Please, Sir, may I have another.”

He struck again still harder.

“Please, Sir, may I have another.”


“Please, Sir, may I have another.”


“Please, Sir, may I have another,” she repeated being rewarded every time that she did.

The swats came in a flurry after that. There seemed to be no end. No longer able to control her body, Lucy dropped to her knees bouncing back up.

“Please, Sir, may I have another.”

Cristiano paddled her ass until it was red. When she was sure that she couldn’t take anymore, Cristiano instinctually stopped. He wasn’t done yet, though. Detaching her wrists, he escorted her to the bed. Not having noticed them before, she spotted a chain extending onto the mattress from its four corners.

“On your back,” Cristiano demanded.

Easing backward onto the bed, her tender ass brushed against the maroon satin sheets. It was a tantalizing reminder of what Cristiano had just done. When her head neared the head of the bed, she watched as her master circled to her right wrist and clipped her to the chain pulling it tight.

She hadn’t known what the ankle straps were for but now she knew. Quickly strapped down by both her ankles and wrists, Lucy lay spread eagle on the bed. What was Cristiano’s planning now? She didn’t know but she couldn’t wait to find out.

Cristiano climbed on top of her parking his knee just short of her throbbing pussy. With the paddle in hand, he moved the leather to her sensitive nipples. With just enough pressure to let her know the paddle was there, he smacked her breast. It was almost too much. But when Cristiano leaned down and found her clit with his tongue while he did it, Lucy felt like she was on fire with pleasure.

He circled his tongue around her button applying pressure. It was hypnotic. Switching his paddle to her other breast, Cristiano continued. She spiraled quickly towards orgasm but before she did, he released her nipples and her clit, climbed on top of her, and slipped his thick manhood between her dripping pussy lips.

Lucy swallowed him like she had been filled by a missing part. He stretched her to capacity. The thick stem of his cock pressed against her G spot bringing her quickly to orgasm. The rolling pleasure washed through her. She wanted desperately to hold him but restrained, she couldn’t.

Instead, he fucked her longer and deeper again bringing her to the edge of orgasm. About to enter the state of no return, Cristiano pulled out his thick cock, shimmied down her body, and then returned his tongue to her still wanting pussy.

Having already orgasmed, Lucy’s clit was on fire. With every touch, she felt ready to blow. He teased her maddeningly. Circling her clit at a great distance, he occasionally circled in. Her body jumped as he did. She felt out of control and helpless to Cristiano’s will. Subject to his mercy, she moaned as his tongue took a final pass on the outskirts of her clit and then focused entirely on her pleasure spot.

Her second orgasm was powerful and unyielding. Every muscle in her body clenched refusing to let go. Her mind lit up with bright lights. Electricity crackled through her body as her overwhelming orgasm ebbed and then flowed.

“Ahhhh!” She cried out.

She didn’t know she was doing it. She was lost in the moment. When her orgasm crashed, she thrust her hips from side to side. She couldn’t take anymore and he was refusing to stop. She needed to breathe. She had to bring this to an end.

“Apple,” she barked remembering his code.

Hearing that, Cristiano immediately stopped. Without hesitation, he reached down unbuckling her ankle straps before moving onto her wrists. As soon as her hands were free she clutched her pussy. It was boiling. She still felt lightheaded. All she could do is lay there trying to catch her breath.

As if instinctually knowing what she needed, Cristiano crawled on the bed beside her. Lucy, who needed to feel his strong arms around her, rolled onto her side. Cristiano moved in close spooning her.

With his large body pressed against her back, she could feel his cock. It was still very hard. Lucy knew that Cristiano would be content to end the night although he hadn’t orgasmed. This was designated to be ‘her night’. On ‘his night’ Lucy would be sure to give him exactly what he needed.

Lucy’s mind danced as she lay with her man’s arms around her and her hands cupping her still throbbing pussy.

“Did you enjoy that?” Cristiano asked in a rumbling low tone.

“Couldn’t you tell?” Lucy asked astonished.

“I like to hear you say it.”

“That was amazing. I had no idea I could enjoy that so much. How did you come up with all that?”

“I just listened when your body told me that you would enjoy this.”

“Then my body spoke the truth. I liked it a lot.” Lucy spun around allowing her to look directly into Cristiano’s eyes. “You are so amazing,” she said not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

“You are too,” he told her. “You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I think about you when I wake up, when I go to sleep. When I don’t dream about you I miss you and my heart breaks.”

Lucy’s heart melted. Reaching up she touched his cheek. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Cristiano said without an ounce of doubt.

Cristiano’s eyes darted between each of Lucy’s. His brow bent as if he were searching for something.

“What?” Lucy asked curious.

