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A. A. Sheikh

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A. A. Sheikh

Do Arab girls grow up wanting to be Cinderella? Or does their Cinderella story have a twist?


Emma Cole didn’t know. She was an innocent, 22 year-old American and this was her first time in Dubai. The exotic land entranced her. The men, or more precisely, one man, took her breath away. She saw him on the day she arrived, and then her dreams and her coffee shop.


Sheikh Nadeem was gorgeous and mysterious with eyes that devoured her. His allure was hypnotic. And pinned between his body and the wall, she could do nothing to resist him.


“You will come with me tomorrow,” he demanded.


“No, I will not,” she replied, even as she planned what she would wear.


Italian sports cars, palaces, teasing, domination, being tied up, this was Nadeem’s world. Who was he? And what would this powerful man do to her?


Do Arab girls want to be Cinderella? Emma didn’t know about them, but she did. What she got, though, was Cinderella with a twist. And it was that erotic twist that would change her life forever.


'THE SHEIKH WANTED HER PREGNANT 1-3’ is the complete series and includes the #1 international bestsellers ‘The Sheikh Wanted Her Pregnant.’ The collection is for those who like sizzling breeding erotica and scorching Sheikh romance.


Emma willed herself not to glance back at him but it wasn’t easy. It was as if her whole body was being pulled towards his enigmatic presence and her eyes struggled to stay away from his.


It had been a week since she had come to Dubai looking for some peace and quiet. She had struggled to find time from her hectic life and was looking forward to the much needed break. The dark haired man, who she saw everywhere she went, was disturbing her peace of mind. She would have assumed that he was following her except he was always there before she arrived. After a few similar coincidences, Emma considered if she was unknowingly following him!


Emma, trying to shake the alluring man out of her mind, focused on her menu. Just as she began to relax, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Unable to resist, Emma whipped around. Staring back at her was the man. It was the first time their eyes had met since the first time she had seen him. It was at the airport when they both arrived. And although she had uncontrollably smiled at the golden skinned stranger, he had given her a look of indifference back. Emma had assumed that he had found her unappealing.


But here the two were again and this time his look wasn’t indifferent. It was one that said that he wanted her and that he was used to getting what he wanted.


Emma continued to peer back into the man’s eyes. They were mesmerizing like swirling melted chocolate and they shone with confidence and strength. Emma’s gaze broke from his eyes and examined his face. His nose was straight and strong and his jaw was square. Judging from his build, she guessed that he was in his mid-thirties, but she couldn’t be sure. However old he was, he was beautiful like the men they immortalized in marble. And staring at him her heart raced robbing her of her breath. 


Barely able to breathe, Emma stood up and as casually as she could, walked away from him toward the bar. Sure that she would hyperventilate, she continued past the tall stools to the bathroom. Entering, she couldn’t take her mind off the image of the man. He was tall with broad shoulders and the crisp white cotton shirt he wore contrasted beautifully with both his golden skin and casual blue jeans. With the door closed behind her, Emma headed immediately to the sink.


Staring at herself in the mirror, she examined the face of the person looking back. She could barely recognize herself. Her face glowed and shined. And as she remembered the dream she had had the previous night, her cheeks got even redder.


In the dream, a dark haired man like her stranger had broken into her room as she slept naked. Pretending to be asleep she observed as the man slid his thick finger down her neck to her chest, and lower to the apex of her thighs. Feeling his finger continue to the soft curls between her legs, she gasped wildly with burning desire.


The dream had felt so real that she could remember how much the trail of his touch burned for more. And when his fingers had slid into her slit, she was sure that she had actually felt her legs clamp shut. In the throes of passion, she was terrified that in his examination he would discover that she was still a virgin. She didn’t want him to think of her as a little girl. She wanted him to see her as a woman.


Prying her legs apart, her dream lover slid his finger out and pushed it back in. Emma moaned uncontrollable finally flinging her eyes open to find no one there. “You’re mine!” she had remembered hearing him say as she panted and her labial juices drained down her leg. Even as she clutched onto her throbbing pussy, she cried needing his powerful touch again.


Emma continued to stare into the mirror as she again clutched her pussy in excitement. Tightening her thighs she searched for ways to soothe her aching groin. No one had ever made her feel like this before. The feeling was unbearable and she would never have remained a virgin if this was what her lust had felt like. Against all rational thought, she needed him. And turning toward the bathroom door she decided that she would do what was necessary to have him.


As Emma threw the bathroom door open, she jumped back finding a man standing cross-armed in front of her. It was him. He had come looking for her. And now confronted by the reality of him, fear washed through her like a hot wave. Emma stumbled back into the room.


The steely eyed man approached menacingly as if stalking prey. Emma retreated like a scared white rabbit. Her heart beat rapaciously and her body tingled with excitement. Pinned against the wall she tilted her head back looking up into the man’s face. Her knees wobbled threatening to give way. And as his large hand engulfed her small waist, she shook like a rag doll in his strong grasp.


