Mirrored Image


Brandon cozied up to his Bahama Mama at the bar wishing the drink came with a pair of firm Bahama breasts like the ones on his waitress, when a pair of full Ds sat down beside him.

“Guess who I saw in the bathroom?” The 24-year-old over tanned, petite girl said widening her raccoon eyes. “Our friend,” she said waiting for acknowledgement.

Brandon didn’t know this girl and hadn’t even seen her around the resort, but when a drunk girl in a bikini top and tiny sheer sarong bottom sits down next to you at a bar in the Bahamas, you play along.

“Really?” Brandon replied not knowing how surprised to react.

“She’s wearing the hat again. I followed her for five minutes and she was hitting on this really young local guy. She’s on the prowl,” the girl said with a smile. “She’s got island fever, he’s got island fever, they’ve got island fever. They’re in love,” she sang with a smile.

“Hey Baby why’d you leave our table? Were gonna lose it, baby,” she said rubbing up against him.

To Brandon’s regret, he realized that her forwardness wasn’t the girl’s way of hitting on him. It was a case of mistaken identity. “I didn’t have a table,” he said allowing her to figure out the mistake on her own.

The girl squinted her raccoon eyes at Brandon. “Where did you get this shirt? That’s not the shirt you were wearing.”

Brandon waited for a second sure that even her rum punch filled mind would soon make the connection. When it didn’t happen he helped her along. “Um, I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else,” he said with a smile.

The girl wobbled a little squinting again at Brandon. She smiled with realization. Leaning over on top of him she slipped her hand between his legs and grabbed onto his package. “Yeah, then maybe we should go back to my room before my boyfriend gets back.”

Brandon had no idea what to do. Had she realized her mistake or not, he wondered. But in either case considering that his girlfriend dumped him after he bought the nonrefundable tickets, it felt nice to have a girl’s petite hand palm his crotch as a reward. Besides, Brandon always found it hard to resist a girl that smelled like jasmine.

“So you want to go back to my room, stranger?”

Brandon went with it. “Yeah.”

The girl leaned over and slowly placed her tongue in his mouth. Brandon let go and felt the newness of the tongue that danced with his. He liked it.

After a short moment the girl pulled away and stared at Brandon. She squinted again and then without a word, got up and looked around curiously. Stumbling a little she walked away. Brandon watched her stumble around the room and then turned back to his drink with a smile. This would be the story he told his friends when he got back home, he decided.

Brandon turned around when he heard the girl’s voice again. With her hands over a man’s eyes she led the man to the stool next to Brandon’s. With him seated she spoke. “Okay, are you ready, baby?”

“Yeah I’m ready, sweets,” a familiar sounding voice said back in a Georgia accent.

“Okay, look.”

The girl removed her hand and Brandon got a good look at him. Brandon got an instant flash of recognition. He knew this man. He had seen him before. Oh wait, no I don’t, he thought. Oh my god, he looks exactly like me.

“Don’t you see it, baby? You two could be twins. You kiss nothing alike though.”

The man turned back toward the girl. “Wait, you kissed him, sweets?”

The girl took hold of her boyfriend’s face and turned it toward Brandon. “Look at him. Just look at him.”

The man looked at Brandon a little longer, then without a warning a flash went off in his eyes. “Holy fuck!” The man said. “Jesus Christ, you look exactly like me. Are you some sort of spy or something?”

Brandon smiled because he knew exactly what the man was referring to. He had seen the Mission Impossible movies where the spies put on masks to look just like the person they were about to kill.

“Do I look like Tom Cruise?” Brandon asked with a smile.

“That’s the point. You could be.”

Brandon smiled again. “No, I’m not Tom Cruise.” Brandon stuck out his hand. “Brandon Fox.”

“Holy fuck, seriously? Braden Thompson.”

