Playing in the Tub


Taylor peeked out his bedroom window as Colin dipped in and out of the pools of light that lit their back patio. Wearing only his robe Colin carried a tray that held a tumbler of Irish whiskey and his silver and gold Star Model SM .380 caliber hand gun. As usual Colin placed the tray on the side of the Jacuzzi and dropped his robe displaying his muscular 40-something-year-old body and his thick daddy cock. Taylor loved the sight. He had seen it every Friday night since he arrived home from his first semester at college. And he knew with his mother away on a business trip, this would be his last opportunity to talk to Colin while he was alone and naked.

Taylor waited until Colin was settled and had taken a few swigs of whiskey before he tightened the straps of his robe and headed for the backyard.  When Taylor opened the sliding glass of their one-story middle class home, Colin turned around and stared at the boy.

Colin squinted his naturally small eyes at the boy. As of late things between the two had been tumultuous. Their last argument had even lead to Colin striking Taylor across the face. In Colin’s mind it had been justified, but Colin wasn’t sure how Taylor would eventually react. Taylor was as physically beautiful a boy as there could be with his teenaged muscles and angst. But as attractive as he was, Taylor had an impulsive side that was bound to lead to trouble.

Colin tightened his lips moving the thin hairs of his Johnny Depp goatee. Tense, he watched as Taylor’s bare feet touched each of the marble slabs that dotted the manicured lawn. When Taylor was close enough Colin noticed that his new son wore a robe identical to his own. He had never seen it before. It looked good on him. But even as he admired the boy, Colin measured just how far he would have to reach for his gun if things suddenly turned bad.

Wiping his meaty Black Irish face and running his hands through his trimmed dark hair, Colin spoke.

 “Can I help you?” he asked looking up at Taylor’s square jaw bone and loosely curly and boyishly styled dark hair.

“Yeah. I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier. It was wrong,” Taylor offered submissively.

“You can’t talk to your mother like that,” Colin replied barely hiding his Irish accent.

“Yes, sir.”

“I know that you didn’t grow up with your dad around, but you’re under my roof now and as long as you’re here, you have to do what I say. You hear me?” Colin said in a deep rich voice.

“Yes sir,” Taylor said again with his head lowered.

“Good. Then I accept your apology.”

Taylor looked back at Colin letting his eyes wonder down his lightly hairy chest and the distorted image of his cock that the bubbles created.

“Something else?” Colin asked looking up at the specimen that had just become even more appealing to him.

“Do you mind if I come in?” Taylor asked shyly.

“No, you could come in. This is your house now too and we should get to know each other since we’re gonna be with each other for a long time to come.”

“Thank you, sir,” Taylor said before untying his robe.

When Taylor pulled the robe over his shoulders Colin was surprised to see that the boy was tantalizingly naked underneath. Taylor’s body looked like an action figures with its v-shaped chest and small waist. His young boy cock was olive colored like the rest of him and as full as it was, it hung slightly below his balls.

With the whiskey starting to take effect, Colin felt free to comment on what he saw. “You work out?”

Taylor stood naked in front of him so that Colin could see every inch of his body.  “Yeah, I work out four times a week, sir.”

“It shows. You look good.”

Taylor’s cock grew when he heard Colin’s words. It aroused him in a way that he couldn’t explain.

Colin stared at Taylor’s young cock as it lifted to a 90 degree angle. It was a beautiful, lean, smooth cock and Taylor’s openness with sharing it with him made his own cock stiffen. Colin also liked how submissive he was acting. It was like the slap he had given him had straighten up the boy. Colin liked the person that it had made him.

“Turn around. Let me take a good look at you.”

Taylor turned getting a sudden pain in his chest realizing that there was still a chance that his new daddy could reject him. But Colin looking at his boy’s firm, smooth ass and the muscular curves of his back, liked it.

“You look good,” Colin offered making Taylor completely hard.

Taylor turned back around revealing his full cock to his dad.

“You must do real good with the ladies, huh?” Colin asked with a smile.

“I guess,” Taylor said lowering his head.

“What’s the matter? The girls must be all over you?”

“Yeah, but there aren’t any girls I’m interested in.”

Taylor looked at Colin trying to communicate with his mind what he couldn’t say with his mouth.

Colin looked at Taylor knowing what he was trying to tell him. And seeing the way his new son shared his fully erect with him, he understood why he was there.

“Why don’t you come in and sit next to me.”

Taylor stepped into the Jacuzzi and sat next to Colin. Close enough to touch Colin with his shoulder he peaked out of the corner of his eye at Colin’s wide, strong chest. It titillated him to sit so close, and for the first time he felt an ache at the base of his cock that he had never felt for the girls or even the boys that had made him hard. With a taste of that sensation, the boy wanted more.

Colin continued to lay back sipping on his whiskey when he felt Taylor’s soft fingers touch the bent skin where his stomach met his thigh. It was a light exploratory touch probing what he could get away with. When he continued to casually swig his drink he felt the young hand push in a little further.