“I just realized something.”

“What’s that?”

“That I don’t want to spend another minute without you.”

Lucy’s heart thumped hearing his words. What was he saying? Was this leading to where she thought it was? It couldn’t. They had only known each other for a few months. She hadn’t even told any of her friends about him. He was just her pleasant little secret.

Yes, the sex was mind blowing and he was everything she had ever dreamed about in a man. But that wasn’t what their relationship was supposed to be about.

“Lucy, I want to spend the rest my life with you. I don’t know where our lives will lead. I know how different we are. But I also know that if I were given only one wish for the rest my life, I would use it to be with you.

“I don’t think people know just how special you are. I’m sure they see your nice clothes and fine jewelry and think they know you. What you are goes far beyond that, though. You are the most exciting and adventurous person that I’ve ever met… even if no one knows.

“Lucy, I’m sure it won’t be easy but I’m asking you, will you marry me?”

Lucy had been listening stunned. She couldn’t believe how Cristiano saw her. Lucy had never been proud of herself.

Her father had wanted her to join the family business. She had declined instead choosing an heiress’ lifestyle. It was decadent and self-involved. Truth be told, Lucy found it unfulfilling. But who in their right mind would choose hard work over a life of leisure?

The problem now, though, was that she no longer thought of herself as a very good human being. The idea that Cristiano, the man who best knew her innermost desires, saw her the way he had described, moved her. She wanted to be the woman Cristiano saw her as. It was for that reason that Lucy looked up into Cristiano’s eyes and cried.

“Yes, Cristiano. I will marry you. Yes.”

Lucy had never seen Cristiano so happy. He wrapped his arms around her. Immediately she knew that she had made the right decision. Cristiano was the best thing to ever happen to her. He might not fit into the mold of what her father had in mind, but he fit into how she saw herself. Screw anybody who couldn’t see why they should be together.

Lucy couldn’t imagine herself any happier. The only thing that could bring her down would be thinking of how she would tell everyone about her surprise engagement. That wasn’t today’s problem, though. Right now Lucy felt like the happiest woman alive and nothing else mattered.

Lucy suddenly gasped. “What about a ring?” She asked without thinking the question through.

“I thought about that. I could have gotten you something but I’m not sure if it would be something that you would want to show off to your rich friends. I thought that perhaps we should shop for your ring together.”

Lucy thought about what Cristiano had said. He was right. Cristiano was a bartender. Before that, he was a cowboy in Spain. There was no way that he could afford the type of ring that her heiress friends were going to properly fawn over. For him, that type of ring would be three-years salary. But that’s okay. That was what her massive trust fund was for.

“We can go ring shopping tomorrow,” Lucy suggested excited about the possibility.

“That sounds perfect. Do you have an idea of what you want?”

“I have some idea,” she said with a smile.

The truth was that she had been thinking about her ring since she was a little girl. It wasn’t so much marriage she fantasized about. It was the ring itself. It was also organizing a wedding and having dozens of people cater to her every whim. It was being treated like a princess.

When she imagined it, her husband was no one like Cristiano, though. Cristiano was a thousand times better. Things were so simple with him. He was a man and he treated her like a woman.

There was no conniving or social climbing like there was with every other man she knew. Cristiano wasn’t after her money or her father’s company. Cristiano was someone who Lucy could trust.

Closing her eyes, Lucy snuggled deeper into Cristiano’s arms. In spite of all the times they had gotten together for sex, Lucy had never spent the night. Tonight would be different. Tonight she was spending the night with her fiancé. There was nowhere else she would prefer to be.

“By the way,” Cristiano said as Lucy got comfortable. “The project that I told you I was working on, that was it. It was to get you to marry me,” he said with a smile.

Lucy looked up at Cristiano and smiled back. “I liked your project,” she told him more relaxed than she had ever been.

Falling asleep and sleeping soundly, Lucy woke up to the smell of bacon. With her eyes closed, she reached across the bed. There was no one there. Opening her eyes and looking around, she found herself alone. Wrapping the sheet around her naked body, she got up and followed the smell.

Lucy found Cristiano standing naked in front of the stove cooking breakfast. His profile was incredible. He was somewhere in between very toned and rippling with muscles. His magnificent cock hung generously past his massive balls. And although she was sure that he had gotten out of bed looking this way, Cristiano’s hair was perfect.

Lucy understood why men who wanted to climb the social ladder liked her. But she didn’t understand why a man as perfect as Cristiano would.

“Good morning,” she said capturing Cristiano’s attention.

Cristiano turned around and gave her a glowing smile. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Lucy blushed. “Whatcha cooking?”

“I’m making my fiancée breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes,” he said cheerfully.