“Oh that’s funny,” Brandon said shaking a strong, yet surprisingly soft hand. Brandon would have preferred to have soft hands, but the nonslip area on the weight bars at his gym had always taken their toll. Brandon liked the way Braden’s hand felt in his. Through it he could feel an instant magnetism between them. It was like an invisible force that pulled them together preventing them for taking their eyes off one another.

“Twenty eight years old?” Brandon asked jokingly.

“Twenty eight,” Braden replied shocked. “January 15th?”

“Oh that’s spooky. January 13th,” he said with a smile.

“That’s so weird. Isn’t that weird, baby?” The girl interjected. “Could you imagine if there were two of you?” She said wrapping her arms around her boyfriend’s chest. “Man, I would love to see you two get it on.”

“Sweets!” Braden said embarrassed. “My girl’s got a thing for watching two guys together.” Braden took a quick look at his girl. “And she’s really drunk so….”

“Oh, the two of you together would be so fuckin’ hot!” She groaned slipping her hand between Braden’s legs. Braden laughed getting a laugh back from Brandon.

Brandon had never really considered the idea of being with a man before. Brandon spent a lot of time working on his body so he did check out other guys at the gym. But he hadn’t even seen a gay porn and although one of his drunk internet comparative searches did lead to him jacking off after his research told him that he had a bigger than average cock, he didn’t even consider himself bi-curious.

But there was something about the fact that a hot girl said it and that looking at Braden was like looking in a mirror that made him feel a familiar tug in his jeans. Brandon had no desire to gay out with some guy as a rebound, but a question that began to tug on his mind was how similar was this virtual twin’s body to his own.

Brandon looked at Braden who stared waiting for Brandon to say the first word. Brandon shifted his eyes at the man’s chest. It was tough to tell under the shirt but it looked like he worked out. And when he felt his eyes wonder down to Braden’s crotch he quickly lifted them back up and turned them toward his drink.

“Oh baby, I’m so hot!” The girl said kissing Braden’s neck.

Brandon looked over to watch the man that looked like him make out with the smoking hot bikini girl. It made his cock even harder.

“We’re gonna go back to our room,” Braden said leaving the statement open for interpretation.

“Okay then,” Brandon said feeling a compulsion to suggest his coming with them but not knowing how.

“Yeah, Okay,” Braden said clearly a little disappointed. Braden got up. “Well, um, maybe I’ll see you around then. How long you hear for?”

“I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Oh seriously?” Braden looked away in thought. “Well, maybe I’ll see you before then.”

“Yeah okay,” Brandon said feeling an energy from the man that he had never experienced before.

“Yeah, nice to meet you,” the girls said latching herself onto her boyfriend. “I liked kissing you,” she added with a smile.

“Nice kissing you too,” he replied.

The couple turned away and walked out. Brandon continued to watch them and just as they were about to turn out of sight, he saw Braden look back at him. Brandon knew what that look meant. He had seen it many times from girls. That meant, “I’m interested.”

Brandon turned back toward his drink. When he felt his generous cock fill out his pants, he knew that he should have figured out a way to go back with them. She was hot on her own, but he had to admit that the person that he was most interested in getting naked was the one whose large cock probably mirrored his own.

Brandon doubled up on his drinks after that. And with every drink he thought more about the hot girl and her even hotter boyfriend. Was that what he himself looked like to others? He wondered. Staring at the drink that had finally released his most guarded thoughts, he had to admit that Braden was gorgeous. His dark hair that loosely fell over his forehead, his thin eyebrows and high cheek bones, his strong jaw and gently tanned white skin looked exactly like his own.

What Brandon didn’t know and wanted to know more with every drink was how his naked chest looked. Did is pecks square off in the corners like his did? Did his stomach ripple like his? Did his virtual twin remove the hair from his legs to better highlight the definition in his thighs and calf like his ex had once teased him for? And would the man, who seemed so much like himself, do the things to him that his conservative ex-girlfriend would not?