The man pulled Emma’s body against his own. Entranced by his face, she examined her body to figure out what was going on. Pressed against her stomach she found what had to be his hardened cock. It was bigger than she ever imaged a cock to be. At the thought, her breath hitched and blood rushed to her face. She felt lightheaded even as she yearned to explore his magnificent cock more.


In a daze, Emma stretched up toward his mouth. She wanted to be consumed by him and the only thing her innocent mind could think of was his mouth. Everything inside of her demanded to kiss the stranger, and sliding her body along his, she closed her eyes hoping he would lean down and meet her.


“No,” the man said in a voice that sounded airily familiar to the one in her dream.


Emma opened her eyes shocked by his reply. Quickly searching his face to see if she had displeased him, she was again swept away as his free hand pushed up her skirt and clutched her pussy.  Emma inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation.


Emma froze as electricity poured through her body. She was turning into putty in his arms, and as his finger wiggled into her slit, her body rocked back and forth in compliance. Almost disconnected from her body, she observed her moans as he worked his familiar finger into her.


‘How could I be doing this?’ she asked herself. ‘I’ve never met him before. I don’t even know his name.’  


“Aaah,” she moaned as she was again made a slave to his lusts.


With his jeans covered cock gently rubbing her stomach, she felt an explosion building within her. Wrapping her leg around his, she moaned louder. And as his hard cock violently throbbed against her stomach, an orgasm burst through her.


“Ohhh,” she yelled not caring who could hear. “Ahhhh,” she screamed unlike she had ever screamed before. “Yessss,” she moaned as her legs turned into jelly and she collapsed into his arms.


Holding onto her for only seconds more, the man removed his finger from her protruding pink petals. Rubbing her palm against her dripping flesh, he removed his hand and brought it within sight. Holding it between the two, Emma’s heart clenched as her juices were revealed to her.


Feeling immediately self-conscious, she wondered what he would do. His hand contained the unadulterated smell of her sex and her body tensed as she wondered how he would react to it. But when he closed his eyes and inhaled with delight, she relaxed becoming trapped by the gravitational force of his allure. There was now nothing she could do to escape.


“You are so tight, Emma,” he whispered slowly.


‘How does he know my name?’ she asked herself through pulses of panic. ‘Had we met in our dreams? Could my dream have been real?’


As much as Emma needed answers, she needed to be kissed more. Lifting up onto her toes she tried again. He again refused, instead just staring at her face with his lips parted in concentration.


“Please,” she quietly begged to no response.


The man peered silently into Emma’s wide eyes. To Emma, it felt like he was peering into her soul. He seemed lost in deep thought, so as much as Emma wanted to declare her unwavering devotion to him, she remained silent.


“Call me master,” he finally said in a commanding American accent.


Emma was taken aback by his request. It was then that she remembered that she was in a foreign land tens of thousands of miles from her own. It was then that she realized that this man, as alluring as he was, could be anyone. She could be in danger and she could never see any of her loved ones again.


Even with her increasing fear, she was unable to resist him. Before she could examine and stop it, her mouth opened and her reply came. “Yes, master,” she whispered.


She didn’t know why she had said it, but she had. It was as if she had already given herself to whatever fate he brought her. To Emma, it felt like her will already belonged to him.


“Your name is Emma, correct?” the man asked as if there was still a question about it.


Emma still wanted to know how he knew her name but was too scare to ask. “Yes, master,” she purred.


“I will pick you up at your hotel room at 8am tomorrow. Do you understand?”


“Yes, master,” she cooed ignoring all of the things which would have plumed like red flags any other time.


“Now, my little virgin, do you give yourself to me?”


She stayed silent, unable to process anymore. 


“Answer me!” he barked jolting her back to his command.


“Yes, master,” she breathed finally.


As the man released her and walked away, a delicious combination of fear and excitement coursed through her body. The room seemed to rock back and forth and she felt as if she had entered a dream. “Yes master,” she whispered to herself to taste the words as they danced across her lips.


Emma turned to the mirror to see how she looked as she said the words. “Yes, master,” she repeated watching her lips as they took shape.


Allowing her eyes to drift upwards, she became transfixed by her image. She looked like a wreck. Returning from her waking dream, she brushed back her hair. Next examining her blouse, she shifted it and her skirt so that everything was aligned.


Staring in the mirror, she wondered if she would be waiting for him at eight o’clock the next morning. She couldn’t imagine anything crazier. But yet, even in the shadow of her unexplainable lust, something told her she would. There was something in her core that didn’t want to, but the desire that raged through her told her that she must.


Emma again searched for herself in the image in the mirror. She wasn’t there.



Emma wasn’t sure when she had decided definitively, but by morning she knew that she would go with him. Waking early, she had only one thing on her mind, to look her best for her master. She didn’t know where he was taking her but it was early morning so she wore something casual.


Emma routinely showered and shaved her legs, all the while navigating her body which sporadically twitched in excitement. Slipping on a flowing, short blue skirt and a white blouse, her anticipation became too much for her. She couldn’t sit still. So, although it wasn’t what he had said, she decided to go to the hotel lobby and wait for him there.


As Emma opened her bedroom she yelped with surprise. There he was dressed in faded blue jeans and a white shirt. He looked like a model from a magazine.