“Smells delicious,” Lucy said before stepping behind him and wrapping her arms around his body. She loved holding him. Touching him made all of her worries disappear.

“Sit down, I’ll serve you breakfast,” he said placing the last of the bacon onto a big serving plate.

The two ate breakfast before returning to the bedroom for another session of sex. This time they didn’t worry about whose turn it was.

Cristiano lifted her up and supported her as they both fell onto the bed. With his lips locked onto hers, he entered her. Rising onto his knees he gripped her waist and arched her back. With him thrusting powerfully within her, she jiggled like a ragdoll. And cumming as quickly as she did, Cristiano collapsed onto her body exhausted before both drifted off for a quick nap.

Excited about her ring, when they were both again awoke, Lucy got dressed and kissed Cristiano goodbye. She had a lot of things to do before shopping for her diamond. She needed to redo her nails changing them to an appropriate ring shopping color. She had to do her hair. And she had to pick out the perfect engagement ring shopping outfit. The perfect outfit clearly wasn’t going to pick out itself.

Arriving home Lucy turned her phone back on. She had always turned it off when she was with Cristiano paranoid that someone might be able to track where she was. It wasn’t that she was ashamed to be with Cristiano. It was more that she wanted to avoid having a complicated conversation with her father.

Engaged, there was no avoiding the conversation now. Cristiano was about to become her husband. Eventually her father would have to be told that he had a son-in-law.

As if on cue, Lucy looked at her phone and found a message from her dad. Her exchange with her father hadn’t quite gone how she had described to Cristiano. She had told him that she wasn’t going to marry Peter but she wasn’t as firm as she could have been.

She had tried to imply that there was someone else in her life but her father had refused to hear it. Her father was a very powerful man. He wasn’t easy to say no to. Lucy wasn’t the first person to try and fail.

“Lucy, this is your father. Peter tells me that you stood him up at the Vanderbilt party. That is no way for a Hollingsworth to behave. You weren’t just representing yourself there, you were supposed to be a representative of our family.

“I expect you to send a formal written apology to the Vanderbilts and I expect you to call up Peter and apologize personally. If you want to keep your allowance then you must keep up with your obligations. Nothing in this world is free, my dear. Don’t forget that.

“Now, let’s put all of this unfortunate behavior behind us. I am inviting Peter over for dinner on Thursday. I expect you to be there and I expect you to be on your best behavior. You can call my assistant for the details. I’ll see you there.”

As great as she had felt moments ago, hearing her father’s voice changed everything. Lucy thought about how little of her life was hers to control. Sure, she got trips around the world and beautiful homes in every major city, but all of it came with a catch. She was chattel. She was a pawn that her father could use to maintain her family’s wealth.

Lucy decided it was time that she put an end to all of that but hesitated imagining what the fallout would be. Would her father cut her off? If he did, she would only have her trust fund to depend on. This was a trust fund that her grandfather had set up. It was her father who had turned their family fortune into billions. Her grandfather’s trust fund was barely enough to buy a house in the major city much less to live the rest of her life.

After thinking about how badly things could go, Lucy decided that Cristiano was worth the risk of disinheritance. Cristiano was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She was sure of that. She was also sure that her father wouldn’t like him. That didn’t matter, though because she did.

Having made her decision, Lucy considered what she should do next. She was engaged. Did she call her father with the news? Her other option was to wait until after she got the ring. What did a ring matter, though? Her father was too busy to meet with her before the meeting. It would have to be done over the phone and that didn’t require a ring.

Her heart thumped as she realized what she needed to do. As she stared at her phone her face flushed. Was she actually going to do this? She had to, she decided.

This was more than just about her engagement. This was about wrestling control of her life from her father’s grasp. Lucy paused when she realized that it was also about something else. The news was going to break her father’s heart. Her father really liked Peter Baron.

Peter had never loved her, though. Lucy was sure of that. From the first time they had been introduced, Peter had looked at her like all of the other ambitious guys at the company had. Lucy may as well have been a 18th-century spinster with a dowry. In those men’s eyes, Lucy was an acquisition needed to take over the world. Peter had always been the worst of them all.

During the times they had been alone, the two of them had barely spoken. When Peter did open his mouth, it was to brag about his time at Harvard or whatever yacht trip he had recently taken. Once Lucy had even made it clear that she didn’t want to marry him. He responded with such venom that he left no doubt that he didn’t care about her or what she wanted.

“Women were to do what their men told them to do,” was Peter’s response. Those weren’t his exact words but they may as well have been.

Lucy couldn’t believe it. Who the hell did this guy think he was? And what did her father see in him in the first place?

