Chapter 1


Taylor was experiencing that lost feeling that follows a breakup when he entered the bar. It wasn’t like his ex-girlfriend had a chance of being his soulmate. She was enthusiastic about being with him and beautiful but she lacked that one quality that Taylor’s girlfriends needed, the ability to read Taylor’s mind. Sure, Taylor understood that it was an unfair requirement, but that didn’t change the necessity of the trait.

Reading Taylor’s mind would have allowed his exes to surpass so much of his hesitation when it came to relationships. It would have allowed him to be open with them without having to actually say anything aloud. Any rejection could, therefore, go unspoken. And most important to Taylor, his girlfriend’s seemingly inevitable rejection would hurt Taylor less.

Without that telepathy, Taylor was required to rely on less elegant means. He emotionally kept his girlfriends at arm’s length. Was it unfair to them? Maybe. Actually, of course it was and Taylor knew it. But love is a difficult thing. It is especially difficult when what you love comes with a twist.

El Carmen’s was where Taylor chose to drink away his disappointment tonight. He typically didn’t go to bars by himself, but he didn’t consider any of his friends drinking buddies and tonight he desperately needed to go out.

In spite of being in the heart of Los Angeles, El Carmen’s was designed like a 1900s New York subway stop. Colorful tiles lined the rounded ceiling and the narrow space created an intimate feeling.

“Blood orange margarita,” he yelled to the female bartender with the nose ring.

As the man next to him got up, he slid onto the stool. It was crowded but he didn’t have it in him to be gentlemanly tonight. He needed to wash away his self-loathing from destroying another relationship and he needed a sturdy seat to do it from.

With the first drink down he ordered another. With half of that soon gone he felt the soothing effects kicking in. The world was a little less dangerous and the thoughts that he spent so much time repressing were slowly floating to the surface.

Taylor looked around at the revelers pushing through the tight space. There were a lot of very good looking people. The women were adorned in little dresses that half-heartedly swallowed their breasts and the guys were styled in the combination of chic and nonchalance that drove Taylor wild.

‘Did I just admit that,’ he thought.

No matter how much he drank, he was never able to lower his guard that much. He was practiced at pushing back his thoughts about men. It had to have something to do with his break up with Juliet. She had kept asking him why he didn’t open up to her and he was on the verge of telling her before she suddenly gave up on him and called it quits. She had brought his feelings for men to the surface and now he couldn’t rebury them.

Taylor threw back the last of his second drink while waving the bartender down for a third. His plan was to nurse that one maintaining his preferred level of escape. The night would have remained perfectly reasonable and his life would have continued unchanged if a man didn’t just then enter the bar ruthlessly stealing his attention.

Taylor hadn’t even been looking in his direction. He had turned towards him because of that chill you get on your neck when someone’s staring at you. The man’s eyes were locked on Taylor and the insides of Taylor’s chest tingled when their eyes met.

The man was beautiful. Built like a rock star, he moved like a cat. His hair fell to two inches above his neck and he oozed sex.

Unlike the well-manicured men around him, this man looked a little dirty. His three-day stubble was a little overgrown. The wrinkled white shirt under his jacket was unbuttoned to the bottom of his sternum. And if Taylor wasn’t mistaken, he swayed like he was already buzzed. There was nothing about him that was good. But why then did Taylor have such a hard time looking away?

It was the alcohol, Taylor decided. It was stripping away his inhibitions. The image of the man heading towards him terrified Taylor while at the same time tightening the crouch of his pants. His heart was racing and he could hear his heart pounding in his ears.

‘I’m drunk,’ he thought finally redirecting his gaze.

Taylor stared down as his almost empty third glass racked with emotions. He desperately wanted the man to come over and talk to him, but if he did, what would Taylor do? This wasn’t a gay bar and Taylor wasn’t gay. How does a guy talk to another guy when you find them breathtakingly hot and you’ve always been straight?

Sure, that man made it very clear that he was interested in Taylor. Sure, that man was practically the man of Taylor’s dreams. But Taylor knew that no matter how much he drank, he would never be able to let down his guard enough to do what he had so often fantasized. At least that was what he was thinking.