“Hello Emma,” he said, his eyes trailing lazily from the top of her head to her silver ballet flats. “Are you ready?”


“Yes,” she said softly before widening her eyes in remembrance.


Without hesitation the man grabbed Emma and pushed her against the wall. His breath poured warmth against her face as he held her, almost panting.


“Master!” Emma quickly added, her body filling with the type of fear that made her pussy engorge.


She had no idea why he had this insane effect on her. There was just something about him that beckoned to her and made her want to obey him. His presence made her forget everything about who she was and turned her into someone timid and desperate.


“I will only remind you once. Next time you forget, you will be punished.”


“Punished?” Emma whispered, her legs shaking and her pussy tingling with pulsating arousal. ‘When provoked, he is even sexier than usual,’ she noted.


His hand trailed up her back towards her neck and he wrapped his fingers tightly around her nape. “Yes Emma, punished. I don’t like to be disobeyed. The next time you displease me, you will be punished until you can no longer sit down. Do you understand?”


‘Does he mean whipped? Or spanked? Is that what he’s going to do to me?’ she wondered as her skin became warm.


“Are you scared of me, Emma?” he whispered, his hand tightening around her nape.


Yes! She wanted to scream but was scared of giving the wrong answer and getting punished. She was terrified of him. His huge, dominating body was emanating masculinity and she wanted to feel it covering her body.


“No Master,” she replied softly.


He smiled for the first time flashing his teeth. They were white and perfect. “You should be!” he hissed before his parted lips touched hers.


Emma moaned, her hands clutching his shirt in a desperate bid to control her wild reaction. Her body was suddenly burning with need and her panties were soaked. His lips moved over hers, tasting the contours and leaving behind his unmistakable scent. She moved her lips against his and her fearless reaction aroused him. He grunted loudly and crushed his lower body against hers. His hardened cock pushed into her stomach and he ground his hips in circles.


Emma groaned as he slid his tongue into her mouth. He explored her mouth and their tongues tangled wildly. Suddenly pulling his mouth away, Emma moaned at the loss.


“Not now,” he said as he saw her pleading expression. “You are so responsive, Emma. Keep that up and I’ll have a gift for you; something you will cherish all your life.”


Emma allowed a hint of a smile before she remembered that she still knew nothing about him. Her cheeks burned at the realization that she had let him finger her and make out with her without even asking his name. She knew she was never this desperate for a fuck. She had always been the chaste and controlled one.


“May I ask a question, Master?”


He smiled. “You may.”


“What’s your name?” she asked timidly.


He smiled rubbing his knuckle along her jaw. “Nadeem,” he replied with a tender expression on his face.


“You’re not American?” she asked, shocked. She had been so sure he was American because his accent was perfect.


“No Emma. I’m an Arab. Dubai is my home.”


“Oh,” she breathed and her mind was suddenly in turmoil. She had been taught not to trust anybody while she was travelling.


“Does that scare you?” he asked amused.


It did, but she was too concerned about her punishment to admit it. “No, Master.”


“Good,” he said examining her face for the truth. “And if you are lucky enough to get my gift, I will see to it that you will have nothing to fear for the rest of your life!”


His tone was resolute. He meant what he said though Emma wasn’t sure how he could. And instead of thinking about it, she glued her eyes on the magnificence of his face. His jaw was clenched and he looked invincible. She wished he would kiss her again but he led her by the hand out the door and down to the lobby. A Lamborghini waited in front of the hotel for them and her eyes widened in alarm.


Getting in, her mind flooded with questions, though she was sure that Nadeem wouldn’t welcome them. Speeding away in the gorgeously luxurious car, she peeked sideways to gaze at his profile. He was as imposing as usual and she wanted to run her hand along his cheek to soften his expression.


Emma’s heart ached as she took the opportunity to examine Nadeem’s built body. The way he gripped the rumbling monster beneath them made her clench her thighs together for relief. She could feel her throbbing pussy leaking juices. She knew her panties were soaked and she prayed that it didn’t destroy the seat’s leather.


Emma willed her eyes to look away from him and instead focused on the road. They had been speeding along the highway but had now gotten off it. The hustle of the city was left behind and approaching was a gate.


As the gate opened, a private road appeared. Picking up speed, the trees lining the road whipped by.  Cutting through the curves the road straightened out and her eyes fell upon a gigantic mansion in the distance. It was then that she realized that he was planning for them to be alone.


She hadn’t planned to be alone with him. She was sure that alone she wouldn’t be able to resist him. The remnants of her reasonable side wanted her to speak up asking him to take her somewhere public, but her throbbing body willed her to keep her mouth shut.


Nadeem parked right in front of the main entrance and a group of well dressed people rushed toward the car. One man opened her door while another opened Nadeem’s. A woman in a head scarf came forward and handed Emma a glass of sparkling, champagne colored liquid. Emma took it and looked around.


Scanning the grounds, Emma’s mind was paralyzed at the level of opulence. The mansion she had seen from the distance was more like a palace. Feeling his touch, her eyes darted to Nadeem’s as he took her hand and led her up the steps.


“Where are we?” she asked, her voice trembling in trepidation.


