Mile High Man


Fox quickly unbuckled her parachute. With her eyes focused on the cockpit door she stepped out of the leg straps and let the harness fall onto the side of the plane. Balancing herself as the small plane hit turbulence, she grabbed hold of the hand rails and gazed out the open door at the ground very far below.

Taking a slow count to three, she took a deep breath then returned her attention to the cockpit door. Placing her delicate fingers on the jumpsuit zipper she took one last moment to think about it, then with a rush of adrenaline that made her pussy tingle, she pulled down her zipper revealing her beautiful, naked 19-year-old body underneath.

 Stepping out of her suit, she removed her shoes and bunched the suit into one hand. Returning her gaze to the plane’s open door, she reached up gripping the bars across the ceiling until she had guided her hairless naked body to it.

“What are you doing?” Hunter yelled over the sound of the engine and rushing wind.

Fox looked up at her sexy new daddy, who like herself moments ago, was wearing a parachute. Holding onto the door handle, Fox extended her hand with the jumpsuit out of the plane. With surprising pressure, the turbulence stripped the suit from her hand and when it was gone, she looked back at Hunter with a smile.

“What the fuck did you just do?”

“You want to join the Mile High Club?” Fox screamed feeling flush all over.

Hunter looked at his naked 19 year-old daughter. She was sexy as fuck. Her firm creamy C cups sat on her chest like they had been chiseled from marble. The line down the center of her lean torso continued onto her young taut stomach; and her round hips pointed to a shaved pussy whose swollen lips were obvious from even where he stood. Hunter had always found her to be one of the hottest girls he had ever seen and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was his new daughter, he would have fucked her long ago.

“Get away from the door and put on your clothes,” Hunter demanded.

“How can I, I just threw them out the plane,” Fox replied with a smile.

Hunter felt something boiling up from inside. The pilot of the plane was his brother-in-law, Fox’s uncle. And if he saw his niece naked, he knew that the questions and fallout from it would destroy his life.

“Put on your fucking clothes!” Hunter yelled over the sound of the rumbling engine.

“I can’t. I don’t have any,” she retorted still finding the whole situation titillatingly amusing.

Fox had been drawn to her hot daddy the minute that her mother brought him home. His four day stubble face, dark wavy hair and broad manly chest would make her teenaged tits and pink pussy rise to attention. His refined features and piercing brown eyes had a dark sensuality about him that she couldn’t explain. And she would secretly watch Hunter for hours trying to figure out his mystery, rubbing herself to orgasm every time she did.

Fox was content to watch but not touch until one day while walking by her parent’s bedroom, she heard her hot daddy fucking her mom. In an instant Fox was filled with jealousy that she couldn’t shake. It was one thing to accept in theory that her mom fucked him, but hearing it for the first time, she immediately decided that if her mom could have him, then she had to as well.

That’s when she started walking around the house in just her panties and bra when she knew that Hunter would be home alone. She could feel her daddy staring at her and from that she knew that she just needed one big gesture to get him to crack.

Fox knew that her daddy had one obsession, he couldn’t get enough of jumping out of planes. He was an instructor on the weekends and he would go out at least three times a week otherwise. That was part of the appeal that he had, he had bruting darkness that could only be quenched by the rush of possible death. Fox loved this about him and that is why she chose a plane to make her grand move.

Hearing about the Mile High Club where people had sex in a plane, she knew that she had to offer her daddy an invite. And requesting a private skydiving lesson seemed to be the best way to put all of the parts in place.

“Where’s your fucking clothes?” Hunter screamed with venom.

“Floating down to earth about now,” she said still incredibly turned on. “Why don’t you lose yours and see where it goes?”

Hunter looked at the naked creature in front of him. Her thin fit body was everything he was ever attracted to and the boldness it took to strip down to nothing in a moving plane drove him wild. But instead of running over and fucking the shit out of his daughter, he looked back at the cockpit door.

Hunter knew that he had a temper, a dangerous temper. And he knew that his jumps were the only thing that gave him enough room to pretend to be the responsible husband at home. But now with Fox fucking with his release valve by bringing temptation to his temple, Hunter got very angry.

“Put on your fucking parachute. You can’t stand in an open plane without a parachute,” he bellowed.

“Why don’t you just close the door?” she said with a smile.

Hunter could feel his blood boil at her defiance.

“I said put on your fucking parachute!” he repeated approaching Fox with fire in his eyes.

Fox’s smile left her as she watched her daddy. She was beginning to see a side of him that she never saw at home. At home all of his rage seemed bottled and controlled. But the rage she saw in him now wasn’t contained at all, it spilt out like a pot boiling over. It made her a little scared.

“Why don’t you just close the door?” Fox asked again this time truly wondering.

Standing in front of his daughter he looked back at the harness she had left tethered to the wall. He saw that it didn’t have a chute of its own. Their plan was to take a tandem jump but now upon landing he would have to explain why his sexy daughter was tied to him naked. Hunter shook thinking about the situation that she had put him in. With her one move, and the past that Fox’s mother knew about but his new daughter did not, Fox had destroyed his life. He was fuming about it.

