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Packed series is complete!

Although it isn’t published, I just finished my final draft of ‘Claimed by Her Alpha’, book 3 in the Packed series. I have been working on this series since December. I can’t believe how long it took me, but it’s finally complete.

When I was writing it, I had my questions about it. Often times when I write, I know where the story is going, but I don’t know why the specific things within the story happen. When I was writing Packed book 1, there were a lot of questions that I had. I didn’t understand why I kept focusing on particular aspects of the story. I didn’t understand how I was going to change the perception of certain characters. And I didn’t know why Saki’s family life was the way it was.

All of that stuff makes so much sense now. This is a very complete story. And as someone said in their review for book 1 on Amazon UK, the characters are all very real and very fleshed out. I really feel like I know these characters. I know why each of them make the decisions they do, even if I never indicate it in the text. I have to say that this is the most complete story I’ve ever written.

I have delivered the story to my editor and I’m hoping to have it back before the weekend. So I’m hoping that it will be live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by April 25th, (Friday).

With Packed complete, the question is, what do I write next? I think I’m going to try something very different with my next story while Packed is being translated into all of my other languages. I’m going to write a Self-help book. Those that I have told says that it very much reminds them of Eat, Pray, Love. I think that’s a fair comparison.

Every so often I write a book that I feel represents the best of what I have to offer the world. Spanking Her Curves is one of those books. My next book is another. I’ve been looking forward to doing this next story for weeks now. I’m kind of excited to begin.

I’m writing again!

After releasing 200 something books in 6 different languages and 38 audiobooks, I haven’t released anything in any language in over a month. It has been about 3 months since my last non-anthology English book. Part of that is because my project manager has been out on medical leave. Having to do everything really takes a lot out of me. Doing everything forces me to push writing onto the back burner.

Also, I have spent the last 9 months developing software that I’m extremely proud of because it really does make self-publishing easier. Unfortunately, it was also killing me slowly. But it required my full attention for the last few weeks, so there’s that. Here it is if you would like to take a look at it:

But because of the great pressure of everything I was doing, I’ve had to simply my life. Now instead of being everything, I’m now just an author. I’m no longer a software developer, national rugby player, competitive raquetball player and author. I’m just an author.

That attitude has seemed to reap some benefit because, yay, I’m writing again. I’m about 3 days away from finishing the final book in my new werewolf adult romance series. When it’s done, I will release all 3 books at once. Here is the cover for book 1.

And I have to say that I have very much enjoyed writing this series. It is unlike anything I’ve written before. It’s a story based in the island nation of the Bahamas and is steeped in the Bahamian culture that I got to know from living there. It’s not just erotica, it’s a full adventure romance. I really think you all will love it.

I also have my next story lined up. I’m going to do something that, not only have I never done before, but I’m going to attempt to do something that no one else has ever done before. You’ll see what I mean when I release it. But I’m more excited about that than anything I’ve written in 4 years. That book is what I believe I was put on the earth to write.

But I can’t get ahead of myself. I first must finish Packed. After that I will work on what comes next. But, like I said, I’m back!

My 5 Latest Releases for $8.99

I have been working hard this month and so far I have released a steamy new ebook and 4 hot audiobooks. And now you can get:every book I’ve released for the month for $8.99. So instead of paying $30.79, you can get them all for $8.99. Click here to learn more and get:


On another topic, if you haven’t noticed I often allow my readers to determine which books I create sequels to. And so far it looks like I will be writing the second book in the ‘To Please The Billionaire’ series. The question is whether it write them before I record and release other audiobooks in my Dangerous Daddy’s Bad Girl series. Which do you think that I should I work on next?

Weekend Price-Drop & a New Podcast

On April 21st & April 22nd, my latest book While My Family Sleeps (An M/M/F Menage) will be 99 cents on Amazon. I am hoping that your purchase helps the book reach the top 100 new release titles on Amazon. So if you would like to purchase it, there would be no better time than this weekend.

While My Family Sleeps
Izzie invites her gorgeous boyfriend, Tye, to her family’s annual lake house vacation. After Tye disappears from their bed, Izzie finds him standing over her hot twin brother as he sleeps on the couch. Aroused by what she sees, Izzie hides in the shadows and watches as her masculine boyfriend vulnerably explores his secret desires with the hot, hung men in her family as they peacefully sleep.  

Also this weekend I have published a new podcast. It is Part 2 of my interview with Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. This time he talks about the future of ebooks. Check it out at


Listen to my Podcast with Mark Coker, founder of

I have to say that I am extremely proud of my podcast interview with Mark Coker, founder of In it we talk about the emergence of Smashwords as one of the most influential ebook distributors in the world as well as the epic battle he fought against Paypal over censorship and erotica.

In the podcast Mark gives us a behind the scenes look at what was happening while he negotiated with Paypal about whether or not Paypal could/should create a financial based ban on selling certain types of legal erotica. This is a David vs Goliath story, and as a true 21 century tale, the internet and the collect voices of the masses won out. Take a listen and please share what you think of it. 

Listen to My Podcast Interview with Selena Kitt & Take an Erotica Reader Personality Test

I am very glad to announce that my first Podcast episode is now live. My first interview is with Selena Kitt, one of the most successful erotica writers publishing today. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 she was voted’s people choice award winner for Erotic Fiction, and in 2011 she sold 500,000 copies of her stories.

In this, my first podcast, we talk about how she started as an erotica writer. We talk about the controversy that arose because of her pure incest books. And we talk about what has made her so successful. It is an extremely interesting interview. Please check it out. It’s at

I am also very proud of a second announcement. After weeks of work to get it just right, I have created an Erotica Reader Personality Test. Once you take this fun test, you will find out what type of erotica reader you are and you will see book recommendations based on your exact erotica reader personality type.