Taylor almost shivered as the rush of adrenaline coursed though his veins. This was the most exciting thing that he had ever experienced. And he knew if his daddy didn’t stop him soon he would have his hands on the incredible cock that he had fantasized about so many times since the first time he saw it through his window.

With his hands pushing through the curly hairs near his cock, Colin moved. Taylor stopped. Not knowing what to do he lifted his hand slightly letting his fingers occasionally brush Colin’s hairs just to let him know that his hand was still there.

Colin reached toward the tray sitting by his side and picked up his gun. Taylor saw the move and it made his heart race. Colin held the gun in front of Taylor and examined it.

“You ever seen my gun before?” Colin asked with his Irish brogue slipping further through the whiskey.

“Yes, sir. When you come out to the Jacuzzi.”

“You like it?” Colin asked admiring it himself.

“Yes, sir.”

“You want to touch it?” Colin asked shifting his eyes to Taylor’s.

The boy looked meekly back. “Yes sir.”

Colin face got hard. “Then you look me in the eyes and ask.”

Taylor looked away for as second not knowing what to do. Gathering his courage he looked his dad in the eye. “Can I hold your gun?”

Colin’s face relaxed as he slid his hips forward pushing his cock onto Taylors tapered finger tips.

“Yes you can.”

Colin handed the boy his gun and the boy took it in his hand. After staring at the silver and gold pistol, Taylor paused, swallowed and let his finger tips rub the shaft of the gun that he most wanted to hold. When the boy made contact, his own cock twitched. He began to feel drunk as the rush filled his young body.

Wanting more of his daddy’s meat he wrapped his small hands around the thick tool. Fully palming it, his fingertips couldn’t touch the heel of his hand. It was a lot bigger than his own. He liked it.

“Thank you, sir,” Taylor replied handing the gun back to his dad.

Colin took the gun and held it in his right hand allowing his elbow to rest on the edge of the spa. Staring up at the stars Colin reveled in his drunkenness. The alcohol had taken its full effect and this was exactly the state he wanted.

With gun in hand he looked back at his son. With the boy’s hand gently rubbing his cock he found Taylor’s eyes. The boy looked longingly back and him and it felt fantastic. Colin looked closer at his son’s face, his smooth skin and emerging cheek bones where manly enough without shedding his little boy looks.  And looking at him for truly the first time he realized that the boy had a pretty mouth.

Taylor’s hand, slowly stoking Colin’s shaft, quickened the more his heart raced. Feeling bolder Taylor let go the shaft and cradled the head of daddy’s cock.  Taylor did his best to control the way his smooth chest heaved when he felt Colin’s meat flick in his hand. He wished so much that he could be as calm and strong as his father, and the more his heart raced the more he wanted to connect with him in any way he could.

“Can I…,” Taylor tried to stop the nervous tears from leaving his eyes. His voice dropped to a whisper. “Can I kiss your cock?”

Colin looked over surprised but aroused. Feeling his head swim from the whiskey he made no attempt to hide the way he evaluated what the young, hairless body could offer him. He prodded Taylor’s hard body with his eyes and found it still covered by a thin layer of baby fat; Colin liked that. And realizing that he had an urge to make the supple boy scream from his touch, Colin decided to teach his son a lesson that he would never forget.

Still holding his gun Colin stood up and faced Taylor. Taylor’s heart raced not knowing what would come next. Had he taken it a step too far? Was he about to again be struck across the face? Would his dad go as far as to shoot him? Taylor cowered and shook at the prospects.

Gripping tightly on the gold and silver .38 caliber he stared intensely down at the boy.

“Get up!” Colin ordered.

Taylor stood up allowing his brick hard cock to peak through the surface of the water.

“Now go to your room,” Colin growled.

Feeling a sudden sense of relief Taylor wasted no time leaving the Jacuzzi. Pausing only to put on his robe he realized that he had taken everything a bit too far. He was lucky not to have felt Colin’s true rage again. Days earlier when Colin had hit him in the face, it had rocked the boy on his feet. When Colin had stood in front of him in the Jacuzzi he saw that rage. There was something that wasn’t right about it. Taylor now understood that his new daddy was truly dangerous.

Robed, Taylor scurried into the house and ran into his bedroom with his heart pounding the entire time. Safely inside he closed the door behind him and ran to his window peaking through.

Colin was still in the spa. With the gun in one hand he was working his way through the rest of the whiskey with his other. Once the glass was empty he rested it back on the tray, stepped slowly out of the water and reached for his robe.

As scared as he was he was shocked how turned on he still was by his new dad’s menacing body. Colin looked like a god. And if his dad didn’t kill him tonight he was willing to do anything he said.

With the gun glistening off the lights of the patio, Colin used it to help slide on his robe. With a firm grip he tied his robe, stopped for a moment to feel the weight of his weapon in his hand and then headed into the house.

Taylor could hear the pounding of his heart as the blood rushed into his head. His breaths became shallow and difficult to manufacture. And frozen at the window, all he could do was stare at the door unable to blink from the terror he felt. 

When Taylor heard the touch on his knob it felt like his heart had stopped. In fact, everything seemed to stop accept one, the door knob.