Taylor’s thoughts were interrupted when someone squeezed beside him at the bar engulfing him with their scent. Taylor didn’t have to look up to know who it was. The sexy musk smelled like the gorgeous man looked.

“Bartender, two gin and tonics,” the man said in a tone that hinted of a smile. “What are you drinking?” he added turning to Taylor.

Taylor looked up from his drink into the gorgeous man’s eyes. The sight made his body quiver and cock tense. Taylor fought to speak.

“Blood orange margarita,” he said as his third drink slowed his speech.

“Give me one of those too,” the man said pointing back at Taylor.

What had just happened, Taylor thought? Had a man just bought him a drink? Had the sexiest man he had ever seen just bought him a drink?

“Which one’s your mask?” the man asked Taylor.

“Excuse me?” Taylor replied confused.

The man pointed to the Mexican wrestler masks lining the walls. “You seem like a man who likes to wrestle so I figured one of them was yours.”

“I seem like I like to wrestle?” he replied taken aback by the innuendo.

“Yeah. Am I wrong?”

Taylor felt the heat pulse from his face. The man who smelt like sex was flirting with him. Never being in this position before, Taylor didn’t know how to flirt back.

“I’ve never wrestled before,” Taylor admitted as his heart thumped.

“You look like you’d be good at it.”

Taylor couldn’t believe what was happening. His cock was hard and he was flirting with a guy. This was uncharted territory. What was he supposed to do next?

The bartender handed Taylor his fourth drink as the man collected his two.

“Bane,” he said.


“That’s my name.”

“Oh. Taylor.”

“Well Taylor, you should join me and my friends.”

Taylor hadn’t seen anyone with him when he entered the bar, but then again, he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of Bane.

“You following me?” he asked withdrawing from the bar.

This was it. Never in his life had he come so close to showing his feelings for another man.

Getting up, he felt his jeans resist his bulging cock. The sensation was fantastic. In that moment he felt freer than he had in all of his thirty-two years.

Clutching his drink he fell into Bane’s wake and the two crossed the room. When they stopped they were in front of a standing table. Bane took an open spot on the other side of a busty brunette. Bane handing her the drink, Taylor realized that they were together. Taylor’s heart immediately broke.

“This is Taylor,” Bane said to the two guys across the table. Pointing at each, “Lance, Felix and this is Sam,” he concluded touching the woman on the back.

Sam turned to Taylor offering him her hand. “Nice to meet you, Taylor.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Sam was still staring at Taylor when Bane leaned across the table. “She likes you,” Bane teased. “Right now she’s picturing you naked.”

Sam turned to Bane and blushed as she swatted his arm. “Stop it!”

“She’s beautiful, right?” Bane asked Taylor.

Sam turned putting Taylor on the spot. “Yeah,” Taylor said unconvincingly.

It wasn’t that Taylor didn’t find Sam attractive. She was undeniably a beautiful woman. He had just thought that the night was going in a different direction.

“I thought you two would like each other,” Bane said taking a gulp of his drink. “Baby, Taylor’s a wrestler.”

Sam spun around facing Taylor. “Really? That’s so hot! Where do you wrestle?”

“Mostly professionally,” Taylor said quickly readjusting to what was going on.

“You’re a professional wrestler?” Sam squeaked.

Taylor looked over at Bane who almost spit out his drink in delight. “Yeah, I specialize in high-flying. You know, jumping off stuff. Aerial tricks.”

“Seriously? That’s so hot!” Sam gushed.

Bane kissed Sam on the cheek before stepping around her. “Baby, I’m going to the bathroom. You two talk.”

Taylor saw Bane’s kiss and was again confused. It really looked like the two of them were together. Taylor had begun to believe that Bane was setting him up with Sam, but that wasn’t what was happening at all.

“So you’re a professional wrestler? Are you on TV?” Sam continued.

Taylor looked at Sam disappointed wondering whether or not he should leave. He was more than a little buzzed and on the verge of doing something he knew he would regret.

“I’m not really a wrestler,” Taylor admitted.

“Oh,” she said disappointedly. “That’s too bad. I like wrestlers.”

As the silence grew Taylor made a move to leave.

“Bane’s hot, right?” Sam said drawing him back in.