Hunter looked around the room for a harness with a parachute. He found one behind her attached to the wall. “Put that one on,” he demanded.

Fox, feeling her heart race staring at her daddy’s increasingly scary eyes, glanced back at the parachute. She had seen it on the way up. She had noticed that that one had had a chute attached to it while her own had not. Fox knew what her daddy’s change meant.

“I don’t understand, why you don’t just close the door,” she asked gripping tighter onto the handle.

Hunter stared at Fox feeling the blind rage set in. He tried desperately to get back to his calm place, but the rush of wind from the open door had always been the signal that told his body that he could let go. And with the wind rushing around his muscular body, there was no retreating.

“I wanna land,” Fox said feeling her heart race in panic.

“I’m going to tell you one more time, put the parachute on.”

Fox dropped her eyes and opened her mouth to speak but with a force that she never felt from Hunter before, she felt her daddy grab her by the arm, snap her grip from the handle, and then with a look on his face that made him seem like he had died inside, he moved her toned, luscious naked body to the open door and tossed her out the plane.

“Ahhhhhh!” Fox screamed as the wing of the plane whipped above her.

Fox’s naked body tumbled through the air with her arms flailing. With a terror that she never could’ve imagined, her face flushed white and her heart pounded with desperation. Falling freely through the nothing all around her, Fox reached her hands out clutching and gripping onto nothing. Feeling the intense pressure of the cold wind that blew around her perfect breasts and pushed to get in her hairless exposed pussy, Fox was too panicked to cry. Instead tears were whipped out of her eyes as a defense. Tumbling and spinning with nothing to stop her but the ground, Fox let go of everything in her and allowed her mind to slowly float out of her body.

Approaching terminal velocity with her naked body spread eagle facing the earth, Fox managed to open her eyes. With her heart unable to beat any faster, she saw the trees below where she would meet her death. Frozen in a pose of utter terror she allowed her eyes to close and her mind to float away.

“Grab onto me. Hurry!” a voiced yelled pulling her out of her march toward the white light.

Fox opened her eyes and looked across to the source of the voice. Falling in front of her was Hunter. He had a panicked look in his eyes as well.

“Grab onto me. We don’t have much time.”

Fox was slow to move. With her heart racing, she could barely control her movements. She was sure that she had relieved herself a few thousand feet up and the cold air on her skin made her feel frozen.

“If you want to live you have to grab onto me,” Hunter screamed.

Fox did want to live. Looking down again seeing the ground getting heart-stoppingly close, Fox did everything in her power to reach over to Hunter. Her daddy, who was using every one of his movements to stay in line with Fox, moved so that she could grab his arm. Knowing that if he grabbed for her and missed she would whip away from him, he knew he had one chance to save her. With his own heart pounding in his ears, he looked at his daughter one more time.

“Ready?” he screamed at the girl who gripped his arm too terrified to speak.

Hunter looked at the naked beauty one more time knowing that if he missed, this was the last time he would see her alive.

“OK,” he announced.

With a quick movement Hunter latched onto Fox. With all the strength he had he wrapped his body around the naked girl and clamped. Yelling into the girl’s ear he explained what she had to do next.

“There’s a rope on my harness. You have to tie it around yourself.”

“What?” she screamed barely able to still comprehend English.

“You have to find the rope. When I pull the chute I’m going to pull away from you. You need to be tied on.”

“I can’t let go,” she declared.

“You have to. It’s between the two of us. I have you. You can let go.”

Fox briefly thought of trusting the man who had thrown her out of a plane then retreated.

“We’re running out of time. You have to tie yourself on.”

“I can’t let go,” Fox said gripping on even tighter.

Hunter gazed down at his altimeter which had long entered the red. “You are going to die if you don’t tie yourself on.”

“I can’t let go,” she screamed before she felt herself finally start to cry.

Hunter, starting to see the separations in the trees, knew that their time was almost up. In seconds all there would be time for would be for the chute to open and slow down the impact that would severely injure them both.

“If you can’t let go, then you better hold the fuck on!” Hunter screamed.

Fox, with enough wherewith all to latch her hands between her daddy and the canvas harness, wrapped herself around Hunter as tightly as she could. Hunter, deciding that he had done all he could, reached for the rip cord and pulled. Both were yanked out of the fall.

Fox felt her naked body slide along her daddy’s jumpsuit. Like he had said, her grip on his harness wasn’t enough. Her hand slipped off the canvas, down his side and was about to slide pass his legs when she suddenly stopped. Having held on long enough to absorb most of her downward momentum, Fox found herself sitting on Hunter’s steel-toed boots. And given that brief moment of support, Fox latched onto her daddy’s legs eventually wrapping her fingers under the harness that fit snuggly around Hunter’s thighs.

