Chapter 1

(The Sheikh)


Do you know what I love about Los Angeles? It’s weekday evenings after the sun has set and the entire town is lit up like a light parade. It’s then that I flip what’s-her-name over, fold her like a contortionist and fuck her while admiring the view. From a house in the Hollywood Hills that overlook the city, you can see a lot.

What? Did you just say that you don’t know what that’s like? Of course you don’t. That’s because I was born to have this. Yeah, sure, you might say that we can’t choose our parents, so I’m just lucky. But no. I’m like a cat. You can hold me upside down and drop me from the stairwell, and I will always land on my feet.

How do I know that? You may ask. Because I was born into incredible wealth like every Sheikh is, I partied like a rock star like ever good Sheikh does. And then after some wacked out Japanese royal turned me into a werewolf and I got banished, I still ended up in Los Angeles tapping the asses of the most beautiful Brittney’s in town.

Then when I made the epically stupid decision to lower my standards and fool myself into believing that I had feelings for a girl with more girth than beauty, I still landed on my feet. That’s even after I escaped my luxury prison by killing all of my bodyguards. That’s even after I showed my face and naked cock to drivers-by carrying that wide load’s wolf body into the woods protecting her until she recovered. And that is even after that ingrate freaked out and took off because I turned her into a monster or something.

Hey, I could have given up. I could have wallowed in thoughts of ‘oh, I loved her and I can’t live life without her. Oh, how could she leave me when I just gave up everything for her?’ But I didn’t. You know what I did? I hopped the fence of someone’s house, knocked on their back sliding glass door and then charmingly asked them for some clothes.

I made up a lie about how I was mugged. And not only did they give me something to wear, but they gave me a couple hundred dollars to help me get back home.

Do you know how that happened? Because I’m like a cat, a magical cat that always lands on his feet into a luxurious life.

Even this woman, Miss What’s-her-name. I was at a bar needing a drink and a conquest… did I mention that I have an affliction… and this woman bought me a drink. Sure, she was a little older than anyone I have ever fucked in my life, and her body bulged out in places that bodies shouldn’t, but god damn if she didn’t drive a Porsche.

And I know what you’re thinking right now. How could I stand to even get naked with someone so flawed? Well, let me tell you a secret. And if you tell anyone else, I will deny it. But that last girl I was with, Jenny, not only did she have junk in the trunk, but she was a hoarder. The trunk, the hood, spilling out of the car window, so Miss What’s-her-names’ wide hips and cankle’s? Please, she practically a supermodel compared to my last mistake.

Ok, “practically a supermodel” still isn’t a supermodel. But what Miss What’s-her-name is is a recently fired executive at some movie studio. At least that’s what I think she said. Too be honest, I stopped listening after she asked “are you an actor?” Seriously, is that how she picked up men? Is that how the peasants do it? I guess you use what you got.

And now, here I am. Because once I got to her glass-walled mansion in the hills, I didn’t feel like leaving. Where was I to go, after all? I didn’t have access to my money and my old life. I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t return to my luxury apartment without being unfairly blamed for my bodyguards’ deaths. Sure my wolf might have torn them to shreds, but it only happened because I was being chivalrous. They were going to kill Jenny. I killed them to save her life.

You know, as I say that, I realize just how much of a bad ass hero I am. Fuck Jenny! She doesn’t even deserve me. I’m like… I don’t know… who is the most heroic guy you can think of? I’m like that guy only good looking… and really hung. That’s important to know. I’m really hung. I’m basically the perfect guy.

I do, however, have that little werewolf problem. At least once a month I turn into a monstrous dick with a mind of its own. But where I’m from, that’s called being a man. Heh, heh, heh, heh. But seriously, I turn into a big wolf. The human part of me gets locked behind the wolf’s eyes and I just go along for the ride.

That was also what I turned Jenny into. Did I mention that her turning wasn’t my fault? Yeah, that’s probably important. Completely not my fault. And instead of letting my men make her “disappear,” I gave her a job and a potential future with me.

Such an ingrate, that one. I get irritated just thinking about her. I hope the next time she shifts, she takes out everyone she loves…

Oh, hmm… No, don’t worry, I heard it too. That was pretty dark. Maybe I don’t wish that. But what’s that state when you want something to happen to someone, but you don’t want it to happen to them? Is it kinda-wish? It is, isn’t it?

Then I really kinda-wish Jenny turns into a wolf and takes out everyone she knows. And I really kinda-wish that after that, she catches some sort of silver bullet to the heart and explodes into a million pieces. Then after that, I kinda-wish that she is slowly ingested by maggots and those maggots catch on fire and are slowly burned to death.