Taylor’s eyes immediately whipped up towards Sam and then the other two guys at the table. Lance and Felix were engaged with the group of girls behind them. Relaxing as he realized no one was listening, he turned back to Sam.

“Don’t you think he’s hot?” Sam asked him again.

“Yeah, he’s hot,” Taylor said feeling his cock becoming hard again. He took a sip of his drink when he realized it.

Sam pushed her body onto Taylor’s. “Do you think I’m hot?”

“You’re definitely hot,” Taylor conceded.

“Then why don’t you kiss me?”

Sam lifted her chin presenting her lips. Taylor didn’t know what was going on, and his mind wasn’t clear enough to figure it out. So instead of thinking about it, he just leaned down and kissed her.

Her lips pressed against his and it felt good. He became intensely aroused. Kissing Juliet had never been like this. He opened his mouth allowing their tongues to twirl with one another’s. Sinking deeper into the sea of sensations, Taylor was about lost.

“Hey babe, let’s go,” Bane said jolting Taylor out of his trance.

Taylor opened his eyes and quickly pulled away. He looked at Bane wondering how much he had seen. Bane’s eyes refused to look at him.

“I wanna finish my drink,” Sam protested.

“Knock it back and let’s go.”

Taylor retreated thinking Bane was angry. Stepping aside he watched Sam finish her gin and tonic then be pulled away by Bane. Sam was just about past Taylor when she said, “Finish your drink, we’re going.”

Startled, Taylor wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Come on, finish it. Let’s go,” Sam insisted.

Feeling Sam grab his hand, Taylor mindlessly lifted the glass and gulped the remainder of his drink. Dragged towards the door Taylor asked where they were going.

“Does it matter?” Sam replied playfully.

“I haven’t paid my tab,” Taylor remembered through the mounting haze.

“Does it matter?” Sam said with a giggle.

Taylor’s heart raced thinking about what they were about to do. He had never run out on a bill before. This was crazy. What was he doing? Taylor thought about slipping from her grasp but when the thought reached his hand they were already outside.

Taylor looked back at the bouncer. He was big and as soon as he found out what they had done, he would be after them.

“Come on,” Sam insisted as she ushered Taylor towards a red sports car parked in front.

Taylor walked over dazed and when he was close enough, Bane popped open the driver side door and dove in.

‘Holy shit, he’s stealing a Ferrari,’ Taylor thought.

“Get in! Hurry!” Sam insisted.

Taylor didn’t know what to do so he obeyed. Bane opened the door from the inside and Sam pushed him in. Sitting on his lap, she closed the door behind them and Bane skid off.

Bane looked in the rearview mirror. “He just saw us. He’s freaking the fuck out.”

Taylor looked back to see the valet chasing the car down Third Street. Bane and Sam were laughing while his heart was pounding out of his chest.

“Did you just steal this car?” Taylor yelled.

“Does it matter?” Sam asked with a drunken chuckle.

“Yes, it matters! This is a fucking hundred thousand dollar car. It’s like grand larceny or something. We could go to jail for a long time.”

“Yeah, but don’t you feel hot?” Sam asked taking the back of his head in her palm.

Taylor’s mind spun looking into her eyes. He was terrified but he also felt alive. His heart thundered feeling her body heat engulf him. All he could do in response was grab the side of her face, pull her to him and kiss her hard.

The two scratched at each other like ravenous animals. Maneuvering the tiny space Sam straddled him desperately trying to feel his hardened cock. Taylor thrust up but couldn’t reach. Instead, he scooped her breast from her dress and kissed her harder.

Taylor was feeling ready to explode when the car’s high-pitched roar muzzled to a stop. Taylor wanted to keep on going, but Sam pulled away, pushed open the door and crawled out. Straightening her dress she waited for Bane to circle around and take her hand.

Once Taylor was out, he again wondered if he was supposed to follow. This time it didn’t take him long to figure it out. Shifting his massive erection so that it only displayed its long imprint, he stumbled forward.

Barely able to focus on anything but what was directly in front of him, Taylor decided that they were in a hotel lobby. Maybe it was the SLS or Beverly Hills Hotel. Where ever it was, it was nice. Maybe the Ferrari wasn’t stolen after all, he considered.