So please, listen to or download the podcast, then take the test. I’m very excited to hear what you think about both.

My First Podcast interview (w/ Selena Kitt) airs this Friday

First I would like to announce what my current release will probably be my last book for a few weeks. This one is called Dark Meat: An Interracial M/F Story. Here’s the synopsis:  Ellie, having always fought her forbidden lust for black men, starts working at a black record label where she meets Davis, a hot, hung, beautifully built black man who she cannot resist. However, after offering him her creamy gym toned body, she learns that there is a secret sexual world amongst blacks that requires an unimaginable sacrifice to join. So torn between the man of her fantasies and something she holds dear, Ellie is forced to make a choice that will undoubtedly change her world forever. (This story contains aggressive consensual sex)

It’s a wild story and my last of this style for while.

In the meantime, I will be working on my podcast. The first episode is edited and ready to go. It is an hour long interview with Selena Kitt, publisher at  and an erotica author who sold half a million copies last year. The conversation is fascinating and I’m sure that you’ll like it. The episode will be available on Friday, April 7th. And you can listen to it here:

I will also be releasing a fun surprise with the first episode of the podcast. I have been working for weeks on it and as release date approaches, it is all I’ve been working on. I will announce it on Friday. Meanwhile check out Dark Meat. Like I said, it’s wild. Also, Black Magic Double Team is now available as an audio book. Take a listen.

Mark Coker Podcast interview and my latest book releases

Today I conducted a podcast interview with the founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker. We talked about how he created his start-up, the state of ebooks and the huge censorship issue going on with Paypal. He was the central figure in Paypal’s move to remove legal books like my daddy books. It was a really interesting hearing how everything happened. He gives a day by day break down on it and it is a study of groups coming together to change the world. In this case it was preventing the censorship of books by one of the few entities that still had the power to do it. You will love the interview once it’s made public.

Since my last post I have published a new book. Black Magic Double Team is an interracial MMF menage story. It’s pretty aggressively sexy. Here’s the description:

Kat feels neglected by her boyfriend Brand, so when a voodoo queen finds Kat worthy of a wish, Kat wishes for a large, hung, beautiful black lover that burns for her body. Quickly, Kat dreams about an ebony prince emerging from a foggy pond in an endless, fiery pursuit of her. And unsure if he is real or just a dream, Kat is seduced by a Black Magic that overwhelms her and reveals her lily white boyfriend’s  deepest secret.

Also this week, 4 audio books became available. I was surprised by how quickly Aladdin & His Prince Charming became available. It’s worth a listen. But the story that I still think is my best is Devil’s Double Team. The writing is my best and the audio sample reflects it. You should check it out.

Also available this week is Twin-cest and Dangerous Daddy’s Double Team. I hope you enjoy them.

You can visit my website at: 

Twin-cest Available as an Audio Book & new podcast interview

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working on Aladdin & His Prince Charming. Because of its length it took a week to finish the ebook and a week to finish the audio book. The book is available now, but the audio book probably won’t be available until some time next week. I’m also hoping that the audio book for Dangerous Daddy’s Double Team 1 will be available at the same time. There has been a glitch in the distribution company’s system which unknowingly held it up.

Meanwhile Twin-cest is now available on audio book. I hope you enjoy.

This week I will be recording up to 2 new podcast interview. The first podcast will be with Mark Coker the owner of Smashwords. We will be discussing Paypal and censorship. And if all continues to progress I will be interviewing Xanthe, the fan fiction writer. Xanthe has been writing fanfiction for 14 years and I’m really looking forward to chatting with her.

Unfortunately though, the first podcast won’t be made public for another week or two. I am having a special treat created for the podcast and my develop person made me wait for 2 weeks for his delivery and then bailed today. I will keep you informed though.

Check out my website for the lastest on everything. 

New Erotic Romance Book & Selena Kitt Podcast interview

A New Gay Erotic Romance Book
I am very proud to announce the release of my latest book. Aladdin & his Prince Charming: In the Dragon’s Den is a gay interracial erotic romance fairy tale, and its extremely sexy. But not only that, it is very exciting. Here’s the description:

Children are disappearing from Aladdin’s magical realm, stolen away in the middle of the night by a fire-breathing dragon. Vowing to save his people, Aladdin journeys by magic carpet to the dragon’s land and meets the handsome Prince Eric on his way to wake Snow White with True Love’s Kiss. Smitten with the charming young royal, Aladdin pretends to be a wizard and convinces Eric to journey with him to battle the dragon. But as the showdown with the dragon rapidly approaches and the two heroic men risk their lives for one another, their hearts may find something that will help them truly live happily ever after.

If you like gay erotic romance, you will definitely like it!

New Audio Books

Yesterday also brought with it the release of 3 more of my audio books. You can click here to listen to the samples.  So far all of my audio books have gotten 5 stars. Thank you so much to you all who have checked it out and have rated it so positively. I hope you enjoy these as much.


Selena Kitt Podcast Interview
I’m also excited to say that I had my first interview for my upcoming podcast ‘Sounds Erotic!: The Voices of Erotica‘. It was with Selena Kitt and it went extremely well. I think that listeners will not only learn a lot about one of the most successful erotica writers in the the business, but you will be treated to an interesting discussion about how what it’s like writing erotica and how we do it.

I am hoping to have the podcast up next week. Stay tuned! Or go to my website: to stay up to date with everything that’s up and coming.