Books that cause a rise

My Boyfriend's Twin (Box Set)

Four MMF bisexual threesome with MM stories where young, hot, straight guys are sexually seduced by guys who look identical to themselves.
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My Boyfriend's Dominating Dad 1-4

Four MMF bisexual threesome erotic stories where young men are forced to give-in to their forbidden sexual fantasies, discovering the wonder that comes when touched by both, the soft hand of a woman and the dominating grip of an alpha male.  
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Dangerous Daddy's Double Team

Dangerous Daddy's Double Team

Caden takes Cloe, his nymphomaniac girlfriend, when he breaks into his new daddy’s home. Caught after Cloe convinces Caden to stop for sex, Caden’s dad Derrick realizes that he doesn’t need his gun to make the two sexy 19-year-olds take turns on his giant nine inch tool.

Dangerous Daddy's Double Team 2

Eva convinces her boyfriend Connor to steal one of his new daddy’s many guns in exchange for a ride in her virginal ass. But when his survivalist daddy Tag places them in the crosshairs of his riffle, the two hot 19-year-olds must convince Connor’s, ripped daddy that they had followed him to offer him their bodies. What follows is a darkly dangerous anal adventure that could result in death.

Dangerous Daddy's Double Team 3

Kai is woken up at gun point by his new daddy Lucas who leads his half naked son to the basement. Hanging naked from the ceiling is Kai’s girlfriend Emily who wondered into Lucas’ bedroom in the middle of the night. Kai must then convince his muscular and sexy daddy to let her go by having sex with her even though Lucas’ 8.5 inch tool is what the two hot 19-year-olds secretly want. Lucas, however, harbors a secret of his own and that secret could get any of them killed.

Dangerous Daddy's Double Team 4

Tyler bursts into his new daddy’s bedroom when he hears his ex-girlfriend giggling voice. When Axle, his new daddy, pulls a gun mistaking the invasion for a set up, it is up to the two gorgeous 19-year-olds to share a damaging secret that could both destroy and save their lives. And when Tyler mentions the dangerous feeling he has for Axle, his new daddy makes Tyler prove it by taking his 9 inch tool while Leah jealously watches.

While My Family Sleeps 1-4

Four taboo MMF bisexual threesome stories where girls encourage their boyfriend to take advantage of their hot brothers while they sleep.
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Black Magic Double Team

Kat feels neglected by her boyfriend Brand, so when a voodoo queen finds Kat worthy of a wish, Kat wishes for a large, hung, beautiful black lover that burns for her body. Quickly, Kat dreams about an ebony prince emerging from a foggy pond in an endless, fiery pursuit of her. And unsure if he is real or just a dream, Kat is seduced by a Black Magic that overwhelms her and reveals her lily white boyfriend’s greatest secret.