Still keenly focused on Bane and Sam, Taylor followed them into an elevator. There was an elderly couple already there. With Bane and Sam in front of the doors and Taylor behind the elderly couple in the back, Taylor watched as Bane slipped his hand under Sam’s short skirt. Caressing her round naked ass, the older couple huffed in disapproval.

Suddenly struck the wrong way by their haughty attitude, Taylor wondered who they thought they were. Who were they to say anything about what Bane was doing?

Filled with drunken confidence Taylor pushed forward and grabbed Sam’s other ass cheek and then leaned in for a kiss. It was as their lips touched that the bell rung and Bane dragged them out. As the elevator closed behind them, Taylor looked back at the haughty couple and laughed. He still wasn’t sure what was going on, but whatever it was, he was having a blast.

Standing in front of a room door, Sam grabbed the side of Taylor’s neck and pulled his ear to her lips. She nibbled on his lobe and then whispered, “undress.” Taylor pulled away and looked into her eyes.

“Out here?” Taylor questioned.

“Uh huh,” Sam confirmed.

“Why out here?” Taylor challenged.

“Does it matter?” Sam asked with a devilish grin.

Taylor thought for a moment. Did it matter? For the very first time in his life, he felt free. He didn’t feel like he had to hide anything. So what if some stranger saw him naked in a hallway. What did he have to hide?

Taylor pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. With his cock throbbing excitedly to get out, he saw that Bane was watching. He wanted desperately to drop his boxer briefs and climb on top of him, but as drunk as he was, he still restrained himself. Instead, he pulled his shorts down past his hips and slid them to the floor.

Taylor was now naked. At any moment someone could walk off of the elevator or leave their room. He was exposed to the world and he liked it. Bane liked it too. Slowly touching his key card onto the door, Bane led the way into the luxury suite.

“Leave your clothes outside,” he ordered with Taylor too happy to oblige.

Wide paneled hardwood floors, gold lamps, expensive looking art, this was no ordinary room. Who was Bane? What had Taylor gotten himself into?

Taylor stopped and looked at a painting when something about it caught his eye.

“It’s a Monet,” Bane explained.

“Shit!” Taylor claimed understanding what he was seeing. His eyes followed to a second and a third.

“That’s a Picasso, and a Basquiat,” Bane continued. “And I would hang you right there,” he said pointing to blank space on the wall. Taylor looked at him quizzically. “You, you’re a fuckin’ work of art, man.”

“Will you undress me?” Sam asked seductively from within bedroom.

Taylor looked up and saw her. She had her heels in her hand waiting for him. His cock twitched staring. And walking to her he imagined for the first time what it would be like to fuck a woman while another man watched. The thought sent his heart racing and he couldn’t wait to dive in.

Sam turned as Taylor approached. Lowering the dress’ zipper, Taylor slipped his hand against her skin and pried the cloth off of her. There was nothing underneath. When the dress fell, she became completely nude. She bent over presenting her flawless ass. Taylor’s cock flinched and stiffened without release.

Tightening her hips between his hands he slowly moved his body towards her. When the tip of his head met the wet flesh of her opening she quickly stood up.

“Not yet,” she teased before slinking to the bed.

Sam, in all of her naked glory, crossed the mattress like a cat. Close to the edge with her head at the pillow, she lied down and rolled onto her back. Lifting her knees she grabbed her pussy. Rubbing it with both hands, she moaned.

Taylor could barely contain himself. Looking down for just a moment, Taylor saw the wetness drip off of the tip of his cock. He rubbed it releasing a wave of pleasure.

“Now,” she said calling to him.

Taylor rushed over with one thing in mind. Crawling across the bed he grabbed the back of her leg with one hand and guided his cock with the other. When he pushed into her soft flesh, Sam’s chest heaved. She was way too wet to be tight. Her body consumed his and Sam thrashed her head from side to side with desire.

Sliding deeper Taylor relaxed onto the back of her thighs. Grasping her overflowing breast, he kept thrusting forward until his full length was in her and her head swung back in disbelief. Taylor was larger than most and he knew it. He knew just how to move to drive women wild.

Enjoying the gentle pulse of her warm insides he waited for Sam to relax. As her head lowered he slowly pulled back watching her eyes as he did. She flinched staring at him before her gaze shifted. She was looking at something behind him. Taylor wondering what it was but it didn’t take long for him to find out.