Luckily I’m not bitter. I just gave up my entire life for her. I just opened my heart and let someone in for the very first time ever, only to have her kick me in the teeth for doing so. No, I’m not bitter. I’m being kept by a wealthy woman like a life-sized, fuckable Ken doll. What do I have to be bitter about? I land on my feet. I’m like a cat… that at least once a month turns into a giant wolf… which can act like a dick. Ya know, the minute you become a werewolf the best analogies fly out the window.

But I digress. Let me instead catch you up with what I’ve really been doing, which is mainly Miss What’s-her-name. Here is how our evening began:

At about 6pm I returned to the house where she told me that we had a 7:30 dinner reservation. Entering the bedroom I found a tuxedo laid out on the bed. I took a shower alone and then put on the tux. It fit like a glove and I looked fantastic in it.

At 7 o’clock she exited her bedroom wearing a black dress that sparkled. She looked as good as she could look. I complimented her, because I am a gentleman and then I grabbed the keys to the Porsche because I was tired of driving the Land Rover.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated immediately. A couple of celebrities came over for a quick hello while I gave her my look. It was a look that said, you can feel as powerful as you want now, but in a few hours you’re going to be begging me for my hungry cock.

When dessert arrived I looked at her disapprovingly. I moved the chocolate mousse in front of me and ate it slowly as she watched. And after I finished the last of it, I leaned across the table and told her that she would be punished for staring at me with such insolence.  She got into it. She really got into it.

I thought I was sexual freak because I needed trim every day. I was so naïve. Miss What’s-her-name, now there was a woman who the word sexual freak was coined.

I got up before the bill came and requested my car from the valet. The car came before she did, so I sat in the car revving it impatiently. She stride out daring to look embarrassed so I gave her the cold shoulder on the way home. This was all foreplay and we both knew it. This wasn’t the first time that we had danced this dance. So when we arrived home and I left the Porsche uttering only one word, “prepare,” I may as well have already given her 20 minutes of oral sex.

I took off my bowtie and headed to my room. She knew how long she had. She had precisely eight minutes. And after casually staring out the window at the breathtaking view, I left my room and entered hers.

She was quick, I’ll give her that much. Because like each night, I found four things on her bed when I entered her room; her wearing lingerie, silk scarves of the tying up variety; her punishment device of choice, tonight it was a crop, and a collar around her neck.

Apparently Miss What’s-her-name was a Star Wars fan. When she brought it up I pretended to not know the movie, but I did. She didn’t need to know about my sci-fi laden pre-sexy-sheikh years. But I would recognize a Princess Leia fantasy anywhere.

I guess it would make sense, I’m a Sheikh. Sheikh’s have harems. Jabba the Hut had a harem. Who better to fulfill that fantasy on a nightly basis? Can we say stereotyping? Luckily I’m able to look past insults like that. So when I attached her collar to a dog’s run line and whispered “obey me” into her ear, I didn’t feel degraded by it all.

“Turn around,” I ordered.

Eyeing her with a cold stare, she seemed to melt. She presented her ass to me and I picked up the crop as if the whole thing was beneath me. I have to admit though, my cock got hard.

With the leather in my hand, let me tell you, I was merciless. She wailed under the lash of my crop. I was never one to abuse my servants in anyway. But if I had known how much it turned me on, King Joffrey would have nothing on me.

King Joffrey is a Game of Thrones reference in case you missed it. Hey, I have been hiding out in this house for three weeks with nothing but a ninety inch TV and cable. What did you think I did with my time? Plotted how I would win Jenny back? Please.

After spanking her pale ass red, I held her barely covered flesh in my hand. I could feel the heat pulsating from it. The feeling drove me wild. I had done that. And I could do anything I wanted to do to her. I could wolf out and take her in wolf form. Oh, how hot does that sound? I could set up a video camera and fuck her live for anyone on the web to see. Yeah, she was a sexual freak. And by the time I clutched the bulging flesh between her legs, the thin cloth dividing her lips was drenched.

Pushing the cloth aside, my finger made contact with her bulbous flesh. Her pussy was starving. It suckled my finger. It’s clenching was trying to suck it in, but I wouldn’t let it. I didn’t want to prepare her. I wanted her as tight as possible for my thick cock. I told her I would punish her. And when my tool pushed inside of her without warning and she bellowed, there wasn’t a more satisfying feeling.