Nadeem turned to face her while positioning himself in the center of an army of uniformed men. They entered the palace without him saying a word.


Emma looked ahead to find two curving staircases dominating the space. He casually walked her up one of them. Ascending, Emma stared at the domed ceiling illuminated by the light of the high windows in the second floor hallway. She was mesmerized by the beauty of it.


Standing on the second floor’s landing, Emma looked around. The glistening marble and gold was astounding.


Nadeem led her toward one of the massive suites as his guards peeled away. Inside Emma’s eyes were drawn to the oversized four poster bed that occupied only a fraction of the room. The gold and navy interior hinted to wealth at a level she had never before imagined.


“What is this place?” she finally asked.


“This is my home, Emma.”


“You… you live here?” she asked, her eyes wide. “Who are you?” She blurted loudly.


Nadeem bent his head as if deep in thought, “I’m Sheikh Nadeem. I am the crown prince.”


Emma froze at his words unable to catch her breath. ‘Yes, of course,’ she thought as all the pieces came together in her mind. ‘This is why he is so intimidating. He is a prince!’


Emma didn’t know much about Saudi royalty but a prince was a prince no matter where he was. And judging from his “home”, his level of wealth had to be more than she could imagine.


“What are you thinking about, Emma?” he asked, his tone almost condescending.


“Why me? Why did you bring me here?”


He smiled and got off the high-backed chair he had sat on while she had circled the room. Walking over to her he took her face in his palms and tilted her head up to look into her eyes.


“You are here because you are special. I chose you. And now that all the introductions and small-talk is out of the way, call me Master.”


Emma gasped at his sudden change. She knew that their game had begun again and the suddenness made her knees shake in fearful anticipation. She knew that he wanted to fuck her and as much as she wanted to be his sexually experienced lover, she knew she wasn’t. She was a virgin and she was terrified of disappointing him.


With her heart racing from fear and lust, another part of her fought for recognition. Her ‘good girl’ voice cried out in agony that she was giving her virginity to a man she had just met. Emma wanted to be a good girl. She had been for so long, but his strong touch, his powerful allure won.


‘Special,’ she thought. She had never been called that. Desire bubbled up from deep inside of her.


“I want to please you, Master,” she said reverently.


Nadeem smiled and pulled Emma closer. He mesmerized her. It was as if she was under a spell. She didn’t even feel like herself. The real Emma wouldn’t be in a palace with the Saudi Crown Prince calling him Master.


“I will taste every inch of your little virgin body and then I will fuck you,” he whispered like light feather strokes on her neck. “I will slide into you and I will fill you like a glove. You will feel every movement of my cock, and your loins will throb with mine.”


Lost in his vision, Emma panted, gasping for air. She filled her lungs and turned sideways offering him her mouth. He nudged her face away with his cheek and nibbled her jaw. The wet, warm feeling of his lips made her clutch him tighter, her knees shaking.


Nadeem trailed a wet path to her ear and then downwards to the curve of her neck. He parted his lips and grazed the smooth column of her neck with his teeth. Somewhere in her befuddled senses, Emma realized that his breathing was ragged. His lust for her filled her with pride and she arched her back against his body, pushing her stomach closer to his bulging arousal.


“You are mine Emma,” he whispered.


“Yes, Master,” she breathed.


“I will do whatever I please with your body. Anything I want. Understood?”


Tears rolled down Emma’s cheeks as her pleasure and indecision morphed into one, “Yes Master.”


Suddenly pushing her away, he grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her fair flesh was only interrupted by a white lacy bra. Grabbing her breast he pulled her body onto his. “These are mine.”


Emma didn’t have a chance to reply because in a swift jerk, her skirt was around her ankles.


“Take them off,” Nadeem ordered.


Her legs were shaking as she removed her skirt. He let go of her and stepped backwards. Her heart hurt from the loss of his touch.


“Shoes!” he commanded looking into her eyes.


Emma bent down and slid off her silver ballet flats. She lifted her arms self-consciously as his hot gaze roved over her tits.


“Don’t cover yourself!” He said sternly, his voice booming through the spacious suite.


“Yes master,” she replied, her voice barely a whisper.


“Take off your bra,” was his next command. She immediately reached behind her back. Quickly unhooking it, she let it fall to the floor.


Free, her breasts were firm and proud. The pink peaks hardened into little buds. She saw his indrawn breath at their sight and she watched as his hand lowered to unbuckle his belt.


Nadeem undid his fly but he didn’t pull down his pants. His cock was hard and erect, pointing towards Emma, urgently pushing against the fabric to free itself. Emma’s breath hitched at the size of the bulge and her eyes darted to his in fear.


Nadeem smiled slowly, understanding her shock. He was very well endowed and that was making her tense. Silence filled the room as both stared at each other’s bare flesh.


Still wearing her panties, Emma stood shaking deciding that she would wait for his command before she took them off. Those quiet seconds weighted on her like hours of sexual torture. If he was going to envelope her, she needed him to do it now. She needed him to do it while she still had her courage.