Without permission Colin stepped in and found Taylor.

“Come here and take it off!” Colin said in an angry, mean voice.

Taylor’s legs weighted a ton as he dropped his robe and moved a few feet away to the foot of his bed. Taylor’s chest bounced up and down wildly and his cock hurt with anticipation. With a close watch on his dad’s .38 caliber his head twitched as Colin dropped his robe and walked ominously toward him.

Without a word, Colin continued until he was chest to chest with the man/boy. Staring at him with a scary intensity he didn’t stop when they made body contact. Taylor trying to step back caught his legs on the foot of the bed and he fell back. Colin, not braking eye contact for a second, pushed on and landed on top of the boy’s body with a thud.

Taylor crawled backwards up the bed until the headboard stopped him. As his daddy crawled up on top of him, Taylor leaned to the side getting as far away from the cold chrome as he could without Colin noticing. With his daddy’s meaty face above his, Taylor anxiously peered over his chest keeping a close watch of the gun. The closeness of the chrome to his face and the faint smell of sexual musk made Taylor’s heart race. The boy didn’t notice when his rigid cock dripped onto his rippling stomach.

“Look at me!” Colin barked.

Taylor’s eye darted back to his daddy’s; Colin’s eyes were stern and strong. Taylor had never before felt so weak as he did at that moment and he never before craved another man’s strength more.

Colin looked down at the muscular near-man that transformed into just a little boy beneath him. He liked the way his boy looked. Slowly he lowered his face and used his tongue to pry apart his soft pinkish lips. Open, Colin hovered above Taylor’s unusually small mouth. At the moment that Taylor didn’t expect it, Colin dove in.

Colin’s tongue dug into Taylor’s mouth wildly. In the times when Taylor’s tongue hooked onto his he would pull it and reach at it spreading the boy’s mouth so far open that Colin felt he could practically climb into it and wreck it more. Having not initiated their encounter Colin felt like he was free to do whatever he desired. And with Colin, that was always a lot.

Taylor, struggling under his daddy’s body, had never been kissed like this before. A few times he had had high school kisses from girls. In college there was even a fellow football player that laid a drunken wet one on him after a party, but the power that emanated from his daddy’s lips were stunning. He liked it. No, he loved it. Thinking of the previous weaker conquests was the only thing he could do to stop himself from shooting his load all over both of them.

Colin suddenly grabbed Taylor by the hair and yanked his head back pulling his tongue out. Taylor’s eyes followed Colin. Colin moved his face over his son’s. He quickly examined his eyes and brows, the sharp angle of his nose and slight largeness of his ears. He wanted to know exactly who the boy was before he did what he was going to do. And when he got his fill of all of it, he pushed the youthful face up towards his and rested his gun clutched hand on the bed next to his ear.

Colin dug his tongue back into his boy’s mouth and pulled his head side to side by the hair never allowing their lips to ever lose contact. The hair pulling hurt Taylor, but with the gun right there, he was scared to even whimper. He was scared to make a complaint in any way with his head bumping the shiny barrel every time it swung to the side.

Pulling his head back harder Taylor’s chest popped up. Colin examined it as he did the boy’s face. It was smooth and rippling and perfect to look at. It was annoyingly sculpted and smelt like a young buck running from a hunter. The smell filled Colin’s nostril causing him to pull harder on Taylor’s hair in lust.

Taylor stuck his chest out even more to compensate for his hair. It hurt so much to be bent like he was, but then he decided to let go his own will and give himself fully to his daddy. Once he did all of the pain went away. Taylor reached his arms around his daddy and placed his fingers in the canal of muscle that traveled down the center of his back. Sliding his fingers along that canal they poured out onto Colin’s hips in which case he pulled his hips onto him allowing Taylor to push his chest out further than he had.

“Yes,” Colin moaned.

“Thank you, sir,” Taylor replied in a shaky voice.

Colin liked Taylor’s young boy cock pressed up against his. Colin thought his boy’s cock was impressive for his age, but his own cock was like a can of coke compared to the boy’s tooth paste tube. And now fully knowing who it was that was underneath him, he let go of Taylor’s wavy locks and grabbed onto his firm worked out thighs.

With both hands underneath his boy’s thighs he lifted them into the air. Taylor didn’t dare resist this move as he felt the cold chrome between his leg and Colin’s hand. With the boy’s legs over his chest Colin rested Taylor’s skinny ankles on his own shoulders. And with Taylor’s young tight ass aligning with Colin’s coke can sized cock, he rested his cock’s head on Taylor’s virginal asshole. Prodding and probing with his cock he found exactly the center. Resting his head on it he brought the gun just in to Taylor’s sight. The message was clear. If he screamed at one he would get the other.

Colin adjusted his hips and gripped lightly on Taylor’s long neck with his free hand. Counting down in his mind, he savored the pleasure that came in knowing that he would get something that no one else would ever have. Three, two, one, he thought, and with a guttural groan pushed as hard as he could into the innocent boy’s tender flesh. He could practically feel the boy tear around the width of his cock.