Titles by Alex Anders


What the Sheikh Wants
Book 2 & Paperback & Audiobook; What the Billionaire Wants & Paperback & Audiobook
To Please The Billionaire & Audiobook
Serving the Billionaire & Audiobook
Rescued by the Billionaire & Audiobook
Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set & Paperback & Audiobook
Bred for the Sheikh's Heir & Audiobook; Book 2; Book 3; Book 3; Book 4; Book 5; Book 6
Bred for the Prince’s Heir & Audiobook
Bred for the Dictator’s Heir
Bred for the Billionaire's Heir & Audiobook
Breathless for the Dancer & Audiobook
Billionaire Dreams
At Their Pleasure: Dominated by the Billionaire and the Bad Boy; Book 2; Book 3
As the Rock Star Desires & Paperback; As the Bad Boy, Billionaire & Fireman Desire & Paperback
As My Rock Star Desires; As My Bad Boy Desires; As My Billionaire Desires; As My Fireman Desires; As My Cowboy Desires
As He Desires & Audiobook

Erotic Romance

The Billionaire's Indecent Proposal & Audiobook


Submitting Her Curves
Submission & Paperback
Spanking Her Curves & Audiobook; Book 2 & Audiobook; Book 3; Book 4; Book 1-4 & Paperback
He Makes Me; He Makes Me
Dominating Her Curves & Audiobook


His Wolf Likes Her Curves

Titles by A. A. Wolff


Packed: Turned; Turned and Taken & Paperback; Claimed by Her Alpha & Paperback; Taken
The Alpha's Forbidden Mate & Paperback & Audiobook
The Alpha's Curvy Match & Paperback; Book 2 & Paperback; Book 3 & Paperback; Book 4

Titles by A. Anders

Romantic Suspense

Ford Stone: Prequel; Ford Stone
Alex Anders

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Sneak Peek:
Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set’:

Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set
Alex Anders

Includes: The #1 EROTIC BESTSELLER in France and Brazil; the #2 erotic bestseller in Italy; and the TOP 10 erotic bestseller in Germany and Spain.


Bred for the Billionaire’s Heir:
Jasmine Cameron didn’t have enough experience in love to know what she didn’t want, but she knew what she did want; it was the sea swept, mysterious stranger whose steely eyes ignited her body and robbed her of her will. Drawn onto his yacht by his powerful allure, she wakes up on his private island engaged in a life changing sexual game at which he is the master and her submission is the prize.


Bred for the Sheikh’s Heir:
Emma Cole was adventurous at all things but sex. But when she arrives in Dubai and meets the gorgeous, wavy haired stranger whose eyes swirl like milk chocolate, her heated body screams out for him. Falling captive to his powerful sexual dominance, he demands her complete submission. And thousands of miles from home, Emma must decide to submit or risk punishment from the alpha male whose will slowly consumes her own.


Bred for the Prince’s Heir:
Brooke Randall was a good girl that did everything her protective mother told her to do. But now 22 and still a virgin, she escapes to Greece to find the man of her fantasies. When she finds him, she doesn’t know he’s a Prince; but he ignites a battle within her that pits her desire to be a ‘good girl’ against her Prince’s dominating sexual will. And forced to serve him on his private island, Brooke must learn to submit to her powerful Prince, or risk a punishment that would change her life forever.


Bred for the Dictator’s Heir:
Beautiful and innocent, Natasha Lord is a journalist student who travels to her European homeland to bring down its dictator. But caught for spying, she is given a choice; life in prison, or complete submission to the gorgeous dictator’s powerful sexual appetite. Falling captive to the alpha male’s Roman soldier physique and overwhelming dominance, Natasha must unravel the dictator’s secrets before his will consumes her own.



Captive To Their Power: Boxed Set

As Emma threw open the bathroom door, she found a man standing cross-armed in front of her. It was him. He had come looking for her. And now confronted by the reality of him, fear washed through her like a hot wave. Emma stumbled back into the bathroom.


The steely eyed man approached menacingly as if stalking prey. Emma retreated like a scared rabbit. Her heart beat rapaciously and her body tingled with excitement. Pinned against the wall she tilted her head looking up into the man’s face. Her knees wobbled threatening to give way, and as his large hand engulfed her small waist, she shook like a rag doll in his strong grasp.