Brandon had often wondered what it would feel like if he could suck his own cock. He thought about it even more when his ex stopped doing it for him. Would having someone that looked just like him do it be counted as gay? Brandon decided that it wouldn’t.

Brandon was fully drunk and very horny an hour later when Braden enthusiastically reentered the sparsely populated bar. Braden’s attention was clearly set on finding Brandon and when he did, his body seemed to relax at the sight. Braden walked back over.

“What’re you drinking?” Braden asked.

“Bahama Mama,” he replied trying not to slur.

“I fuckin’ love those things.” Braden signaled to the bartender requesting two more.

“Where’s your girl?” Brandon asked wondering if it was now too late to join in the fun.

“Passed out. Figured I’d see if you were still around.”

Brandon liked how upfront his new friend was. The thought of it turned him on even more, and in his drunken state he couldn’t help but say it. “I have to say, you are one fucking hot man.”

Braden laughed. It took a second for Brandon to see the joke, but then realized that it could also be interpreted as a self compliment. He laughed back.

“Well, I work out. You work out?” Braden asked.

“Yeah I work out. Four times a week. Weights Monday, Thursday; cardio Wednesday, Friday.”

“Yeah,” Braden said looking at Brandon’s shirt. “Me too. Weights twice a week and I run.”

“I bet you look fuckin’ hot,” Brandon said this time realizing the joke.

“I can tell from looking at your body that I do,” Braden replied making his thoughts clear.

Brandon looked into his twin’s face and swallowed. He didn’t know how to handle what was happening between the two, but he certainly didn’t want it to stop. “Are you right handed or left?” He asked.

“Left. What are you?” Braden asked in reply.


“Mirror twin.”

“Now, here’s the question, does your dick hang to the left or the right?” Brandon asked.

“I don’t know. Why?”

“This dude in college told me that right handed dicks hang to the right and left handed dicks hang to the left. Where does yours hang?”

Brandon noticed when Braden looked around. Brandon followed his gaze and found the bartender and the couple sitting closest to them looking back. Brandon leaned over and whispered to his mate. “Am I talking too loud?”

“Yeah. A little bit.”

“Sorry. You want to get out of here?”

“Yeah,” Braden said with a smile.

Brandon got up with his drink. “Charge it,” Brandon said to the bartender getting a look back. Standing next to Braden for the first time he noticed how similarly they were built. And something else he saw that they had in common was the hard cock pushing on his pants. Braden didn’t make an effort to hide it. Looking at it, Brandon wondered, if he touched Braden’s cock, would he feel it on his own? He still wasn’t drunk enough to find out. He knocked back the last of his current drink and made a dent in his new one.

“Let’s go,” Braden said heading for the beach exit with his drink in hand. Walking through the door both guys took in the scenery.

“I love this fuckin’ place,” Brandon said, looking around at the pools that reflected the nighttime lights that guided their path. “Like, look at that,” he said looking up at the billions of stars. “You can’t see that in Los Angeles.”

“Can’t see it in Atlanta either,” Braden offered.

“Is that where you grew up?”

“Yep. Played football in high school and college, basketball in high school.”

“Fuckin’ weird. Football high school and college, and basketball in high school,” Brandon said pointing at himself. “Are you sure we’re not brothers?”

“Were you adopted?” Braden asked.

“Not that I know of. Were you?”

“Not that I know of.” Brandon turned back towards the approaching beach that reflected the full moon off of its waves like twinkling Christmas lights. Brandon pointed down the beach away from the resort. Braden acknowledged and both guys walked in that direction.

Brandon sneaked a look at his twin. His twin had taken his flip flops off to feel the sand on his feet. It looked appealing so he did the same. The warm, soft sand pushed through his toes making him feel native and aggressive. He wondered if Braden was feeling the same.

“Any brothers or sisters?” Braden asked interrupting Brandon’s thoughts.

“No. You?”

