Books that cause a rise

His Bad Girl (Box Set)

Four stories where beautiful, lustful girls become entangled in heart pounding thrills while trying to seduce the dangerous new man of the house.
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Mommy’s Big Boy

Grace, a secretary to a widowed executive, meets his son Dillon when she is the only one that remembers his 14th birthday. The innocent connection they make that night not only bonds the two together, but leads to her marriage to Dillon’s father years later. But when her new husband fails to give her what she needs emotionally and sexually, she falls prey to the skillful seduction of her now strikingly good looking 18-year-old son and his 8 inch boy meat. Together they explore secret lustful desires that both unknowingly share but neither can escape.

Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl

Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl: Mile High Club

Fox, a breathtaking 19-year-old girl, throws her clothes out of the plane during her skydiving lesson inviting Hunter, her new daddy, to join the Mile High Club. But when her daddy reacts with rage towards the nubile beauty, she is trapped 6000 feet in the air with a sexy man that threatens to toss her out of the plane unless she does everything he says.

Dangerous Daddy's Bad Girl 3: Sex with Sharks

Kristen finds herself incontrollable turned on by the scary danger of sharks. So when the luscious, lean 18-year-old bad girl meets, Brander, her sexy new shark diver stepdad, she can’t keep her eyes or hands off of him. And when she goes on her first shark dive in the Bahamas with her loins throbbing and her island daddy in her sights, a patrolling 12-foot hammerhead is the only thing that could stop her from getting everything she ever dreamed of, even with her sexy brother lurking suspiciously on the surface.