Emma could feel as the warmth of her pussy juices soaked further into her panties and climbed up her sensitive flesh. Then feeling warmth slowly drain down her inner thigh, she clenched her engorged pussy trying to hold the liquid back. Instead of stopping it, her pussy throbbed propelling more of her hot liquid from her.




It was with tremendous relief when Emma saw Nadeem move. He slid off his shirt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock sprung out, thick and long and Emma gasped at the sight of it, clenching her fists by her sides.


Nadeem walked towards her, sure and confident, his cock jerking with every step. In front of her, he grabbed her crushing her naked tits against his hair covered chest. Emma grunted and lost her sense of propriety. She clenched him tightly, her hand reaching down to pull his hips closer. Nadeem grunted at the unexpected touch and ground his cock against her skin. Emma lifted her mouth for his long desired kiss and he took it hungrily. Parting his lips, he plunged his tongue into her sweet mouth.


Nadeem groaned as she aggressively pushed her mouth against his. His moans surprised him because he had never felt so out of control.  He pulled his mouth away from hers and whimpered so that she could barely hear. “I have such plans for you, Emma.”


With that he pulled her into his arms and carried her over to the huge bed. He laid her down roughly and kneeled between her legs. Lifting up her thighs, he slid his finger along her slit. “My little virgin,” he said almost gleefully before jerking off her panties. A moment later, his mouth was covering her pussy.


“Aaah,” Emma cried out in surprise as waves of an impending orgasm shot through her body. Her pussy began to tingle as his wet tongue flicked wildly over her engorged flesh.


Nadeem, lost in the taste and scent of her pussy, slid his tongue along her slit tasting every crevice. Rubbing his lips against her protruding pink petals, he opened his mouth and grazed his teeth against her clit.


“Oh. Oh Master!” Emma screamed uncontrollably.


Pushing her fingers through his black, wavy hair, she grabbed hold and pulled his head closer to her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she convulsed, her body shaking and shivering as she came.


“Aaahhhh, mmm,” she muttered, her thighs clenching and her toes curling as she squirted her cum against his mouth.


Nadeem went wild as her cum covered his lips. He lapped it up. He had never felt like this before for any of the countless girls he had fucked. His whole body was tense and all he wanted was to slide into her virgin body and cum.


Quickly lurching upward, Nadeem grabbed Emma’s wrist and wrap it with a leather strip hanging from the bedpost. Emma stared at the restraint in surprise. Turning in the other direction, she found another before he snatched it up and buckled it around her other wrist.


Not knowing what he would do next, her eyes widened as she stared at his face. It had suddenly changed. It had become harder, harsher and his movements had become rougher. She moaned as the changes registered on her starved senses and fear made her pulse race.


“What are you going to do to me?” She asked.


Nadeem stared into her eyes and his gaze fell to her tits. “I’m going to fuck you Emma, hard. If you feel pain, scream. I want to hear you scream.”


Emma gasped and tugged at her leather bounds. Her body squirmed in a delicious combination of fear and wanting. She clenched her thighs together and he grabbed them roughly to pry them apart.


Emma whimpered as he stretched them way too far apart and kneeled on them. Leaning forward, he slid the smooth, thick head of his cock down her slit. Teasing her, he probed her opening. Emma’s pussy clenched and unclenched in anticipation and she pushed her hips towards him, urging him to fill her quickly.


Adjusting off of her, Nadeem closed his eyes as her slick, warm juices covered his cock. Grabbing it and placing the tip at the center of her hole, he pushed. She moaned as his massive tool stretched her tight opening but didn’t let him in.


Swallowing in arousal, he opened his eyes to find her gritting her teeth in fear. His heart racing with pleasure, he lunged forward forcing himself in. Emma screamed, her body stiffening against the pain. Tears poured down her face as her toes curled and her eyes bulged.


Her body shaking, Nadeem covered her naked body with his. Immediately, her pain subsided. The heat of his body mixed with hers and turned her pain into extraordinary pleasure. Her confused young face shone with bewilderment.


Nadeem held her hips tightly in place, withdrew his cock and rammed it deeper into her. He couldn’t stop. She screamed with painful pleasure with every lunge.


“Oh yeah. Scream for me, Emma” he growled as he pounded her sensitive pussy.


His balls slapped against her in a continuous rhythm. They were large and heavy. And the more they fucked, the wetter his balls got.


With explosions of pleasure consuming her thoughts, the pain had gone. What she felt now was the impending sting of another gripping orgasm. And this one did seem to sting. As the wave ebbed over her, her loins hurt. And when the pressure laid on her vulva like an animal fighting to get out, the orgasm ripped through wrenching her limbs against the restraints and heaving her breasts into the air.


Emma howled with overwhelming pleasure. “Ahhhh!” she screamed propelling Nadeem to ram into her deeper than before.


Nadeem’s body jerked, once, twice and then a third time before his load exploded into her willing body. His breath ragged, he slumped his body onto her for a second, and then pulled off of her sliding out his cock.


Coolly unlatching her restraints, she winced as she flexed her sore arms. Emma, too tired to move, fell back onto the bed. Still with her pussy exposed, Nadeem stared at it. The opening was wider than before and the sight made his cock surge. It hardened instantly and he clutched her tighter as he lay by her side.