“No. I wish I did though. You know what I mean? All those things that you have to figure out on your own… it would have been nice to have someone to turn to about it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Brandon said more comfortable about examining his twin in the moon lit darkness of the beach. “You really are friggin’ hot though. And I’m not gay, so I mean it.”

Braden chuckled. “It wouldn’t matter to me if you were gay.”

“You gay?” Brandon asked sensing his friend’s openness.

“You met my girlfriend, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Brandon said with a smile.

“But I’ve done stuff.”

Brandon felt an ache develop in his loins that he couldn’t explain. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

“You know, stuff. My girl’s down with it. The amount of stuff that she makes me watch…” Braden laughed thinking about it.

“Like what?” Brandon asked feeling his heart beat faster.

“You ever swim at night?” Braden asked knowing that they had reached a point past the resort where no one could see them.

“What, here?” Brandon looked around for people. He examined the shoreline and listened to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. And taking a deep breath he waited for anything that would indicate human life. The only thing he noticed was the smell of the fresh salt air. They really were alone.  “But I didn’t bring my trunks,” Brandon said asking permission to get naked.

“You must be the scared twin,” Braden said starting to remove his clothes.

“Yeah, I’m scared,” Brandon said defensively. “Scared you might see my huge cock and be too scared to ever show yours to anybody again,” he said asking permission to pull out his already hard piece of wood.

“You think you could match up to this?” Braden said dropping his shorts revealing a hard eight inch cock that was thickest close to the head.

“I think I can,” Brandon said revealing his identical piece of meat.

“Let’s see,” Braden said walking toward him. Braden lined his cock up next to Brandon’s and held the two together. Brandon flinched his cock when he felt Braden’s soft hands. It felt like a girl’s hands. And the feeling of having Braden’s cock touching his own made him want to grab Braden right there.

“They’re exactly the same. So weird,” Braden said looking up at his twin. “You sure you’re not my long lost brother?”

“Maybe I am,” Brandon replied a little softer about to reach out and kiss him.

Braden, feeling his brother’s energy stepped away, ran toward the water and dove into a curling two foot wave. He popped his head out of the water and wiped his face. “Oh, the water is so warm.”

Brandon took another look around and then dove in. Swimming around before he surfaced he found the smooth legs of his twin. He grabbed onto them and pulled himself up. With the water dripping down his face he stood chest to chest with Braden. The lifts and falls of his chest matched his own and the build and nipple placement on the two were exact.

Brandon could feel his hard cock rubbing against Braden’s. He liked it. And when he looked up again into his twin’s eyes it looked too much like looking in the mirror to resist. Feeling the pounding on his chest he slowly brought his face next to Braden’s. Braden delicately opened his mouth inviting Brandon in but Brandon brushed his cheek against his brother’s instead.

“Do you wanna know?” Braden asked through his own rapid, hot breaths.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” Brandon answered knowing exactly what his twin was thinking.

“Then do it,” Braden demanded.

Taking a deep breath Brandon grabbed Braden’s head and kissed him. His twin’s lips were firm and manly. There was nothing feminine about them. They were strong and neither man was backing away from being dominant. Brandon liked that so he kissed him even harder.

Brandon gripped tighter on the back of Braden’s neck. Both men squeezed their identical chests together allowing each of their cocks to rock back and forth over the other’s pubes. Brandon grabbed onto Braden’s wet hair and pulled his head back. He liked how his twin gave in to it. He then got up on his toes and kissed him from above. This made Brandon feel good. They were both men, but this made Brandon feel like “the man.”

Brandon danced his tongue around in his brother’s mouth. His brother’s tongue was thicker than a girl’s and it felt much how he imagined his own tongue to be. It was strong and physical. He knew that when a girl kissed like this, it often meant that he was about to have a good time in bed. Brandon wondered if the same was true with Braden.

Lowering back down he took hold of his cock with one hand, reached around and spread the tops of Braden’s thick thighs apart with the other. He then brushed his cock against Braden’s balls as he pushed his monstrous meat between Braden’s legs.