Lucy had had no intention of letting Peter get away with saying what he had. Since then she took every opportunity she could to destroy his life. Subtly placed comments and a joke or two were all that was really needed. It didn’t take Peter long to catch on with what she was doing. The battle became two-sided after that.

Still, though, he continued on with her father’s sham of a possible marriage. Maybe he was doing it to not lose any face at work. Lucy had no explanation for it but she found it pathetic. There was no way that she would ever marry a man like Peter. In fact, she wished she could see the look on Peter’s face when he found out that she was already engaged.

What would Peter think when he saw her fiancé and realized that Cristiano was twice the man he would ever be? That was the thought that inspired Lucy to make the call to her father.

“Dad?” she said when he answered the phone.

“Sweetheart, how are you?”

“Engaged,” She said apprehensively.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m engaged, dad.”

“You and Peter?”

“For the final time, no, dad. I told you I was seeing someone else. That’s where I was last night. That’s why I didn’t go to the party.”

“You’re saying that you’re engaged to a man that I’ve never met?”

Lucy thought back to the day she had met Cristiano. He had been one of the bartenders at a catered party at their house.

“Actually, you have met him,” she admitted starting to sweat.

“I have? Who is he?”

Lucy considered what she was about to tell her father, one of the richest men in the world. How could she admit that she was about to marry a cater waiter? She could barely believe it herself.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re engaged and you’ll meet him soon.”

“This is absurd. What about Peter?”

“Dad, if you love him so much, why don’t you marry him?”

“Don’t be facetious, Dear. It doesn’t become a Hollingsworth.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I love Cristiano and I want you to love him too. I know that’s going to be a lot to ask, but I want you to try. Can you do that for me, Dad?”

“If he is a man worthy of my little girl, then he will get my blessing. But if he is not, you can’t expect me to welcome some degenerate into our home.”

“He is not some degenerate.”

“Then tell me, what does he do?”

Lucy felt heat pulsing from her chest. In her circles, this was the question that would determine the rest of her social life. Every friend that she had ever had was maniacally obsessed with what people did. The wrong answer to that question would cause whispers to start as soon and any head was turned. Twelve-year-old junior high girls were thought to be vicious, but the torment of the worst queen bee couldn’t hold a candle to the treatment that followed the wrong answer to that question.

“He’s an artist,” Lucy said trying to be as vague as possible.

Lucy thought about her response. Was it really a lie? Cristiano could have been an artist. As far as Lucy knew, Cristiano could be a world-famous painter traveling the continent looking for inspiration. Lucy didn’t know. His art skills weren’t something that came up during their many love making sessions.

But as much as Lucy told herself that that could be the case, Lucy quickly realized the truth. The truth was that she had betrayed the man that she loved at the first opportunity that she got. Her heart hurt thinking about it. Lying was the only way she was going to get through this conversation, though. Personal details could be cleared up later, but it was impossible to make a second first impression.

“An artist? You want to waste your life with an artist? Who am I supposed to pass our company along to? You certainly don’t expect me to give it to an artist.”

“I don’t care, Dad. I’m not going to marry someone just because you need someone to give the company too. I am not a prized cow.”

“Of course you aren’t, Dear. But our company has been in the family for three generations. I wanted to pass it along to my kids like my father did to me.”

“And then you were cursed with me,” Lucy said admitting what she had always thought to be true.

“I have always been proud of you, Dear. It’s just that you don’t apply yourself. You could be this company’s greatest CEO but all you care about is wasting money on trips and doing God knows what with artists.

“This company needs an heir. If it won’t be you, then at least give me a son-in-law who can keep you in the lifestyle that you have become so accustomed.”

Lucy’s heart broke hearing her father’s request. Although self-centered, it wasn’t completely unreasonable. None of it mattered, though. Cristiano was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. And as long as he would have her, that was exactly what Lucy planned to do.

“Dad, I can’t live my life based on what’s right for the company. I need to be happy. You want me to be happy, don’t you?”

Lucy’s father paused. “I do, Sweetheart. But we all have obligations. And if you can’t live up to your obligations, then you can’t reap the rewards. If you want to marry this artist, you can but you will be cut off. No one gets anything in his life for free, not even a Hollingsworth. Are you really willing to give up all of your traveling and trips to the spa for this artist?”

“If that’s what’s necessary, then yes.”

“Then, you’re cut off. Last month’s allowance was your last.”

“What am I going to do for money?” Lucy asked nervously.

“Well, you could always get a job. I know a company that’s hiring.”

Lucy paused hoping that her father was joking. She quickly realized that he wasn’t.

“Oh, and by the way,” he said continuing, “congratulations on your engagement.” With that, he hung up the phone.