Emma was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. Her pussy was now sore with a sweet dull ache. Nadeem pulled her up on top of his hard stomach. She cried out in surprise as his hard cock wedged between her ass cheeks.


Nadeem reached for her tits in silence, squeezing them while his eyes devoured the sight. Her tits were heavy and firm like half globes facing the sky. He took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them tightly.


Emma gasped as the pain shot through her. Throwing her arms onto the bed behind her, she arched her back and moaned. With the pressure on her nipple subsiding, she felt his warm cheek rub against hers.


“Turn around and ride my cock.”


Peeling his long, hard cock from between her ass, she flipped over allowing his pole to push on her clit. Gingerly, she let it slide into her wet passage. She felt so sore she was sure she was bruised, but as his thick cock again filled her, she became confused. 


“It hurts,” she moaned unsure of what she felt.


Keep going. It will be worth it,” he said lifting his hips higher and ramming inside her.


Emma screamed aloud as throbbing pain shot through her. She came instantly and her exhausted muscles flinched spurting her cum onto his cock.


Nadeem grabbed her waist tightly and began thrusting harder and harder. He pushed upwards and pulled her down at the same time. As his cock hit the very end of her vagina, she cried out. After a minute of constant pounding, he froze exploding everything he had into her. 


With a sudden jerk, he pushed her onto her back. She hit the bed without resistance. Rolling on top of her, he brought her legs together and pushed them tightly onto her chest.


“Stay like that,” he ordered.


Emma, not having the strength to resist, did her best to do what she was told. Dazed from her repeated orgasms, she couldn’t imagine what he was going to do to her next. And when he got off of the bed and put on a robe, she was even more confused.


“The maid will bring dinner. I want you to eat every bite. I’ll come for you tomorrow morning.”


Emma watched dismayed as he left the room with her still squeezed in a ball. She wasn’t sure what to do. She was exhausted but was afraid to disobey him. She desperately wanted to please him so she held onto her legs as long as she could.


In the end, she had to release her grip and roll to her side. Although she wished otherwise, in her heart she knew that he was gone for the day. All she had to look forward to now was dinner and his return tomorrow.




The next morning Emma awoke to the feeling of warm naked skin against her back. She flipped over and moaned as a wet mouth covered her nipple. She reveled in the sensation until her mind was fully awake and she realized that she didn’t know whose lips they were.


Emma flung open her eyes immediately trying to tug free. It took only a second to see that it was Nadeem. It was then that the events of the previous day flooded her mind. She relented to his will.


Although she was unsure of everything he was doing while he was doing it, after he had left she had time to think about it. She found the memory of it all tantalizingly erotic. Hardly able to sleep in anticipation of what would happen the next day, she now offered him her wrists to tie. Being bound was thrillingly arousing. And although her pussy was still swollen from last night’s fuck, she couldn’t wait for it all to begin again.


Nadeem didn’t take her wrists. Instead he moved face to face with her and cradled her cheek in his hand.


“What do you want me to do, Master,” Emma whispered wanting him to control her again.


Looking deep into her eyes, he didn’t answer. Instead he slipped his hand back into her dark hair, gripped it and pulled her head back. Emma braced herself for what would happen next.


In one movement, Nadeem flipped her onto her stomach and locked his knee on her back. He didn’t hurt her, but applied enough pressure that she felt constrained. Emma struggled to test his strength.


Wiggling underneath him, he rubbed her ass gently feeling every curve. Emma’s struggles slowed unsure of what was happening. Then finally when she was still, his hand raised and fell connecting with her rump with a splat. The sting was intense spreading through her body like lightening in the night sky.


Nadeem examined the mark he left on her pale skin. It was in the shape of his hand. He rubbed it as it slowly got redder. Then when he thought she would least expect it, he raised his hand and spanked her again.


“Ahhh!” she squealed.


Liking what he heard, he spanked her repeatedly. Each time connecting with his full palm, Emma tried to take them all without reacting. However, Nadeem was relentless. Unable to feel them when he first began, the sting of each snuck up on her and intensified until her ass burned. Enduring an avalanche of pain, she again struggled until her legs extended clenching her ass cheeks. It was then that he relented. Emma’s lean pale legs fell onto the bed.


Emma’s heart beat rapidly. She had never been spanked before. She found the feeling humiliating. It made her feel like a helpless little girl. There was something about it that scared her. Now unable to relax, she gripped onto the bed sheets consumed by what he would do next.


When Nadeem removed his knee from her back and forcefully pulled her legs apart, Emma couldn’t inhale. There were so many things he could do to her exposed crevice that her face flushed in fear. So when he positioned himself and ran his tongue along her slit, the sensation felt like a bolt of electricity to her loins.  


‘I’m aroused?’ she thought as his soothing tongue traversed her engorged lips. ‘How am I aroused?’


The labial contact was brief. Quickly he kissed a path up her ass to the reddened area. That too was soothing. Emma felt her pussy tighten into knots of pleasure. She couldn’t believe that she was so turned on after such an act. She couldn’t help it, though. With Nadeem, everything was different. Everything was erotic.