Braden pulled back from the kiss. He was surprised. Not knowing how to respond he darted his eyes about looking at Brandon’s face. Brandon looked back vulnerably and very much like a kid. Both men knew what the other was thinking and Brandon wanted to fuck him. But with all of things that Braden had done with other men, his huge cock always designated him to be the fucker. But now they were equal and Braden needed to figure out how far he’d go.

Brandon waited with his cock between Braden’s legs. When no answer came, he pulled his meat out slightly and pushed it back in. When he did Brandon’s rippling stomach pressed against Braden’s cock exciting Braden. Brandon did it again never taking his eyes off of his twin’s face the whole time looking for an answer. When Braden slowly closed his eyes and slightly tilted his head back, Brandon got what he needed.

“My room?” Brandon asked through the pounding in his chest.


“Your girlfriend?”

“It has to be mine.” Braden looked down at the identical face and kissed it hard. He had decided that he was going to get fucked for the first time tonight and having decided that he was uncontrollably turned on.

Brandon pulled away and jogged onto beach to his clothes. He was about to pick them up when he looked back at the approaching Braden. Without a word, he moved over to Braden’s pile of clothes and put them on instead.

Braden smiled moving to Brandon’s underwear. Putting his cock where Brandon’s dick had dripped excited him. Putting everything on they both found that everything fit each other like they had seen it fit their twin.

Unable to control himself Brandon dove in to kiss Braden. This time he felt no self-consciousness about it because wearing Braden’s clothes he felt like he was masquerading as someone else. What made it even more thrilling was that the person he was pretending had shown himself to be aggressive. He liked now acting as the aggressor. He liked initiating the kiss.

Brandon reached into the pocket of Braden’s pants that now rubbed his bear cock. He pulled out his key and read it: Room 523. He knew where that was. It was in the wing near his. Standing next to him Braden’s hand began to rub Brandon’s covered cock. Fuck yeah, Brandon thought before leading them away.

Walking through the hotel dressed as Braden, Brandon didn’t care who saw them. Down the colorfully designed carpet of the hallways and through the ringing and dinging of slot machines, Brandon grabbed Braden’s ass. Braden’s ass was as firm as he hoped it was. It was a man’s ass and it filled his hand.

Stepping into the elevator just outside the lobby, Brandon couldn’t wait for the doors to close before he reached over and kissed his twin again. But this time Brandon didn’t just kiss him, he pushed him back against the elevator wall and held his chin as he sunk his tongue in Braden’s mouth and rubbed his cock against its match. Both men sweat under the heat coming of their bodies and there was a faint musk in the air that was making them feel like animals.

Brandon let go Braden when the door opened and a young couple stepped in. The woman, captivated by the extremely hot twins,  spoke.

“So, are you two twins?”

“Yes,” Braden replied.

“I thought so. Man, you two look alike.”

“We get that all the time,” Braden said giving a devilish smile to Brandon.

The door opened onto the fifth floor and the men walked out. Brandon, stopping Braden in front of the elevator doors, grabbed his mate’s face and sunk his tongue into his brother’s mouth again. The woman gasped as the elevator door closed. The raw excitement of the moment made him light headed. He wanted to fuck him right there, but pulled himself away instead. “That’s was fuckin’ hot.”

“Yeah it was.”

“Where’s your room?”


Braden led both down the hallway and stood to the left of the door.

“Is your girlfriend gonna be awake?”

“Passed out.”

Brandon slipped the key card through the lock. The light turned green and Brandon slowly entered pretending to invite Braden in.

Examining the darkened room Brandon found only one bed where the girl from the bar was fast asleep.

“My bed’s free,” Brandon reminded Braden.

“If you want to, you know, then it has to be here.”

“Won’t we wake her?” Brandon asked quietly approaching the bed.

“She’s passed out. She’s dead to the world, man. Now come here.” Braden turned on the light next to the TV which lit the room with a soft warm glow.