The light touch of a fingertip started at his ass and traced down the muscular valley of his back. Taylor didn’t have to guess who this was. He could smell him. It was the unmistakable musk of sex and it was getting closer with every moment.

Taylor froze unable to believe what was happening. His naked body was being touched by a man. It felt so good. He wanted to moan with pleasure but he couldn’t speak.

Still frozen on top of Sam, the bed shook as Bane crawled behind him. He could have cum from Bane’s touch alone but he fought it back. He couldn’t stop the thing he had dreamed about for so long.

Bane’s palm squeezed between Taylor’s taught ass cheeks and Taylor’s breath hitched. It felt so good to be rubbed there. He could have melted in Bane’s hands and when his fingers slowly probed his asshole, he had to fight himself again from exploding.

“Wait,” Taylor begged trying to delay his orgasm.

Bane relented but only for a second. In no time Taylor felt the head of Bane’s cock perched on his opening. It was about to happen. He was about to be fucked.

When Taylor’s hole began to open it felt like it would never stop. Bane’s cock felt huge. Taylor’s mouth dropped open as he struggled to take it all. It was unlike anything he had imagined. It was better. The sensation made Taylor’s mind dance. And when Bane’s head popped into him and the pain subsided, Taylor experienced ecstasy.

“Are you ready?” Bane groaned as he positioned himself ready to remove Taylor’s virginity.

“Yes,” Taylor squeaked not sure if he was.

“Nice,” Bane said before gripping his waist and inserting himself all of the way in.

Taylor’s body went limb. Collapsing onto Sam, she took the opportunity to kiss him. She was as aroused by this as Taylor was.

As Bane fucked him, Taylor’s legs shook. Bane’s thrusts were powerful. He was manly and forceful. His groin slapped Taylor’s ass and the echo bounced off of the walls.

The sensations, the emotions, they were all almost too much for Taylor. He felt vulnerable yet secure. For the first time, he felt like he could let go and fully be himself. As he thought it, a quiver shot up the inside of his legs and tickled his balls. It was then that he finally couldn’t stop it and exploded in orgasm.

“Ahhh!” he bellowed reaching back to stop Bane’s dominating thrusts.

Bane didn’t stop right away but eventually he did. After, it took a moment to unfold their mass of bodies. It turned out that Taylor was the only one removed from the sandwich. Without Taylor between them, Bane inserted himself into Sam.

Bane was merciless as she yelped. Sam came quickly and he kept going. Sam came a second then third time. When Bane was done, Sam was nothing but a mass of flesh lying helplessly on the bed.

That was when Bane turned his attention back towards Taylor. Taylor didn’t think that he was ready but this was the first time that Taylor was looking up in bed at a naked man climbing on top of him. It sent his cock into a frenzy. Bane grabbed the back of his legs the way Taylor had once grabbed Sam’s. Manhandled by the most gorgeous man he had ever met, Taylor lost himself in Bane’s mesmerizing eyes.

Taylor watched as Bane clutched the back of each of Taylor’s knees. Bane was indeed huge. Taylor could barely believe that all of that had been inside of him. He could hardly believe that all of it was going back in.

Again with the tip of his cock on the opening of his asshole, Bane waited. Staring into Taylor’s eyes he eased his way in until his head slid in with a pop. Taylor flinched but past it, he relaxed and enjoyed the view as he watched what he had fantasized about his whole adult life.

Bane threw his groin against Taylor’s ass fucking him harder and harder. Taylor needed to touch him so he reached up and grabbed his neck. Bane leaned down and kissed him. It was the first time he had ever kissed a man. It was almost enough to make him cum again.

It was Bane who showed signs of cumming first this time. It was as Taylor kissed him. He seemed like he could have fucked forever but it was Taylor’s arm latched around his neck and Taylor’s tongue in his mouth that sent Bane over the edge.

“Yeah, yeah!!!” Bane screamed never leaving Taylor’s mouth. Taylor felt the huge cock twitch powerfully within him. He released himself again sending him into an even more furious orgasm.