The day passed with Nadeem coming to her room every few hours and fucking her swollen, aching pussy. After each time he ordered her to stay in bed for an hour, after which she could explore the palace for an hour. She had to be there when he came back though. She didn’t bother to ask what would happen if she wasn’t. Her chest clenched at the possibility.




The next morning Nadeem awoke Emma. He took her by the hand and led her to the embroidered sofa in the sitting area. He tossed her roughly against the couch and lifted her thighs as he kneeled in front of her. His mouth covered her pussy hungrily and Emma moaned in surprise.


Unable to keep still, she clutched his shoulders breathing in short gasps. He slid his tongue along her crevices and bit her swollen pussy lips making her dig her fingernails into his flesh. His tongue lapped up her pussy juices as if his life depended on it. Emma cried out helplessly as her body was brought to the heights of ecstasy and she squirted her cum.


In one movement Nadeem stood up and undid his fly. With his hard cock released, he fell onto the couch and pulled her legs on either side of his thighs. When he slid his cock into her, Emma moaned in delight. Her pussy stretched around his cock as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Leaning in, Emma kissed him wildly as she ground her hips back and forth against his pelvis. Everything in her screamed that she was meant to be in Nadeem’s arms. For the first time in days she felt completely relaxed and content. Any fear she had was gone replaced with desperate longing that made her pulse race as she kissed him like she never had before.


Nadeem pulled his mouth away from hers and grabbed her tits. Pulling them to his mouth, he teased her nipple with his teeth. He tugged on her breasts, alternating between the two, while Emma moved steadily back and forth on his cock. Giving in to her unquenchable lust for him, Emma came again, her toes curling in rapturous delight.


Seeing her orgasm, Nadeem pushed her down onto the seat of the couch. With his cock still inside of her, he forcefully rammed her as he viciously twisted her nipples. She screamed.


Overcome by both pleasure and pain, Emma gave in to the sensations.  Lying underneath him, she felt like he owned her body and she liked it. Wanting to offer even more, she arched her back lifting her breasts for him.


Nadeem bent down and bit her nipple. His sharp teeth made her clutch his hair and gasp. And holding his head there, she let him suck at her tit until he was satisfied.


Still sucking, Nadeem continuously rammed his massive cock into her. Hitting the end of her vagina, she jerked with pain. Biting even harder on her nipple, Emma could no longer control herself. She cried out and yanked on his hair in reaction. He released her nipple in surprise, sitting up with his cock still deep inside of her.


Nadeem stared down at the naked nymph writhing underneath him. Her pale skin made her seem so vulnerable, yet she had just defied him. With vengeance building within him, he grabbed her waist with all of his strength and pounded her with a power he hadn’t shown before.


From below, Emma watched the beautiful sight. His strong jaw clenched and his abs rippled with every thrust. The image made her pussy clench painfully causing her to cum again.


Emma whimpered and writhed in unfettered pleasure. Seeing her body pop and dance underneath him, Nadeem took a sharp inhale. Feeling his body climb to orgasm, his muscles quivered to their final clench then filled her with his cum. He found the release overwhelmingly pleasurable.


Racing the eventual tidal wave of exhaustion, he slid his cock out of her and lifted her thighs onto her chest. Collapsing onto her, Emma groaned as his weight squeezed the air out of her lungs. Nadeem lay catching his breath.


“Don’t move your legs until I say so,” he said still trying to gain his bearings after his dizzying orgasm.


Emma lay folded as Nadeem slowly worked his way off of her. Sitting next to her as she gripped onto the backs of her thighs, he stared down at her raised vagina. He did nothing else for minutes. And when he did, it was unlike anything he had done before.


Emma watched curiously as Nadeem raised his finger and gently pet her pinkened pussy. It almost seemed like a loving act and the look on his face could rightfully be mistaken for one of reverence. Emma didn’t understand it, but for some reason, his new touch felt as good as all of the painful pleasures that had come before it. Then without touching her further, he got up and got dressed.


“You can put them down now. Go take a shower and get dressed. You’re having breakfast downstairs today.”


“Yes, Master,” she said with a smile, though he had already left the room.


Emma walked into the shower concerned about what his new behavior would mean. Dressed, she went downstairs and was directed to a fifty-chair dining table where Nadeem already sat. Both were silent as they ate and when done, he took her out onto the porch.


Intermittently observing him, Emma noticed how his demeanor had changed. He seemed gentler now. He seemed more like the man that she had first spotted at the airport. And taking her attention off of him for a moment, she noticed a helicopter parked in front of them on the lawn. Still approaching, she watched as the pilot started the engine then jumped out to open the passenger door.


“You’re going back home, Emma,” Nadeem said matter-of-factly.


Emma’s heart clenched. She suddenly felt more pain than she had from anything he had previously done to her. Feeling the blood drain from her face, this was the first time that anything he did had felt like punishment.


“I don’t want to go!” she screeched in panic.


“You don’t have a choice, Emma. Your work here is done.”


“What? No! I want to stay. Please!” she begged as the helicopter blades whirled.