Grabbing her hip as I pushed her torso down in front of me, I closed my eyes feeling the warmth of her pussy around me. She moaned with pleasure. And dipping my groin, I took aim and listened for the echoing slaps of my thighs against hers. She loved it. And as I reached down and took hold of her hair, I rode her like an unbridled whore.

Her groans were short bursts with her head tilted back. I wanted to hear more. I wanted to hear her vulnerable yelps of pleasure dance in the air like a water droplet on a hot pan. So yanking my cock out without mercy, I flipped her over and reached for the scarves.

Without a word, I grabbed her wrists and dragged her up the bed. Tying each wrist to a bed post, I looked at her spread out before me. What type of sick fuck would want this done to them? What a freak. But since she was tied and collared to the bed like this, it would be impolite to not fuck her until she begged for mercy, right? Fucking her senseless would be the polite thing to do, right? Let it never be said that I wasn’t a gentleman.

Stripping her of her panties I stared down at her. She writhed and moaned uncontrollably. She wanted me so badly. And the power I had over her at that moment was palpable. It was like a warm mist that circled and penetrated us. So when I lifted her hips in the air allowing her to hang from her binds and then pulled her wanting pussy to my cock, she was helpless. My will was her command. I controlled her body completely.

It was then that I remembered Jenny; round, harpy Jenny. I looked down and saw Jenny’s hips in my hands. It was a miracle. How could that be? Was it just in my mind? It didn’t matter. I had her now. Whatever she had done before, she was back. And feeling my cock penetrate her like it once did, I closed my eyes and remembered.

Thrusting back and forth, I fucked her harder. I would never let her go again. She would never escape me and I would make sure that she never wanted to.

I plowed her relentlessly until I heard the sound of breaking bones. What was happening? Was it Jenny’s? I wasn’t sure. Wait, no. It was my own. The pain of it shot up my body like the backdraft of an inferno. The pain was consuming me.

I kept fucking her as hard as I could, but it was getting difficult to hold on. I was losing myself. The wolf, he was coming. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t tell where I left off and the monster began, but I was disappearing fast.

The prickly heat of fur piercing my skin; the snapping of my jaw and skull. He wanted out. And finally when all I could do was stare at the tied and collared woman below me through his eyes, I gave into the beast and let it do what it does.

I could blame myself for this, but I think we both know who was responsible; Jenny. And the blood that the wolf spilled from this point forward was on only one person’s hands. My only regret was that Jenny didn’t know it. How much pain could one person cause?

She was probably laughing at what she had done to me. Or did she even think about me at all. As Miss What’s-her-name screamed in terror below me, I wondered if Jenny knew how much she had broken my heart.

Well, if I couldn’t have Jenny’s heart, at least my wolf could have Miss What’s-her-names’ heart as consolation. And knowing the wolf, it would have her heart for dinner.



Chapter 2



You want to hear something completely fucked up? And excuse my language, but I need to communicate the epic fucked-up-ness of it all. I was a virgin until I was 21. That’s not the fucked up part, excuse my language. That’s just the ‘Whaaa’ part.

I was having a hard time paying for my junior year at UCLA and wasn’t sure if I could afford my senior year. So I took a job working for the world’s most obnoxious Sheikh… Actually, I don’t know. Maybe he is the world’s least obnoxious Sheikh. I don’t know a lot of Sheikhs. But that’s not the point. The point is that I was working for him.

I took the job after I went with my roommate to one of his parties and he fucked her. Again, excuse my language, but I’m a little pissed right now.

He pays my roommate for sex and then decides that he wants to fuck me, I guess, so he hires me be his social secretary. And let me tell you that I was amazing at that job. I mean I rocked that job like ‘Juicy’ sweatpants in the summer. I was all over it like a donut on a roll. Like a donut on a roll? Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. It just sounded good, ‘like a donut on a roll’. I like that. I’m going to use that again.

Anyway, I was working that job because I was being paid $1500 a week and I was quickly paying for college. But then one day the Sheikh was all like, “clear my schedule, I wanna have lunch with you.” That fucking bastard, excuse my French.

I work for him so I have to. And he’s all like, “I wanna have dinner with you. I wanna spend time with you.” I’m all like, I thought you said you don’t like big girls. He’s like, “no but you’re different. Come up stairs with me. Let me make love to you.” And like a stupid bitch I do it.

And I’m not saying he wasn’t good. Of course, I don’t have anyone to compare it to, but my roommate does and she said that he was fantastic. I could see that. I mean, I had an orgasm and all that.

But then I had to go thinking that he wasn’t an asshole. Such a stupid bitch. Some hot guy shows me a little bit of attention and I’m flinging my legs open givin’ up the goods. Such a stupid bitch!