“Do you have me?” Hunter screamed down to his daughter.

“I think…,” was the only thing that Fox got out because at that moment something touched her back and sent what felt like a lightning bolt through her spine.

Everything happening to quickly to react to, Hunter and Fox broke through a canopy of leaves and cut through branches to the earth below. Trying to hang on for dear life, Fox was suddenly rattled by a jolt that loosened her grip and sent her propelled to the ground.

“Ugh!” Fox cough when her creamy naked body hit the earth.

Both paused to orient themselves. Hunter looked around and noticed that he was hanging in a tree by his chute. He suspected that they were in the San Gabriel Mountains, the only forested area within ten miles of their drop site. Caught in the tree, he determined that he had no way of getting out and that they were lost.

While Hunter oriented himself to where they were and what they had to do next, Fox oriented herself to the idea that she was still alive.

“Are you alright?” Hunter yelled from the trees.

Fox felt each of her body parts checking if anything was broken. Nothing was.

“Fox, are you alright?”

Fox looked around the woods and then up the tree. Hanging ten feet off the ground was Hunter. She could barely process what had just happened, but one thing she knew for sure was that he had just thrown her out of a plane.

“Fox, you have to help me down. I don’t know how far we are from the drop site but we need to get started now if we’re gonna get out of here before it gets dark.”

Fox looked up at her daddy frozen. Staring at him sent an immediate spark of terror through her and not knowing what else to do she felt the need to run. So slowly getting onto her feet she chose a direction and moved as fast as she could with the soft earth pressing against her delicate, bare feet.

“Fox, where are you going?”

She didn’t respond.

“Fox, you have to help me down. Fox!”

She heard him but couldn’t reply.

“Fox, get back here!” he yelled losing his cool again.

Being reminded of his danger, she picked up speed. She didn’t know where she was headed, but in the recesses of her traumatized mind what she knew was that she had to escape. She needed to runaway as far as she could. And when she couldn’t go any further, she had to keep going.

Fox was forced to slow down as the sun set. Her naked body was beginning to shiver and the soft skin on her pampered feet was starting to tear. Tucking herself next to a tree she curled herself into a ball. Feeling her body tremble uncontrollably, she started to cry. Not only was she lost, but now she was cold and hungry. Soon it would be dark and she would have no defense from anything that sniffed across her path.

“Who’s there?!” Fox shouted as the darkness took over. “I can hear you over there,” she announced.

Fox sat very still listening for the noise again and wasn’t disappointed. “I can hear you. Please stop. If this is you Hunter, please stop.”

Fox sobbed. “Please, if you are a person, let me know you’re there. Please.” She waited for a response. “Please!” She waited again. “Please!” she begged barely able to contain herself.

“It’s me Fox,” Hunter said from the shadows.

“What the fuck, Hunter? What the fuck?” Fox said crying into her hands.

“I was following you to make sure you didn’t get hurt. I knew you didn’t wanna see me so I thought I would keep my distance. I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“Is that what you’re sorry for?” she mocked.

Hunter didn’t reply.

Fox heard footsteps that ended with the outline of her daddy standing in front of her with sticks under his arm.

“You’re cold. Put this on.”

Hunter handed Fox his blue jumpsuit and without hesitation she put it on.

“I can make a fire if you want me to stay. Otherwise I can go.”

“No,” Fox spit desperately. “Make a fire. Stay. Don’t go.”

Hunter surveyed the space in front of them. Looking for the clearest spot, he brushed away the leaves and went to work. As he had followed Fox through the woods, he had collected sticks that he knew he would need later. Taking them from under his arm, he arranged them onto the ground adding the perfect amount of kindling. Next, retrieving the lighter from his pocket, he lit the kindling and watched the fire grow.

When the flames engulfed the entire pile, Hunter looked back at Fox. “It’s a lot warmer over here, ya know,” he explained bringing her crawling to it.

Getting as close as she could without burning herself, she faced her palms and the soles of her feet toward the flames. More than anything else they were freezing. Hunter looked down at the beautiful girl who shivered in his jumpsuit and felt horrible.

“I’m gonna go look for some more wood,” he announced not getting a response back. So looking at Fox for only a second more, he lit his lighter and walked away.


Hunter sat in front of the fire at arm’s length from Fox. Both feeling hungry they stared into the flames silently.

“This is my fault. I’m sorry. I’m just glad you’re not hurt. There’s no signal on my phone, but we can leave when the sun comes up. We should be back home by nine in the morning.”

Hunter looked over at Fox as she huddled in front of the fire.

“Is your back cold? The jumpsuit is pretty thin. It’s just meant to protect you from the wind. Ya know, there’s no use you being cold. If you want to you can use some of my body heat. I promise that I won’t try anything. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of what I’ve done.”

Hunter continued to stare at his daughter. She didn’t budge. Looking back toward the fire he heard a rustle then felt Fox climb in between his legs. Leaning forward against her back, his daughter draped his arms around her.