The man pulled Emma’s body against his own. Entranced by his face, she examined her body to determine what was going on. Pressed against her stomach she found what had to be his hardened c**k. It was bigger than she ever imaged a c**k could be. At the thought, her breath hitched and blood rushed to her face. She felt lightheaded even as she yearned to explore his magnificence more.


In a daze, Emma stretched up toward his mouth. She wanted to be consumed by him and the only thing her innocent mind could think of was his kiss. Everything inside of her demanded to kiss the stranger, and sliding her body along his, she closed her eyes hoping he would lean down to her.


“No,” the man said in a voice that sounded airily familiar to the one in her dream.


Emma opened her eyes shocked by his reply. Searching his face for an answer, she inhaled sharply as his free hand suddenly pushed up her skirt and clutched her pu**y.  Unprepared, the sensation ripped through her body exploding in her mind. She had never been touched there before. The feeling was overwhelming. She immediately wanted more.

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Enjoy this Sneak Peek of ‘Submission’:

Alex Anders

Matched with the Sheikh:
Carla Westmoreland was the best at finding others their soul mate. But when she gets a request to find a match for a mysterious sheikh, she’s surprised. Wanting to know what the companion would have to do for the powerful prince, Carla enters into a sexual adventure of wealth and lust beyond her wildest dreams. The question is, will Carla find her own soul mate in the process or be consumed by the libidinous passions of the alpha male sheikh.

Spanking Her Curves: 

Bella Jacobs thought that her curvy body prevented her from finding a great guy. Dylan Cole, her best friend with the lean body, rippling abs and stunning eyes didn’t think so. And whenever Bella disagreed, he put her over his knees and gave her a friendly spanking as punishment. But when his hand stopped spanking and starts seductively caressing Bella’s bare bottom, it ignites Bella’s deeply suppressed passion for Dylan, and she must decide if she will let her passion change their lives forever.

Dominating Her Curves:
Renee Wheatley thought that her full figured curves would stop her from capturing the attention of her billionaire boss’s gorgeous son. She was wrong. Time stood still when their eyes met. Risking her career to see him again, Renee finds him steely-eyed and shirtless in his hotel room. And staring at his rippling abs and bulging jeans, she must decide if she can escape her inner ‘good girl’ long enough to have everything she ever wanted with the powerful man of her dreams.

He Makes Me:
Plus-sized beauty Keisha Wallace is in complete control of her life. She has the career, the respect and the money. From the outside her life looks perfect. But spending her nights alone she knows that a woman can’t feel like a woman without a good man. Kevin fits the bill. Built, toned and successful he was everything she ever wanted. But between the most sensual sex of her life, can Keisha get out of her own way long enough to have him? Perhaps, if he makes her.



“The companion we seek must be perfect.  She will be retained for six months, and must be willing to sign a contract.”


Carla cleared her throat softly.  “Six months… I’m not sure you understand the nature of my services, Mr., ah…”  She trailed off awkwardly, realizing he had never given her his name.


“Sands,” he supplied.  “We are quite aware of your typical services, Miss Westmoreland.  This is a special request.”  Carla detected a mild rebuke in his tone, as if she was being chastised for not paying attention.


“Yes, you did say that,” she replied, willing to accept a chiding but unwilling to let him bully her into providing something that seemed wrong.  “But, Mr. Sands, I can’t very well ask the women who trust me to help them find a long-term relationship to sign up for a six-month fling.”


“It is not a fling,” Mr. Sands corrected.


“I see,” Carla said, feeling a bit of a thrill.  ‘How mysterious and interesting,’ she thought. “You should know that I wouldn’t be of any assistance without meeting your employer myself.”


“That is out of the question,” Mr. Sands replied.  “As I explained –”


The sharp trill of the phone in front of him cut off his words.  With some uneasy surprise, she realized that although he was hiding it pretty well, his wide-eyed look was one of fear.  After a moment he lifted the receiver.  He did not speak into it right away, and Carla could hear a masculine voice although she couldn’t make out any of the words. 


Mr. Sands listened tensely. “Of course,” he said before carefully lowering the handset. Handing Carla a card, “He will be expecting you at ten.  Do not be late.”


“I won’t be,” she assured him. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but her body tingled excitement.

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