Ok, so the next morning I wake up and he’s gone, right. I’m like, ‘oh, I have to find him because I looove him.’ And then I find his scum ass in the kitchen and he’s all like “thanks for the fuck, babe. I was just wondering how fat girls were. Here’s some money, you whore.”

That’s fucked up, right? Well I’m not even done. I take the money because, shit, I got bills to pay. And like a dumb ass I continue working for him. I even arrange for his whore party that night. And what does that fucked up piece of shit do? He chooses to fuck a girl that looks exactly like me, right in front of me. Fucked up, right? But I’m not done yet.

This time he must have drugged the drinks, that piece of shit. Because the next thing I know, I feeling dizzy and I have the craziest dreams ever. I mean, ever. I dreamt that I turned into some sort of animal and I’m hit by a car. And nine hours later I wake up naked in the woods of Bel Air with him standing naked over me.

He talking some crazy ass shit about how he didn’t drug me, and that I had turned into something that I won’t even dignify by repeating now. And that he would take care of me or some shit like that. Well, fuck you and the horse you came in on because this donut has gotta roll. Peace!

Do you know how much worse the walk of shame is when you’re wearing a big blue tarp? Do you know how humiliating that is? And do you think that’s the end of it? Because it’s not.

Remember that money he promised me for being his first normal looking woman? You know, the money I needed to pay for school? Well, he didn’t send it to me. He didn’t pay me shit.

I haven’t received a pay check from him since I told him to fuck himself for drugging me and dumping me in the woods. I should go to the police and report his ass. Or, I should at least sue.

Men think that if a girl is bigger, she will put up with any old shit because she’s desperate or something. Well, fuck that. I am no one’s doormat anymore. This girl is taking charge of her life, baby. And no one’s going to stand in my way!


Damn that felt good! Ok, my rant is done. I just had to get that off of my chest. Oh and excuse the language. He just makes me so mad, you know. I actually thought that I loved him and then he treated me like that. The whole thing makes me so angry. I’ve just been so mad recently. But hey, you would be angry too if your boss drugged you and you woke up in the woods with him telling you that it was because you were a werewolf.

Oh yeah, that’s what he told me, by the way. He told me that he hadn’t drugged me. He said that I had turned into a wolf like him. I then said to him that he should prove it. He said that he would and then made a face like he was taking poop. But guess what, big surprise, nothing happened.

I’m just mad, you know. He really hurt me. I know I act like nothing bothers me, but it does. I liked him. And stupid me thought that he liked me back. He’s tall and gorgeous and worth like a billion dollars and I thought that he liked me back. I’m such an idiot.

Anyway, this idiot needs to pretend like none of this ever happened and has to start focusing on school. I just need my last pay check and bonus so that I can pay off the last of my junior year’s tuition. And it seems that the only way that I’m going to get it is by going down there and demanding it.

Believe me, seeing him again is the last thing that I want to do. But I have no choice. I need that money. And hell, I’m owed that money. I shouldn’t have to ask for it. He’s worth like a billion dollars. My salary has got to be pocket change to him.

There is only one thing that I’m wondering about. The reason that he told me that he needed a social secretary was because he was under some type of house arrest. Yet, he was naked and standing over me in the woods. What was going on there? Had he been lying to me the entire time? That’s got to be it, right? He’s just some bat-shit crazy eccentric that gets off on some wacked out role playing games, right?

He never did tell me why it was that he was supposedly under house arrest. Of course, until those last few days, we didn’t do much talking. And even when I subtly listened in on his lunch appointments, he didn’t reveal much.

I wonder what was up with that. He really did seem like he couldn’t leave. And why would he stay inside for so long if he didn’t have to.

And certainly he didn’t have any sort of germ phobia considering the amount of whores he slept with. OH CRAP! I just thought of something. One of the whores he slept with was me. Ewww! What the hell have I done?

I can’t think about that. Block it out, Jenny. Think of something else. This is why I don’t let myself think about any of this. I just bubble up into a fury and then I start thinking about him and my heart aches until finally I’m disgusted with myself. None of it’s worth it. I can’t go there mentally unless I’m willing to end up as a blubbering mess on the floor.

Well, I have no time for that right now. I need to focus on school. The deadline for registration is a week away, and I prefer to not wait until the last moment if I don’t have to. So I need to go over there and collect my check by force if I have to. And when I have it, I can put all of this behind me and never have to think about it again. Because… what did I say again?… cause this donut’s gotta roll. Is that what I said? Damn it, I’ve lost it. Well, you know what I mean.

