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What the Sheikh Wants
Book 2 & Paperback & Audiobook; What the Billionaire Wants & Paperback & Audiobook
To Please The Billionaire & Audiobook
Serving the Billionaire & Audiobook
Rescued by the Billionaire & Audiobook
Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set & Paperback & Audiobook
Bred for the Sheikh's Heir & Audiobook; Book 2; Book 3; Book 3; Book 4; Book 5; Book 6
Bred for the Prince’s Heir & Audiobook
Bred for the Dictator’s Heir
Bred for the Billionaire's Heir & Audiobook
Breathless for the Dancer & Audiobook
Billionaire Dreams
At Their Pleasure: Dominated by the Billionaire and the Bad Boy; Book 2; Book 3
As the Rock Star Desires & Paperback; As the Bad Boy, Billionaire & Fireman Desire & Paperback
As My Rock Star Desires; As My Bad Boy Desires; As My Billionaire Desires; As My Fireman Desires; As My Cowboy Desires
As He Desires & Audiobook

Erotic Romance

The Billionaire's Indecent Proposal & Audiobook


Submitting Her Curves
Submission & Paperback
Spanking Her Curves & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3; Book 4; Book 1-4 & Paperback
He Makes Me; He Makes Me
Dominating Her Curves & Audiobook


His Wolf Likes Her Curves

Box Sets

Forbidden Feelings
Alex Anders

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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘As My Fireman Desires’:

As My Fireman Desires
Alex Anders

Christine Richards did something that most of us would never do; when given the option to walk away leaving her troubles behind, she took it. What happened after that, you would have to read to believe. But now stranded in the depths of Africa with no ID and no way home, she meets a man with exactly what she needs.

Daniel is gorgeous, built and as sexy as hell. Being a member of an elite smokejumper squad he gives her a choice; she can take the train to the closest American Embassy where she will have to hide from the dangerous men who prey on travelers, or she can jump out of the plane with him and follow him to some of the strangest and most wonderful places on earth.

She didn’t intend to discover something about herself and life that would change her forever. But in his inescapably alpha male presence, doing things that others only dream about, he seduces her. And as readily as you reacting to cold water dripping down your naked body on a warm day, her body succumbs to his touch as he takes her on a truly erotic adventure.


As My Fireman Desires

Here I was again presented with an option that would take me in the opposite decision of where I wanted to go. Each time my choices had taken me further and further from home. This time felt different. Yes, Brazzaville was an hour away and Spain was a few hours longer, but I would be in Spain.


I had never been to Spain before. I had never been to Europe before. If the difference was only a few hours and I would get the chance to spend some time with Daniel, why not travel with him to Spain.


“But wait. Why did you tell them that I was going with you all if you’re going on a jump?” I asked finally putting it together.


“Because this isn’t where my plane is. I flew into Réserve naturelle de Ngiri.”


“Where’s that?”


“It’s east of here?”


“So I’m going to go with you to the place you mentioned and then take off from there?”


“Yeah,” he replied with an unidentifiable nod.


“And then you’ll fly me to Spain?”




“Ok,” I agreed surprised by how easy it all was.


“There is a catch, though.”


“What’s that?”


Daniel paused. “Have you ever jumped out of a plane?”

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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘What the Billionaire Wants’:

What the Billionaire Wants
Alex Anders

Includes: The #1 EROTIC BESTSELLER in France

To Please The Billionaire:
Annie Hill was never appreciated by boys. She was hard working, self-reliant and didn’t need a man. But lonely and venerable one night, she is approached by Jarvis. His wealthy employer wants to hire her as a dinner companion in exchange for a penthouse, a salary and a 5 figure wardrobe stipend. It’s an opportunity Annie can’t pass. But when Annie’s handsome, powerful benefactor offers her everything she could ever desire in exchange for her acceptance of a mysteriously gift, Annie finds herself in a secret world of unimaginable sexual pleasures, that changes her life forever.


Serving the Billionaire:

Rachel’s heart stopped when he entered the restaurant. He was rugged and sexy. His smile lit the room, but the darkness in his eyes hinted to more. Drawn her into his sports car, he sped her away to a world of luxury and privilege leaving all of her troubles behind. Rachel breathed in his passion like a drug. To leave him was like death; but to be with him was to dance with the demons.


As He Desires:

Rebecca Prichard wasn’t looking for love. She wasn’t looking for a good time. What she wanted more than anything was a job. But nearly broken by her difficulties, she made a deal with herself; at her friend’s wedding, she would become someone else. It was her uninhibited alter ego that first saw HIM. His sensual green eyes and the dark mystery that surrounded him tore open a crack in her. Craving his touch like a drug, she followed him into his limousine. And entering a world of dangerous sex, wealth and privilege, Rebecca’s life would change forever.


Rescued by the Billionaire:

Raven knows two things for sure: She stands in the dark, naked and bound by the wrists; and there is a powerful naked man with her seducing her mind as much as her body. Needing to know how she got there, Raven relives her life and death journey as a mysterious man from her past rescued her from a car crash off of a mountain cliff during the worst snow storm in 100 years. Unsure of who is now seducing her will, she must piece together her journey there in order to discover who she should run towards and who she must escape.


What the Billionaire Wants

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