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Island Candy: Obsession

Six steamy MMF Island romances that will become your new obsession. Includes ‘Island Candy: Baby News’ an all new story in the ‘Island Candy’ series.

Island Candy (Complete Series)
A billionaire bad boy and a brilliant artist meet their match when they fall for the same untamable girl. Whirlwind romance, mind-blowing sex, and emotional fulfillment follow… with a catch. (Includes the all new story ‘Island Candy: Baby News’)

The Muse (Complete Series)
A billionaire businessman and a brilliant artist meet a wild, curvy girl and get their lives turned upside down as they all fall in love. Whirlwind romance, mind-blowing sex, emotional-fulfillment, and humor follow… with a catch.

Dying for the Rose
In a near-future dystopian world, ‘The Bachelorette’ is turned into a reality show where contestants have to find love or die. Romantic suspense, laugh out loud humor, surprising moments of heart, and flawed, easy to love characters follow.

In The Moonlight

A genius billionaire, a hot rocket engineer, and an introverted curvy girl, go on a wild ride towards love. Mind-blowing sex, emotional-fulfillment, and humor follow… with a catch.
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