I put on the black suit with the knee length dress that I had bought to tempt the Sheikh with before he had drugged me. Looking lawyer serious, I summoned a car with the app on my phone and headed to his condo. Sitting in the back seat, I practiced what I was going to say. No matter what he said I was going to keep things professional. I was only there to get my money, pure and simple. If he wanted to discuss things past that, fine. But it had to come after I got my check.

Arriving at his building, a lot of memories came rushing back. I kept thinking about my first day on the job. I had to hang out in the lobby for an hour waiting to go up because I thought that there was a chance the Sheikh would be up before 7am. Yeah, the only way he saw 7am is if he hadn’t gone to sleep the night before.

I also remembered all of the nights that I left his condo knowing that his Brittney, as he would refer to them, would get to spend the night with him. It would make me so jealous. Don’t judge me for saying that. That was before I realized how much of a creep he was. That’s when I thought he had redeeming qualities. But when you’re wrong…, right?

“I’m here to speak to Sheikh Zahir,” I told the man behind the front desk.

The dark-haired man with the chipmunk cheeks quickly looked up at me allowing his mouth to drop open. Why was he looking at me like that? He was looking at me like I had said something wrong. What’s up with that?

“One moment please,” he finally said gathering himself.

He quickly picked up the phone and mumbled into the receiver. “Someone will be right down for you,” he said almost nervous.

I looked at the man again, there was something about that moment that felt familiar. I was sure that I had seen him before, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. I came in every day for weeks. I was bound to have seen him in passing.

It wasn’t just that though. It was the nervous way that he looked at me with his mouth hanging open. It was that look that I found familiar. When would I have seen him looking nervously at me? Did I ever yell at him or something? No, that couldn’t be it. I wasn’t sure when but I knew that I had seen that look on his face before.

When the memory hit me, it almost knocked me off of my feet. I staggered back toward the lounge chairs trying to make sense of it all. Sitting, I allowed the images to play in my mind.

He was looking at me with that same look. He was terrified. At the time, I remembered thinking that he had a right to be. I was furious. I felt like I could have killed him, and I could have because I was a monster. Wait, but that doesn’t make sense. I wasn’t a monster, I was… a wolf!

“Oh my god!” I blurted out unable to stop myself.

My heart raced and my face flushed as memories rushed back. I was a wolf and as a wolf, I had walked from the elevator through the lobby while the people around me screamed.

Did that really happen? Was I going crazy? Wait, wasn’t this what the Sheikh had said?

With my body shaking, tears rolled down my cheeks. This couldn’t be true, yet I knew it was. How? I didn’t understand how.

It was then that I heard the ‘bing’ as the elevator doors slid open. Out stepped a Middle Eastern man. He was wearing the same black suit and shirt that all of the men that worked for him wore. It was the uniform worn by the men that were slaughtered in the Sheikh’s bedroom.

“Ahh!” I squeaked remembering it all.

I was a wolf. I remembered running upstairs wanting to kill the woman the Sheikh had taken to his bedroom. When I got into the bedroom, the Sheikh put himself between my wolf and the naked woman standing on the balcony.

It was then that his men entered the room. They tried to kill me and then… was it me? Did I jump across the room? They fell, each of them. I remember blood everywhere. Did I kill them? Oh my god, did I kill them? I think I did.

I should never have come back to this hotel. I have to get out. I have to get out of here.

I looked up again and the Sheikh’s man was approaching the front desk. I didn’t have much time. The front door was too far. I needed a quick escape. I looked right and saw a hallway. Moving as quickly as I could I hurried towards it.

My heart pounded in my ears. I could barely control myself. Looking over my shoulder I saw the man with the chipmunk cheeks pointing toward me. The Sheikh’s man saw me. I had to get out of there.

The hallway bent left and I scrambled through. There were no doors, no windows. I was trapped. Continuing, I took the bend right. Bathrooms! There were two doors at the end of the hall. I took the door on the left marked ladies and hid within.

Inside I looked for a lock on the door. There was none. So instead I headed for a stall. This was it, I had no way out. He would be in at any second and my life would be over.

Digging through my purse I found it. Dialing on my phone as quickly as I could, there was only one person I could think to call.

“I need your help. Please, save me,” I whispered into the phone knowing that it might already to be late.

The bathroom door rattled sending my heart into a flurry. I couldn’t hear anything over the sound of my breath. I couldn’t breathe. He had found me and I was about to die.



Chapter 3

(The Sheikh)