The two stopped kissing when Bane finally collapsed onto Taylor. Taylor’s world was spinning. He didn’t know which way was up. When he had stepped into the bar hours earlier he never imagined anything like this could happen. Now here he was breathing in the intoxicating scent of the most gorgeous guy alive.

He didn’t want to ever let go of this moment. He wanted to hold onto it forever, but when he felt Sam’s warm soft breasts cuddle onto his arm and Bane’s massive cock shrink out of him, his legs flattened onto the bed and Taylor fell asleep.



Chapter 2


Taylor awoke with a jolt.

‘Where am I?’ he thought. ‘What have I done?’

Taylor looked around and on either side of him were the two people who had fulfilled his greatest fantasy. Both were naked and both scared him as much as they aroused him.

Of the two he couldn’t stop looking at Bane. This was the first man he had ever been with. Hell, it was the first man he had even kissed. Just looking at him was giving him an erection.

‘Oh crap, what day is it? Tuesday,’ he suddenly remembered. ‘I have to get to work.’

Taylor scanned the room for his clothes. He didn’t find them. Crawling out of bed he searched harder.

“Hey you,” Bane’s said in a gravelly morning voice.

Fear washed through Taylor. He was hoping to get out of there without having to acknowledge that any of it was real. It had felt good and at the time he had wanted it, but now he felt guilt and shame for having done it and he just wanted to run and hide.

‘Outside!’ he suddenly remembered. ‘I took my clothes off in the hallway.’

Without responding to Bane, Taylor hurried to the front door. The room swayed as he moved. He was still drunk. He grabbed onto the knob and pulled the door open. Peeking out, his clothes weren’t there.

Hiding his erection within the doorway he scoured the passageway. It was empty. When the elevator door dinged about to open, he quickly withdrew locking himself within.

Rushing back to the bedroom he confronted Bane. “I can’t find my clothes. I think someone stole them.”

Bane smiled. “You think someone stole your clothes here?”

“What do you mean? Where am I?”

“You’re at the Chateau Marmont. Relax, man.”

Taylor knew about the Chateau Marmont. It was partly a hotel and partly a medium term rental space for the rich and famous. It was just off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood and he had driven by it many times, almost everyone in Los Angeles had. He had always wondered what it looked like on the inside and now here he was.

Taylor looked around the room with fresh eyes. It was luxurious with thick, lime green drapes hanging everywhere. Finding the window he moved the curtain aside and admired the view. He could see all of the city below him. He was on the top floor of one of the most exclusive hotels in Los Angeles. He was flabbergasted.

Taylor turned to look at Bane again wondering who he was. He didn’t recognize him from movies or TV. So either he was a technology investor or the son of someone rich.

“You’re still drunk,” Bane stated.

“How do you know?” Taylor replied deciding not to hide it.

“Because you look very drunk,” Bane said with a laugh. “Come back to bed.”

“I have to get to work.”

“What, you’re gonna go to work drunk? You don’t have to go to work.”

Taylor stared at Bane. Bane was fully erect and showed it off unapologetically.

Waves of panic and arousal washed through Taylor. There was a part of him that wanted to pretend like none of this ever happened. He was straight, after all. There was another part, however, that wanted to curl up into Bane’s arms and let him do whatever he wanted to do to him.

“What happened to my clothes?” Taylor asked sheepishly.

“Housekeeping. They should have it back by nine.”

“I have to be work at nine.”

“Or, you could just get back into bed and stay here.”

Bane spread out his arms beckoning Taylor to him. The gesture was almost too much for Taylor. Confronting what he had done was overwhelming him. Since he was thirteen years old he had been pretending that his attraction towards men didn’t exist and the avalanche of reality was making it hard for him catch his breath.

“Come, here,” Bane demanded in a calm, stern voice.

Taylor walked to the edge of the bed mindlessly.

“Now, get in here.”

Taylor did what he was told and retook his position between the two. Settling, Bane cradled him in his arms. His compelling musk was even more powerful. It relaxed Taylor. So when Bane rubbed his hard cock against Taylor’s leg, Taylor didn’t resist.

“Look at me,” Bane commanded.

Taylor looked up as he was told. Bane gave him a light kiss on the lips and then looked him in the eyes. Taylor was so caught off guard by Bane’s gesture that he let him do it again.