Tears fell from Emma’s eyes as she realized that there was nothing she could do to stop this. And as she stared into his blank expression, it stung worse than any of his spankings ever could. Helping her into the jump seat, he didn’t say anything like “I’ll call you” or “I’ll come see you”. It was just an unspoken goodbye.


 “Please don’t send me back. I’m sorry if I displeased you,” she sobbed.


“You have not,” was the last thing that he said before he closed the door and the helicopter unceremoniously took off.


Emma cried as the palace got further away. When it was finally out of sight, it was like a cord had been snapped. Although she would never forget it, it was hard to believe that anything like this had ever happened. And when she returned to her hotel room and found a note on her bed, it was like an airy reminder of a dream.


I had promised you a gift. A prince always keeps his promise, she read before looking around the room and finding nothing.


‘Perhaps it all had been a dream,’ she considered as she packed her clothes for her impending flight home. ‘Perhaps it was my greatest dream.’




Back home, Emma sat in her favorite chair and stared out of her parent’s bay windows. She had done it often as a child and doing it nowadays always brought back fond memories.


Nadeem had indeed kept his promise. Arriving home, Emma had found that a large sum of money had been deposited into her account. It was more than she could ever imagine earning in a year. And as time went by, she found the same amount every month. She would never have to work again. It was indeed a gift.


“Emma, would you like a little lunch?” her mother asked interrupting her nostalgia.


“Huh? Oh. Yes please,” she said offering her mother a smile back.


“Would you like me to bring it in here?”


“No, I’ll come and get it,” Emma replied reaching her hand toward her mother’s.


Her mother reached forward hooking her fingertips onto her daughters. Both felt a connection that warmed them. Letting go, Emma scooted forward in her seat and pushed herself to her feet. Gripping onto the muscles in her lower back, she placed her other hand on her swollen belly. It was getting harder for her to get around now and she wanted to get exercise while she still could.


Her mom stepped in front of her and put her hand on her daughter’s belly. She didn’t completely understand how it happened because Emma refused to share the details. But what her mother did know was that Emma considered the father of the baby to be a prince. Certainly she was speaking metaphorically. But considering how happy the mysterious man had made Emma, her metaphorical prince was good enough. Her prince had given them the greatest gift that anyone could, more love for their loving family. And for that, everyone, including Emma, was extremely grateful.

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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘Matched with the Sheikh’:

Matched with the Sheikh
A. A. Sheikh

When a gorgeous and insanely wealthy Sheikh asks you to find him a date, what does “date” mean? That was the question that Carla Westmoreland asked herself one warm summer night. She knew why others asked for her services. She was the best damn matchmaker around. She didn’t just find dates, she found soul mates, and everyone knew it.


“No. Not a good idea,” she decided. Carla was a full-figured gal and knew a little something about being undervalued by men. That’s why she started her matchmaking business to begin with. “There will be no more men using women,” not under her watch. However, when you’re offered enough money to choke a whale just to meet with the Sheikh and hear him out, you go.


Carla’s meeting ended up being a date, and damn was he good-looking. And G**damn did it feel nice to be treated like a princess. And boy was that man endowed. Carla now knew what a date meant, and the Sheikh wanted a 6 month contract. Carla didn’t know if she could find him a soul mate, but she knew that she could make that match.


A spank-tastic night with a Sheikh is hard to forget, but she lined up her candidates and groomed the prefect girl. “But what if,” she wondered. What if she had found the Sheikh’s soul mate, and the soul mate was her? How does a curvy girl-next-door, convince the most eligible bachelor in the world to choose her? Carla Westmoreland would just have to find out.


Matched with the Sheikh

“The companion we seek must be perfect.  She will be retained for six months, and must be willing to sign a contract.”


Carla cleared her throat softly.  “Six months… I’m not sure you understand the nature of my services, Mr., ah…”  She trailed off awkwardly, realizing he had never given her his name.


“Sands,” he supplied.  “We are quite aware of your typical services, Miss Westmoreland.  This is a special request.”  Carla detected a mild rebuke in his tone, as if she was being chastised for not paying attention.


“Yes, you did say that,” she replied, willing to accept a chiding but unwilling to let him bully her into providing something that seemed wrong.  “But, Mr. Sands, I can’t very well ask the women who trust me to help them find a long-term relationship to sign up for a six-month fling.”


“It is not a fling,” Mr. Sands corrected.


“I see,” Carla said, feeling a bit of a thrill.  ‘How mysterious and interesting,’ she thought. “You should know that I wouldn’t be of any assistance without meeting your employer myself.”


“That is out of the question,” Mr. Sands replied.  “As I explained –”


The sharp trill of the phone in front of him cut off his words.  With some uneasy surprise, she realized that although he was hiding it pretty well, his wide-eyed look was one of fear.  After a moment he lifted the receiver.  He did not speak into it right away, and Carla could hear a masculine voice although she couldn’t make out any of the words. 


Mr. Sands listened tensely. “Of course,” he said before carefully lowering the handset. Handing Carla a card, “He will be expecting you at ten.  Do not be late.”


“I won’t be,” she assured him. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but her body tingled excitement.

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